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Article: 30 Best Hunting Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Hunting Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The deer is calling, and we all must go! Check out some of the best hunting logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Jora Mkrtchyan |

Hunting as a human activity dates back thousands of years and has played a crucial role in early human survival and development. It served as a means of obtaining food, clothing, and other essential resources. Over time, hunting evolved into a recreational and sportive pursuit, reflecting the shift from a necessity to a leisure activity. As hunting gained popularity, logo designs began to emerge to symbolize the individual or group's involvement in this pursuit.

In the modern era, hunting logos have continued to evolve in style and purpose. They are now commonly seen on hunting equipment, clothing, and accessories. The designs often incorporate elements such as antlers, animal tracks, or wildlife imagery, representing the connection to nature and the outdoors. Additionally, hunting brands and outfitters utilize logos as a means of marketing and establishing their unique identity in a competitive market.

Hunting logos today are not limited to representing the act of hunting itself. They also reflect the values associated with hunting, such as conservation, respect for nature, and ethical practices. Many logos incorporate environmental elements, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and responsible hunting practices.

Here are some of the best hunting logo design ideas you can reference:


1. The Bounty

Created by Angon Mangsa |

It is not a surprise that the hunting illustrations are not necessarily meant exactly for what it is. In logo design, an illustration can mean anything, including a description of location or style. The Bounty is a brand of whiskey-distilled products that has a picture of a cowboy with its shotgun. The cursive and style feel like a cowboy style, which makes it relevant to the brand.


2. White Tail Freaks Hunting Club

Created by Greg Schettino |

For a club logo, this imagery is one of the best styles you can expect. The design is pretty simple, memorable, and unique, but it still has its point to say. The main visual is the deer and the crosshair, which explains its main activity for deer hunting. It also uses a badge-style logo, with the name surrounding the visual. It is perfect for apparel.


3. Rambo Lodge

Created by Antler Tackle |

A lot is going on in this logo design. At a glance, the main visual appears like a bear paw. But thanks to the creative visualization, the design hid a picture of a duck. This design surely adds an atmosphere and meaning to the work. For better, the circular badge shape makes it easier to use, draw and remember.


4. Sendero Provisions Co

Created by Chad Woody |

One thing that stands out from the Hunting logo design is the style, color, and illustration. Sendero uses rather vintage and classic logo creation ideas by developing an illustration of a bird with a lot of details. This kind of illustration is popular in vintage graphics. Similarly, the design also uses a washed-out toned-down hue with its red and cream colors.


5. Hunter

Created by Mikhail |

Great details in an illustration can add atmosphere to the logo. Hunter is the perfect example when the brand wants to highlight its professionalism, attitude, and feel. The highly detailed taxidermy deer head illustration stands out. The font is bold and strong. The colors are fitting. This can be a good identity for a professional brand, competition, or club.


6. Huntourage


One of the keys to developing a good logo design idea is providing a unique and smart graphic. Huntourage stands out among all of those ideas. The graphic is specially designed to show various images using negative spaces. In its design, you can see a man hunting a duck with a turkey and an antelope. The black and white color adds to the mysterious atmosphere.


7. Hunting Lodge

Created by Delavallade Jean Philippe |

Hunting Lodge is another good example that a hunting logo design and names are not only for the exact meaning or product. In this case, the hunting lodge is a whiskey brand. The drink is pretty common in hunting activities. But overall, the name pushes the creator to play around with hunting-related images. Hence the illustration of a duck, bold font, and luxurious cursive lettering.


8. Duck Camp

Created by Ryan McLaughlin |

Duck camp feels more distinctive, thanks to the great illustration. The graphics feel so good and memorable, especially with the detail and black-and-white color. Using a big graphic and the lettering in a bold font sure makes a great balance to the logo. It feels more complete, memorable, and easier to distinguish, thanks to the graphic. It would work great for a hunting campground.


9. Hunter Nomadic


A hunter and the haunted animal, the antelope, are the key visual of the Hunter Nomadic logo. This kind of concept may sound similar and common, but how every designer has their way of putting the graphic is always different. In this case, the play in negative and white space makes a great silhouette. It also uses black and white colors for better versatility and usability.


10. sivVector

Created by sivVector |

Shiv Vector designed a beautiful logo for an old Hunting club. The blue and red color scheme fits with the forest theme. It is even better as the whole design comprise its main target, the deer. The overall theme is also vintage, which affects the choice of its lettering and styling. It uses serif and cursive but with traditional skewed or semi-circle writing.


11. Joseph Ernst

Created by Joseph Ernst |

Classic illustrations are sure to help add drama and feeling. Joseph Ernts makes perfect branding for a hunting camp or lodging with the idea. The main visual comes from the duck and the armadillo sharing a drink. This unique interpretation fits perfectly with the services as a camp and drink place. Not only fitting but also memorable with every feature it has.


12. Sugar Creek Whitetails

Created by Dylan Menke |

Sugar Creek Whitetails has one of the most modern and amazing drawings for a hunting logo design. The graphic feels like a modern depiction of the hobby and outdoor activities. Hence, attracting a younger demographic to the activities. How does it work? It happens thanks to the uses of geometric, line art, and simple graphics, which resemble the minimalist trend and increase its versatility.


13. North Carolina Waterfowl Association

Created by Tyler Carmical |

The North Carolina Waterfowl Association showcases a design that highlights professionality, beauty, and direct information. It fits the function and the information itself, as the logo is for formal uses. The main visual of a duck and the map are clear. It also uses simple colors with the branding written around as a badge. It is a simple yet effective design.


14. Zeljko Ivanovic

Created by Zeljko Ivanovic |

Among many logo designs, one of the best elements to highlight is the use of symbols or mascots. Zeljko Ivanovic crafted a great drawing of a deer hunting with an arrow fitting for any logo used. The graphic is drawn using a flat image style, where colors and details are minimal. But to keep everything right, the designer properly uses silhouettes and negative space.


15. Mersad Comaga

Created by Mersad Comaga |

Mersad Comaga decided to use the image of a deer head decoration. It also uses a shield shape and crosshair made out of two arrows. Those concepts and illustrations help create a strong impression as the logo focuses on the bow and archer activities, seen from the branding name. The toned-down monotonous colors add flexibility in terms of usage.


16. Dirty Duck

Created by Ardian |

Dirty Duck's logo is surely going for the direct interpretation and imagery for its identity. The design consists of a flying duck with a strong sport font style for the branding. This kind of simple design is pretty common to avoid misinformation or interpretation problems. That is why the logo is easier to remember and use, either for club or sports branding.


17. Huegel Design Co

Created by Doug Huegel |

Huegel Design co can be used for different matters. It might work for a company, camp, apparel business, or club. It is because the design feels like an elaborate yet versatile concept to come by. The main visual of a deer with its flag set a distinctive graphic. Its wordmark is also unique and memorable. It even made a range of variations, including initial, shield, wordmark, or symbol only.


18. FowlCo

Created by Jeremy Teff |

Fowlco sure has its way of developing a unique yet simple logo for its business. It is an outfitter company which tries to attract a young audience. Hence the use of cool lettering for its logo. This kind of graphic fits perfectly for the demography but also has strong relevance to the business field. Followed with the black and white scheme, it will be perfect for modern hunting apparel.


19. Indian Point Manor

Created by Coric Design |

As the name says, the design for the Indian point manor is beautifully done. The major graphic interest came from the beautifully drawn Indian native. The man is shown to wear traditional clothes while bringing a bow. It also uses line art, simple ribbon shape, and a lack of color to keep the same impression or styling. The design can work better for a badge or print.


20. Warrior's Quest

Created by Paragon Design House |

Warrior's Quest illustration and hunting logo design feel more modern and attractive. The strong font appears as the main visual element. But the arrowhead drawing feels more modern and attractive thanks to its detail and styling. At a glance, it can work for tournament or game logos, as it is drawn and uses a digitally made design. Thus best fitting for digital uses.


21. Agent Hunter

Created by Faikar |

Agent Hunter is going for the simple and direct impression of the brand itself. As an agent or hunter, one common thing used in the view is the crosshair. With that in mind, the logo feels more personal and unique yet also relevant to the brand naming or business. Given the common image, the designer decides to add a touch of a personal idea to its symbol.


22. Buckluck

Created by Aldo Hysenaj |

A crosshair and a buck are two of the main graphics in the hunting logo design. Buckluck takes the name and the aesthetic together to make a creative and memorable design. The buck is right in the center of the target. Meanwhile, the wordmark is written with two color tones. Those aspects are also applied as the background color, which showcases the versatility of its design.


23. The Outdoor Good Gathering

Created by Joseph Ernst |

Wordmark is always a good option to provide a good share of identity and information through the logo. The Outdoor Good Gathering makes this idea possible by using a wordmark using combination letters. It combines cursive and formal lettering to help highlight details. To make it unique, it also adds illustrations of a buck, duck, fish, and beer to provide context for its brand.


24. Marko Vulinović

Created by Marko Vulinović |

San Ramon opted to create a dignified design for its logo. The design consists of a cool-looking eagle bird, which also has a beautifully done font for its wordmark. This kind of logo is popular and also has a higher capability of communicating with the audience. At the same time, it shares a great amount of luxurious atmosphere and feeling thanks to its illustration.


25. Fowl Habit Co

Created by Ardian |

Waterfowl Hunting Club, Fowl Habit Co, has a classic and vintage-looking design for its logo. The hunting logo design has vintage touch thanks to its color, washed effect, and styling. The main graphic of a duck in the center has the said effect. Meanwhile, the details are inside the badge shape. It even has the stitching line effect for a touch of personality.


26. Benjamin Oberemok

Created by Benjamin Oberemok |

The hunting logo by Benjamin Oberemok can be a great model for modern graphic brand identity. It uses simple color, flat image graphic style, and clean writing. The overall impression is pretty simple and direct, which appears from the use of brown and black colors, plus the simple imagery of arrows and percentages. It can be used as a digital logo, print, or apparel badge.


27. Oklee Locker

Created by Gregory Grigoriou |

Oklee Locker's logo design and concept are smart and creative. It uses a hexagonal shape with the L initial to create an image of a Lock, fitting with the name. To make it even better, the logo has several variations with different illustration animals inside the locker. It indicates the different targets of the hunting practice. It also has the wordmark in black for clarity.


28. Indomitus

Created by Mersad Comaga |

Indomitus design likely highlights the common outdoor and hunting activities branding or services. It has an image of a deer with great details. This kind of mascot and graphic is pretty common, which is why the distinction between drawing style and lettering is needed. In Indomitus's case, the design has simple drawings and font to keep it versatile.



Created by Jora Mkrtchyan |

Going real and direct with the naming can make a good illustration or graphic style for a logo. Hundeer's logo is the peak example of a good illustration based on the name. It develops a flat image and a simple graphic of a deer's antler. The symbol offers a symmetrical image and memorable and cool graphics. It also has a wordmark, which completes the logo.


30. Hunting Heron

Created by pixivect |

Hunting Heron has relevancy based only on its name. Heron, in many cases, is not the main target. That is the quirky point of the logo, as the name implies that Heron is the hunter of the sea. The logo also told the truth as the image showcased a heron with fish-like wings. The line art and hidden drawing make it better.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent hunting logo designs?

When creating a hunting logo design, there are several symbolisms you can consider to represent the essence of hunting. Animal silhouettes, such as deer, elk, or birds of prey, symbolize the game and wildlife associated with hunting. Tracks or footprints convey the thrill of tracking and pursuing animals. Hunting equipment like bows, arrows, or hunting knives represents the tools of the trade. Natural elements like trees, mountains, or the sun evoke the outdoor environment.

Which colors are commonly used in hunting logo designs?

In hunting logo designs, certain colors are commonly used to evoke specific emotions and align with the natural environment. Earthy tones such as brown, green, and tan are prevalent as they represent the woods, fields, and foliage associated with hunting. These colors create a sense of camouflage and blend with the surroundings. Additionally, shades of orange or red are often used to symbolize the excitement and energy of the hunt, as well as to enhance visibility and safety in hunting gear.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating hunting logo designs?

When creating hunting logo designs, it is essential to keep the target audience in mind. The primary audience for hunting logos typically includes hunting enthusiasts, sportsmen, and outdoor adventurers. This demographic is typically composed of individuals who have a passion for hunting, wildlife, and the outdoors. They value authenticity, tradition, and the thrill of the hunt. Additionally, hunting logos may also target hunting clubs, associations, and outfitters who cater to this audience.

What are the successful examples of hunting logo designs?

There are several successful examples of hunting logo designs that have effectively captured the essence of hunting and resonated with their target audience. One notable example is the logo of the renowned outdoor clothing and equipment brand Sitka Gear. Their logo features a stylized antler, symbolizing the game and wilderness associated with hunting. Another successful hunting logo is that of Buck Knives, which incorporates a powerful buck's head, representing strength and precision. Realtree, a popular camouflage brand, utilizes a combination of tree branches and leaves, conveying the concept of concealment in the hunting environment.

Which design styles are often used to create hunting logo designs?

When creating hunting logo designs, various design styles are commonly employed to capture the spirit of hunting. One prevalent style is the use of bold and rugged typography, often incorporating distressed or weathered effects to convey a sense of authenticity and durability. Another popular style is incorporating detailed illustrations or silhouettes of animals, such as deer, elk, or birds of prey, emphasizing the game and wildlife associated with hunting. Additionally, minimalist and clean designs with simple outlines or symbols are also utilized to create a modern and versatile aesthetic.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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