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Article: 30 Best Star Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Star Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Reach for the stars because you might just become one.
Check out some of the best star logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Omnium |

The star symbol is an attractive and very popular symbol to choose from in a company logo design. This symbol itself has a good philosophy, which can represent the dreams and hopes of the company to be able to shine brightly and be in a high position like a star in a business context. 

Of course, you often see the star element in the logo design of various companies, and you may start to cross it out in the list of elements that you will include in your logo design because it is used too much. But in this discussion, there will be a variety of unique and creative best star logo design ideas that might be an inspiration for you.

In the various ideas that will be given below, the shape of the star that you will see has been modified and designed according to the branding of each company, so it no longer looks bland or very plain.


1. Bend

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

Stars come in different shapes and also different styles. One style that you can use for your company logo is a star shape that has many legs, not just five legs. This shape is taken from the star shape in the typeface.

With this classic yet simple look, the Bend trademark looks professional. This look is also in line with Bend's line of business, which focuses on business-business rankings, which are related to prestige.


2. Star

Created by Matt Vancoillie |

The star shape can also be integrated with the medallion or charter shape. Looks very classy and prestigious but still simple; this logo idea is created with such a creative mind.

With two additional "wings" at the bottom that are shaped like medallion straps, the look is something that is unique and distinguishes it from logos that have other star elements.

At first glance, the trademark also looks like the letter A, very interesting touch to add symmetry and an element of unexpected shape to the design.


3. Omnium

Created by Omnium |

If we've seen a star-shaped symbol that uses a unique shape (not the classic and ordinary five-legged look), this time, we get classic star ideas. But this one look is unusual and unique, a perfect idea for additional variation in your logo design.

This shape is made with an arrangement of lines made with the illusion of making it look interconnected with each other so that the trademark gives the impression of a company with a connected vision, a small detail that is very good for company branding.


4. Star Light

Created by Faikar |

The use of whitespace in a company logo design is indeed one of the main elements that a designer can use to create a creative look. One of the design symbols that use good use of whitespace is the Star Light logo.

"Star" and "Light" are the two main words in the company name, which are integrated into the main ideas behind the logo philosophy. With a star-like shape like a diamond reflected by the use of whitespace, as well as light streaks that are the main elements of the design, this look is stunning.


5. Starrow

Created by Matt Vancoillie |

Once again, the company name is the right element to inspire the symbol design. This time the design uses the company name Starrow. The name is reflected by the use of a star symbol in the center of the logo, as well as a crown-like element consisting of arrow tip shapes.

Simple but still interesting. Not only that, but the look is also equipped with the use of blue for the outer elements, which adds a professional and calming impression to the company's branding.


6. Lunio

Created by Vadim Carazan |

If we talk about stars, then usually we will also remember other celestial bodies such as the moon. The moon can be an additional element in your logo to add a more attractive impression.

The Lunio logo uses a puzzle style, fitting between one element and another. We also find the placement of the moon and stars next to each other in many other logos. But this time, the Lunio gives a different touch by using its interesting pastel gradient colors.


7. Sevenstar

Created by Benjamin Oberemok |

Because the name of the company provides great potential for logo creation ideas, this logo looks beautiful and creative. The star shape in this trademark is not the usual shape. 

The shape is formed from the number 7 (seven) element, which is placed in such a way as to produce whitespace that forms the foot of the shape.


8. Basketball Hall of Fame

Created by Roman |

If you're looking for a logo design look that has a classic and vintage feel to it, this might be for you. The use of crests, thick lines to illustrate the shape, and three-tone bold colors will give you a nostalgic impression of ancient logo designs.

However, the main focus of the symbol is not only on its classic look, with the use of minimalistic elements but blatantly describing the institution; this logo immediately gives an overview to the public of what they have to offer.


9. Dylan Menke

Created by Dylan Menke |

Minimalist, simple, and modern. These three looks are currently being used as the main style for modern corporate or institutional logos, and this logo by Dylan Menke is one of them.

The shape is formed with 5 of the same elements arranged to form a star. These elements look like a bunch of letters "J" that are flipped and twisted to form the legs of the star.


10. Running Star!

Created by Nour Oumousse |

There is a bit of a sporty feeling when looking at this star-shaped logo. Maybe this logo will remind you of the elements used in sports events or organizations with their placement elements.

With organic symbols shaped like waves and also at the same time as a fluttering flag that composes its look, this logo looks like it wants to keep rolling forward. It might be the philosophy that companies want and expect for their business.


11. Visual Rave

Created by Matt Vancoillie |

Another interesting star logo design idea that uses the company's name as the main philosophy of the logo look. The visual word in the company name is represented in the form of open eyes. Open eyes itself is a unique element and also has a very good meaning as a symbol.

Then the center of the eye, which should be where the pupil is located, is replaced with a classic multi-legged star shape with spiky styles.


12. A/Star Monogram

Created by Omnium |

Symbols that use monograms are always popular as company branding. Using the monogram of the company name is a simple thing that can elevate the look. One example of this monogram look can be the right idea for those of you who want a simple design.

Even though it uses a monogram as the main element, the form of this monogram is also given a variety of interesting details. The letter "A" is made using a continuous line which also hints at a star.


13. victostar

Created by Sumesh |

The colorful look has also become a trend that has been quite popular lately. With the use of various attractive colors, this symbol is surely different from the others and eye-catching.

The use of the V monogram of the company name and also the good use of whitespace to form a star are very interesting details to look at.


14. Omnium

Created by Omnium |

If you like a slightly complex but still clean look, this symbol idea might be the best inspiration for you, by using lines designed to form the illusion that they are connected and at the same time form a star image, this logo is surely special.

In addition, there is also the addition of small details such as shadows that add the illusion of different dimensions between lines and elements that are stacked on top of one another.


15. Vadim Carazan

Created by Vadim Carazan |

Very fun, colorful, and welcoming, but it still looks professional. This design is perfect for companies who want a more modern and less rigid look. The gradient colors chosen are also very attractive and surely become the main focus of the design.

The color gives a warm and cheerful feel at the same time, an excellent branding detail for a company.


16. Ilya Gorchanyuk

Created by Ilya Gorchanyuk |

We don't always have to always use flashy and also "blinding" colors. This logo is one of the ideas that can inspire you to choose a logo with muted colors only.

Even though they are muted, the harmonization between the red, orange, blue, and yellow-orange colors is still attractive and gives a trustworthy impression.


17. Astro

Created by Conceptic |

With a design concept that uses the coordination of various triangular shapes, this logo gives a strong and masculine impression. The monogram "A," which is also made as the body of the star, looks like the body of a rocket with small wing sections on the sides.

This, of course, matches the vibes that you get when you read the company's name. The Astro logo is surely well-designed.


18. Dylan Menke

Created by Dylan Menke |

People seem to forget the fact that the sun is a celestial body that also belongs to the group of stars. The stars you use for elements in your logo design don't always have to be conventional in people's minds. 

This design reminds you that you can also use this star shape that looks like the sun as the main element in your design. A unique look but still contains the same high philosophy as the star element.


19. Stark

Created by Dmitry Lepisov |

Funky and modern are the first two words that might come to mind when you see this logo. This time the star shape is seen as a frame or symbol basis only and not as an element or the main focus of the logo. But it still gives a wow feeling when you see it.

In the middle of the symbol is the letter S, which is made in an interesting typeface style so that it matches the base behind it. The gradient color is surely one of my favorite things about this logo.


20. Star Line

Created by Dylan Menke |

A very interesting symbol. At first glance, it looks like a spherical framework that is divided into two. This look also reminds you of a scientific nuance because it is similar to the symbols you usually encounter in the lab. 

However, it is still a versatile design and can be used for various timeless company branding characteristics due to its simple and minimalist design.


21. Centaur

Created by Dalibor Pajic |

The symbol depicts the name and branding of the company perfectly. The centaur, which is a Greek mythological creature in the form of half horse and half human, is the main element that appears in the logo.

This creature is drawn using simple lines that make the silhouette attractive and doesn’t give you the unwanted “overdone” look for a corporate symbol.


22. D+Star

Created by Nick Ugre |

The symbol design is designed specifically for the company. With the name Dstar being the main inspiration, this design looks very well matched. 

This monogram letter D is shaped in a very creative style, so you can also capture the shape of the star next to it. Very simple and minimalistic, a never-failing approach to impress.


23. Rising Star

Created by Milos Bojkovic |

Logos with a more rounded or less-spiky design style always give a welcoming and youthful branding feel. One of the real ideas that can be seen is in the design for this Rising star. Since the shape is made with rounded and smooth edges, there is a bit of a soft feel to it.

The arrow pointing upwards indeed illustrates the impression of rising, which is the main premise of the company.


24. Dylan Menke

Created by Dylan Menke |

The star symbol, which is designed with the illusion of continuation style, is always popular and timeless. This time the shape is made with a more spiky appearance, so it looks more masculine and bold. The lines are also made thicker, which gives a strong impression.


25. Niiju

Created by Sebastian Meehan |

Cute and creative design. When you see this symbol, you might get a youthful vibe, and it's also fun because of its unique shape. This look combines the shape of a star and a ring on the planet Saturn. Instead of being placed around a planet, the ring is placed around the star, resulting in a very cute design.


26. Starboy

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |

Starboy is a symbol made with a very simple design and style. When you see it, you may be reminded of the plaque outside the door of the toilet to distinguish between the female and male cubicles. But this design is still attractive with the addition of subtle details. The body of the sticky figure is added with several lines to form a star.


27. Marvellous Photo Booth

Created by Wisecraft |

Creating a symbol for a business photo booth would certainly not be complete without providing elements that represent photography activities. Here, the designer adds an icon such as a camera lens that provides knowledge or an overview to the public about what the business has to offer.

In the center of the lens, there is a detailed spiky shape, which gives the philosophy something precious captured by the camera.


28. Stary

Created by Timur Aldemir |

Another symbol that gives a sporty look. With its simple and simple style, the elements used to form this symbol give an adventurous and sporty impression.

The neon color that is the background of the symbol also supports this impression, as the neon color is one of the popular choices for businesses engaged in sports.


29. Dylan Menke

Created by Dylan Menke |

In this design, the star shape is seen in the whitespace created from the spaces between elements that have been arranged in such a way. The hexagon shape in the middle of this symbol becomes an interesting detail.


30. Friendly Universe

Created by Ryan Prudhomme |

Friendly is sure to be the impression given when you see this symbol. With a slightly child-like appearance but still professional, this symbol is very cute and welcoming. The subtle smile on the element is also one of the interesting details that add to the impression.

This symbol proves that to create a company logo, it is not necessary to always use a trendy, formal, or rigid impression. You can also make it like this.


Final Words

The 30 inspirational logo designs above can be a guide for those of you who want to create symbols for branding companies or institutions. The star is a unique element that is very popular and is found in many of the company's trademark symbols.

By using this shape, the company has high hopes that its business can run smoothly and succeed like a star. This philosophy also applies to institutions or organizations that use it. Whether you want a simple, business-like, and professional look, or you want a funky, unique, and out-of-the-box design, the choice is yours.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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