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Article: 30 Best Letter S Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Letter S Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

If you do it right, a single-letter logo could become an iconic symbol!
Check out some of the best letter S logo design ideas we have curated for you!
Created by Antonio Calvino |

The logo of a brand has two main objectives. Firstly, it has to represent the brand to the target audience. Secondly, it must differentiate the brand from its competitors. Single-letter logos can achieve these objectives easily.

The reason is that single-letter logos are simple, easy to recognize, and flexible. Such logos are simple because they involve only a single letter. That doesn't mean your options to make a logo more attractive and visually appealing are limited.

They are easy to recognize because a single-letter logo is easy to remember for everyone. Also, they are flexible because it is much easier to adjust the design for different platforms and mediums. Skype's letter S logo design, for example, is more flexible than the word "Skype."

To show you how well letter S logo ideas can be, we have a list of 30 logo examples from designers from around the world below.


1. George Bokhua

Created by George Bokhua |

The first one is George Bokhua's letter S logo design. The design is as straightforward as a design can be: a stylized letter S in black and white. It is intriguing and grabs attention but still keeps things down to earth.

The letter S logo design's black and white contrast allows it to stand out and be memorable. In addition to that, the classic black and white show that sometimes less is more.


2. Yoga Perdana

Created by Yoga Perdana |

Black and white can do wonders. But so can other colors. Yoga Perdana's work here is an example of how multiple colors can make a statement, too. What's more, the logo here looks like a drop of water, which makes it even more visually appealing.

Notice the gradient color that flows smoothly from the top of the letter S to its bottom. It looks interesting, but it does so without being visually overwhelming.


3. Bojan Oreskovic

Created by Bojan Oreskovic |

A logo must stand out and be unique. However, that doesn't mean you have to fill every space available. If anything, you can utilize the white space to make it more interesting. 

Just look at Bojan Oreskovic’s work. The brand's visual representation is emphasized by the empty space in and surrounding the letter S. The white space draws attention to it, allowing it to stand out and make a statement about the brand.


4. Star Shine Sun

Created by Mihai Dolganiuc |

Each color communicates a certain emotion. Yellow and orange, for example, send a message that the brand is friendly and cheerful. The color selection works well for Mihai Dolganiuc's Star Shine Sun letter S logo design. 

The letter S is shaped like a star or sun. The colors further emphasized that and, at the same time, sent a message of friendliness and cheerfulness to the audience. The design is simple yet memorable.


5. Gert van Duinen

Created by Gert van Duinen |

On the one hand, a logo needs to be as simple as possible. On the other, it must represent a brand well. Gert Van Duinen's work here strikes the right balance.

The design is amazing. Yet, it still keeps things simple. You can immediately notice the letter S as you admire the intriguing shapes. In addition, the contrast between the letter S logo design background and the logo makes it hard to miss.


6. Syre

Created by Second Eight |

Second Eight created a design for Syre, a conceptual cybersecurity company founded by ex-hackers. Notice the shape of the logo. It is a letter S stylized to look like an eye. This tells the targeted audience what the brand is all about.

It also uses black and white, which emphasizes the company's seriousness in keeping its customers safe from cyberattacks. The design is also scalable, which means it works across various platforms and mediums.


7. pixtocraft

Created by pixtocraft |

Geometrical shapes are convenient, meaningful, and most importantly, easy to remember. So, using them for your brand's logo is certainly a good idea. Pixtocraft's work here shows how geometrical shapes can be used for a lettermark design.

Notice how the letter S comprises two almost full circles intersecting each other. This creates a quite unique look. In addition to that, the white and teal contrast with the blue background, creating a hard-to-miss focal point.


8. Richard Spaans

Created by Richard Spaans |

Richard Spaans combines the letter S and the shape of lightning for his work here. The result is a unique, attention-grabbing logo that no one can miss. On top of that, the logo also has colors that enhance its attractiveness further.

The bright green contrasts with the dark green, which effortlessly draws attention to the center. The white space compliments the overall design, making it looks less crowded, more spacious, and more minimalist.


9. João Augusto

Created by João Augusto |

Recognizability is one of the main aims of logo design. The more recognizable a logo is, the better. What's better to make it more recognizable than using familiar shapes that we know?

For his work, Joao Augusto uses the shape of a snake. You can notice the shape of "S" immediately from the slithering snake. The color selection is fine, as well. It makes the work more attractive and pleasant to the eyes.


10. Semon

Created by Demo paityn |

Demo paityn's Semon logo is one of the letter S logo design ideas that utilize geometrical shapes. In this case, the letter S is superimposed over a circle. Notice how the two have different colors. The "S" is pink, while the circle is light blue. When they intersect, they combine into the blue.

What's interesting about the design is that the geometrical shapes work with just white and blue. It is simple but works effectively.


11. Lucian Radu

Created by Lucian Radu |

Lucian Radu's work is an excellent example of simplicity and clever use of white space. The design comprises black rectangles in varying sizes. These rectangles are arranged to form the letter S.

What's really amazing about the work is how simple and minimalist it is. Despite its simplicity and minimalistic design, the logo stands out easily, making a statement that represents the brand. The white space highlights the rectangles, allowing them to shine.


12. Skylab

Created by Roxana Niculescu |

Roxana Niculescu's work ticks all the right boxes. It is simple, flexible, and easy to remember. This work here showcases "S" as two separate shapes divided by an airplane.

The text comes in white, while the background is light blue. This creates a soft contrast that draws attention. When you look at the work, your attention is immediately pulled to the center, telling you what the brand is and what the brand stands for.



Created by Tamara Radke |

The next letter S logo design, blue, is a work by Tamara Radke. The design is very interesting. There is a white circle that moves from a higher point to a lower one, creating the shape of "S" in its way.

On the one hand, the design creates a sense of movement, which tells something about the brand. On the other, it creates a single-letter logo that is simple, easy to be remembered, and recognized.


14. Ross Shafer

Created by Ross Shafer |

A logo is essentially a visual representation of a brand. As such, it needs to contain elements that tell the target audience what the brand is about and what it stands for.

Ross Shafer's work here comprises simple shapes. The "S" is two halves of a globe connected by a diagonal line. This conveys a message to the audience that the brand is operating internationally and/or serving customers from all around the world.


15. Md Motaleb

Created by Md Motaleb |

Unlike other ideas on the list, MD Motaleb's work is shaped by white space. Notice how the light blue and purple objects connect and create S-shaped white space in their midst.

The background is violet, which not only balances the light blue, purple, and white but also draws attention to them. It is interesting to note that while the design involves many colors, it is not to the point of becoming visually overwhelming.


16. Strell

Created by Fahim Khan |

Fahim Khan's work for Strell is on the minimalist side with a modern touch. The first aspect you will notice is its simplicity. The violet contrasts with the black, making the "S" noticeable.

The "S" itself comprises two 90-degree angles with a curvy line connecting them. These familiar shapes make the logo easy to remember. In addition to that, the white space between the angles and the curvy line adds a touch of sophistication.


17. samera

Created by samera |

When done right, multiple colors can make a logo much more interesting. Samera's design for Sbeny here proves that. Notice that not only the work involves multiple colors, but it also involves geometrical shapes.

This unusual combination results in an eye-catching letter S logo design that no one can ignore. The white background compliments it further, allowing it to stand out and shine. The gradient of colors inside the "S" is a nice touch.


18. Sumon Yousuf

Created by Sumon Yousuf  |

Sumon Yousuf's work also involves geometrical shapes and multiple colors, but it is done in a different way. The logo comes in white and light gray. Meanwhile, the background comprises a group of color gradients. The juxtaposition results in a design that is visually appealing and quite easy on the eye.

Geometrical shapes are convenient to use. Here, it makes the design meaningful and easy to recognize. The colors make it more attractive.


19. Syantex

Created by Majarul Islam |

Ideally, a logo should work even if it is not colored. Majarul Islam's logo design for Syantex is an excellent example of that. There are two versions of it. One version is in shades of blue, the other is in white. Both share the same shapes. Both have contrasting backgrounds.

When designing a logo, your initial focus should be on the shapes. After that, you can decide which color(s) fits your brand the best.


20. Creatheorys

Created by Creatheorys |

Creatheorys' design is straightforward and to the point. It looks like an oval sliced in two. Then, the two halves are stacked with their opposite sites intersecting.

The "S" has a unique shape. While it is attractive and visually appealing, the shape is still somewhat familiar and, thus, easy to recognize and remember. The color selection is amazing, too. The dominant colors are black and white, which are complemented by varying shades of gray.


21. Swinck

Created by Nupur Akther |

Although simplicity is the goal, it doesn't mean stylization is off the table. Neither is personalization. If anything, you can incorporate style, personalization, and simplicity in the design. Nupuk Akther's concept work for Swinck here shows that you can have them all.

The "S" here is formed by two irregular shapes. What's interesting is that the shapes are actually identical, only angled differently. They differ only in their presentation and the color they have.


22. Antonio Calvino

Created by Antonio Calvino |

If you want to add optical illusion to a brand's logo, you can take inspiration from Antonio Calvio's letter S logo design here. There is nothing unusual about the shape. However, the colors are a different story.

The design involves black and white but is utilized uniquely. Just look at how the classic color combination creates a spectrum with alternating lines of black and white. The result is a unique and unmissable logo.


23. Slick

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

There are reasons why many companies use blue for their logo. One of them is association. The color blue is associated with trust, knowledge, and accessibility. This makes the color an excellent choice for businesses' logos.

Color selection is, of course, not enough to make a good design. You need size and shape, too. Elif Kamesoglu's work here showcases just that: a logo with the right color, size, and shape. Simple, but it works.


24. Sencode

Created by Sumon Yousuf |

Aiming for simplicity doesn't mean you can't be creative with your brand's visual representation. On the contrary, you should be creative while keeping it as simple as possible.

This work here is created by Sumon Yousuf. It showcases how a logo can be both creative and simple. It involves only three elements: a circle and two L-shaped lines that form the "S." The main color is white, with shades of gray to complement it.


25. S Swirl

Created by Jeroen van Eerden |

Jeroen van Eerden's S Swirl design is not only attention-grabbing but also reminds us of a familiar shape. Namely, the infinity symbol. The letter S may not be immediately obvious, but it is there.

What's amazing about this brand's visual representation is the use of colors. Notice that the colors are different shades of purple. There is contrast, but it is subtle. As a result, the design is quite pleasant to look at.


26. Bojan Oreskovic

Created by Bojan Oreskovic |

There is nothing wrong with going bold. When executed properly, it can look good. Just look at Bojan Oreskovic's letter S logo design red here. The contrasting red and white makes the work more noticeable.

In addition, the red background allows the stylized S to shine and make a statement. Moreover, due to its simplicity, the brand's visual representation is scalable. It can be used in any size, be it small or large.


27. Omnium

Created by Omnium |

Omnium's work here is very minimalist, but it gets the job done. Red is a powerful color. This work immediately grabs attention. The gray background complements it even further. It is an interesting focal point that makes a statement about the brand.

The styling is quite impressive, too. It stands out, and since it doesn't involve intricate elements, the design is easy to remember. The simple design helps with its scalability, too.


28. Smista

Created by Imon Ahamed |

Imon Ahamed's concept logo design proves how lighter and darker colors can work together to make a brand's visual representation look good. While most ideas on the list use only a single color for the letter, the Smista design uses more. It uses gradients.

The color changes from black, violet, teal, and green to black again. This creates an interesting visual cue. Interestingly, the gradients of the circular lines that comprise the "S" are reversed.


29. Md Arif Hossain

Created by Md Arif Hossain |

Simple, clearly defined logos are great. But so are abstract ones. Abstract visual representations work very well for brands in the tech industry. It conveys uniqueness, innovation, and creativity. They work even better with bright colors and contrasts.

Look at MD Arif Hossain's amazing work here. The letter S logo design is abstract, but it embodies the spirit of uniqueness, innovation, and creativity so well. The color selection is very good, too.


30. Staffbe

Created by Ilya Gorchanyuk |

Light blue and white are excellent color combinations. It works wonders for just about any logotypes. Of course, that includes single-letter letter marks. This one here is Ilya Gorchanyuk's work for the brand Staffbe.

The design is rather minimalist and straight to the point. The letter S is stylized to make it stand out and more memorable. It does both well, but not at the cost of being visually overwhelming. A minimalist yet effective logo.


Final Words

Designing a logo is not an easy task. When designing a logo for your brand, be sure to take your time. If you work with a designer, make sure that you communicate what your brand is all about well. This way, you will have a logo that not only represents your brand but also makes it stand out.

Our list of ideas above should give you an idea or two about a letter S logo design. While they have the letter S as their main component, their other elements make them different, attractive, and visually appealing in their own ways.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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