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Article: 30 Best Numerical Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Numerical Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Numbers constitute the only universal language!
Check out some of the best numerical logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Patrick Geider | -

To create a business name, many include typographic elements, but what about using numerical logo designs? A designer is one of the most creative people. Even just inserting a digit element can still be enjoyable.

Have you seen the 76, F1, Studio 54 to 5ive logos? Is a symbol like that able to catch your attention without a few letters? Make your symbol design look attractive and memorable! But every time you try to make a logo, try to design with your creativity.

Designing a symbol is not easy; they must be able to include design elements that are full of illustration styles. Otherwise, the design will look dull and lack creativity. Find one method that can match for branding personality.

But in all that discussion, did you know that everyone can use numbers as a symbol? Unique graphics and simple, eye-catching, logical, and sublime messages should also be an element for your companies and brands.

New Trend to Make the Best Numerical Logo Designs You Should Check Now

There are many sources of inspiration for designs that include the digit, F1, three leaves, High Five, 007, and 44 tree elements. Check out some ideas about numerical masterpieces so that they can be fantastic ideas:


1. 97

Created by Guga Bigvava |

Numbers 9 and 7 alone are the types of digits that look cool. Especially when these two are combined, it seems perfect, and there is no reason to reject this type of design—appreciation for Guga Bigvava, who presented the 97 logos.

The black color with the 97 design element fading below. Illustrations like this are timeless because the digit 7 is joined to the curve of the 9. You can try this when thinking of creating a logo with numbers.


2. 4Thinker

Created by Ujung Mouse |

How about the Thinker 4 symbol? Is it capable of attracting attention? With a sign like this, you no longer need to prepare other drawing elements because everything looks full and fulfills marketing elements in general.

The digit 4 is made like the body of a sitting person and is added with dots at the right corner to make it look like a head. Thinker's writing and the logo made it with a unique font.


3. Two for 2

Created by Rakibul |

Two for 2, this is one of the best numerical logo designs made by Rakibul. This relates to the number 2 symbol, which is made 2 times. Those who see this logo will be a picture of a different stack element.

The Two for two logos are made like a 3D illustration, with a shadow for each stack. It's not only about signs but can also be used as your branding identity.


4. Play9

Created by Oleg Coada |

Play9 is a symbol that may not appeal to most people. But if you use a logo like this, your brand will also increase the playful identity. The sign is also light blue and made excellent.

The Play9 sign was created with the identity of Play9, and Oleg Coada created the symbol. The dark blue color is the background color, the white color is for the font, and the Play9 symbol is made with playful elements.


5. 22

Created by Noah Zenger |

The digit 2 continues to be everyone's favorite color, and for this eye-catching logo, it's creativity that takes center stage. And this relates to symbol number 2, which is joined to each other in this number of logo designs.

Noah Zenger presents one of the result elements that looks like a swan. These two swans combine and form a clear identity. The colors chosen for this best numerical design are also a clear brand picture.


6. 120

Created by Omnium |

Everyone must admit that more numerical logos choose only 2 digits. But 120 chose a special strategic move by using 3 numbers, namely 1, 2, and 0. And what's even better is that all of those signs can present a unique masterpiece element.

All these digits are connected, including the numbers 1 and 0. The symbol created by Omnium gives a clear picture that brand identity is important. The bright pink color was chosen to be the background color.


7. Telekom One

Created by Goce Veleski |

As we have mentioned earlier, there must be created in processing numbers. And Telekom One realizes a unique type of design; digit one is made creatively and can present a kind of design that remains eye-catching.

The black and white color remains the leading choice of many designs, and the number 1 is made with the vertical and horizontal stack theme. The font chosen is Arial, but Coce Veleski presents the type of timeless drawing.


8. World Number 1

Created by gdrony |

The World Number 1 symbol is not only for people who want a unique design but can also be used for marketing. World Number 1, the theme used is trendy and playful, and the chosen background color is purple.

The number used is 1, but it is made with great creativity with a clear marketing picture. Even for those who want to pay more attention to this design, there are many more things that designers can still explore.


9. 700

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

This is one of the best numerical logo designs we've ever seen. Even for the 700, the symbol can stand out. The background color is also very highlight, an orange color similar to orange peels in general.

In addition, designers also chose black and dark blue colors to complement the 700 design. Because it is a motorsport services place, the digit 700 is made like a motorbike with additional design elements such as leaves.


10. 12

Created by Joe Taylor |

Those who see the sign that uses black and white dominant colors may not immediately realize that it is symbol 12. But if you look closely, there are 12 dots that also makeup figure 12.

The 12 dots are arranged in a 4 x 3 arrangement, with the second and fourth squares from the center set in an arc. With a design like this, your symbol can try another unique design.


11. Purple 9

Created by Steve Wolf |

The Purple 9 symbol relates to both classy and unique designs. Designers chose black, white, and purple colors to complement the plan because they are also associated with branding marketing.

The purple color is only used for 1 element, namely the digit 9. The fonts used for all of these also symbolize branding identity. There's a lot of inspiration for you to explore from here, from colors and fonts to symbol games.


12. 20

Created by Sandro Jalabadze |

How about exploring figure 20? Maybe from here, you can design this sign uniquely and interestingly because it relates to how your brand. Designers also chose the red color with a unique pattern for this symbol.

Even among other numerical logo designs, we are pretty in love with this number 20 logo. This digit has quite a clear identity because the digit made it carefully. Even for the use of this symbol, Sandro Jalabadze is more prepared for marketing.


13. 26

Created by Redowan |

Designers will give a lot of criticism for 26 because Redowan presents a quite confusing design. The digit two is made with an abstract, and the number 6 is partially covered by the digit 2.

Number 26 already has a clear identity, but unfortunately, the designer is not creative enough in exploring the sign. Black and white are used as the primary colors, which are pretty basic, and don't look outstanding.


14. Number 7

Created by merci |

The Number 7 symbol is selected in dark gray and gold. The number 7 is made in an Indian writing style, fonts, and design elements. Moreover, the additional features are arranged without making the digit 7 look strange.

Merci created the Number 7 logo with the central theme of a branding market. But in our opinion, there is still a lot that designers can explore from this design number of logos online.


15. 55

Created by Sava Stoic |

If you want something simple, then we recommend 55 symbols for you to choose from. The 55 logos are made with primary colors, but the central theme it tries to convey is prominent.

But that is the unique primary value of the 55 symbols. The five left behind are in the middle of the black digit 5. As for the other 5, there is a white color, so you can try to design numerical logo designs like this.


16. 1999

Created by Patrick Geider |

Patrick Geider came up with the 1999 symbol, but we also have to admit that this isn't the kind of design that catches the eye. Even for the 1999 design, we see it more like the digit 1000, so you can redesign it.

The spacing is very thin, so people who see it will not immediately know that it is the figure 1999. Looking at it with detail and creativity is necessary to change it. 


17. Twenty Five

Created by Michael Tucci |

We are also quite confident in saying the Twenty Five logo is a unique and exciting type of design. Even the color chosen is quite dominant, namely the pink and yellowish-white colors.

The Twenty Five symbol is structured in a classy and timeless style. It becomes quite a dominant style using three main lines to form a solid block. Michael Tucci could come up with one of the most incredible designs we've ever seen.


18. 3SF

Created by mase |

The 3SF doesn't have a lot of creations and marketing elements, only the number 3, which is made in a style similar to a cutter knife. Even those who use this type of design will see that there are numerical logo design ideas.

For the 3SF symbol, the number 3 is made and arranged in a block-by-block style. Even Mase is quite basic in choosing the color of the logo, namely black and white.


19. 96

Created by George |

You will also notice that sign 96 is one of those types of logos that you can follow and explore further. The logo maker can obtain everything you need for other creativity from just a 96 symbol; only one element can make the digit 96.

Elements such as a telephone receiver are the main thing and are made for the design of the number 96. Again, designers chose black and white colors to complement the logo design.


20. 3

Created by Tamari Chabukiani |

Just look at symbol 3; even though it only uses black and white, this digit 3 is one of the most prominent graphic design creations. You can display a clear company brand identity even with just these numerical logo designs.

Figure 3 is arranged in an arch even though it was previously a solid block. Made with an abstract theme but still showing the main point, this can be an inspiration. Not only three can be created like this.


21. 7

Created by Gert van Duinen |

Most designers are not a fan of the symbol presented by Gert Van Duinen. Sign 7 is made with a theme that is not too obvious but cool enough to serve as inspiration.

The seven is structured around a needle theme, with thick and thin sections. With a circle in the middle, it is made into an image of the number 7, which may not be apparent rather than other famous logos with numbers.


22. Knife 7

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk |

Still related to the digit 7, and for creating this one sign, Andrii Kovalchuk used the knife element to present the number 7. So, overall, this symbol is made in a pretty eye-catching style.

Gray and black are the colors of choice and are only filled with the digit 7. So, in appearance, the knife only forms the number 7 of a solid block, a black trapezoid in the numerical logo designs.


23. One Shop

Created by ApplexDesign |

One Shop chose the colors yellow and green to be their identity. The bright yellow color is the background color, and it's enough to highlight the brand. Meanwhile, the design is prepared in marketing.

For the selection, the digit is 1, which is made to resemble a monument that is added with a tent at the top, similar to the trim line above the number 1. The green color is chosen based on other designs.


24. 888

Created by Helvetiphant™ |

If you want numerical logo designs but don't want one that stands out too much, then you can try the inspiration presented by Helvetiphant for the 888 sign. Even with just one look, audiences can know the brand identity.

The 888 logos are made of 6 circles with a unique pattern. All combined and can look like design elements for a brand. Not only that, but the sign will also be a branding identity.


25. 28

Created by Drasko Stamatovic |

For trendy people, the digit 28 on this logo will be very suitable to be followed. Not only that, the sign presented by Drasko Stamativic uses a bold and cool design theme.

The bottom of the number 2 connects with the element digit 8. They also use a 3D design theme to display the type of symbol more effectively. So, for those who want to try to design a logo that stands out.


26. 29

Created by Satriyo Atmojo |

After number 28, there are numerical logo designs digit 29. We are also not fans of this sign because it doesn't have a clear meaning; it's more of a simple design.

The number 29 of this logo is made with a circle and curvy theme. Satriyo Atmojo does not provide clear elements; only a few unique patterns complement it. Therefore, it can be used as inspiration from here, but you should check.


27. 38

Created by Zoran Trifunovic |

Again, this type of design is not very on point, namely the digit 38. We haven't even been able to figure out the central element of the design and what it means. So, it would help if you thought again about following this design.

Numerical logo designs from Zoran Trifunovic do have numbers 3 and 8. But the complementary elements make all the leading digits not very clear. So, it would be best if you rethought other features to put here.


28. 76

Created by George Bokhua |

The new 76 logo is simple and still attracts attention. Even for those who want a timeless sign, the number 76 can be an option. This logo greatly influences other design elements if followed by a sensible theme.

Indeed, the colors are only black and white, but the making of numbers 7 and 6 is only made with lines. George Bokhua doesn't use solid colors. Only with line pull, the sign looks more prominent.


29. 77

Created by Faikar |

Logo 77 is made with the theme of locking up, and Faikar presents 2 design elements that can become an identity. The digit 7 is made with a 3D piece with different colors from the 2 types of numerical logo design elements.

The 2 blocks are arranged to form the roof of figure 7 and draw the bottom line from that figure. Then the designer doubles the number until it becomes figure 77. 


30. 8

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |

Figure 8 from Kakha Kakhadzen's design uses design elements like bacteria. With only the digit 8 pieces, the logo still stands out, and designers can play creatively with the logo 8 in that numerical logo design.

With just a number, it seems so calm and outstanding. But if you are wondering about using just a digit rather than two or more, we suggest you find the right one. Choose the one that reflects your business.


Final Words

The use of writing has become a widespread thing in the business world. Even those who want to add creativity may have run out of ideas if they continue to play the text.

Designers can explore the digits, so make sure you choose the best numbers. With the use of digits that are still rare, the sign will look more stand out.

All numbers can be a clever use, but you must ensure that the sign still shows a visual that knows who this one belongs to. Everyone knows their creativity. So now, try to create the best numerical logo designs.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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