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Article: 30 Best Slab-Serif Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Slab-Serif Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

It's always challenging to create an identity that is classy and strong.
Check out some of the best slab-serif logo design ideas for your projects!
Created by Yosbrands |

Welcome, fellow graphic designers, to our latest dive into the world of typeface — the realm of "slab-serif logo design ideas". As an all-embracing community of creatives, we know you're as crazy about innovative design techniques as we are. Slab serif, with its bold, unapologetic style, has been capturing our imaginations and adorning our designs lately. A perfect blend of classic and contemporary, it's a must-explore for those seeking fresh, engaging ways to tell their brand stories.

Despite its retro roots, slab-serif is no relic. Its versatility and impact make it an excellent choice for various industries, from tech startups to artisan coffee shops. The power of slab serif lies in its ability to inject character and anchor a brand's identity, making it a go-to design element in the ever-evolving graphic design landscape.

In this article, we'll provide a treasure trove of slab-serif logo design ideas, cleverly merging the tradition of print with the dynamism of digital. We'll explore how to use slab serif to its fullest potential, making your designs not only visually appealing but also strategically effective. It's time to dive into the deep end of design ideas and let slab-serif shake up your creative process. So grab your design toolkit, and let's jump in!


1. Nick Ugre

Created by Nick Ugre |

The logo mainly uses the inial as the main material used. It has N and K to be arranged in such an interesting way to create a symbol for the logo. It uses bright colors, a full orange on the background and white for the symbol. The font choice also plays an important role in making it more interesting.



Created by Pixel Surplus |

A simple logo that only involves the element of a letter is often chosen both by the logo designer and the brand owner. This is because it's easier to convey the message of the brand itself. In that case, the designer commonly plays with the font and the color choices to make it still eye-catching. And Marmo logo concept has applied this principle well.


3. The John Wayne Story

Created by magazinelettering |

John Wayne is one of the legendary actors in Hollywood. He was famous for his classic silent movies. This logo is dedicated to this person, and to make people focus on his story, his name was made in a very large size of the font so that it almost covers all spaces available in the logo.


4. OK!

Created by Cahya Sofyan |

First of all, the bright yellow has absorbed the attention for sure. Then you'll see the OK! Though it is a bit covered by the walking saxophone. Apparently, it's the logo for the saxophone recital, and the message is to tell people that they will see" OK" performances.


5. work_and_turn_collective

Created by Cut The Mustard |

As the brand name suggests, it has a mustard color for the background of the logo. The smartest thing about this logo, it cuts the black bars where the phrase "Cut the mustard" is there. The cut parts are literally cut by the letters. What a concept!


6. Yosbrands

Created by Yosbrands |

Simplicity often requires deep thought. That's also what happens in creating a logo. A simple logo often demands the designer to put a clear message upon a single picture or a word, and that's definitely a hard job. How can an idea be portrayed by a single material? Well, using the initial is one of the choices. This logo is one of the examples. The initials of the brand name in a logo will make the logo do its job easily.


7. Dolce Vita Helsinki

Created by Mika Melvas |

From the picture, we can see that the brand is for the B&F business. Then, as you read what is written on the logo, you'll know that your first thought is correct. It is a logo for a bar. The minimalist logo with a black-and-white theme has been the major point in creating an impression that this is not a regular bar but it is an elegant one.


8. Bloom House

Created by Mika Melvas |

Bloom House is a flower shop that serves you any kind of flowers and bouquet for any occasion. The logo has clearly told you everything about the business itself. The soft color is used to tell that every flower arrangement is made in an elegant way.


9. Little Tokyo

Created by typeji |

You can see that the designer plays a lot in the choice of the fonts here. The simple logo has only mentioned the name of the brand and its location. Therefore you cannot find many elements there. In that case, to attract people's attention, the logo uses an attractive font style. In addition, to show its location, instead of telling where it is, it tells you the latitude and longitude. Such an interesting idea!


10. Fosters

Created by Chris Ganz |

You'll see the F and a shoe as the symbol of the logo. If you still don't catch the idea, then the words written below the symbol will surely help you understand. It's a western wear center with "Fosters" as the brand name. After you see both elements, you just find out what is meant by the logo, right?


11. Flylow

Created by Brad Simonds |

Typography is an important element in creating a logo, especially if the logo uses a lettermark type. As the main material of the logo, the letters should be created in such a way as to make the logo memorable. This logo is one of the best examples of a logo that uses great typography. Combined with a picture of a hill, Flylow has made the logo work well to attract people's attention.


12. Rebel Raid

Created by magazinelettering |

Again, typography is important here. The designer has tried to impose the brand name using a serif family font in a particular way so that it will be an eye-catching logo. Since it's the only material to be used, something extraordinary should be done for this logo.


13. Sun

Created by Slava Antipov |

A complicated logo commonly takes a bit longer of time to understand. But what people should understand is that the process even needs much longer to finish. This creation involves three letters in the design. And to make it as interesting as you can see in the result, there's a great effort to be put into it.


14. Brilliant

Created by Fieldtrip |

As brilliant as its name, the logo comes in a simple and brilliant way. It is brilliant in the way of selecting the font and color. It is also brilliant how to place the letters in the right place so that it leaves no blank space.


15. Ruffian Rose

Created by chadpanic |

Coming in a large size of the font, the logo is pretty intriguing. Since the name is Ruffian Rose, you don't see any roses in the logo. But then, if you see the logo closely in every letter, there are some decorative items on it. It is not so clear, but it is shown in sheer, or it is the effect of the background. The background itself shows a mountainous landscape, representing that this logo is for those who love to explore nature and have the adventure of it.


16. Howdy Y’all

Created by Kristen Harlin Tolentino |

The bright color is often used to attract people's attention. This logo also uses bright colors so that people will be easily interested to see it. The words are deliberately stacked upon each other for certain purposes. People will look at it longer to find what is exactly written there. In that way, people will then remember it.


17. Salto

Created by Joana Redondo Santos |

A logo that uses letter mark type often comes in a simple design. One of the ways to keep it interesting is by playing with the color and fonts. Some other smart designers will use another element that they can use, such as the background. Not only playing with the background color, but the designer may also play with the texture. And this logo is one of the best examples of that.


18. Odeio Rodeio

Created by Pixel Surplus |

The big size of the font and bright red color should be enough for a logo to be attractive. More than that, the logo also uses the phonemes as another charming element of the logo. As you can say, all the elements work well to do the job of a logo.


19. Charlotte Dukes

Created by Michael Danger |

Charlotte is the name of one of Great Britain's queens, and the Dukes is one of the knighthoods in England. So, no wonder that the symbol involves a crown. Around the crown, there's a pentagon shape which is complete. As a matter of fact, this incomplete pentagon is shaping a letter C, the initial for Charlotte.


20. Cowboyslang R

Created by HvD Fonts |

The big R is the only symbol used in the logo. It is not a regular R. However, it has a little flower on it. The flower is on the up-right position of the R. The designer maximizes the use of the blank space and makes the R the only material to be paid attention to.


21. Tokyo Japan 1975

Created by alan_cheetham_ |

The logo has applied basic serif font with some additional decoration. This may make the letters on the logo more beautiful and stylish, but surely it takes a bit longer for people to understand what is written. The different colors of the materials used will be another reason why people want to look at it.


22. Wordmark

Created by Daniel Bodea |

The ambigram style is applied in this logo. It's a bit tricky design to be applied if you don't have a strong concept for it. However, this logo is successfully executed so that the result is nice, sleek, and elegant to be seen.


23. Mr.Gutter

Created by upperbrandmarketing |

This logo is perfect for the underwater piping business. The slogan said, "Seamless eavestroughs", shows that it is safe for you to have the pipe from the brand because it provides you with the best product that is very smooth so that you can even hear the sound of the water flowing.


24. Better Spaces

Created by Ardyana Types |

Both picture and the letters tell everything about the brand and the business. There's nothing else to say; only by looking at the logo should everyone know immediately what it is about.


25. Bombs Away Vodka

Created by Coric Design |

The vodka brewer has a great imagination by having the logo for its brand. Look at the picture, and you'll know how great that imagination is. Whether the concept comes from the owner or the logo designer, it, indeed, is such great work.


26. Songbird

Created by Paul von Excite |

Simple and elegant is how the logo. Using a simple but clear font is a great choice to keep the logo simple. Clarity is also another aspect to be considered so that the logo can deliver the message without any ambiguity to the audience.


27. Whitetail Landscaping

Created by madecreativesolutions |

Though the name is "Whitetail Landscaping", you will not find a tail; instead, you will find a deer with decorative horns. But, there's a kind of deer which is called whitetail deer. This animal is originally from America, so by putting the picture as the logo, the owner of the brand wants to show people where the brand comes from.


28. Unionwell

Created by Ilham Herry |

The logo is apparently a logo for the riders club. First of all, you can see the shape of the logo. Then, you can see what color is chosen by the designer. The type of logo is commonly used by the riders club. Some spooky and fierce impressions are tried to be displayed in this logo.


29. Mounteam

Created by Yosbrands |

Taken from the words mountain and team, the word mounteam is used as the name of the club. It is a mountain biking club that has a logo. The symbol has the view of the mountain and the pine trees, while the color has the power and the spirit of the bikers who join the club.


30. LBA Monogram

Created by Andy Boice |

Monogram type is another complicated concept to be executed. It is because you should be careful in arranging the letter so that it has a new shape and a new meaning which doesn't leave the main message of the brand. Experience and smartness are entirely needed in the process of making such a design. And this logo is one of the successful execution of it.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is a slab-serif logo design?

A slab-serif logo design is a popular style in graphic design that features bold and thick letters with rectangular serifs. Slab-serif typefaces have a strong and sturdy appearance, making them ideal for creating a sense of stability and confidence in a brand's identity. These logos often convey a sense of reliability and strength, making them suitable for industries like technology, finance, and manufacturing. Slab-serif fonts come in various styles, from modern and geometric to vintage and retro. When creating a slab-serif logo design, it's essential to balance the boldness of the typeface with other design elements to ensure clarity and legibility.

Why do businesses use slab-serif logo designs?

Businesses often choose slab-serif logo designs for their branding because of the unique characteristics and benefits they offer. Slab-serif fonts exude a sense of strength, stability, and reliability, making them perfect for industries like technology, finance, and manufacturing. These bold and thick letters with rectangular serifs make a powerful statement and capture attention. Slab-serif logos can convey a timeless and classic appeal while still maintaining a contemporary touch. Additionally, slab-serif typefaces offer excellent legibility across various sizes and mediums, ensuring that the logo remains recognizable and impactful.

Which design styles are often used to create slab-serif logo designs?

When it comes to creating slab-serif logo designs, there are several design styles that graphic designers often utilize. One popular approach is a modern and geometric style, which emphasizes clean lines and precise shapes. This style is well-suited for industries such as technology and architecture. Another common style is a vintage or retro-inspired design, which adds a touch of nostalgia and charm to the logo. This style is often used for businesses looking to evoke a sense of heritage or craftsmanship.

Which business niches often use slab-serif logo designs?

Slab-serif logo designs find their place in a variety of business niches, adding a touch of strength and credibility to their brand identities. Industries that commonly employ slab-serif logos include finance and banking, where the bold and sturdy typefaces evoke a sense of trust and reliability. Technology companies often opt for slab-serif logos to convey a modern and robust image. Additionally, manufacturing and construction businesses embrace slab-serif designs to emphasize their solidity and durability. Retail brands, especially those focusing on vintage or retro aesthetics, also find slab-serif logos appealing.

Are there any perks or benefits when using slab-serif logo designs?

Absolutely! Slab-serif logo designs offer several perks and benefits. Firstly, they exude a sense of strength and stability, making them ideal for industries like finance, technology, and manufacturing. These bold and thick letters with rectangular serifs command attention and convey reliability. Slab-serif fonts also have excellent legibility, ensuring the logo remains clear and recognizable across various sizes and mediums. Moreover, slab-serif designs can add a timeless charm to a brand's visual identity, appealing to both modern and vintage aesthetics.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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