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Article: 30 Best Lettering Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Lettering Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Lettering is the art of turning words into art, creating something that is beautiful and meaningful. Check out some of the best lettering logo design ideas!

Created by Scott Biersack |

Welcome fellow creatives! If you've found yourself here, it's probably because you're on the hunt for some fresh, inspiring, and innovative "lettering logo design ideas". You're in the right place! Our world is brimming with brands, and each one is vying for the consumer's attention. 

As graphic designers, it's our challenge (and pleasure) to craft logos that not only stand out in this visual cacophony but also tell the brand's story in a unique and engaging manner. Lettering logo design plays a pivotal role in this narrative process. With its ability to weave personality, emotion, and identity into a brand, lettering has truly become the unsung hero of logo design. 

Let's dive into this captivating realm and explore how we can leverage the power of lettering to elevate our logo designs. Stay tuned for a treasure trove of practical tips, brilliant examples, and mind-blowing design ideas. And remember, it's not just about aesthetics; it's about connecting, communicating, and captivating. Let's get our creative juices flowing!


1. Tinyspace

Created by Wells Collins |

A lettering logo looks unique because of the art made of the text. This means you need to be super creative in designing a lettering logo since you won't use an illustration to complement the text. The Tinyspace logo has a modified letter t at the start of the text. It is enough to make the logo look special and different.


2. Bres

Created by Wouter de Bres |

Lettering logos can be made of any available font. If you want your lettering logo to look more natural, pick a handwriting font that has a more casual look. If the first idea above is modifying the first letter, this one is going to modify the rest of the letters and leave the first letter to look normal.


3. Unionwell Lettering

Created by Ilham Herry |

The Unionwell Lettering logo uses two different fonts for all text on the logo. One of them is the serif font that is combined with uppercase letters. And another font is a calligraphy letter that shares the same boldness as the first font. Since the logo has many words, the illustration gets little space at the bottom of the logo.


4. Guapo Taco

Created by Kevin Kroneberger |

Serif fonts come in so many options. If you want to use one on your logo, pick a serif font that has a special look. For example, this Guapo Taco logo uses a bracketed serif font for the main text. The designer adds some curves that make the text more flexible. For the second text, use a neo-grotesque sans-serif.


5. Streamz

Created by Sergey Shapiro |

The idea of this unique lettering logo design is similar to the first one above. Streamz has a cerulean blue color for the background and white handwriting font for the text. Add a stroke under the logo so that it will match the stroke on the letter t. Pick white for the text to make it more readable.


6. Kearney

Created by Steve Wolf |

Trying to create a modern uppercase lettering logo? Get inspiration from this Kearney logo design by using a grotesque sans-serif font and using uppercase letters. A grotesque sans-serif font is taller than geometric sans-serif font. This means you are going to get a much more modern look for the logo, especially if the text has black and white colors.


7. Stephany Huckleberry

Created by Mateusz Witczak |

The gorgeous decorative font used on this lettering logo creates an elegant yet vintage logo design. It has some curves that make the text more attractive. It also has a banner framing the text and some ornaments around the banner. The combination of those things enhances the beauty of the font. Use dark colors that have more modern vibes.


8. Roller Records

Created by Alex Aperios |

A casual handwriting font can help you make a timeless lettering logo. This Roller Records, for example, has a casual handwriting font and a curved stroke under the text. It also has monochromatic colors that accentuate the modern look of the logo. Bone color for the text makes it more readable when you place it on a very dark background.


9. Trapeze

Created by Wells Collins |

A bright yellow color will make the dark gray text on your lettering logo fresher and more fun. Most casual handwriting fonts will connect every letter in the text. But the font on this logo looks unique because some letters don't connect to other letters. This lettering logo uses the letter t as an icon, that's why the letter t has a modified look.


10. Worcohomy

Created by Sasha Cko |

Another font to create a casual logo design is a calligraphy font. A calligraphy font with white color may look bolder than other fonts. If you want to add a stroke under the text, consider adding it to some letters you want to accentuate. For example, this one has a small stroke under the 'co' instead of the whole text.


11. Focus And Stay True

Created by Sasha Cko |

Trying to make a round-shaped icon from the lettering text? Consider using an abstract font to make some words but place those words close together to shape a circle logo. This unique lettering logo will look perfect with contrasting colors. The contrast will let your audience read the text easily. And the best contrasting colors will be white and black.


12. Manhattan

Created by Mateusz Witczak |

The Manhattan text on this logo has a combination of thin lines and bold lines. The combination of those lines makes your logo look modern and formal at once. Its white color makes the text stand out on a moderately dark blue background.


13. Allusion Design

Created by Sergey Shapiro |

A signature font is also a unique font to use on your lettering logo. This signature font is timeless, so you can use your lettering logo forever. If you want to make it more timeless, pick some colors that will last forever and blend well with any product. Those colors are black and white, which will let you place your lettering logo anywhere.


14. Funk

Created by Rich Stromwall |

Funk is a nice circle logo design idea that combines doodles and bold decorative font. The bold font makes the text stand out even though it is surrounded by doodles in the same white color as the text. The black background makes people automatically focus on the circle logo and try to read the text in the middle.


15. Malbon Golf

Created by Paul von Excite |

This lettering logo may look super simple, but it is very elegant and luxurious. The extraordinary logo has a thin handwriting font and a dark gray color. Though it may look a little casual, the monochromatic colors create a more professional vibe. When you place it on a fabric, the lettering logo becomes very gorgeous.


16. Webinarpalooza

Created by Scott Biersack |

If your lettering logo is designed to attract the audience's attention and persuade them to do something, use a neon fuchsia or soft pink color to draw everyone's attention to your logo. And then, use a bold casual font that makes the lettering logo very readable. Since the background is very inviting and bright, use white for the text to soothe everyone.


17. Sourkrauts

Created by Dalibor Momcilovic |

This clothing brand has a gothic serif font for the main text. The font makes people guess what the text is saying. The other text on the lettering logo has simpler fonts. A modern sans-serif font makes your logo more modern and simpler. If you want to add some ornaments to the logo, they should be small and less attractive than the text.


18. Bloodlines

Created by Laura Eden |

Casual handwriting font is the font used most to make lettering logos. But yours can be different, simply adding curves when designing the logo. Add a curvy stroke under the text, and it will be totally different. Black background and white text can be modern, timeless, and professional, depending on the font type you choose. This one looks casual and fun.


19. Papa Danno's Backyard Pizza

Created by Chaz Russo |

A rounded font is going to be very simple but attractive. Pick a casual handwriting font and then pair it with uppercase letters for the second text. If the main text has white, the second one should have another color so that people will focus on the main text. 


20. Foals

Created by ForSureLetters |

Bold italic script font is a great option if you want to make a casual but eye-catching lettering logo. This logo has a bright color and a dark background. This combination eases people to find your text easily and read it quickly. No need to add any illustration or ornament since the text itself is stunning enough.


21. Question Everything

Created by Jerry Okolo |

The font used on this Question Everything logo is an abstract font. However, even though the font is abstract and its position is unusual, you can still read the text very easily. It is because of the bold design and white color of the text. The black background eases you from finding the text and will help your audience see every letter quickly.


22. NL

Created by Alexandra Necula |

The next lettering logo to consider is the monogram logo design. This one is a very simple logo design with curvy letters N and L. The circle framing the monogram logo connects to the letter L inside the circle. If you want your lettering logo to look flawless, just like this one, pick the right curvy font for the monogram.


23. Panchos

Created by Lance |

The text on this lettering logo is extra simple and gorgeous. It has a handwriting font with a very casual look. The white color on the text and the stroke under the text make the lettering logo very easy to read. For the background, pick something fresh and fun, like this outrageous orange color.


24. thre3®

Created by Oleg Kulik |

The previous logo has a softer shade of orange. And this lettering logo has a pure orange color for the background that helps make the text stand out. The text itself looks like a signature. Its design and white text color create an unusual and timeless look. However, the background color makes a great logo only for young customers. 


25. DB

Created by patkos |

A monogram logo can represent your business or your own name. Combine some letters to make this monogram logo and create a unique look. If you don't like using an abstract symbol, you need to consider creating a monogram logo. This is a type of lettering logo and will give you a simple look, especially if your business name is too long.


26. Jude Gimeno

Created by ForSureLetters |

If you think the name of your business isn't too long, then forget a monogram logo. Instead, create a signature font that will make your logo look more elegant. Pick a unique signature font and then use neutral colors to draw the lettering logo. If the font is unique enough, your logo will be special and look nothing like any other logo. 


27. Detroit Motor City

Created by Laura Dillema |

Can you combine two script fonts on one logo? Learn from this unique lettering logo design. This one has a bold script font and a thin handwriting font. They both look different but share the same color. If you really want to use two different fonts, make sure that they don't look too contrast, or your audience won't be able to read them easily.



Created by Paul von Excite |

The lettering logo you see here is extremely simple. It uses a classic handwriting font that looks very casual. It also has a soft yellow color that will blend perfectly with any other color or pattern on the background. For example, this logo looks stunning and readable even though you are placing it on a brick wall.


29. Graggs

Created by Scott Biersack |

Cadmium orange is a soft version of orange that will make a natural-themed lettering logo design. This background color will make the decorative handwriting font more soothing to read. The contrast between the text and logo is not too high. Everyone can read the text more comfortably with this background color.


30. Gargoyle

Created by patkos |

Gargoyle is a brand for your customers. You can tell that from the gothic serif font used to create the dark text on the blue background. It has an abstract touch that will attract young people's attention. This lettering logo isn't a good idea for a professional brand that is trying to create a formal logo design.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is a lettering logo design?

A lettering logo design is a unique and eye-catching way to represent a brand using custom-made letterforms. Unlike traditional logos that rely on pre-existing fonts, lettering logos are hand-drawn or digitally created from scratch, giving them a personalized and distinctive touch. These logos often showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of a graphic designer, capturing the essence and personality of a brand. With their emphasis on typography and calligraphy, lettering logos can be elegant, playful, or even edgy, depending on the brand's desired aesthetic. By incorporating handcrafted letterforms, lettering logo designs add a human touch and make a lasting impression on viewers.

Why do businesses use lettering logo designs?

Businesses use lettering logo designs to stand out and make a lasting impression on their target audience. Lettering logos offer a unique and customized representation of a brand's identity, capturing its personality and values in a visually striking way. By handcrafting or digitally creating custom letterforms, businesses can create a logo that is tailored to their specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Lettering logos add a personal and human touch, making the brand more relatable and memorable. Moreover, these logos allow businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors, conveying a sense of creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Which design styles are often used to create lettering logo designs?

When it comes to creating lettering logo designs, there are several popular design styles that graphic designers often employ. One common style is vintage or retro lettering, which evokes a sense of nostalgia and adds a classic charm to the logo. Another style is modern or minimalist lettering, characterized by clean lines and simplicity. Hand-drawn or script lettering styles bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the logo. Graffiti or street art-inspired lettering is perfect for brands seeking a bold and urban aesthetic. Additionally, decorative or ornamental lettering styles are used to create intricate and visually striking logos.

Which business niches often use lettering logo designs?

Lettering logo designs can be found across various business niches, as they offer a versatile and customizable branding solution. However, certain niches particularly favor lettering logos. Art and design-related businesses, such as graphic design agencies, tattoo studios, or art galleries, often opt for lettering logos to showcase their creativity and craftsmanship. Craft breweries and coffee shops embrace lettering logos to convey a sense of authenticity and uniqueness. Fashion and apparel brands use lettering logos to create a distinct identity and appeal to a specific target audience. Additionally, lettering logos are popular in the music industry, helping bands and musicians establish memorable and visually appealing brands.

Are there any perks or benefits when using lettering logo designs?

Absolutely! There are several perks and benefits to using lettering logo designs. First and foremost, lettering logos allow businesses to create a unique and personalized brand identity. With custom-made letterforms, these logos capture the essence and personality of a brand, making it memorable and distinctive. Lettering logos also offer flexibility, as they can be adapted to different applications and sizes without losing their impact. Moreover, these logos showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of graphic designers, setting a brand apart from its competitors. By incorporating hand-drawn or digitally crafted letterforms, lettering logos add a human touch, making them more relatable to audiences.


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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