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Article: 30 Best Basketball Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Basketball Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. Check out some of the best basketball logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!

Created by Miika Kumpulainen |

Basketball is a popular sport that has been played since the late 1800s. As the sport grew in popularity, so did the need for logos to represent the teams and organizations associated with it. The evolution of basketball logo design has a long and interesting history that is worth exploring.

In the early years of basketball, logos were not as common as they are today. The focus was primarily on the game itself, and logos were not seen as essential for branding or marketing purposes. However, as the sport became more popular, teams started to realize the importance of having a visual identity that could be easily recognized and associated with their organization.

Today, basketball logos continue to evolve and change as teams seek to create identities that are both unique and memorable. Some of the most recent trends in logo design include the use of minimalism, with simple and clean designs that focus on typography and color. Other teams are using more complex and detailed designs, incorporating elements of their city or state into their logos.

Here are some of the best basketball logo design ideas you can reference:


1. TBL Playoffs

Created by Zilligen Design Studio |

The TBL playoff is a professional basketball organization that is operated in North America with more than 44 teams. The design is made to showcase the game, its name, and its year. Hence the simple yet properly developed imagery. It comes with a bold font, blue-white-red colors, and an image of a trophy with a basketball statue. It is a versatile design for annual alteration.


2. Indiana Pacers

Created by Sean McCarthy |

The Indiana Pacers logo is one of the best examples of historical images that still hold similar aspects. It was modified several times, but every change does not change the brand. It is because the designer sticks with the iconic blue Bold P letter with the basketball in the rounded part. It makes a versatile monogram, which makes it work as a badge logo style.


3. San Antonio Spurs

Created by Dalius Stuoka |

The San Antonio Spurs logo redesign concept by Dalius Studka has a memorable and fun interpretation in it. The design takes the original Spur's colors, black and white. It also uses the cowboy or sheriff aesthetic with stars and badge shapes. The design appears more straightforward as the designer uses a basketball in the center with the brand's name ribbon underneath.


4. Half Court

Created by Jay Master |

Going straightforward helps make a logo more receivable and easier to interpret. The main idea of half court Elite basketball is taking the real meaning and imagery. It is made out of a basketball Ball with black and white lines. It resembles the half-court lining, which represents its name. The use of orange colors has a deep connection to the sport.


5. Bakersfield Magic

Created by Zilligen Design Studio |

There are various examples of how the TBL or NBA's league adds a tagline to its name. In this case, Bakersfield adds magic as part of its name. The said addition allows the logo designer to get creative with the images and add several blinks to the logo. It also plays with blue, white, and several magical fonts without losing the basketball as the main visual.


6. UNOM design

Created by UNOM design |

Unom design goes all out and out of the box. The logo designer combines two images, a basketball and a brain. It even has a head silhouette to capture the brain design. What makes it work is the concept and illustration can blend. Hence you can see the clever and uniquely crafted design. It sure is memorable for less formal branding.


7. Las Vegas Vice

Created by Jack Moran |

The design concept by Jack Moran is beautifully developed. The Las Vegas Vice basketball is made with simple, flat, yet pretty drawing. It uses yellow for the lines and green as the background. The circular badge design has curved text, while the main brand name is written in a scripted font in the middle. The writing is blended with a basketball image.


8. Champ of the Champs Tournament

Created by Zilligen Design Studio |

Basketball Logo design is not only limited to teams or groups; it is also used in tournament or game branding. Champ of the Champs takes the literal logo name to its classic design. It uses regal colors, yellow and blue. It is properly distributed as the basketball image, and the fonts are clad in yellow. While the shadow or other parts are blue.


9. Los Angeles Clippers

Created by Derek Yoder |

The Los Angeles Clippers design by Derek Yodsr is a bit unique. The basketball team name is written with the typical bold and strong sport font with a few point tails on it. The main pictorial feels like a compass, with blue, white, and red colors. The main difference is the basketball image in the middle of the compass, which adds a distinctive identity to the logo.


10. South City Vipers

Created by Miika Kumpulainen |

There are times when a mascot or animal imagery becomes part of a team logo. South City vipers design goes straightforward with the image, as the illustration includes an image of a basketball wrapped by a viper or a green snake. The brand name, it is written in a circular motion. This design creates easy-to-remember imagery for a team brand.


11. Cleveland Cavs

Created by Michael Weinstein |

The concept for Cleveland Cavs is a cavalier, a gentleman trained in arms and horsemanship. Henceforth the picture of a cavalier stabbing a basketball. Some logo variations alleviate the man in action but take the pieced ball as part of the logo. To stay relevant to the name, the logo uses the red C letter that can represent both Cleveland and the Cavs.


12. Shyam B

Created by Shyam B |

What Shyam B designed is simply a good, memorable, and recognizable basketball logo. The design does not have intricate imagery. Instead, it plays with smart lustration fusing two aspects, the basketball and a torch. The simple design is made with an embossed effect, which can make a cool effect and appearance for apparel, screen printing, or stitching. The use of gold and green also adds personality to it.


13. Lebanon Leprechauns

Created by Zilligen Design Studio |

One of the ways to make a potential and memorable design is by staying true to the naming. Lebanon leprechauns' design is what people can expect. It is green, gold, and white. It also has the three-leaf clover image along with the basketball graphic. The illustration is well down, as the ball and the leaf blended using the negative space technique. It also uses a badge shape for versatile uses.


14. Toronto Raptors

Created by Michael Weinstein |

The first things that come out from the idea of the Toronto Raptors basketball logo design are badass, the Dino illustration, and the cool concept. The design by Michael Weinstein nailed all those concepts. The badge-shaped logo consists of a raptor illustration with a basketball in hand. It also uses personalized font and a cool-looking maple leaf for accent. The design fully captures the idea.


15. Seattle Sonics

Created by Cole Bo Williams |

At a glance, the logo design stands out thanks to its shield-shaped design. The shield contains the brand name and pictorial. The brand name is written in a sans-serif font with a bit of alteration to fit the pictorial shape. And the picture is a rounded S letter with yellow basketball in between. It fits the purpose of introducing the basketball team.


16. Salt Lake City Summer League

Created by Ben Barnes |

There are many variations of Salt Lake City Summer League designs. But the ball-shaped logo feels more modern yet vintage. It appears that the basketball shape contains all information from the summer lage to the iconic Salt Lake City wordmark. It is made with a combination of skewed serif and script font. It also uses vintage yellow and orange colors.


17. Courtside ATL

Created by Scott Fuller |

Courtside ATL goes with the rather flat image graphic design style. It uses sharp geometry to develop a basketball ring illustration. It allows the design to feel more vintage, especially with the darker shade of yellow, orange-red, blue, and white color. The backboard has the name and a semi-circle basketball image. The whole design is pretty simple, which is a good point for branding.


18. Salt Lake City Summer League

Created by Ben Barnes |

Another basketball ring logo comes from Salt Lake City Summer League, designed by Ben Barnes. It also uses vintage color picks, using yellow and orange colors to represent the sport. Similar to other ring concepts, the backboard is filled with brand information. It uses script font for the name and casual word for the 3v3 word. What makes it unique is the addition of a ribbon.


19. New Orleans Pelicans

Created by Michael Weinstein |

New Orleans Pelicans goes with the modern design as it uses a flat image with a touch of fun cartoon image in it. It also has a simple and minimalist design, a popular option for modern logos. In this case, the logo develops a pelican image carrying the basketball in its mouth. The wings have three colors, Blue, brown, and red. And the background shape is circular with royal lily graphics.


20. Atlantic City Gambits

Created by Matthew Doyle |

With Gambit's name in its brand, one can make a good reference to card games. And sure, the Atlantic City gambits design concept from Matthew Doyle adopted the idea. The concept uses spades as the main shape. Inside the spade, it has a basketball image and an initial drawn following the inner shape. It can turn into an iconic basketball logo design.


21. Houston Rockets

Created by Michael Irwin |

The best thing about a straightforward logo design is its ability to illustrate the branding names or identity. Houston Rockets' design by Michael Irwins takes the meaning literally and adds a rocket to its logo. The circular badge has a protruding shape on the top, accommodating the rocket taking off. It adds basketball in the middle while playing with colors and spacing.


22. Dallas Mavericks

Created by Michael Irwin |

The iconic cowboy hat that makes the Dallas Mavericks' design by Michael Irwin stands out. It might not be the most versatile arrangement, but sure, it is loved and memorable. The basketball is drawn and clad in yellow, similar to the sheriff's stars on the hat. The initial M is drawn with a bold and slightly italic font. As one design, it appears simple and more memorable.


23. Phoenix Suns

Created by Zilligen Design Studio |

As one of the NBA's basketball teams, every logo should have the basketball image in it. And Phoenix Suns make a fun interpretation of its name and imagery. The circular badge logo has the basketball fused with the Phoenix design, creating a cool-looking image. The color pink is purple, white, orange, and yellow. They work together to represent the immortal bird.


24. South Dakota Wraith

Created by HSSN DSGN |

The design of HSSN DSGN is scary but fully represents the naming. The South Dakota basketball team logo design has a ghostly wraith illustration as the main visual. It is drawn as the wraith carrying the basketball and a lantern. To follow the ghostly image, the font is handmade and customized. It also takes dark green and hues to get the scary image.


25. Joy In Buckets

Created by Benny Gold |

Joy in Buckets is one of the more modern, casual, and friendly images to consider. The design plays around the use of casual imagery through the sans serif fonts, arrangement, color, and basketball illustration. It shed all the formal fashion from other basketball teams and decided to use a basketball image with a smiley face in it. It sure serves the right meaning.


26. Elevation League

Created by Zilligen Design Studio |

Playing with lettering is one of the keys to developing a memorable design. The Elevation League logo plays with the main letter mark, in which the V and A (of elevation) are drawn to add motion to the basketball. It feels as if the ball is bounced up, creating the proper elevation. As a league brand, it also uses blue and black, the key to a professional image.


27. California Basketball Team

Created by Matthew Doyle |

The California basketball team takes the signature of its place, the bright sunny place, beaches, and high-end impression. With that concept, Matthew Doyle developed a perfect identity using the shield shape, a crown, a basketball and wave, and a hidden sunny bright sky inside the ball. This is a great example of creating meaningful and comprehensive meaning in one single design.


28. Miika Kumpulainen

Created by Miika Kumpulainen |

The designer, Miika Kumpulainen might not showcase the exact team name for its basketball logo design. Though, the design is appropriate imagery for various products, companies, or basketball-related branding. It shares a modern graphic style, which uses bright colors and direct interpretation. It is also easier to remember, especially for brand products or company identity-producing basketball stuff.


29. Sava Stoic

Created by Sava Stoic |

Stava Stoic played around with two unique unrelated images, the bear and the basketball. The only thing that bonds the two is the orange color. With that concept, the designer developed a cool and modern design of a bear head with a basketball line pattern. Is it a cool design? Yes, it is. It can be a good branding name and company logo.


30. Minnesota Timberwolves

Created by Ben Barnes |

The Minnesota Timberwolves basketball logo design by Ben Barnes is a cool, concept full, and attractive design to consider. The blue, gray, and white fit the dark sense of Timberwolf's howling aesthetic. To keep it simple and versatile, the illustration played around with solid images, white spaces, and dimensions. Thus develop an amazing logo design with a strong image.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent basketball logo designs?

When it comes to representing basketball in logo design, there are several common imagery elements that are frequently used. One of the most popular is the basketball itself, often combined with other design elements like hoops, nets, or player silhouettes. Other common imagery includes the use of letters, such as team initials or abbreviations, or the use of mascots or animals that represent the team's identity. Additionally, many logos incorporate colors and patterns that are associated with basketball, such as orange and black or the iconic hardwood court design.

Which colours are commonly used in basketball logo designs?

When it comes to basketball logo design, there are several colors that are commonly used. One of the most prevalent is orange, which is the color of the basketball itself and is often used in logos to represent the sport. Other popular colors include black, white, and red, which are often used to create contrast and make logos more visually striking. Additionally, some teams use colors that are associated with their city or state, such as blue and gold for the Golden State Warriors or green and white for the Boston Celtics.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating basketball logo designs?

When creating basketball logo designs, it is essential to consider the target audience. The primary target audience for basketball logos is fans of the sport, including both casual fans and die-hard enthusiasts. However, it is also important to consider the broader audience that may interact with the logo, such as media outlets, advertisers, and potential sponsors. Logo designs should appeal to fans of all ages, genders, and backgrounds while also representing the values and identity of the team or organization.

What are the successful examples of basketball logo designs?

There are many successful examples of basketball logo designs, ranging from classic and iconic designs to more modern and innovative ones. Some of the most successful and recognizable logos include the Chicago Bulls, which features a fierce-looking bull with a red eye and sharp horns, and the Los Angeles Lakers, which features a stylized L and A with a basketball in the center. Other successful logos include the Golden State Warriors, which incorporates the iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge and a stylized W, and the Toronto Raptors, which features a fierce-looking raptor with a basketball.

Which design styles are often used to create basketball logo designs?

There are several design styles that are often used to create basketball logo designs. One of the most common is a minimalist approach, with clean lines and simple shapes that emphasize typography and color. Another popular style is the use of bold and striking imagery, such as fierce-looking animals or stylized basketballs. Some teams incorporate elements of their city or state into their logos, such as bridges, skylines, or iconic landmarks. Additionally, some logos use a combination of different styles, such as incorporating both minimalism and bold imagery.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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