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Article: 30 Best Football Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Football Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Wining is not everything, but making effort to win is. Check out some of the best football logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by MissMarpl |

The earliest football logos were simple and straightforward, typically featuring the name of the team in a basic font. These logos were often printed on match tickets and programs, but they were not yet seen as an important aspect of a team's identity. It wasn't until the 1960s and 70s that football logos began to take on more significance.

During this time, teams started to develop more distinct identities, and logos became an important part of this process. Teams began to commission professional designers to create their logos, and this led to a new era of creativity and innovation in football logo design. Many of the iconic football logos we know today were created during this period.

In recent years, football logo design has continued to evolve, with teams using a variety of techniques to create memorable and distinctive identities. One trend that has become particularly popular is the use of retro designs, which harken back to the classic logos of the past. Teams such as Juventus and Manchester City have both adopted retro-inspired logos in recent years, which have proved to be popular with fans.

Here are some of the best football logo design ideas you can reference:


1. West Bromwich Albion FC

Created by MissMarpl |

West Bromwich Albion FC appears with pretty much unique and memorable characters. The Football team's badge consisted of a picture of a throstle bird or song thrush perched on a hawthorn branch. It is said that the bird was a symbol adopted from the team pub that used to keep a pet bird. It also uses a shield shape, ribbon, and modern color to stand out.


2. Chelsea FC

Created by Trey Ingram |

Something about Chelsea's football club that one can pick up at a glance is the blue lion. The team itself is called the blue devil, hence the use of blue as its main color. Chelsea also uses yellow, which creates a complete royal or luxurious impression. The design, in general, uses a more modern flat image graphic, which allows future alteration and adaptation in different mediums.


3. Santa Catalina Club De Futbol

Created by Mathias Temmen |

One of the common imagery of football logos is the royal imagery of the brand or logo. It is seen in many logos that use shield or castle images. The same thing appears for Santa Catalina's logo. The graphic is well drawn using less complex illustrations, simple colors (red, yellow, and blue), plus badge shape. It is a flexible and versatile design for the club to use.


4. Manchester City

Created by MissMarpl |

Manchester City is one of the old teams from Europe that stay loyal to its design concept. The main visual concept is light blue and yellow, which represent the royalty of the company. It is also known for its eagle image and the iconic sailboat. This design has turned into an iconic and memorable aspect of the logo, which is irreplaceable and still memorable.


5. Peterborough United FC

Created by MissMarpl |

Peterborough United FC has a uniquely drawn griffon in its logo. The crest has its image, which makes it a unique mascot or subject to remember. The design can be created in various styles, which makes a unique set of possible graphics and alterations. In a design by Missmarpl, the logo is drawn in a flat image graphic. It comes with separated shapes as unique features.


6. FC Lions

Created by Sergii Manakov |

Sergi Manakov developed a football logo design that sure felt royal, cool, and strong from its depiction. The logo has a shield shape, which appeals to the majority of the soccer community. It also has a lion image drawing a sword and handling a ball. This kind of design showcases the correlation to the football industry while also having a distinctive aspect of flair.


7. San Diego Wave FC

Created by Matthew Wolff |

Not all football logo designs go with the stereotypical mascot and royal graphic. Some new and modern clubs have more youthful designs to attract their target. San Diego Wave FC takes the idea as it uses bright colors, such as magenta, blue, and yellow, for its logo. It uses a shield shape, but the imagery is way more modern, with an ocean wave during sunset.


8. Blackpool FC

Created by MissMarpl |

Blackpool FC has a unique and very fancy design as its identity. Overall, the logo comprises various visual elements, such as an illustration of a seagull, sea waves, fleur-de-lis, lion, and other aspects. Visually or illustration-wise, the logo is pretty rich, which is why the colors are chosen to balance it. The color is toned down and simplified to avoid over-stimulating images.


9. Arsenal FC

Created by Trey Ingram |

Arsenal Fc is known for its cannon image. This kind of vision has been set as one of the iconic aspects of the arsenal; thus, every alteration from year to year stays relevant. The cannon does not change a lot, but the logo layout can change to fit uses or trends. Trey Ingram drew the Arsenal logo in three ideas; with its letter mark, canon, or using pastel colors.


10. Derby County FC

Created by MissMarpl |

Derby County has a unique illustration compared to many other clubs. The team has the Rams as its mascot, which is drawn in a unique flat image graphic with analogous brown colors. It feels down to earth and also unique compared to the more fierce, royal, and strong interpretation from other clubs. But still, this logo also uses a shield and ribbon shape.


11. Lisle Fc

Created by Daniel Bodea |

Probably fitting more of the modern brand and football logo designs, the concept of Lisle feels young and unique. The design has its mascot out of the commonly used shield logo. The dragon is drawn as it holds the shield filled with the wordmark and an illustration of a soccer ball. The blue purplish color also makes it stand out as a modern logo.


12. Vermont Green FC

Created by Matthew Wolff |

Green is mostly linked with nature and freshness. In the football logo design by Vermont Green, the color is not only representing its brand. It fits the theme and is distinctive. The design is very simple and memorable as it uses simple graphics in it. It uses a circle badge shape, has the name written inside, and is followed by an image of a mountain top.


13. Germany National Football

Created by Trey Ingram |

Being a nationally based football company or team, the logo needs to represent a lot of aspects. However, a good logo also needs to be simple, memorable, and timeless. Trey Ingram's version of the logo is quite goofy but also professional. It has a black eagle carrying stars and the national flag. This design feels uniquely standout in the market.


14. Racing Louisville FC

Created by Matthew Wolff |

Racing Louisville sure got a more classic design to make a more timeless design. The design uses less complex graphics and gets the versatile black and white scheme, plus the four fleurs-de-lis are in the center with its name around. It appears simple but works better for football crests or other uses. How everything is simple and directly drawn makes the logo easier to remember.


15. Nottingham Forest FC

Created by MissMarpl |

As the name is Nottingham Forest, the club has its way of presenting the design using the iconic deer graphic, branches, and crowns. The visual representation itself is pretty simple and unique, but Missmarpl makes it even more worthy. The designer uses a flat image graphic style to simplify the graphic and balance the various visual features, including the ornament, colors, and subject.


16. Falcons soccer club

Created by Veronika Žuvić |

Given the fact that football is one of the most popular sports in the world, going with the royal theme might fit with the logo. Falcons soccer club is drawn in an artistic graphic style, which comes out with rather subdued colors. It uses black, white, and brown as the highlight. To keep it royal, the design keeps the picture of an eagle, maple leaf, crown, and shield.


17. Swindon Supermarine FC

Created by Nick Budrewicz |

Swindon Supermarine FC football logo design is unique and out of the box. The concept was Sweden as an industrial heritage in manufacturing Spitfire airplanes, hence the image of a plane in the logo. Despite being a non-relevant image to the football industry, this aspect is the identity of Swindon. It also adds monograms, details, and a unique ribbon-like shape to stand its unique visual.


18. Inter Virginia CF

Created by Chris Porter |

Inter Virginia CF has the classic football logo or crest you can find in almost every league. The circular shape allows easier uses and versatility. The colors are less complex, with fewer graphics but more details using monograms. The middle part is the main visual distinction, which is also drawn in a rather easy-to-remember approach.


19. Blackburn Rovers FC

Created by MissMarpl |

Blackburn Rovers FC sure has its way of combining classic imagery with logo shape. The crest feels like nostalgic and romantic imagery thanks to its flower illustration. The illustration itself is drawn in a flat image, plated with solid colors and simpler shapes. The outer shape feels more formal and professional with the ribbon and badge logo; even the color feels luxurious.


20. OGC Nice

Created by Damjan |

GCN NICE has everything drawn and made simple in the design. The logo gives a more modern and minimal image. The effect is pretty good as the graphic can be easily memorized and understood. It still has several classic football logo aspects to show, which are the eagle, crown, and shield. But thanks to its simplified image and red color, OGCN is distinguishable.


21. Chelsea FC

Created by MissMarpl |

Miss Marple has its version of the Chelsea football club logo design. The key and concept are the same as the original. But this version plays with a flat logo image, which creates a modern depiction and shaping for the lion, shaft, balls, and flower graphic. It takes the original concept but also shares several unique intakes and makes the logo more versatile or modern.


22. Beer City FC

Created by Ryan L. Smith |

Beer city football club is a unique name show, which can be made better with the logo. Hence the simple styling, colors, and graphics. It is generally made of a grape and grain image, which is later drawn in a badge shape. This kind of design is good for different mediums or backgrounds with its neutral shade (chocolate, black, and white)


23. Tokyo FC

Created by Trey Ingram |

Fun, unique, modern, and youthful are some of the main impressions of Tokyo FC. The logo has the image of Godzilla, one of the iconic fictional monsters from Japan. The visual is amazing as the graphics use modern colors, such as pink (representing the Sakura flower), white, yellow, and green (Godzilla). The flat image makes the design memorable and attractive for a young audience.


24. Middlesbrough Football Club

Created by MissMarpl |

England and European football clubs love to use their royal imagery. The design mostly uses the shield shape, lion illustration, and castle image. In this case, Middlesbrough uses a similar feature but goes with red and yellow as the color. The iconic lion is still one of the distinctions of the team identity, which is why the designer put a highlight that feature.


25. Hull City AFC

Created by MissMarpl |

One thing that stands out from the Hull City design by Missmarpl is the use of flat images and digital drawings. The design gives a modern feel as the tiger drawing has bright colors. It stands out among the layout. Thankfully, the overall design adopts the same approach. From the crown graphic and lettering to the shape, everything is similar.


26. Fiction Football League

Created by Trey Ingram |

Fiction Football Leagues sure has its way of providing unique distinction and flexible logo concepts. The key visual of its logo is the illustration of a griffon, a majestic lion body with an eagle head and wing. This creature is drawn in a flat image, along with a ball and a crown. The wordmark fits the shape, such as a badge, rounded or without the image.


27. FC Viitorul Constanta

Created by Damjan |

The best and the first thing noticeable from this football logo design is the simplicity and classic graphic. The logo serves as an identity using line art styling, which increases the versatility and flexibility of its design. The main part is the sailboat with a line around plus the circular shape for the logo. It is simple but also effective as a logo.



Created by Zilligen Design Studio |

The Pro Football Retired Players Association has a more toned-down style. The design has a shield shape and strong, bold fonts in it. The image of football shoes is the main interest as it relates to the name. The logo uses brown, black, and white, which likely correlates with retirement imagery. But overall, the design is pretty straightforward in its style.


29. Campeones Argentina

Created by Trey Ingram |

When talking about Argentina as a football team, then it is light blue, white, and yellow. In the design by Trey Ingram, the Campeones Argentina logo is pretty unique and full of easter eggs. It has a peculiar shape consisting of an image of a sun and a goat. Everything is drawn in a flat image and simple graphic but still leaves a strong impression.


30. Herne Bay Football Club

Created by Owen Williams |

Herne Bay Football Club can serve as an example of a classic logo. It is mostly similar to other simple line art and direct football logo designs. It has a rounded crest shape, with the name inside, and an additional shape (shield) with relevant illustration in it. Herney Bay uses white lines to match a darker background and keep details or information visible.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent football logo designs?

There are a variety of symbolisms that can be used to represent football logo designs. One of the most common is the use of animal mascots, which can represent strength, power, and ferocity. Other symbols commonly used in football logos include shields, which can symbolize protection and strength, and stars, which can represent excellence and achievement. Additionally, colors are often used to represent different aspects of a team's identity, with blue representing loyalty and trust, red symbolizing passion and energy, and green symbolizing growth and renewal.

Which colours are commonly used in football logo designs?

Color is a crucial aspect of football logo design, as it can communicate a team's identity, values, and personality. Some of the most commonly used colors in football logos include blue, red, and green. Blue is often associated with trust, loyalty, and stability and is commonly used by teams that want to convey a sense of dependability and professionalism. Red is often associated with passion, energy, and aggression and is used by teams that want to create a sense of excitement and intensity. Green is associated with growth, renewal, and nature and is often used by teams that want to emphasize their commitment to sustainability and environmentalism. Other colors commonly used in football logos include black, white, yellow, and orange, each with its own unique meanings and associations.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating football logo designs?

When creating football logo designs, it is important to keep the target audience in mind. Football is a sport that appeals to a wide range of people, including fans of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. As such, a football logo should be designed with a broad audience in mind. It should be easily recognizable and appealing to both casual fans and die-hard supporters. The logo should also reflect the team's identity and values and should be designed to evoke a sense of pride and passion among fans.

What are the successful examples of football logo designs?

There are many successful examples of football logo designs that have become iconic symbols of their respective teams. One of the most recognizable logos in the world is that of FC Barcelona, which features the team's name in bold, stylized letters with a red and blue color scheme that reflects the team's Catalan heritage. Another successful example is the logo of Juventus FC, which features a simple, minimalist design with a black-and-white color scheme that represents the team's traditional colors. Other notable examples include the logos of Manchester United, Liverpool, and Real Madrid, each of which has a distinctive design that reflects the team's identity and values.

Which design styles are often used to create football logo designs?

There are a variety of design styles that can be used to create football logo designs, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal. One popular style is the use of animal mascots, which can create a sense of strength, power, and ferocity. Another popular style is the use of shields, which can symbolize protection and strength, and are often used by teams with a long history and tradition. Typography is another common design style, with bold, stylized lettering used to create a sense of identity and recognition. In recent years, minimalist and abstract designs have become increasingly popular, with simple shapes and bold colors used to create distinctive and memorable logos.


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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