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Article: 30 Best Ambigram Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Ambigram Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

An ambigram is a fascinating study of symmetry, illusion, and how we read words in multiple directions.
Check out some of the best ambigram logo design ideas!
Created by Martin Schmetzer |

Ambigram logo designs are a unique form of visual representation that incorporates symmetrical or mirrored typography, allowing the same word or phrase to be read in different ways from different orientations or angles. These designs have gained popularity in recent years due to their ability to captivate viewers and create a sense of intrigue. The background of the ambigram logo designs can be traced back to a combination of artistic exploration, linguistic manipulation, and technological advancements.

The appeal of ambigram logo designs lies in their ability to engage and challenge the viewer. When presented with an ambigram, the viewer is encouraged to explore the design from different angles and orientations, deciphering the hidden meanings or messages embedded within it. This interactive aspect of ambigrams creates a sense of intrigue and captivates the viewer's attention, making the design memorable and impactful.

In addition to their visual appeal, ambigram logo designs also showcase the creative potential of typography as an art form. By manipulating letterforms and playing with their symmetrical properties, artists and designers can transform a simple word or phrase into a visually dynamic and thought-provoking design. Ambigrams demonstrate the versatility and expressive power of typography, pushing the boundaries of traditional letterforms and challenging our perception of language.

Here are some of the best ambigram logo design ideas you can reference:


1. DG Ambigram

Created by Shane |

This is one of the logos that pays attention to the symmetrical aspect a lot. The letter D and G are perfectly symmetrical, so it has made such a great ambigram logo design. When you fold it right at the axis center then, you will find that both letters match each other.



Created by Arda Design Studio |

Symmetry is the main point to be highlighted in the Ambigram logo design, and this logo has successfully executed it. The letter K and Q are designed artfully so that both are alike. If you do not pay attention closely, then it's likely impossible for you to tell the difference.


3. Brice

Created by Sean Brice |

Happen to believe in yin and yang? The designer might be one of those who does. Or, the best guest you can make that he is an admirer of its symmetrical shape. Therefore, he uses it as the background of the logo design he created. The letter C is intentionally created like the upside-down R so that it meets the symmetry point.


4. Fialho

Created by Josué Delazeri |

Once you see the logo, the rusty look will give you an ancient or vintage nuance. If you are a modern person, then this logo will not suit your taste at all. But for those who like to get a vintage and dark touch, then this logo will be the perfect choice. The black and white color is just a great choice of color element to uphold the whole idea of the design.


5. Bojan Stefanovic Logoholik

Created by Bojan Stefanovic Logoholik |

This simple logo is created smartly. Just by utilizing the shape of a rectangle and very bold character, the logo has simply posed an excellent idea. The color choice strengthens the simplicity side and, at the same time, imposes the elegance of the design. Black and white has been known for its elegance and strong character, and you can see it clearly in this logo.


6. HNS

Created by creaziz |

Not many people are into the kind of ambigram logo design. It is because when creating it, you need a high imagination as well as creativity so that you can instill the symmetrical element into the logo. When it finished, not too many people understood what the logo meant. And many times, people get confused just to get the letters that are posed in the logo. However, when you do it elegantly, people will surely appreciate the work.


7. Awesome

Created by Jabir j3 |

Though Ambigram mostly focuses on the symmetrical shape, this logo has shown you that symmetry doesn't equal intricacy. Some simple letters with the right typography plus a little accent here and there will just give you the excellent Ambigram logo. And this logo is just the right example of that.


8. TA

Created by Tyler Anthony |

Tyler Anthony has formed a very nice logo that delicately shows his initials. If you don't look closely, you will only see a simple wave or simply a symbol of the dollar being upside down. However, Anthony has put his initials, T and A, into a form of art. Can you find it?


9. Kakha Kakhadzen

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |

It's quite difficult to get an idea of the logo created by Kakha Kakhadzen here. He played a lot with grids, and if you see closer, then the symbol put right in the middle formed the letter N. That N is also completed with the symbol of infinity, where people also call that shape a perfect symmetry.


10. George Bokhua

Created by George Bokhua |

The main idea of the Ambigram logo is a simple shape or symbol which is symmetrical. In this logo, that element has shown you what an ambigram logo is. The logo is mainly containing the letter S as the main symbol presented. However, instead of presenting a mere S, you can see how the S is artfully and nicely created into a logo.


11. 4 Hans

Created by Awoga Ranger |

A good logo should be able to convey the message to the audience. And this could be achieved by applying a simple design so that every people who see it will immediately understand the message. This logo is one of the ambigram logos, which instills simplicity as the main feature of the logo. The logo designer has played beautifully with only lines and formed it into such a beautiful work.


12. maxew

Created by MATEEFFECTS |

When you're looking for perfect symmetry of an ambigram logo, then this one is just a perfect choice. The word "maxew" is designed in such a way that even if you see it upside down, you will still read it "maxew". This design would benefit a lot in the placement of the logo. It enables you to put it in any direction, and still, people won't make any mistake in mentioning it.


13. Sysderma

Created by Afifudin Zuhri |

It only uses the initial "S" as the main material of the logo. However, this simple S is beautifully crafted in a very delicate way. Yet, it still imposes the clarity of the letter S so that anyone familiar with the product would acknowledge easily that the logo belongs to Sysderma.


14. Shark Ambigram

Created by Awoga Ranger |

This ambigram of sharks is perfect for an organization that cares a lot about the sea lives, especially the shark population. Using this logo would directly tell people that the organization is one of those who fight for the shark's slaughtering and hunting. The picture of twin sharks has sharply sent a message to those who see it for the first time.


15. Meow

Created by Ian Barnard |

Who doesn't like cats? Well, this cute animal has been one of the most popular pets owned by people throughout the world. If you have a pet shop, or you are a veterinarian who works a lot with pets, then you should consider this logo to be put on your board.


16. David Mondragón Studio

Created by David Mondragón |

Again, the combination of black and white in a logo has brought some significant power to the design. As you see it, you will get a firm portrait of the logo immediately. The symmetry, the main element to be highlighted, has played an important role in making the logo more eye-catching. As people get closer to looking at it, they would be more curious about what it is about. And that intriguing point would make it more interesting.


17. Ayos & Kartlos

Created by Igor Borisenko |

Simple typography, simple and calm color, and little decorations are the best elements that you can find in this logo. With this simplicity, people will easily recognize it at once; and that's the main power of the logo.


18. Alvaro

Created by Alvaro Montoro |

Ambigram logo designs, which pose symmetrical shapes as the main element, have always utilized the black and white theme to support each other element to gain one solid idea. This perfect symmetry also used black and white color to get the real feel to deliver the audience.


19. Grim

Created by Jake Dunham |

Another perfect symmetry logo here is the Grim. Whether you look at it in a way or upside down, you will still have the same shape and spelling. This type of logo is perfect to avoid people misunderstanding or mispronouncing your logo. Using this design, people will call your logo the right way, even if they see it upside down.


20. Ryan Johnsen

Created by Ryan Johnsen |

The letter R and J are not common letters to be used in ambigram design. Instead, letters like N, M, and W are a lot more common to be used since they have symmetrical characters. However, Ryan Johnsen has found an artistic way to create an ambigram logo using the letter R and J., And the result is not disappointing at all.


21. 23

Created by Szymon Golis |

How could you think that these two numbers can be used in an ambigram design? Well, a good designer like Szymon just knows how to do it right. As you can see here, using the right typography for the numbers and putting some blank space in the middle part of those numbers creates just a great illusion of the pictures.


22. WM

Created by Chintak Shah |

These two letters, M and W, are great choices for making an ambigram design. Both letters have symmetrical characters naturally, so with a little touch of the designer's skill, the logo will be the perfect example of an ambigram logo design.


23. USA

Created by Mark Farris |

Using the right typography, you can interchangeably use the letter U and A, and that's the key to success in making it an ambigram design. Putting the S in the middle, right between the U and A, will help you create a symmetrical shape better.


24. Maximum World

Created by Lucas Fields |

As it is stated earlier that the letters M and W are commonly used in ambigram design, the Maximum World logo here also uses the two letters M and W. With the help of some lines and curves; the logo has made the world in the perfect coordination of the M and W. The background has also supported the theme which is brought in the logo. It helps you create your imagination about the world.


25. Notre Tattoo

Created by Martin Schmetzer |

Tattoo designers should be acknowledged as an artist too. They work artistically with various pictures, shapes, symbols, and colors and how to apply them right to the human body. This logo for the tattoo spot is just great. Simple, artistic, and intriguing; such a piece of artwork.


26. Noir

Created by MisterShot |

Mistershot has created a simple logo yet very sweet. The choice of typography and the color are just a perfect match to each other. Simple font yet elegant, plus the golden color, has highlighted how excellent this work is. No need for more explanation when people get captured as they see this work at once.


27. Omnium

Created by Omnium |

Letter S is also another common choice of letter for the ambigram design. It can be simply put as an S, or it is often crafted in many different ways so that it will give the audience a little harder time to think about what it means. Either way, the S has just the choice that generates people's interest in the ambigram designs.


28. NT

Created by Jeroen van Eerden |

Now, let's take a look at the letter N. Have you also seen it many times for an N in ambigram designs? Well, it has symmetrical character as well, and therefore, no wonder people use it a lot in ambigram designs. This time, the letter is accompanied by the letter T, and in Jeroen Van Eerden's work, both letters can work together very well to create a nice ambigram logo design.


29. 39 Ambigram

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |

How do you find both numbers in a symmetrical system? Well, you should see this work then. Look at how numbers 3 and 9 can be created into an ambigram design so that you can see "39" from any direction you see it. Don't you think this concept needs a very high level of thinking skill from a designer?


30. Kakha Kakhadzen

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |

The main idea of the logo uses the letter N as the main symbol. It, then, modifies into something more like a windmill. The orange has brought freshness to the logo, so when you want to use it as the logo for your profitable business, then that would be a good choice.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is an ambigram logo design?

Ambigram logo designs are visual representations that incorporate symmetrical or mirrored typography, allowing a word or phrase to be read in different ways from different orientations. They are a unique form of design that captivates viewers and creates intrigue. Ambigram logos have gained popularity for their ability to convey multiple meanings or messages, engage viewers, and create memorable and visually appealing designs. By manipulating letterforms and playing with their symmetrical properties, artists and designers can transform a simple word or phrase into a visually dynamic and thought-provoking logo.

Which colors are commonly used in the ambigram logo designs?

The choice of colors in ambigram logo designs can vary depending on the specific brand, industry, and desired aesthetic. However, there are certain colors that are commonly used to enhance the visual impact and legibility of ambigrams. Black and white combinations are popular choices, as they provide a classic and clean look, emphasizing the symmetry and form of the design. Additionally, contrasting colors like red and blue or complementary colors such as orange and blue can create a striking effect and enhance the visibility of the ambigram.

Which industry niche commonly uses ambigram logo designs?

Ambigram logo designs have found application in various industry niches, primarily in sectors where creativity, visual appeal, and unique branding are valued. The entertainment industry, including music, films, and gaming, often utilizes ambigrams to create captivating and memorable logos that reflect the dynamic nature of their content. Similarly, the fashion industry embraces ambigrams to convey style, elegance, and innovation. Ambigrams are also prevalent in the sports industry, where they can represent the duality of a team's identity or emphasize the competitive spirit.

What are the successful examples of ambigram logo designs?

There have been several successful examples of ambigram logo designs that have gained recognition for their creativity and visual impact. One notable example is the FedEx logo, where the negative space between the letters "E" and "x" creates an arrow, symbolizing speed and efficiency. Another renowned example is the Goodwill Industries logo, which features an ambigram that can be read as "goodwill" and "good work," reflecting the organization's mission of providing job opportunities. Additionally, the USA Network logo incorporates an ambigram that reads "USA" in one direction and "Characters Welcome" when rotated, capturing the network's diverse programming.

Which design styles are often used to create ambigram logo designs?

When creating ambigram logo designs, various design styles are commonly utilized to achieve visually appealing and balanced compositions. One frequently employed style is calligraphy, which emphasizes fluid and artistic letterforms that lend themselves well to symmetrical manipulation. Geometric styles, with their clean lines and precise shapes, are also popular choices for constructing symmetrical ambigrams. Additionally, typography styles like serif or sans-serif fonts provide a solid foundation for playing with letterforms and achieving symmetry. Some designers opt for decorative or ornamental styles to add intricate details and embellishments to their ambigrams.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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