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Article: 30 Best Team Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Team Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much!
Check out some of the best team logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Arkan Gahramy | -

A team logo depicts the spirit and goals held by the team as their basis. Logo design for a team cannot be underestimated; even though it is only in the form of symbols, this design will become the identity of the team members.

We can see how many organizations and teams where members bond strongly because of the principle of unity and also the mascot or symbol that becomes their identity. Because of this, the logo, mascot, or symbol for a team will greatly affect the relationship between team members.

In this discussion, we will discuss the 30 best team logo design ideas that you can use as inspiration to make a good design concept for a mascot or a symbol for the team. Check out some of the following discussions to find out what factors make a logo for a team be said to be good and effective.


1. DRGN eSPorts

Created by Salvador Escobar |

Various esports organizations or teams always appear modern, futuristic, and stylish. Their signature style is to use their mascot symbol in their logo designs, making them easy to identify with fans or other organizations.

One example is DRGN esports. They use a symbol in the form of a dragon's head, which is made threatening and powerful. His eyes are made sharp, and the various edges are also made in a spiky style that makes his appearance produce an intimidating impression. Certainly, a personality like this is what makes their branding unique.


2. Mid City Marlins

Created by Marko Berovic |

Marlin fish is a type of fish that is very famous for its sharp snout. This animal figure was appointed as the mascot of the Mid City Marlins team, who also took the name of this fish into the name of their own team.

We can see that the figure of the fish is made very great and strong. This animal is illustrated jumping into the air with a cool pose and sharp eyes, which is one of the main focuses of this design.

The design style used in this logo as a whole display great details for each element. The blue and yellow colors are used to display a great combination that makes it look impressive.


3. Olimpus Latam

Created by Jesus Javier |

In the center and the main focus of this work, there is an illustration of the shape of an ancient war helmet. This form of war helmet is often used to symbolize strength, tenacity, courage, and also other values ​​that describe patriots.

This helmet is also a trademark of several important gods in Greece, such as the goddess Athena and the god Ares. Overall, this design uses great elements and shapes to represent the personality of the team.


4. Assumption

Created by Igor Mariev |

Using animals as mascots in logo design seems to be one of the popular approaches used by various teams from around the world, one of which is the Assumption Greyhounds. This team is a team related to the athletic program, so all the elements used by the designer display the athleticness and swiftness associated with that field. 

We can see this element displayed from the selection of the illustration style of a dog that is running very fast and also the selection of a typeface style that matches the concept being carried. The colors used are also a great complement to the concept.



Created by Zoltán Szüts |

The appearance of this logo is the result of a rebranding of the previous logos. Before this new display, there were already three displays used by the football team, which had existed for several years. The overall appearance of the logo from year to year always maintains the same purple color, which is the hallmark of this team itself.

The designer uses inspiration from various elements that characterize the team itself, such as anchors and two stars. He managed to create a modern look and concept, which is in line with the times but also retains the distinctive look and elements of the team itself.


6. Sakhalinets

Created by Adil Kais |

The appearance of the logo for the Sakhalinets team is very classy and classic. Featuring a crest in which there is a complex and detailed illustration of the scene and the distinctive elements of the team itself. 

Although this team was founded in 2020, the appearance used makes this team look like it has existed for decades and has earned a reputation everywhere. This classy appearance can certainly be one of the branding points of the Sakhalinets itself.


7. Dundee City

Created by Ryan McGinnis |

The Dundee City football club uses an attractive color scheme for its entire logo. The designer created a dark and light scheme consisting of 2 shades of blue combined with white and tangerine. The main icon that is used as a symbol of this team is the lighthouse tower. 

The illustration is made very simply. For the logo itself, the designer uses light blue as the main color to produce a striking appearance that is both minimalist and modern.


8. Caspiy

Created by Adil Kais |

Another football club that uses a lighthouse as its main symbol, the Caspiy football club, looks very stylish and cool. The lighthouse icon does have a very deep philosophy, so it is not surprising that many teams, businesses, or organizations use it as a symbol of their representation.

The Caspiy uses a sporty branding, with dark blue as their main color. In the design, this color is used to create a very striking contrast for the various elements that are indeed the main elements in this work.


9. Westmoor

Created by Richard |

Westmoor is a high school badminton team. Even though it is only based in high school, the logo of this badminton team is very impressive, like a professional team playing in a world league.

The design is made with very beautiful details; the appearance of a goat's head with a large and majestic horn is very intimidating. The color scheme used by the designer is also perfectly matched with the design concept used, making this logo not only appear intimidating but also classy and mystical.


10. Goycha

Created by Parvin Rustamov |

Established in 2002, the Goyca football club uses a modern look rather than the classic vintage look that is usually used by teams their age. Because they are based in Azerbaijan, they use the shape of this archipelago as an icon and the main element in their symbol. 

The shape of this island is made very simple but still impressive because the appearance is made in line with other elements that are also in this logo design.


11. A.C Milan

Created by Federico Giunco |

At first glance, we can already see that the AC Milan logo is very striking and different from most other football club logos. Appearing a striking appearance, the style used is bold and attracts the attention of everyone who sees this logo.

Mainly the impression is generated from the use of various elements that are made with a strong appearance, such as the various lines at the bottom, the selection of the typeface, the black color as the background color, and various other elements that make it look perfect.


12. Poseidon

Created by Andrew Bryan Mondejar |

Poseidon himself is one of the three most powerful gods who rule the universe. The use of gods and goddesses as symbols in a logo is indeed a very potent thing because it can produce a distinctive and unique branding, such as the characteristics of the chosen god or goddess.

Poseidon depicted in this logo looks very strong, with his muscular body and also the pose that is preparing to throw his magic trident at the enemy. This depiction is surely a great approach if you want to make your branding seem powerful.


13. Minnesota Wild

Created by Steve O’Laughlin |

The use of various bold colors that attract attention is one of the main things that we can appreciate from this work. The deep green and bright red colors look very prominent in work, especially when combined with cream and bright yellow colors, which produce a unique and impressive color scheme.

Usually, the use of this color is avoided because it is typical of the Christmas color, which can make the final appearance not match the desired branding identity. But the designer managed to create a very cool design style while using this color.


14. FC København

Created by Gerard E. |

The appearance is quite simple and minimalist, but this concept is the main attraction of this logo. This football club has existed since 1992 and uses a modern style but still maintains its trademark. One of them can be seen in the lion mascot, which is made the main element of the logo. 

The lion's head is framed with various circular shapes with variations in the use of different colors, as well as the addition of ornamental details here and there.


15. Hokkaido University

Created by Yu Masuda |

The mountain goat is a strong, brave, and famous animal for its agility that can jump over various steep terrain well. It seems that this impression is what makes the Hokkaido University lacrosse team choose them as the main mascot. The main body parts of this goat, such as the horns and the beard, are depicted prominently in red to highlight this section.


16. TFA United

Created by BrandKing Karol Sidorowski |

TFA United is a football team based in London. They use a mascot in the form of a lion that looks dashing and fierce in their logo. The lion's head is depicted with sharp eyes, as well as the hair around its face is made fiery with the use of red. The appearance is quite simple, but it fits perfectly with the branding design of this team which uses various gradient colors of red and also dark purple.


17. Tribe

Created by Igor Mariev |

As their name implies, this team uses the Indian Native American tribe as their main symbol. The Indian tribe is seen as a magical and powerful tribe, famous for its various amazing cultures.

In this logo, the tribe is represented by an illustration of a young man who is shooting archery and wearing a wolf hat typical of his tribe. This illustration is made in a very sporty and dashing style, with an emphasis on striking highlights and shadows.


18. ASD Padergnone

Created by Fabrizio Boni |

This symbol is made with a very simple design concept, with the use of whitespace and also objects in the balanced logo. The resulting display is very modern and stylish. One of the most striking shapes is the crown-like shape above this logo.



Created by React Visual |

This professional basketball team has an amazing branding design. The designer really deserves a lot of appreciation because the graphic design for this branding team is total. Carrying a futuristic concept with various modern and slightly fictitious elements, the resulting display is very impressive.

From the logo itself, we can see the illustrative design of a future robot that is made dashingly. This illustration is made in detail, with some highlight details that make it look glowing. This look is very cool, especially when given the animation that makes this logo come alive.


20. Netherlands

Created by Arkan Gahramy |

The Netherlands is famous for its unique and distinctive lion mascot. This mascot is easily recognizable and very attached to the identity of the Netherlands people themselves. Their national team uses this mascot in their logo as well as their uniform. 

The appearance is simple but still represents the identity of the team very well, especially with the addition of a crest-shaped outer frame that makes it look even more classy. Not only do they use the mascot symbol, but they also use specific shades of orange and blue, which are the typical colors of the Netherlands.


21. Meiji University

Created by Yu Masuda |

With a mascot of roaring huskies, this lacrosse team looks very bold and intimidating. The use of purple and yellow is the perfect combination.


22. Cirrus Cloud Team

Created by Cosmin Koz |

In contrast to most logo design teams who display a fierce appearance, this team actually uses a simple and modern corporate-like concept. This appearance makes the Cirrus team appear stylish, and the logo is very striking compared to other teams.


23. Fenecs

Created by Zine Eddine Abdallah El Hadj |

Simple and stylish, there are two main impressions that we can get when we see this logo. The mascot illustration is the main element in the logo, which is displayed with the typeface of the team name made in a trendy style.


24. Coyotes

Created by Adrián Galván |

A unique inspiration, these ideas prove that you can also use typography for your team logo; there is no need to display ascot illustrations or symbols with various complex shapes if you like a simple look. This martial arts team uses the versatile and modern Helvetica typeface to represent its identity.


25. Lada

Created by Andrey Novichkov |

This hockey team uses the illustration of a traditional tribal ship sailing in a fierce sea. The illustration is made with a modern and sporty appearance so that even though it uses traditional objects, the appearance still displays the identity of a modern sports team.


26. Nizhny Novgorod

Created by Costa Skys |

Simple, but still looks striking. By putting gradients, highlights, and shadows in the right places, you can make your logo look even cooler, like the ideas shown here.


27. Lybotics

Created by Soliman Kraza |

Lybotics is a robotic team, so the display used also represents various elements and identities related to science and futuristic concepts. The designer uses simple but modern geometric shapes as the main symbol of this team.


28. Ittihad Alexandria

Created by Hatem Mohamed |

Ittihad Alexandria uses various Greek elements and shapes, such as wreath frames, pillars, and Greek patterns, in its logo design. The appearance is made classy by using a slightly classical style but combined with various modern elements such as color and typeface style.


29. Ekibastuz

Created by Nurlybek Bukhpin |

The designer managed to brand this team logo with a modern and stylish look. Using several shapes from the initial logo packaged in a much more modern style, the appearance certainly makes this team's branding even better.


30. Ratchaburi Mitr Phol

Created by NightShift Nest |

The dragon is an animal that is respected in several Asian countries, including Thailand. Don't be surprised if this football club based in Thailand uses this creature as their mascot.

The appearance of the mascot is made very cool, with the dragon's head made symmetrical and packaged in a modern illustration style.


Final Words

The thirty best team logo design ideas given above are the work of various talented designers from around the world. With various styles and also different concepts, they managed to show each team's branding personality and identity well. Now it's time for you to try to make a good logo team yourself.

Use the various ideas above as inspiration to find unique design elements and concepts, and decide which concept you want to adopt with your own style. Make your design match the identity of the team you are designing.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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