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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good 3 Letters Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good 3 Letters Logo Design

A logo design can also be in the form of 3-letters. Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic 3-letters logo design!

Letters logos or the design that is mostly known as letter marks are one of the most popular options in the industry. As a marketing approach, using letters helps create an easier-to-remember aspect for the audience. At the same time, it poses an initial for the brand or the company. Thus, the letter mark logo design appears in varying possible outcomes. 

Among many, the 3 letters logo design is on the popular and favorite side. It is particularly one of the many options you can find as an identity for famous companies in varying industries. Take KFC, IBM, CNN, NBA, MTV, and many more as examples. Most renowned companies use the style as a way to create a combination of business identity and striking signs. 

For a logo, the design tends to play around with typography and monograms. After that, the captivating values on the sign come as creative ways to embrace the company's vibe, personality, or industry. It can be seen in the addition of other fancy elements, aligning or coordinating the 3 letters in different ways, or adding unique factors to make the mark less boring. 

In a way that some of the imagery seems like a pretty simple and quick design, the creation of the logo itself is pretty complex. Designers have to understand some knowledge and ideas along the lines, including working with how to create letter marks, monograms, typography, and 3 letters styling, to make something appropriate to the brand. 

The popularity of the 3 letters logo is not without reasons. It is one of the designs that can explore and employ a lasting impression on people. The idea comes as the 3 letters themselves can either be an initial, a combination of letters, or unique wordplay. It appears as a logo design that has varying possible ideas to craft memorable imagery. 

In many ways, designers have a chance to craft every letter in various ways to communicate something about the brand and what the company has. In the proper practice, the use of 3 letters helps balance the distinctive piece into a more attractive and iconic work. And with unique styling and possibilities, there are endless ways to explore the design. 

As much as 3 letters logo design is pretty popular, but most of the market decides to work with the structured and solid form. It makes the creative possibilities untapped or not properly explored for designers. Thus, bringing more chances and potential to be more creative. This is where the benefits of the letter's logo design appear. 

The creator or designer can explore every possible intricacy of the monogram. There are also varying typography aspects to explore. Sometimes, playing with the curves of a script-based monogram also puts more intricacies on the process. It explains that a logo with 3 letters is something worth studying and trying. 


10 Tips To Create A Good 3 Letters Logo Design

  1. Understand The Purpose Of Using Lettermark
  2. Consider Creating A Monogram
  3. Choose The Right Style For The Brand
  4. Start From A Simple Basic Shape
  5. Explore Typography & Letterform
  6. Add Extra Elements
  7. Add Personality And Creativity 
  8. Take Advantage Of Negative Space 
  9. Use Interlinks Or Stroke Sharing 
  10. Create A Memorable And Distinctive Visual 



1. Understand The Purpose Of Using Lettermark

Considering signs have their main design elements made out of 3 letters, the work will fall under the letter mark style. It is a typography-based logo that can consist of one to a few letters, which mostly compose the company's initials. Understanding how the letter mark works will help the creation of the 3 letters logo design. 

All goes to the fact that the letter mark pinpoints the utilization of a few letters. It is considered the best solution to streamline a company brand that has a long name. With the initial and some design wits on the process, the logo can turn into memorable imagery. It also has been a very common action for popular or world-famous companies. 

KFC, as an example, comes as a very good implementation of 3 letters logo inspiration. The work composes a very basic initial of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It comes with a bold and bright font style, which helps emphasize the logo design's atmosphere as a fast food restaurant. On the same note, the work with 3 characters is more complex than it sounds. 

The complex point comes from the importance of picking the best or choosing the proper design that fits with the initial and the company. The logo must be not only on the theme but also has a legible print on the business cards or the brand itself. In other words, it is not a meaningless 3 letters. But a real initial or identity of the company. 


2. Consider Creating A Monogram

Lettermark is also known as a monogram. Monograms can cover a greater sense and style of the project. Thus bringing a bigger touch of design and possibility for logo creation. 3 letters logo design is somehow less known or common compared to the two or single-letter ideas. However, it does not make the work unknown or not possible. 

Most will say that the possible ideas likely appear as a traditional monogram, which is the very simple horizontal lined letters of initials with some sizes different on every character. While it is probably the simplest way to make a logo design, there are tons of possibilities in creating a more unique 3 letters model.

Monograms as styles come in varying models and look. It can appear as block monograms, stacked, interlocking, circles, split, or diamonds. All come with a defined look, which helps create a more unique 3 letters work. It also has some extra personality to share, which helps the creation appear more significant to the company or brand.  

The rule of thumb in monograms is mostly about picking the one that follows the brand vision. The logo design can appear in many ways with the designer's creativity. But it should translate the essence of the company to make a more purposeful project. In other words, trying to make the 3 letters work has its best arrangement or style.  


3. Choose The Right Style For The Brand

As said in the previous points, one of the keys to a good mark is to make it appropriate or significant to the company. No matter how fancy the 3 letters' logo design is, it won't work as a logo if the imagery is far from what the company is. That is why designers should brainstorm and research the brand, company, product, market, and audience. 

With every information in hand, the designer can start finding the best imagery and style that fit with the said brand. It can affect the 3 letters' font selection, the color, the logo design style, or how the characters represent the company. Take an example of how CNN and HBO have a similar intake on the logo but still have their personality in the form or color, or styling. 


4. Start From A Simple Basic Shape

Due to the nature of letter marks and monograms, the logo design tends to follow the streamlined ideas of the process. But the creator or designer can also work to make shape logos to be creative with the design. Shapes in the conversation include circles, squares, triangles, or anything that comes to mind from the creation process. 

Shapes help make a high-impact logo easier to distinguish. Most of the time, the shapes act as a natural frame (similar to monograms with diamond shapes). However, the principle of the shape is to form the 3 letters into more visual prominence imagery. Thus, it is easier to apply for the sign and prevent overshadowing the design. 

It is also a great aspect considering shape helps communicate different meanings and traits to consumers. You can say that the cube or square 3 letters logo design will emulate the sense of secure, harmonious, and friendly aspect. Triangle is the perfect shape for an edgy and unique logo and so on. But forming the characters into shapes also demands skills in typography.  


5. Explore Typography & Letterform

Learning about typography can be part of one of the crucial keys to monogram and logo design. Typography tells every sense of feeling, exclusivity, intelligence, and style to be used on the 3 letters project. There is a saying, "what type says about you," which refers to the psychology behind fonts. 

Typography on one side tells about different font styles, which can help visualize the 3 letters on the logo. Those options are serif, slab, sans serif, script, modern, display, or decorative fonts. Each of them has its meaning and particular link with certain elements' psychology, such as a serif that is very close to a more formal brand. 

Along with the styles, typography knowledge also includes solutions to increase readability and visibility. The details can include character hierarchy, arrangement, model, and spacing. When applied to the 3 letters logo design, good typography knowledge will eventually affect the whole imagery of the final work.  


6. Add Extra Elements

If working with letter marks is too difficult, there are chances that the design will come with other elements to complement it. It can include symbols, imagery, or anything that help complete the 3 letters' logo design. KFC and NBA are the best examples on this matter; both have a pretty simple font and lettering idea. But the addition of symbols and mascots make the work memorable. 


7. Add Personality And Creativity 

If following the typography styles and model feel like a surprising aspect of the design, the creator can add more personality and creativity to the logo design. The creative insight on the sign with 3 letters is not bound under a very restriction of typography and familiar font. You are free to make and add the typeface used on the project. 

It goes with the sense that every logo should relate to the company or the brand. Thus, bringing a defined illustration, text, color, and some built artistic flair can help add a more interesting flair to work. This is where the creator can make the 3 letters look even more distinctive with additional flair or edit. 

Take an example of blending san serif and serif in the design. Some logos might also come with some distinctive edits in the font's shape, such as the way JMA Wellness makes a change on the A letters with its unique symbol. The symbol creates a blend of A, the figure of people, and a leaf. It is a great example of how the designer can add personality to the 3 letters' logo design. 

The subtle edit and the decorative element on the logo design are something that helps create the 3 letters appear more memorable and distinctive. Sometimes, designers can go with a full customization style on the font. All goes with the reasons to make the design feel more unique and memorable. 


8. Take Advantage Of Negative Space 

One of the ways to make a distinctive edit is to play around with negative space. Negative space refers to the space that allows designers to create something new or help improve the visibility of the characters. In 3 letters logo design, negative space can be a key to making the work successfully in the noisy market. Creative use of negative space can also lead to distinctive work. 

The way of using negative space can differ based on the 3 letters or the logo plan. Take an example of creating a basic shape of stars inside the letters A. In the sense of 3 letters design, you can also put a similar sense by playing with the initials. One of the examples is creating a silhouette of a cat between the 3 letters spelling CAT. 


9. Use Interlinks Or Stroke Sharing 

Interlinked strokes are a pretty popular solution for letter mark logos. It includes the 3 letters design since it allows for creating a better flow with the strokes, links, or bridges. Most of the time, the idea refers to the vintage-inspired logo. An addition of a curly serif bridge and bold strokes from one letter to others help a fun-looking work. 

The key to this idea is to merge the 3 letters or parts of it. Sharing strokes, interlinking each of them, or bridging some parts to others are known to help keep the size minimum. However, the implementation should also follow a simpler linking, such as a common straight stroke in a horizontal or vertical orientation. 

Some creative designers out there can also blend the merging lines to create a certain use of negative space, such as what Katie Jean Morris's logo looks like. In this case, there are varying 3 letters logo sharing ideas you can try. Those styles are cropping or removing some parts, using negative space, adding connective horizontal crossbars, sharing vertical strokes, inset, interlocking, and overlapping.


10. Create A Memorable And Distinctive Visual 

No matter how good the design and style will appear to be, the key to successful work is to keep everything memorable and distinctive. Many will say that the 3 letters logo design scope is pretty limited, bringing less chance of exploration for the creator. But that is not the problem. Designers need to explore and find a gap to make the work appear unique. 

This is where some personality traits and changes are needed. No one forces the logo design creator to follow what the market says. Being loyal to the brand and the company is crucial. There is also a need to fully deliver the personality of the brand itself. Sometimes doing something new can be a great move in the competitive industry. 

Take an example of MTV. The American music channel has its iconic 3 letters logo that blends the bold font and unique font. The bold bricky M is bigger to accentuate its meaning (music). Meanwhile, the TV is written in casual font and overlaps the M. It fully covers the brand's focus as a youth and current television broadcast.  


Final Words

Creating a good logo design has different points to highlight. In the general use case, the creator needs to pay attention to the relation of the sign with the brand. Some other points to consider are the use of elements, including color, shapes, and fonts. The 3 letters of the sign highlight the use of typography and fonts. 

Thus, it showcases the importance of typeface in logo design. The sign will likely appear as a letter mark, monogram, typography, or playing around with composition. Some might need to add more subtle other design elements, such as color, geometric style, strokes, or negative space. The key is to pay more attention to the use of 3 letters initially. 

Making appropriate imagery, using proper typography, exploring varying styles, and making everything memorable or distinctive are the key to making a good 3 letters logo design. With those points to highlight, the creation process can go as far as creativity goes. But be sure the final work is readable, memorable, attractive, and represents the brand. 

Putting aside the complex ideation to make a logo and its design, every process needs proper planning and knowledge. 3 letters of imagery sound like the easiest road possible. But creators need to put effort into changing the seemingly boring style into more attractive imagery. That is why learning some of the creative ideas and techniques can help.

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