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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Food Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Food Logo Design

Nothing brings people together like good food!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic food logo design!
Created by CAXA Estudio |

The logo is all about branding and representing who you are. The design should encompass the vibe, meaning, and target of the company itself, making it a project that has its purpose in creation. The said project of logo design itself can cover varying aspects and industries, including the food categories. Working with the food segment comes with its challenge. 

In this case, the food segment and market come with varying charms and options. It goes with the fact that the diet market should also highlight its quality and possible variant. Take an example of the varying categories of foods. There are pastries, vegan, meat, fast food, instant, restaurants, and many more. It makes the creation more complex. 

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It is safe to say that creating one is not easy, and the logo or its branding design will also be quite difficult to grasp. Crafting one food logo means more than just first impressions or attractiveness. It should highlight the product, the food, and the quality. Other than that, designers need to pinpoint similar logo-building aspects in every element. 

To help craft the best food logo design, the following steps highlight some of the known and best elements to pinpoint. It started with competition and brainstorming on the idea. Ribboning the brand and putting everything in shape comes later. As time goes by, one can pinpoint that the process is pretty similar to other logo creation. The difference is the food segment. 


10 Tips To Create A Good Food Logo Design

  1. Check The Competitors 

  2. Star Sketching & Brainstorm on Paper

  3. Make Sure The Ideas Suit The Brand 

  4. Work With Symbols

  5. Always Stay With a Simple Approach 

  6. Play With Letterforms 

  7. Choose The Most Relevant Color

  8. Add Something Special & Make It Memorable 

  9. Make Sure The Logo Fits Various Sizes

  10. Make Sure The Logo Adapts Well on Various Medium


Created by Rafael Silveira |


1. Check The Competitors

Logo design and the food industry always have competition. Regardless of the market or the segment, every business will have its competition. With that in mind, it is best to start the creative process by getting more inspiration from the competitors. Take a point that understanding the competition and the competitors also make the food business know its place. 

In this case, the creator or food brand owner should check other similar competitors in the industry segment. Sometimes it is better to look at the competitor that you are trying to compete with. The idea is to not only get inspiration for the logo but also to avoid a similar design and make an even better one. 

Created by Chochoi Creative |

In this case, going for the competitor helps underline and see what the others can or cannot achieve. Take an example of the wording and typeface of the logo design. Sometimes, the wording is too much for the logo. Thus, creating less efficient imagery. For a food logo design, the information delivery is one thing that you want to fully provide. 

In other words, a good logo for the culinary industry should be easy to identify. It can be in many ways, including working with a stand-alone model or having a company motto on it. However, food logos tend to have designs that resemble the brand while still on a certain market trend. Take an example of a fast-food logo. The design has its particular color and imagery. 

Certain shapes, a hint of cooking, and symbolism can help the food brand stay in the proper market. Sometimes, it is good to join similar design ideas without making the logo too much bandwagon. In the fast-food industry, many companies will use red as their color. KFC and Mcdonald's have the same idea, but both have unique aspects to highlight their brand.  

Created by Alvaro Franco |


2. Start Sketching & Brainstorm on Paper

After understanding the market and the popular uses of logo design in the culinary sector, it is best to start working by brainstorming. Brainstorm refers to the act where the creator needs to pull out all of the ideas and make them work. In this case, try to get more inspiration to help build your ideas. 

To help the brainstorming process, designers can always try to make quick sketches for the logo design. Remember that making more than one idea is okay, especially if the food sector is pretty vast and unique. In the meantime, your main goal in brainstorming is not to create a good design. But rather compiling as many ideas as possible on the paper. 

Created by Dariusz Jabłoński |

You can try to use different logo elements, such as symbols, typography, or approach to the design. It can be more than just creating ideas but also making sure the draft and models come along with the food brand.  

One of the reasons why you need to brainstorm is to ensure the food logo design comes with the proper brand. You should try to make a few quality sketches and take many of them that fully embrace the brand or product. Narrow them down to only some works that come with the best aspects of the food product. So, it will be easier to develop designs. 

Created by Michael Micmas |


3. Make Sure The Ideas Suit The Brand 

As much as you are working with varying designs on the brainstorming step, it is best to start paying attention to the food brand. Understanding the brand helps pick the best logo ideas and make them relate to the culinary company. If you are a small-scale restaurant, it is best to consider the market and how you represent the proper brand or audience. 

In this case, one of the duties every designer needs to do is to find more details about the food company or brand. Find details on who the audience is, what are the product, and the quality, scope, or services. At the same time, there is also a great point where the designer needs to determine the food brand's emotion, vibe, or value. 

Created by Vinay Gowtham M |

With all of the details, you can start to align the food logo design creation to fit the personality. If you are looking for the down to earth model, going with the traditional design might come as a solution. Or, if you are going for the more modern style, go with some of the best symbols signifying simplicity in it. 

Thinking about the brand also led the logo creator to come out with more consistent imagery for the sign. The design might come with the best color highlighting the style or the symbol that will accentuate the food style. In one way or another, paying attention to the brand helps narrow down the logo design ideas.

Created by Andrea Basile |


4. Work With Symbols

As soon as you have the best brainstorming idea for the logo, you can start developing and make the design look better. The first thing that you can do is pick the best shapes, symbols, or imagery. Shapes, in general, come in varying options, bringing a bigger chance to make the logo come to life. 

In this case, you can always start creating the logo for a food product with simple shapes. Most of the simple and quick details are using a circle. The circle is the most common pick for the food industry since it accentuates emotional influences for the audience. It is also known for its ability to provide a sense of fostering community and appeal to the market. 

Created by Tram Nguyen |

Remember that every shape comes up with its meaning and ideation. That is why the model should fully embrace the culinary brand. Similar to the symbol. There are a plethora of symbols that are used for food logo design. It makes a particular bandwagon, which either helps you pick the new idea or make one that follows the model. 

One sure thing is that you should never pick and blatantly join the bandwagon. Sometimes the bandwagon of trend makes the emblem have less life expectancy; in other words, it will lose its attractivity in a short time. You should be wise enough to understand the trend and adapt the best point to make the best logo design. 

Created by Luís Caracinha |


5. Always Stay With a Simple Approach 

Most effective logo design comes up with a more simple and direct approach. The sign does not need any particular addition that makes the brand questionable. That is where you should make the project fun, creative, and brand identity in the process. It can take some time to finally get the best image. 

It is also worth noting that the process of developing the logo and its design takes time and practice. You can always find more inspiration from other food brands, get a similar idea, adapt, and customize it. It is also recommended to trust the instinct and ask for a second or third opinion. Don't worry about rebranding; sometimes, changes are needed.

Created by Mohamed Raafat |


6. Play With Letterforms 

As much as symbols or shapes have a great effect on psychology, the use of typography also can bring emotion to the audience. In the logo, letters can appear as a tactic to attract a certain audience. Take an example of cursive, which is known for its attractive aspect for women or fitting the more casual market. 

The opposite goes for bold lettering, which is likely more attractive to men. It makes the angular typeface with subtle curves the most proper option for gender-neutral logo design. For that reason, it is better to pay attention to the audience and the target market. To make it work, be sure the sign can fully associate with your brand. 

Typography itself also includes working with readability. Think about the smaller sizes of food logo design that can affect the readability factor. The use of typography also relates to the functions, such as using the letters for the Initial, letter work, or to show the food brand name. Remember that you should make the sign deliver the information.

Created by Jona Sbarzaglia Studio |


7. Choose The Most Relevant Color 

Color brings meaning to the project. In the design, color is the element that can state the vibe and emotion. In this case, the food industry tends to have its color options, such as red, orange, or yellow. The three-color options resemble the sense of fire, hot, and fresh food. But, other hues can fit the logo design in the culinary industry. 

Take an example of green, which is the most appropriate option for vegan or salad products. Brown is pretty common for bread or pastry. Other options signify the audience, such as how the ice cream company uses blue or vibrant colors to attract the younger market. 

It will be different if the food logo design comes with its high-end audience or product. High-end restaurants might use gold to signify the target. This is where you need to understand the value of the brand identity. Be sure to write it down and learn more about how color psychology and combination work. 

Created by Thomas Peretu |


8. Add Something Special & Make It Memorable

In the food industry, you are bound to face cutthroat competition. You will need to make a unique flavor on the logo design, which helps make the food brand stand out from everyone else. One of the ways is to spice up the works with more personality, such as using color, symbols, or playing with the typography.

There are many ways to add attraction to the more common food logo design. The impact can be made with the small addition of stacking text and symbols. There is also a common idea in serving up vertical visual impact, adding a dash of the varsity on the design while still associated with the brand. Be creative, but also avoid doing it too much to prevent losing focus. 

Created by LUKTHIS® STUDIO |


9. Make Sure The Logo Fits Various Sizes

Scales and sizes are the main points in making a logo. The design should come with proper sizing or scaling. Thus, the works won't lose their quality when used in different media. In this case, you can always do the project using a PNG image. PNG has its mathematical points, making the final work easier to scale up or down. 

Aside from the scales and size, there is also the need to work with the layout. Remember that food logo design can lose its readability if the elements are too much or not proportionally laid down. The idea is to always pay attention to the use of white space on the sign. Good spacing helps make the design easier to read, even on the smaller size. 

Created by Bitbrand Team |


10. Make Sure The Logo Adapts Well on Various Medium

Adaptability in the design comes as one of the main subjects in creating the sign. There are times that you need to make more than just one model or style to ensure the food sign fits different uses. The best example is using the initial name, the logo with the food brand name, or the one that only uses the icon. 

Take the example of KFC. The fast-food restaurant comes with its iconic lieutenant's character. There is also the complete name for the banner. However, the creator makes it more adaptive with its variations. You can find the smaller packaging only using the initial. The company or building identity comes out with its initial name and icon. 

Created by Al Gendi |

This is why KFC is one of the most memorable food logo designs. It is simple, long-lasting, but also adaptable. Take this idea as your future culinary brand sign. You can work with simple imagery to represent the food brand name. If it is possible, working with more than one design creates a unique essence of the brand. 

It does not need to be too complex. The key is to make it memorable rather than being too much. If you have to, try to avoid the too common imagery for the sign. Work or make a particular or personalized design that helps accentuate the personality of the brand. Add a food symbol, customize it to fit your point, and make it unique.

Created by designio branding studio |


Final Words 

Crafting a logo design is like a creative adventure and developing a new recipe. In the world of food industry and production, the proportion of creativity and brand identity should be on par. The culinary industry varies, coming from unique traditions, ideas, and demands. It makes the design process come out as very vast and endless. 

It highlights that logo for food can turn into a more traditional intake, simpler, or unique. Sometimes, the creative process is not that far too different from other creative projects. The key is to keep in mind the culinary brand and what to offer. There are also endless inspirations out there that help give ideas. 

Created by Barmalys Studio |

Along with paying attention to the brand and option, brainstorming to create a more attractive logo design comes second. Every element of the design should represent the brand, the imagery, and the food product. That is why some extra attention to symbolism and typography can give some beauty. 

The next thing to consider is to make a good food logo design with a more simple approach and scalability factor. It helps cover every possible usage, which showcases that not everything needs the same and similar work. Some media and objects might need a bit of alteration, including the black and white version or the single initial name. 

Creating the logo for the food industry comes with its challenges. It can be easier to work around some inspiring pieces and create a design that resembles the product. It should not only be attractive but also exude a sense of taste and trust. Because of that idea of creation, many works will incorporate food symbols, imagery, or models.

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