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Article: 30 Best Handwritten Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Handwritten Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Handwriting is like a fingerprint, unique and personal to each individual. Check out some of the best handwritten logo design ideas to inspire your projects!

Created by Typemate |*THUMBNAIL

Welcome to the vibrant world of graphic design, where creativity meets originality. As a professional graphic designer, you're continually seeking fresh inspiration, and today, we're diving into the exciting realm of "handwritten logo design ideas". This artistic approach is an emerging trend, merging the beauty of calligraphy and the personal touch of handwriting to breathe life into brand identities.

Handwritten logos exude charm and authenticity, perfect for brands aiming to showcase a personal, artisanal, or handmade ethos. They offer an excellent avenue for unique storytelling, allowing you to make a lasting impression in today's crowded digital landscape. From elegant scripts to playful doodles, handwritten logo design has an extensive range of styles to explore.

This guide will highlight practical and inspiring ideas to ignite your creative spark. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice dipping your toes in the design waters, you'll find these insights valuable. So, ready to let your imagination run wild with handwritten logo design ideas? Let's get scribbling!


1. PirateBeats

Created by Typemate |

Many types of handwritten fonts will make your logo look classic. But this one uses a bold handwritten script font that is highly readable. The font used on this logo is a casual script font that looks like it is made of a brush and has stronger strokes. The letterforms are connected and create a casual look.


2. Mistica Typeface

Created by James Coffman |

Another type of handwritten font is this one that's made of sans-serif. The logo uses uppercase letters so that you can read the words from afar. Most bold fonts usually have white color, especially if it is placed on a black background. But you want to make it look nicer and softer with a grayish color like.


3. Jude Gimeno

Created by ForSureLetters |

Jude Gimeno is a unique logo with a signature font for the handwritten text. The font is bold and has a long stroke at the end of each word. Like many other logos, it uses black for the background but not white for the text. Instead, it uses moderate dark orange for the text, which makes it look more elegant.


4. Long Gimmies Golf

Created by Wells Collins |

Make your handwritten logo look more stunning instead of boring by using a nice font and then modifying the font. This Long Gimmies Golf logo has an uppercase letter L at the beginning of the text. The letter is then modified so that it also becomes an underline for the text. It has a white color that looks nice on a very dark cyan background.


5. Bonds

Created by PowerScripts |

For a unique handwritten logo, pick a font that will make your logo look like it has been created with a brush. The brush technique is going to make your logo look more natural since it will give some bold strokes and thin strokes. Place the logo on a black background, and it will look like writing on the blackboard.


6. discipline

Created by Galin Ganchev |

Here is another example of the use of a signature font. The signature font is very unique and looks very natural. There are three letters I on the logo, and each of them looks very different. The natural look comes from the bold and thin styles of each letter. Add some ornaments like dots and underline to enhance its look.


7. Pedal Reaction

Created by Sergey Shapiro |

Some handwritten fonts have a rounded shape, while others have a shaper look. This signature font has a sharper look and a soft orange color. The pedal Reaction logo also has a casual look instead of a formal one. It is a nice idea for a more casual brand, such as a clothing brand or other brands for young customers.


8. The Kids Industry

Created by Wells Collins |

When choosing a handwritten font for your logo, it is crucial to find one that matches your target customers. If the brand is for kids, make sure that the handwritten font is very easy to read. You also need to make sure that it has a fresh color. This one has a very light yellow background.


9. Kids Help Talk

Created by Pavel Dergachev |

Or, you may want to make the logo look more kid-friendly by using a bold font with a stronger stroke. The bright yellow makes the font highly readable, especially if you place it on a background with a vivid blue color. The combination of warm and cool colors creates a proportional logo design.


10. Calico

Created by Abi |

This handwritten logo is more casual than the other ones you have seen. However, you can still read the text easily. This logo looks very special because of the light grayish green color for the text and the very dark green color for the background. At first, you may see it as a black-and-white-logo design.


11. Foreknown

Created by ForSureLetters |

If you need to create a very special handwritten logo that looks professional and elegant, use a font that has thin lines. And if there's complementary text on the logo, use a sans-serif font and uppercase letters. It will create a contrast with the lowercase letters for the main text. Pick a dark color, but not black, for the background.


12. Seamless

Created by ForSureLetters |

Another way to combine two different fonts is by using a handwritten font with a serif font. The presence of a serif font is going to make the logo more formal and professional. However, you should also pick a formal handwritten font for the main text. A strong red color can be an excellent background for your white logo.


13. Spriggy

Created by Wells Collins |

This is another logo idea for a brand with kids as the target customers. This logo has a unique and cute font that looks attractive to kids. You also need to use cute colors that will make little ones want to see what you sell. A vivid violet color is going to make your logo look more stunning and eye-catching.


14. Graggs

Created by Scott Biersack |

Just like other types of fonts, handwritten fonts also come in various different styles. One of the most famous unique fonts to use on your logo is the tall cursive font. The tall handwritten font is going to make the logo look simple yet incredible. This white font will look fresh on a bright orange background.


15. Señorita

Created by ForSureLetters |

One unique way to make your logo more fantastic is by using different sizes for your handwritten logo. For example, if you use a sentence case format, make the last letter of the text looks bigger than other lowercase letters. This white brush-styled handwritten logo will be more satisfying with a dark blue color for the background.


16. Paul Black

Created by Yevdokimov |

Many believe that thin lines are the only way to make an elegant logo design. Thin lines can indeed make your logo look awesome. But you also need to pick the right colors for the handwritten logo. For example, you may want to use dark orange with a brown tone, very dark blue, and light grayish yellow.



Created by Typemate |

A handwritten font is the best option if you are going to make an abstract logo design. Abstract designs are the best ones for young customers. Those customers like something unique and mysterious. This handwritten logo design looks like it is on the water. However, the black and white colors make the logo look awesome and more mysterious.


18. To Relax

Created by Typemate |

Many handwritten logos above are only using text for the logo. But you can also use an object that accentuates the theme of your logo. For example, this logo is about relaxing, and the presence of a beach chair makes it perfect. Make sure that the colors of the text match the color of the beach chair.


19. Cultured Cooking

Created by ForSureLetters |

Actually, you don't have to use thin fonts to make a luxurious handwritten logo. A calligraphy font can also make a professional logo. This calligraphy font is going to look awesome and formal when you use it, along with a slab serif font. Use the color for the text and very dark lime green for the background.


20. Milk Street

Created by Wells Collins |

Choose a font that reflects the brand you are using. This one has a black curved handwritten font that may remind you of some drops of milk. Black will make the font more readable so that everyone won't struggle to read the text. Use a pastel or neutral color for the background, like this light grayish orange.


21. Cheat Code

Created by Typemate |

A handwritten logo will be more realistic if you use a 3D font. This 3D font, with its white color, creates a realistic look with pure white color. It looks amazing when you match it with black and a stroke under the text. Add shadows, and your text will be more modern and outstanding.


22. Lone Light

Created by Cooper Blaske |

The Lone Light logo looks professional and luxurious even though it isn't made of a thin font. You can use a bold font and combine it with a slab serif font and an italic serif font for the complementary text. Use an elegant color like grayish orange for the text. It will match the black color on the background.


23. Bres

Created by Wouter de Bres |

The handwritten font used in this Bres logo is a modern and casual handwritten font. It mimics many people's handwriting style. But the modification added to this font makes the logo more unique and stunning at once. The use of black and white will create a modern and professional logo.


24. Diana Gervienė

Created by ForSureLetters |

Very smooth lines on this signature font make a very natural logo. The fascinating logo has an elegant and glamorous look at once, especially because of the white color of the text. It matches any color perfectly but will create a professional and formal look when it matches the black color like the one on this logo's background.


25. Elizabeth

Created by lima sultana |

Coral color can make your handwritten logo more gorgeous, feminine, fresh, and elegant at once. Use it as the background color, and then use a white calligraphy font for the text. You'll love the combination between a professional-styled text and the fresh but soothing coral for the background. Modify the font to make it more special.


26. Sick

Created by Yevdokimov |

A bold handwritten font can create a cool and modern logo design. And with the best colors, you will be able to make the logo look more fantastic. The most recommended colors for your logo include cinnamon, dark blue, and bone. Use a maximum of two colors on one logo, one for the background and the other for the text.


27. Ciao

Created by Emiliyana Kancheva |

The Ciao logo here is like someone's handwriting. You may also want to make a very natural logo with a white handwritten font and a black background. Among so many colors, why black and white? Black represents darkness, while white represents pure light. Together, they'll create balance in your handwritten logo design. 


28. Brewmasters selection

Created by ForSureLetters |

Both the handwritten font and the modern sans-serif font are tall fonts. They also have thin lines that are going to soothe the eyes of your audience. The color wheat blends gorgeously with the deep blue for the background. They create a wonderfully elegant, professional, formal, and modern logo design for a café or a restaurant.


29. Noted

Created by Ty Finck |

Most handwritten logos use one format for the text, but this one combines a bold handwritten font with a thin font. This is a unique way to catch the attention of your audience. People will first look at the letter N because it is the boldest among the others. Use the boldest font for the letter you want to highlight.


30. Тараканище

Created by Typemate |

Many handwritten fonts make a unique logo. But this one creates an abstract design for your young customers. The abstract of this font makes your young customers curious about the message you are trying to convey. And its monochromatic colors are perfect for the younger generation. You may want to add some punctuation to create a much more special and persuasive logo.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is a handwritten logo design?

A handwritten logo design is a unique and personalized approach to creating a logo that mimics the appearance of handwritten text. It adds a touch of authenticity and human touch to a brand's visual identity. Handwritten logos are often used by businesses or individuals who want to convey a more personal, artistic, or nostalgic feel. They can be playful, elegant, or rustic, depending on the desired style. Handwritten logos are crafted by skilled graphic designers who meticulously create custom lettering that captures the essence of the brand.

Why do businesses use handwritten logo designs?

Businesses use handwritten logo designs to add a personal and authentic touch to their brand identity. Handwritten logos evoke a sense of human connection and creativity, which can help businesses stand out in a crowded market. These designs are often chosen by businesses that want to convey a more artistic, nostalgic, or playful image. Handwritten logos provide a unique opportunity to showcase a brand's personality and create a memorable impression on customers.

Which design styles are often used to create handwritten logo designs?

When it comes to creating handwritten logo designs, various design styles are often utilized to achieve different visual effects. Some common styles include playful and whimsical scripts, elegant and sophisticated calligraphy, and rustic and vintage lettering. Playful scripts are often used by brands targeting a youthful and fun audience, while elegant calligraphy conveys a sense of luxury and refinement. Rustic and vintage lettering styles are popular for brands aiming for a nostalgic or handmade aesthetic. By employing different design styles, graphic designers can tailor the handwritten logo design to match the brand's personality, target audience, and overall visual identity, resulting in a unique and eye-catching logo.

Which business niches often use handwritten logo designs?

Handwritten logo designs are versatile and can be used across various business niches to add a personal and unique touch. However, some niches particularly benefit from the use of handwritten logos. These include creative industries such as art, design, and photography, where a handwritten logo can showcase the artistic and handmade aspects of the business. Additionally, lifestyle brands, boutique shops, and cafes often use handwritten logos to convey a sense of warmth, authenticity, and personal connection. Handwritten logos are also popular in the wedding and event planning industry, as they evoke elegance and sophistication.

Are there any perks or benefits when using handwritten logo designs?

Absolutely! Handwritten logo designs offer numerous perks and benefits for businesses. Firstly, they bring a personal and authentic touch to a brand's visual identity, creating a strong emotional connection with customers. Handwritten logos also stand out from the crowd, making a memorable impression and increasing brand recognition. They provide flexibility in terms of style, allowing for playful, elegant, or rustic designs. Handwritten logos can also convey specific brand attributes, such as creativity, artistry, or nostalgia. Furthermore, they can be easily customized and adapted for various marketing materials.


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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