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Article: 30 Best Pilates Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Pilates Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Pilates is just one step on my journey to my new self.
Move better, look better, feel better. Check out some of the best pilates logo design ideas!
Created by Jai Taylor |

The Pilates logo design has a unique background that is steeped in the history of the Pilates method and the founder of the method, Joseph Pilates. The Pilates method is a system of exercises that focus on developing strength, flexibility, balance, and control. The Pilates method is popularly used for physical fitness and rehabilitation purposes. The Pilates logo design reflects the key principles of the Pilates method, including balance, harmony, control, and flexibility.

The Pilates logo design has evolved over time. In the early days of the Pilates method, the logo was simple and understated. It often included just the name "Pilates" in plain font. As the Pilates method gained popularity, the logo became more elaborate. Today, the Pilates logo design is often stylized and incorporates modern design elements, such as negative space and gradients.

The Pilates logo design is often used in conjunction with the name of the studio or instructor. The name may be placed above or below the logo, or it may be incorporated into the logo itself. The name is typically written in a complementary font that complements the Pilates logo design.

Here are some of the best Pilates logo design ideas you can check:


1. Mindbody Pilates Studio

Created by Alejandro Torres |

Alejandro Torres made a wordmark for Mindbody Pilates Studio located in Mexico City. It uses a black background with an uppercase studio name in white with the wordmark sign at the end.  He seems to want to add some other information below the name but has not yet finished. It can be a good option if you are looking for a simple wordmark inspiration.


2. Pilato

Created by Victoria Dimitrova |

Victoria Dimitrova created a Pilates club logo for Pilato. She used a pilates equipment picture for the background in different purple palettes, a color that highly represents spirituality and creativity. The PILATO name includes a reverse A that looks like a Pilates pose. The lettering presents a simple yet effective logo mark. It also uses another purple, while the word club comes in white.


3. Victoria Rose

Created by Mat Finch |

Mat Finch created a Pilates logo design for Victoria Rose Pilates in Norwich. This Pilates studio aims to bring a little calm in the fast-paced world and focus to the mind while challenging joints and muscles.  The new logo brings a touch of nature and fluidity through the font and imagery. It uses feminine and masculine colors to approach multiple audiences.


4. Solus Pilates

Created by Une Design Criativo |

The band identity for Solus Pilates uses a picture of a woman doing a Pilates pose on a spine corrector as a background. It includes a symbol that represents a combination of scrutiny, self-knowledge, and equilibrium which highly link to Pilates. Then, it includes a Tosca uppercase for the brand identity name, which matches well with the monochrome picture as the background.


5. Reset by Riser

Created by Octavo Designs |

The Reset by Riser logo includes a dynamic mark presenting an abstract representation of the Pilates pose while also looking like a stylized R. The mark appears modern and clean, which evokes energy and mindfulness from its fluid motion. The typography shows high-end sophistication through a simple font with a touch of personality. The blue background also represents calmness and stability.


6. The pilates guy

Created by Stina Norgren |

Stina Norgern created a Pilates logo design for The Pilates Guy. It includes artwork of a typical guy attending a Pilates class and doing a Pilates pose on the mat. The artwork uses different blue palettes, whilst the typography is black but uses different font types. This logo looks funny because it seems like a caricature over a white background.


7. pause

Created by –í–Ľ–į–ī–į –ú–ł—Ä–ĺ—ą–ļ–ł–Ĺ–į |

The brand identity of Pause, a studio for yoga and Pilates, uses a picture of a mat and towel usually seen in the Pilates studio. It also includes a symbol of a leafy thing which means connecting to nature with a water drop on it. The brand name below the symbol uses lowercase letters with similar font types but different sizes.


8. A.R.C Pilates Studio

Created by Dustin Ryan |

Dustin Ryan created a Pilates logo in 2015 for A.R.C Pilates Studio using the blue background as it resembles stability and calmness. It put ARC in the left section using a bold font which stands for Align, Rebalance, and Control. Meanwhile, the right section consisted of Pilates Studio in uppercase font with different boldness to highlight the Pilates typography above.


9. Ka'minhos de Cura

Created by F√°bio Carneiro |

Ka'minhos de Cura is more than a brand concept because it is also a life concept to teach people about a healthier life.  This Pilates logo design consists of several hidden images like a leaf, a butterfly, a cocoon, a person practicing Pilates, a sun rising behind the mountains, and atoms in a single symbol in a circle frame and Tosca background.


10. LON Pilates

Created by Lucas Fontes |

LON Pilates is a brand identity for a physical therapist and Pilates teacher in Rio de Janeiro, Leidiane Londres. The typography of Lon uses uppercase letters and three letters from the teacher's last name. Among the services she offers in her studio are Pilates and RPG. So, the designer put those services beside the brand name with different and smaller fonts.


11. Alessandra Moreira

Created by Abdalla Jow |

Alessandra Moreira is another inspiration for a Pilates studio logo. The symbol is a red figure doing a pilates pose with a yellow ball on her back. Below is a typography of the brand name in calligraphic style. The designer also includes the services offered in the studio; physiotherapy, Pilates, and acupuncture. This logo looks clear enough over a white background.


12. Renata Firmino Pilates

Created by Julia Felix |

Renata Firmino Pilates brings its visual identity through its Pilates logo design. It uses earthy colors in the logo by combining a sage green background and golden brighter green for the symbol.  This logo does not include typography. The symbol looks like a person doing a Pilates pose, although it is just a stylized line.


13. Pilates Designs

Created by Koncepted |

Koncepted designed a pilates branding for a pilates studio in New York and Athens, Pilates Designs. It includes a Tosca pattern background with a white circle in the middle and two purple vertical lines.  The designer put a purple symbol and studio name in black uppercase letters and these pilates studio locations inside the circle.


14. Ayska Niyoshaa

Created by Ayska Niyoshaa |

Ayska Niyoshaa comes with a Pilates logo on black background. It uses a simple font with uppercase letters. What makes it different is the designer replaces the A letter with a figurine doing a pilates pose while playing with a ribbon. Hence, it forms a half circle that separates E and S letters on the brand name. It is a simple visual branding yet unique.


15. Simply Pilates

Created by April Scarduzio |

April Scarduzio freshens up a Pilates logo design for Simply Pilates. Simplicity is a concept to apply in both the name and logo design. The designer uses a white background and black typography. The typography contains a bold font with the S and P letters intertwined at the front of each word to resemble the connection.


16. Movimood

Created by Renato AB |

Movimood is a pilates and physiotherapy studio providing relief and quality of life for people with pain and recovery from trauma or physical problems. The logo design involves a picture of women doing Pilates on Pilates reformers. Movimood is a new name replacing the former name, Sa√ļde Plena. The symbol and typography look simple in white with the new brand name in lowercase.


17. Joice Rodrigues Pilates

Created by Felipe Samir |

Joice Rodrigues Pilates has a logo design that uses a white background. It makes the logo clear because the symbol and typography are in Tosca and blue. The symbol is a figurine doing a pilates pose in Tosca.  Then, the studio name underneath uses a simple font in blue. The logo includes the service of the Pilates studio focusing on functional rehabilitation.


18. The Pilates Room Bristol

Created by Hannah King |

Hannah King created a Pilates logo design for The Pilates Room Bristol. Unlike most Pilates logos that use calming colors, this logo looks bright with a yellow background. It does not have a symbol because the typography takes up most space. She uses the same font but plays with different sizes. Hence, these uppercase letters look fun with unique P and R letters.


19. PiYo Pilates & Gym

Created by razi |

Piyo Pilates & Gym involves unique Pilates symbol images because it looks like a half moon. However, if you observe it in more detail, you will know it is a white figure doing a pilates pose with an orange and Tosca on the back.  The studio name is Piyogym in uppercase and lowercase, with Pilates in orange and yoga in Tosca.


20. Equilibrium Pilates

Created by Jamie Stark |

Equilibrium Pilates has a simple logo with a combination of blue and white. It uses blue for the background and white for the symbol and typography.  The symbol is the initials of the brand name EP, but it looks undistinguishable because it looks like a sharp illustration. The typography of its name uses lowercase letters with a sharp touch in some letters.


21. Brighton Pilates

Created by Celsey Jones |

Celsey Jones created a brand identity and website for a classical Gratz Pilates studio in Brighton and Hove. It gives a complete refresh on the Pilates logo design and updates on the new website.  It uses a pink pastel tone for the background, and the Pilates and locations come in smaller font. The studio name uses uppercase letters with some letters that look like Pilates equipment.


22. Number ő¶

Created by Niki A. |

Number …ł brings a new visual identity with a simple concept but has deep meaning. The designer uses a number's mathematical representation for the symbol. It consists of a classic circular movement, straight lines which separate the different segments, and hidden …ł in the circle. The symbol comes in a friendly shape, calm and relaxing, along with the studio name underneath in a simple font.¬†¬†



Created by ExPerimental Cargo |

Bird Pilates is a Pilates studio with a new brand identity design that has a simple concept. It uses blue background that represents calmness and stability. The symbol is a shape that looks like a barrel, and B is the initial of the studio name. The studio name appears underneath in uppercase letters with two letters and looks like Pilates equipment.



Created by Verena Tam |

Verena Tam created a Pilates logo design and visual identity for a small private studio with a happy and dynamic owner, Anatis Pilates. The logo uses a picture of women doing Pilates on the mat as the background with grey, blue, and purple circles. The studio name uses lowercase letters in bold font, making it looks clear over the background.


25. Estudio C

Created by Rafael Ramírez |

Rafael Ramirez created a final logo proposal for his friend's Pilates studio. He uses a neutral background with a figurine doing a pilates pose inside a circle as the symbol. Then, he writes the studio name in lowercase letters with a slightly bold and slender-styled font. He also involves the word Pilates in uppercase letters under the studio name in smaller sizes.


26. Studio Sunday

Created by Rachel Rippy |

Rachel Rippy designed a brand identity for an Aspen-based Pilates studio, Studio Sunday. Simplicity is the concept of this brand identity because it sticks to monochrome. It uses a black background with white for the symbol and typography. The symbol is straight lines in different directions connected into one. Then, the studio name underneath uses a bold white font.



Created by Sollara Brands |

Evolura is the new name and visual identity for a new Pilates studio with an elegant atmosphere and energetic elements. This Pilates logo design uses green and orange to represent health, freshness, cheer, and enthusiasm. The name, Evolura, resembles evolution to achieve healing. The symbol is the typography of Evolura which brings more personality and exclusivity to the brand without the presence of imagery.


28. Mindful Movements

Created by Evan Delagrange |

Evan Delagrange created a logo design for a local Pilates studio. The symbol is a ribbon forming an M letter that represents movement. It also indicates Pilates' signature use of spring resistance as exercise. The studio name uses a simple font in brown underneath the symbol. The designer also uses brown for the symbol, which matches well with the white background.


29. Pilates At Studio 8

Created by Jai Taylor |

Jai Taylor presented a logo design for Pilates at Studio 8 based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It involves an atom as a symbol formed by smaller circles. The symbol is simple but looks very unique.  Both symbol and typography are white over the black background. The designer uses a simple font in uppercase for the studio name.


30. Pilates On Third

Created by Ansley Randall |

Ansley Randall created a Pilates logo design for a Pilates studio established in 2011, Pilates on Third. It uses a black background and white typography.  Without the presence of the symbol, the designer plays with the typography to make it look fun. She uses a white font which looks like handwriting on the blackboard.


Frequently Ask Questions

What graphic elements can I use to represent Pilates logo designs?

There are several graphic elements that can be used to represent Pilates logo designs. One common element is a silhouette or outline of a person in a Pilates pose, such as the "Teaser" or "Plank" pose. Another element is the use of a circle or spiral, which can represent the balance and harmony of the Pilates method. The use of a flowing, curved line can also represent the flexibility and control that is emphasized in Pilates. The color blue is often used in Pilates logos to represent tranquility and balance, but other colors can also be used to convey different emotions and moods.

Which colors are commonly used in Pilates logo designs?

The color palette used in Pilates logo designs often incorporates calming and soothing colors that reflect the principles of balance and harmony in the Pilates method. The most commonly used color is blue, which is associated with peace, tranquility, and serenity. Other popular colors include shades of green, which are associated with growth and renewal, and earthy tones, such as brown and beige, which represent stability and grounding. White and black are also frequently used in Pilates logo designs for their simplicity and timeless appeal.

What is the background of the Pilates logo design?

The Pilates logo design has its roots in the history of the Pilates method and its founder, Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates method in the 1920s as a system of exercises that focused on developing strength, flexibility, balance, and control. The Pilates logo design reflects the key principles of the Pilates method, including balance, harmony, control, and flexibility. The logo has evolved over time, becoming more stylized and incorporating modern design elements. The use of blue and other calming colors and imagery that represents Pilates poses are common elements in Pilates logo designs.

What is the objective of Pilates logo designs?

The objective of Pilates logo designs is to create a recognizable and memorable visual identity that reflects the principles of the Pilates method. A well-designed logo can help to establish credibility and professionalism, which can be important for attracting new clients. Pilates logo designs aim to convey the principles of balance, harmony, control, and flexibility that are fundamental to the Pilates method. A Pilates logo design should also be visually appealing and create a sense of calm and tranquility, reflecting the mental and physical benefits of the Pilates method.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating Pilates logo designs?

When creating Pilates logo designs, it's important to keep in mind the target audience of the brand or studio. The target audience for Pilates is typically adults of all ages who are interested in improving their physical fitness and well-being. This can include individuals who are looking to improve their posture, increase their flexibility, or reduce stress. The target audience may also include individuals who are recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition. Pilates logo designs should appeal to a wide range of individuals who value health and wellness and convey a sense of professionalism, quality, and expertise in the Pilates method.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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