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Article: 30 Best Serif Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Serif Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Serif fonts are the typefaces of history and are often used for traditional, and respectable designs.
Check out some of the best serif logo design ideas!
Created by Wells Collins |

Welcome, fellow creators and graphic design enthusiasts! As visual storytellers, we know that every detail matters – especially when it comes to logo design. And when typography enters the mix, choosing between Serif and Sans Serif can be the difference between classic elegance and sleek modernism. But how do we strike that perfect balance in a "serif logo design"?

Dive into this treasure trove of inspiring serif logo design ideas, perfect for sparking your creativity and raising the bar in your next project. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just getting started, this comprehensive guide will offer a fresh perspective on leveraging the timeless charm of serif fonts in logo creation.

With a blend of theory and practice, we'll explore innovative ways to use serifs, making your designs stand out in the sea of sameness. So, ready to push the boundaries of your artistic capabilities and delve into the world of serif logo design ideas? Let's get started! Stay tuned and prepare for a fascinating journey that promises to invigorate your design aesthetic. It's time to expand your typography toolbox and shine in the art of visual communication.


1. Louisiana Family Law Firm

Created by Peter Giuffria |

The first logo idea that uses a serif font is a law firm. From the name, you will know that this is a firm that is owned by a family. A serif logo is chosen not only because of its clarity but also for its elegance and its respectable character. The image is certainly needed by the logo to make people that they choose a trusted law firm to represent them in court.


2. Flinger

Created by Fonts |

The logo imposes a nice serif font in it and making it such an artistic as well as eye-catching logo. Some ligatures are added to some letters to create small but significant detail. As we all know, simplicity is the main power in the logo to convey the meaning, but a little artistic touch has never gone wrong.


3. The Connoiseur Whisky

Created by Ceren Burcu Turkan |

The logo design is not involving only serif font words, but it also involves a Pegasus and three drums of whisky as the symbol. The design comes in a black-and-white theme, and even the Pegasus, who looks like rolling the drums, are like sketched using a pencil.


4. Town Square Brewing Co

Created by EARCH |

The brewing company is another liquor business that uses serif font type for the logo. This may be because such a business is a type of old business, so it needs to keep its traditionality by using a sort of traditional font as well. In this way, they may keep people's trust in their product.


5. 810 Ranch

Created by Hayley Bigham |

Not only applying logos using pictures or words, but some other logos would also use numbers instead. The type of logo is commonly used by the well-known logo. So, it is the shorter form of the previous logo. The use of the number in a logo is often associated with its anniversary or unit numbers.


6. Rustic Slumber

Created by Lauren Leggatt |

The overall design has told us its rustic style character. First of all, you can see from the choice of the color. It uses wood color, which is the main element of its rustic style. Then, the traditional image can be obtained by the font used in the logo. In addition, the picture used as the logo also has another element to support the whole theme of the design.


7. A&M

Created by Kyle Letendre |

This is a monogram logo that uses a serif font on the design. The letter A and M is written in such an artistic way and stacked with one another with the arrow as additional detail. The pink marble is chosen as the background of the logo, and it makes another good point of the logo design.


8. Solentra Garden

Created by Nikita Maslov |

First of all, the color is quite eye-catching. Then, on the second glimpse, you can see that there is a beautiful fairy godmother sparked by some stars and wings and then the name of the brand. The wings are similar to the shape of leaves which represent that it is a garden that is being promoted.


9. Flowers Law Firm

Created by Daniel Ross Luft |

You may find that the concept of the logo design is simple. It has the symbol and the words to explain what it is all about. The symbol shows you that it is a flower; there are three curved and very thick lines upholding a circle upon it. While the words told us the brand name of the business being conveyed.


10. Tetz & Pallant

Created by Paul Rover |

The accounting agency uses a serif font in a thin style. It says that there is no emphasis on every element, showing that though it is a serious agency, they will take you in a cozy manner yet trustworthy. An initial is used as the symbol, and the logo also contains other detailed information about how long the agency has been helping people.


11. Graham & Hales Accountant Firm

Created by Lisa Jacobs |

The logo design concept is simple. It has a symbol on it and the name of the brand. Using those two main elements is enough to make people aware of what is being offered here. The symbol is like the shape of a leaf with illuminating parts; when you try to further your imagination, then you will see the initial G and H there. The color choice is also a supportive element of the idea of the design. The firm color shows that the corporation is liable and trustworthy.


12. Carina

Created by Jessica Strelioff | Strelioff

Shaping like a cover of a package, the Carina logo comes as one of the unique logos using a serif font. The logo doesn't only speak the brand name, but it also tells us what is being done by Carina; read the slogan, and you'll know it. The shadowing technique used in the background has put Carina as the main attention of all design, indeed.


13. Ellavate

Created by Sazzad Hosen |

This logo is another logo that promotes beauty products, but this one takes a simpler form than the previous one. It only shows the brand name, which means that the product is ready to elevate, as Ella elevates, a smart abbreviation. The designer also plays with color gradation and gives a little touch of fading contrast which makes the design more colorful.


14. Mind Wellness

Created by Faikar |

As you see the symbol used, you will know at once that it is the representation of how complicated what's in your mind is. Four-eternity symbols are being connected, creating an image of a hassle. Besides the symbol, there is the brand name that suggests the audience keep the mind in good condition. Within the intricacy, the concept is quite simple, indeed.


15. Living & Grohing

Created by Naomi Mary |

There are three options for logo concepts available here. The first one puts the flowers as the symbol, and above it, the slogan is written in a curve, while below, put the name of the brand. The second choice only puts the initial of the brand name with the "&" sign, in which the sign is decorated with some flowers. The last choice is it uses the flowers as the symbol and put the initial below. And those three are amazing designs.


16. HOW

Created by Srdjan Vidakovic |

The whole concept of the design has given such a creepy nuance. It's like the logo for a horror movie, with all delicate spooky elements. Even the choice of color used here suggests the eerie sense. Not only that, but the creation of the font is also another element responsible for the theme.


17. Haven Salon

Created by Josh Warren |

The concept of the logo is quite interesting. There are two separate parts in the logo, the upper part and the lower one. The upper part shows a feather and the brand name. It comes in a bit darker green. While the lower part comes in several pictures, i.e., a coconut tree under a shining sun, a brightly shining sun, the summer sunset view, and a plant. While in the middle of the pictures, there's the initial of the brand name. This logo might suggest that the salon is ready to serve you under any circumstance.


18. Fruit Basket

Created by Valeriia Solianyk |

This is a logo for a cosmetic brand that uses green as the main color. Green is mostly associated with natural things. So the logo might suggest that the cosmetic products are environmentally friendly. Plus, it uses "fruit basket" as the name of the brand, telling how natural it is.


19. Garden

Created by Anastasia Kurilenko |

Seeing the symbol, you might instantly think that this is a gate of a palace garden. It is because of its shape and the crown that you find in it. Simply designed, it has royal touch telling you that the treatment that you get here makes you as a royal family.


20. Three Arm Ranchwear

Created by Matt Dawson |

Ranchwear is not a global business, indeed. But this could be a good one when you live in a ranch town. Not many people are aware that ranch wear is important. Therefore, to raise the awareness of ranchers, this business created a unique logo by taking a "three-arm" theme. The picture of a trident is the representation of three arms, the brand name. Using red as the main color will attract people's attention easily.


21. Odeur

Created by Mustafa Akülker |

It's a brand name for botanical candles. For such a product, the logo has complete information needed by the customer. They can see the ingredients mixed in the logo. The brand name is written in big and vivid letters so that people will easily get the name.


22. Vedic Tiger

Created by Maycon Prasniewski |

The are two elements, a picture and the letter mark, which both show consistency with one another. The letter mark says that the product is made with real plants from India. Meanwhile, the picture shows a tiger holding a plant. The picture correctly represents the information put in the letter mark.


23. Fordgrove & Sons

Created by Jeremy Vessey |

The logo is designed with a simple concept. It only uses a letter mark showing the brand name and other information about it. It comes in a black-and-white theme to keep simplicity and clarity. The font chosen is clear, which is the main power of the design.


24. Goody Vegan bakery cafe

Created by Dusan Sol |

The logo takes a vintage theme. The picture chosen looks like done by using a manual pencil, though it uses a vector. The wordmark also comes in a traditional choice of font, which is in line with the picture used in the logo. A little bright part is on the stamp symbol, which has a different bright color.


25. Foundry No8

Created by Ceren Burcu Turkan |

Since 2017 the business has started operation. The logo uses the letter mark only for the material. It doesn't involve any pictures; just letters put together into words that describe the company. It shows mainly the brand name so that people who see it will focus on the brand name.


26. Domeniile Dumbrava

Created by Dusan Sol |

The logo tries to speak the message of the brand; it is keeping the tradition in the business. The whole concept shows all elements support the traditional idea. Starting from the font, the picture, and how it is presented in the logo.


27. The Crones' Nest

Created by Lindsey Naylor |

The color used as the background is black. This choice enables the designer to put any bright color on it. Most of the time, the designer will use white for the content, but this logo is a bit different. It doesn't use a straight white. Instead, it uses a broken white to show the name of the brand and the picture as a representing symbol.


28. Dead Conqueror

Created by Ken Nyberg |

The logo is used for tobacco tactical. The logo wants to tell a message that tobacco is lethal and should be avoided to be consumed. The black background and dark color content also show the dead.


29. Leopold's Bakery

Created by Ceren Burcu Turkan |

The name of the brand is clearly written on the logo. To show that this is a bakery business, the logo uses rolling pins as a symbol. The symbol is made in sheer, while the brand name is deliberately written in clear, bold font upon it.


30. Rooted Kitchen

Created by Wells Collins |

The logo tells everything about the place. It has the brand name when it is established, where it is located, and it also has the symbol. A complete logo like this is a good logo to introduce a business.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is a serif logo design?

A serif logo design refers to a type of logo that incorporates serifs, which are small decorative lines or strokes attached to the ends of letterforms. These serifs add a classic and elegant touch to the typography, making it stand out. Serif fonts are known for their readability and are often used in print materials like books and newspapers. In logo design, a serif typeface can evoke a sense of tradition, reliability, and sophistication. When creating a serif logo design, it's important to consider the balance between the serif elements and other design elements to ensure a harmonious and visually appealing result.

Why do businesses use serif logo designs?

Businesses use serif logo designs for a variety of reasons. First, serif fonts exude a sense of tradition, reliability, and sophistication, which can be beneficial for brands that want to establish a strong and timeless image. The serifs themselves add decorative elements that make the logo stand out and grab attention. Additionally, serif fonts are highly legible, making them ideal for print materials like business cards or brochures. This readability ensures that the brand's message is effectively conveyed to its audience.

Which design styles are often used to create serif logo designs?

When it comes to creating serif logo designs, graphic designers often explore different design styles to achieve the desired aesthetic. One popular style is a classic and elegant approach, where serif typefaces are paired with simple and clean elements, emphasizing the sophistication and timelessness of the brand. Another style is the vintage or retro look, which incorporates ornate serifs and decorative flourishes to evoke nostalgia and a sense of authenticity. Some designers also experiment with combining serif fonts with modern and minimalist design elements, creating a unique fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

Which business niches often use serif logo designs?

Serif logo designs are versatile and can be used across various business niches. However, certain industries often gravitate towards serif logos to convey specific brand characteristics. For instance, luxury brands such as high-end fashion, jewelry, or hospitality often use serif logos to exude a sense of elegance and refinement. Similarly, professional services like law firms, financial institutions, and consulting firms opt for serif logos to project a trustworthy and authoritative image.

Are there any perks or benefits when using serif logo designs?

Absolutely! Serif logo designs offer several perks and benefits. Firstly, serifs add a touch of sophistication and elegance, making the logo visually appealing and memorable. They can also convey a sense of tradition and reliability, which can be advantageous for brands aiming for a timeless image. Additionally, serif fonts are highly readable, especially in print materials, ensuring that the brand's message is effectively communicated. Serif logo designs also offer versatility, as they can be adapted to different design styles and industries.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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