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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Numerical Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Numerical Logo Design

Numbers constitute the only universal language!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic number logo design!
Created by Guga Bigvava |

Adding or using numbers as a visual element in logo design is not particularly new. It is one of the most common ideations other than typography and logotype. The design can come in varying possible ideas, including color, shapes, and hidden symbols or customization. Gazing at the potential of the numbers logo, the design came as the main challenge.  

Come questions surrounding how to create and what are the main considerations in creating the best logo with numbers in it. To put in a general idea, the key to a successful logo and its design is when the creator can blend simplicity and uniqueness. Some may use the idea of adding fun elements, such as symbols or color. But numbers can also have a similar effect. 

Created by Joe Taylor |

But then, what makes the numbers emblem appear more effective and distinctive? The biggest advantage of using digits for the logo is how it helps create a fresh look at the design. The essence of numbers is also easier to remember compared to words or names, which later help develop a memorable sense of design. 

Another surprise is how the numbers are considered a new solution for logo design. Therefore, it makes the work stand out more from the conservative competitor. However, the idea of putting the numeral aspect can be a bit of a challenge or trick. While the designer is free to put whatever figure on the logo, the idea should have an influent on the business. 

Created by Patrick Geider |

In other words, numbers are pretty much similar to other elements. The numerical factor can also exude a certain meaning, personality, or identity. It is also worth mentioning that numbers logo design is bound to have its unique inspiration leading to more striking visuals and expense of legibility. Here is a bit of a tip to get around the process.  


10 Tips To Create A Good Numbers Logo Design

  1. Know Your Brand, Competitors & Audience
  2. Start Finding Good Inspiration 
  3. Be Authentic
  4. Test Different Fonts  
  5. Experiment With Letterform
  6. Create Distinct Customization
  7. Make Sure It's Easy To Read
  8. Playing Around With Color 
  9. Create A Personality 
  10. Test The Logo In Different Sizes


Created by Helvetiphant™ |


1. Know Your Brand, Competitors & Audience

The basis of every logo design is to learn about the brand, the company, or the product. In the creation phase, the idea of learning everything about the brand falls under the discovery phase. For this process, the designer has some basic information that will help create and shape the idea. They are brand, values, industry, audience, and competition. 

Brand and values refer to the company's authenticity and what values to offer to the customer. This is where the company should understand what the company considers important and how they help and capture their attention. The details will alter help you understand what numbers and their association to capture. 

Created by Oleg Coada |

The industry helped develop the delighted and directed numbers logo design. It is a point in which the creator will create the design following the industry's unspoken rules, including reflecting the proper market and staying distinct among them. Learning about the industry also helps understand the potential of using integers for logo design. 

The audience of the brand is also a determiner of the design process and the logo element itself. Take an example of a certain audience or market in a different region. You should underline that some numbers might have different connotations, such as the lucky number, taboo, or curse. There is also a sense of attraction that every audience has, which demands a unique approach.  

Created by Goce Veleski |


2. Start Finding Good Inspiration 

Regardless of the varying connotation and meanings, the challenge of creating a numbers logo design is how to put it into action. This is where the creator or designer can put some brainstorming inspiration. Logo and its design that follow up numbers are not new anymore, even though it is pretty limited. 

You can find varying companies using the idea of using numbers on their logo. Most of the time, the numerical elements are the representation of the company's name or brand. However, there are times that it is part of the logo only. It means the numbers signify a new additional meaning to the design, which you can take as an inspiration. 

Created by Rakibul |

Take an example of 76 in the Philadelphia 76ers logo. The emblem has the numbers to represent the year of the Declaration of Independence signed in Philadelphia. It is a surprise connotation, which makes the NBA's logo known until now. There are also similar works with Colt45, Miller 64, or 7-UP that have their meaning in adding figures.

Taking inspiration also means learning about how they put about the design. Many use varying styles of putting numbers on their design. There are also chances that some logos do not fully showcase the figure as it is or be literal. Such as what the BigTen conference did on the logo design. Rather than using numerical values, the sign uses words for it. 

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

It transforms the use of numbers to make an authentic and unique styling. Suppose you look for different styles, such as vintage to modern or unique models. The plethora of imagery can cover a huge option of ideas. Some can be seen playing with orientation, typography, symbol, or unique representation of certain graphics. 

This is where you can start learning to be creative with the logo and its design intake. You might find creative use of some elements, such as aesthetic, style, color, mood, or platform. It is better to learn and get some professional templates that allow you to explore possible works for numbers logo design. 

Created by mase |


3. Be Authentic

Numbers logo design comes as an identity and particular iconic point of the brand. This is why the work should be associated with the product. In number, 42% of customers understand that a logo is an effective way to showcase the brand's personality. This is where the designer needs to have a firm idea of values and ideas that should be communicated through visual values. 

Rather than trying to represent a particular product, you should help create a visual representation of how the number and logo design elements evoke. Take the example of 7Eleven, which takes a smart way to showcase the brand's values in its design. While the number is part of the name itself, it is also a great way to explore its essence. 

Created by Ujung Mouse |

7Eleven reflects the store's extended hours from 7 am to 11 pm. Rather than using the full digit elements, the logo uses a combination of symbols, text, and numerical elements. It composes of seven in number, eleven in words, and a subtle shape representing a cup-looking design. It highlights that the shop offers a drink from 7 to 11 every day.  

Along with the authentic use of the brand, creators also need to pay attention to the digits symbolism in numbers logo design. Picking the best number will be a similar chase to picking a symbol, character, color, and font, each of them bearing a different connotation. In numerical elements, there are tons of possible meanings. 

Numbers might have a striking cultural association, which includes aesthetic, philosophic, or religious aspects. There is a chance of the use of mysticism, where three is known as male, four is female, and 10 is the known perfect number. Other than that, Pythagorean ideas also use prescience, which features numerical musical sounds. 

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦 |

Other's ideas include the figure of the beast, 666. The common association of 13 is known as a bad luck number, which affects many hotels or companies avoiding or skipping the number. When dug deeper, the association trigger of numerical elements can go as far as belief, myths, religions, sacred digits, organization references, and others. 

Considering that each numerical aspect might compose a different sense, the creator needs to explore and do better research in learning possible notions. The easiest way is to follow the company names, which some might already have numbers referring to internal meanings. Learning about the meaning also helps gather the best imagery that represents its connotation. 

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |


4. Test Different Fonts  

Font and typeface will be the next things you can overhaul. For numbers logo design, you are not limited to one font. It is possible to use serif or sans since there are not many differences in the numbers anyways. But the font for design and the element can be altered in many ways. You can change the margin, kernel, shapes, size, or orientation. 

In one way or another, typography has a huge impact on logo design in general. The audience can sense the vibe and style from the typeface, which is practical to make the numbers look unique and different. In many ways, you can keep playing around with fonts, typefaces, and typography. Change the size or make some unique aspect to it. 

Created by Zoran Trifunovic |


5. Experiment With Letterform

Taking an outline in logotypes helps figure out the design and ideas for the process. In general, there are at least eight different types you can explore. It includes monogram, wordmark, combination, emblem, mascots, pictorial, abstract, and dynamic. Surprisingly enough, the design with figures can cover those unique types with some personal touch. 

In this part, the designer can learn about the best types that will fit the brand's style and vibe. Using numbers might limit the option, but it does not mean impossible. Wordmark can blend words and numerical features easily. Similar to monogram logo design that has its simple and direct approach to every element. And when it is not enough, working with combination types will provide a solution. 

At some point, working with emblems provides a bold styling to the logo. You can put some imagery, digits, and the initial to make it stand out. How about a pictorial and many other visual-heavy designs? In this case, you can always think outside the box. Maybe adding some remix and customization on the numerical elements to make it turn into symbolic imagery. 

Created by Sava Stoic |


6. Create Distinct Customization

Remix and customization help create the already used ideas into your own. In this case, as a designer, you have the chance and possibilities to make the works look more unique. You can change up the copy, font, and size. Adding imagery or symbols to the logo, changing some aspects until the design shouts out the real brand of your product. 

Thousands of free numbers logo design inspirations are available on the internet. Take your time and work with more than one design to figure out the best number's logo designs. You can try different styling, adding flair or a unique perspective to it. Such as Bio & Beauty sign that uses 2b for their logo. Two wolves also use a unique rendition with the symbols forming the number 2.  

Customization comes in varying possible ideas. You might want to alter the fonts, color, shapes, or anything. But there are also ideas on mixing the use of imagery and numbers. Tale is an example of using 3D visuals for the digits and the logo. You can also use familiar aspects of the product, such as ruler, leaves, or anything to form the intended numerical element. 

Created by Tamari Chabukiani |


7. Make Sure It's Easy To Read

Creating a logo with numbers on the design comes in varying possibilities. However, the key to success is to keep everything readable. Doing overboard with your work only makes the emblem harder to remember, lose its purpose, and hard to read. This is where you, as a designer, can ask for some feedback and a second opinion on your project. 

The ideal logo design is something that people will understand and quickly remember. You, as the main designer, will always understand the meaning since you are the one that has done all of the thinking processes. But how about others? People might have to turn the design around, look at different sides, or others act just to understand yours. 

Try to take the input and ideation from people. It is not only about good or bad but how the numbers logo design can help deliver the brand's identity. Ask whether the number, design, or logo representative is clear to see. Try to put it in a different location and get some input and feedback. If the logo is readable, the work you make is bound to success.

Created by George |


8. Playing Around With Color 

Similar to fonts, color has a huge effect on design impressions. Color has its specific theory, which explains and explores how every hue can evoke psychological effect and meaning. Take an example of blue, the most popular and universal color to use. It is a great color for a logo design that is directed to a vast and major audience. 

But that will change when the color elements used on the design or logo are pink or black. Pink is associated with femininity, femininity, and a bright atmosphere. It would be the opposite for a sign that uses black in its design. The color accentuates grim but also class. Using the ideas for your numbers logo design can be a solution to make an impression on the audience.  

Created by ApplexDesign |


9. Create A Personality 

Personality and flairs are some additions to logo design that help accentuate a unique aspect of the brand. Take an example of Ok, ABC 6 from Pinterest by Makarov. The designer has good humor skills and design capabilities shown in their work. The logo itself composes geometrical shapes arranged to create a symbol of 6 while also adding a hidden meaning. 

The hidden meaning is the symbol of the hand finger model of Ok. It is where the thumb and index finger form an o, while the rest are straight up. The unique design blends both meanings in one work, creating a fun personality for the project. It is something that designers need to imagine and create in the process. 

Try to think outside the box and add some personality to make a unique feat on the numbers. As an example, you can use the shadow of one to make a classy vibe. Creating the work with handwriting technique is also bound to help create a unique flair to the process. You can use brushes and imitate the paper fold, human movement, imagery, or symbols. 

Created by Drasko Stamatovic |


10. Test The Logo In Different Sizes

Don't forget to keep the design file scalable and resizable. Scalable and resizable is one of the crucial aspects of digital images, which relate to the use of PNG files. As you use the PNG, it will help improve the usability of the image. It is bound to have a smaller file size, will not lose its quality upon scaling up or down, and will look the same for printed or digital uses. 

Created by George Bokhua |


Final Words

Making a logo design will always start with exploring and learning about the brand and company. The information found in the process is the guidance in developing the design, including assessing the audience, delivering the values, and picking the best association with numbers, colors, and other elements. 

No matter what kind of elements, styles, or types are used for the numbers logo design, the key is to keep everything significant. Significant means the numbers and the brands will have a similar meaning, delivering the real message without losing its unique aspect. This is where you, as a designer, need to learn numeral meaning or association so it won't wreak havoc in the market. 

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