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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Star Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Star Logo Design

Reach for the stars because you might just become one.
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic star logo design!
Created by Omnium |

What is one of the most famous and worldly used elements in logo design? One of the best in stars, a visual element that can be combined and worked around many possible styles. In a logo, the said shape is more than just a simple visual addition to the design. It is because stars tend to have a more complex meaning and implication. 

Take a look at how many country flags have stars on them. It makes the design elements have a greater impact compared to much simpler styling. But it does not make every star logo design have its ability to shine. Due to its unsaid meaning, people started to carefully craft a logo with stars on it. Unfortunately, it makes the creation process a bit challenging.

Created by Omnium |

The ideas come with the sense that stars can send a universal message and meaning around the globe. It turns into the more desirable element of the design, which can inspire the same emotion in the logo. If you are trying to make a logo design with stars in it, be sure to check out these tips on the process.  

Why so often do companies use a star emblem on the logo? Many meanings can highlight the versatility of the imagery itself. The design element is considered as one of the fundamental shapes, which in this case can represent various universal meanings. Some of them are quality, dream, power, silence, fame, achievement, night, exploration, guidance, and many more. 

Created by Vadim Carazan |

Some other results of the meaning can evoke more designated implications depending on the region, religion, belief, and also industry. The universal use of star logo design also traverses across business industries, comprising film, entertainment, fashion, news, media, services, etc. It creates a hype ton of inspirational logos out there. 

Along with the varying design style, approach, and creativity, the use of stars has turned into a more common action in logo design projects. It comprises almost endless opportunities for implementation, which is why it is one of the favorite additions to the creative process. To help you create and use the best function of it, pay attention to the following tips.   


10 Tips To Create A Good Star Logo Design

  1. Understand The Meaning Of Stars 
  2. Define The Reason For Using Stars As A Symbol
  3. Get Some Good Inspiration 
  4. Sketch Some Options
  5. Choose A Suitable Style 
  6. Add Extra Symbolisms
  7. Add Extra Perks
  8. Make Sure It Defines The Brand Personality 
  9. Make Sure All The Elements Are Balanced
  10. Create Various Versions For Media Adaptation


Created by Milos Bojkovic |


1. Understand The Meaning Of Stars 

The first thing every designer needs to do when crafting a design is to understand and learn about the meaning of the element. The element in this logo refers to the stars, which are the fundamental and universal shapes in the creation process. Being a universal shape and element can make the process rather complicated in the course. 

Take an example of the stars that can imply different meanings across regions and religions. Some people use it to convey the sign of hope and faith. But some will use it as the best implication of dreams and night. In different industries, you can also see how stars used to imply trust, character, and pride. Thus, imposing a better nature for the product. 

Created by Faikar |

Star is also a very common shape and element that bring a sense of community, magic, quality, and religious point of view. That is why some designers will highlight the sense of choosing the right perspective. In other words, creators need to consider the possibility of multiple perspectives which might arise in the community or the audience. 

Pay attention to whether the star's symbol may have a different meaning, which can affect the quality of its cultural and social context. If you are working with a customer that appeals to their customers across the globe, put extra emphasis on the meaning of star logo design. It will help prevent misleading ideas, conflict, or unclear concepts. 

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |


2. Define The Reason For Using Stars As A Symbol

There are many reasons and possibilities why you are going to add stars to the logo. As it is a universal design element, brands might want to avoid something on the bandwagon. However, it does not mean the company should fully avoid any possible use of common images such as stars. The key is to learn whether it is truly needed or not. 

Remember how the stars evoke meaning in the process. Designers need to process the companies' or brand's identity to fully understand the possibility of using the elements. Take an example of using stars to pinpoint the highest quality product, create a manly idea, or highlight the trusted sense of service. 

Created by Omnium |

It means the designer or creator needs to explore some meaning and reasons to make the logo design. Please mention that not every logo, design, and brand will look better with certain elements. You might have to pick a better symbol, logo style, and color. Thus, the whole imagery of the project will suit better with the brand. 

Aside from putting the meaning and possible notion on the element, some star logo designs come with the reason to emphasize its name. Some products or brands might have a star on their name, making it better to provide the imagery in the design. There are also reasons for putting the shape as a way to deliver the company's message, vision, mission, or future achievement.  

Created by Roman |


3. Get Some Good Inspiration 

When not sure about finding reason or meaning, getting inspiration on how the logo design incorporates the star's elements will be a great helper in the process. Inspiration seeking is similar to brainstorming and looking for the best example. It can include helping to learn about the implied meaning, logo style, unique design intake, and logo process. 

To give some good inspiration, start with a logo design with brands that have stars in their name. Energy Star should be a nice emphasis and reason to add a star shape to the design. It uses blue as its identity color, script writing, and an art line for its stars. The combination of white and blue, plus the simple design, makes it easier to read and memorable. 

Created by Ilya Gorchanyuk |

Another good example is the Converse All-Star. With its name, the elements come as the main part of the logo. The design has its iconic navy blue and red, resembling the American Flag. The simple design also appears as a vintage old-style emblem, making it a great memorable identity for shoe products. 

Take also some inspiration from products that do not necessarily have a star in their name, such as DigiTrainings. The work is one of a kind and has a unique way of providing shape. It blends the imagery of an arrow and flipped D character to recreate the star shape. The use of color and its shape also implies a good way of introducing its training services. 

To make another good star logo design inspiration is the Hanna Barbera emblem. The cartoon company has its memorable image placing a star as the main head of the swirling, vibrant line. The fully white emblem stands on top of the rounded shape, hinting at a sense of movement. It is where you can see how the design can be as creative and unique as possible. 

Created by Dmitry Lepisov |


4. Sketch Some Options

As much as the designer has the chance to make creative implementations of the design, it is always best to stay appropriate. It is a key to a successful logo design. Pay attention to how the stars create meaning in work, which later can affect the audience's point of view on the product. In other words, be sure the intended meaning is appropriate to the brand.

There are many ways to make the design look appropriate. The key is not only about the visual but also the meaning and how it reaches the intended audience. Take the example of Star Bazaar, a hypermarket in India. The design is pretty simple, adhering to the green and orange colors to provide approachable, friendly products. 

Created by Sevenstar |

The styling and its imagery also pull out the best message from the company or brand. The star-human-shaped A character conveys the message of a place for people to come and be happy, personalizing its supermarket brand. You will also have the indirect appropriate star logo design from Macy's. 

It is a reputable department store brand in the USA. To put the meaning and appropriate looks, the creator combines elegant lower case lettering to fit the sophisticated brand. The star shape in red is an extra element that helps attract people's attention. For such a simple design, the work helps symbolize the brand and make an appropriate look for the audience.

Created by Dylan Menke |


5. Choose A Suitable Style 

Logo style can affect how designers put the star element on the design. In general, there are five different design styles commonly used on the market. The first is a wordmark, where the main emphasis is the use of text. The letter mark logo is composed of initials. Brandmark is the logo that has its design focused on an icon or symbol. 

Combination marks blend both text and symbol for better recognizability. An emblem is a logo that mostly puts text inside a symbol, making a pretty badge or seal-like design focus. Each has its way of displaying the elements and design capabilities. It includes how the creator can put the pure star elements in it. 

Take an example of Converse's emblem logo design, which has stars in the center. Macy's is the example combination mark, similar to the Reverbnation logo that has similar 3D red stars with all caps text. Digi Training symbol consisting of two shapes blended to create stars is also a good example. All of them showcase that there are endless ways to realize the star logo design.

Created by Timur Aldemir |


6. Add Extra Symbolisms

With the logo style in mind, it is easier to pick the proper icon for the work. Indeed the key to the process is to include stars on the logo, but the key is to complement the work. Put in mind that tons of companies use similar ideas on the market. That is why it is the designer's goal to get the proper icon that puts the real meaning, makes the brand stand out, and looks unique. 

Stars can also appear in varying colors, points, and design styles. Picking the proper one help define the best meaning, such as the eight-point stars that highlight a glimmering look. It will look the best for something related to shine and light. Stars can also be divided into five parts, creating a sense of unity when put together. 

The key to choosing the proper icon is to be loyal to the brand. Keep the meaning and the company's atmosphere to help decide the process. Avoid multiple symbols to prevent misleading or double meaning. It is also best to consider the mood, color, aesthetic, task, or idea as part of the selected option. 

Created by Sebastian Meehan |


7. Adding Extra Perks

Improving the element of flair is the key to making unique ideation for the brand identity. Stars, in general, are a pretty common addition to the logo design. But with some extra customization, it can turn into a unique icon for the brand. A Star is a good example of how flair has a great impact on the brand identity. 

The creator uses negative space, shaping a star inside the bold orange A letter. The negative image is also followed by a gap on the left side, including shadowy shapes under the opening. It creates an illusion of a 3D look, which creates a sense of motion in work. A magnificent way to create a unique star logo design. 

Created by Matt Vancoillie |


8. Make Sure It Defines The Brand Personality 

Remixing with fonts, colors, or brands always be the best part of creating a logo. Working with the design as an identity means crafting something new, unique, or purposeful. That is why it is okay to customize or add brand personality to the star logo design. It works by changing the look of the elements and changing the font or color to match the brand. 

Take an example of a PRET food company from English. The company sells its food to international and local audiences. It has a pretty simple look, but the logo uses red and gold as its identity. The bold PRET text is also a nickname of the food company, bringing a bold meaning to the design. It includes huge stars as the background shape. 

Created by Matt Vancoillie |


9. Make Sure All The Elements Are Balanced

There are many ways to adopt the element on the logo and create a unique appearance. But many will underline the sense of simplicity as the key to successful logo design. Simple in this case can refer to how the star looks, combination, color selection, to a presentation on the project. 

It is also best to keep some design basics, which include limiting the color to three. Some limitations in the font and layout also help create simple but straightforward imagery. It is best to put in mind the overall impact of your work. Rather than cramping up elements, the audience will love to understand the brand's identity easily and faster. 

Created by Nour Oumousse |


10. Create Various Versions For Media Adaptation

The last tip is to make it in the proper size, scale, and layout. Signs tend to be part of many product and brand identities, including in packaging and id cards. In this case, professional designers will always prepare for different uses and occasions. Thus providing more than one version of the star logo design, including the black and white logo or text only. 

The version helps cope with varying uses of the logo design. But the size, scale, and layout can help improve the readability aspect of the project. It goes with the fact that overly detailed imagery will be harder to see in smaller sizes. That is why it is best to stay simple with all of the elements, including the name, star symbol, orientation, and spacing.  

Created by Vadim Carazan |


Final Words

Creating a logo design with a star element is pretty similar to many other creative projects. The key that makes it different is the meaning, in which stars represent different possible implications of their uses. In general, the symbol represents divinity, humanity, hope, faith, god, motivation, fame, life, excellence, pride, and many other meanings.

It is also worth highlighting that the said symbol might imply diverse meanings in other religions, regions, or industries. That is why a great amount of exploration of the meaning should be put into the creation process. After that, the creator needs to define the uses of the symbol in the logo design. Understand the reason whether it is needed or not. 

Created by Dylan Menke |

Going further is to get some more inspiration on how to implement the symbol. Stars can appear in many ways, including as the main visual or as a complementing object. It makes the options bigger. Some might also use a unique technique to bring the stars look unique, making the design more distinctive and memorable. 

Picking the sign style is also crucial in generating the real ideas of the design. Designers can later mix the elements with some personality, adding flair and making everything appropriate for the brand. In the end, the process of making a star logo design goes back to practical, creative, and designing prowess. That is why designers can make high-quality work. 

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