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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Letter S Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Letter S Logo Design

If you do it right, a single-letter logo could become an iconic symbol!
Here are some tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic letter S logo design!
Created by Roxana Niculescu |

Just like others, the letter S logo design is loved by a lot of people. This is especially true if their company or product name begins with this initial. Are you one of them? One of the supporting aspects in developing a business is brand character and also the product.

This character can be delivered through a logo or unique symbol. Since the development of technology is so quick, making a picture is now easier. You may use it to make business activity smoother and easier.

That is included in creating an image for branding. Someone is able to make their own logo by learning and using various platforms on the internet. So many creative design options are available for free.

Created by samera |

This picture will describe your identity and make an entity clearer. The value of that icon could give an overview that the owners have a positive value and are trusted. Every shape is unique, and it differs from yours. This usually results in a distinguishing feature for the owner entity.

An example is a brand or even a company. It will make your corporation easier to be remembered by the people. That is why a businessman needs to think about this because their competitors will also do their best.

S could be a simple single letter that we see every day. However, the letter S variations are so numerous that you could use them as your logo.

Created by Antonio Calvino |

The paste is not the thing that we want to talk about here. It is better to be as creative as you can to make the icon interesting. In this case, you must consider many things.

Those are about the colors, font, background, and more. Finding the right and precise combinations is the key. Here are several tips for creating a letter S logo that you may follow.


10 Tips to Create a Good Letter S Logo Design:

  1. Find Good References
  2. Always Sketch First
  3. Good Brainstorm Makes A Good Outcome
  4. Prepare A Strong Concept
  5. Match The Design With Your Business
  6. Try Customising Fonts  
  7. Experiments With Design Techniques
  8. Apply Elements That Are Related To The Niche
  9. Use A Vibrant Color
  10. The "S" Has To Be The Main Star


1. Find Good References

From the explanation above, it has been explained that you may get various designs from the editor application or online platforms. It is especially the paid version that offers the complete collection.

However, if you are a beginner and don’t want to pay it first, there is still a smart action to take. The collections are available for free on the internet, and the amounts could be millions to create a letter S logo design.

Created by George Bokhua |

Use your gadgets to search for it. It will make your job easier because everything can be done straight from home. However, don’t copy or make exactly the same symbol as another business.

It is especially if this letter S design has been registered by a company. When they have a legal right to the ownership of that icon, people may not plagiarize it or use it without their permission.

That is why you should always check the basics of an image that you like. The safe way is only to use them as an inspiration. Then you may combine more than one design to create a unique symbol.

Created by Yoga Perdana |


2. Always Sketch First

Not all people are able to operate an editor app or platform quickly. A beginner needs more time to learn about that. That is normal, and don’t ever worry about that. If this is your case, it is better to make a sketch first. It is especially true if you draw inspiration from anywhere. It on a piece of paper will be beneficial and do it right away.

Because imagination can be easily erased or changed, you can draw the letter S design directly. A sketch doesn’t need to be perfect as long as you understand the concept.

Created by Mihai Dolganiuc |

Draw or write in more detail about every piece of information that is needed. Those are like the backgrounds, colors, size, fonts, and many more. After that, attempt to realize it digitally.

It is when someone must use the application that we are talking about. Don’t be in a rush if it is your first time using that. You can get any guide in order to know how to operate these apps properly.

If this is a new thing for you, it is better to start with something simple. Don’t use too many aspects in a letter S logo because it needs more time and energy to do that. Learning by doing is always better.

Created by Lucian Radu |


    3. Good Brainstorm Makes A Good Outcome

    Making an icon for a brand or company means we are talking about something visually. That image will be seen by other people out there. So what is the most important aspect of a letter S design?

    Yes, for sure, it is a color. As we know, there are so many different shades you may use. Since it is only a single character, it is better to choose a shade that is easy to notice.

    Choosing bright colors such as orange, red, purple, etc., could be great. However, if you want something that is more elegant, picking black, brown, or even gold is also great.

    Created by Omnium |

    How about the soft colors for this logo design? It is still possible to do that, but draw the outer line parts of this character with the contrast shades. The example is lilac for the inner part and black for the line.

    You can also play with the backgrounds. An example is placing a huge S letter above a round shape. In that case, someone should be able to give the right creativity and harmony.

    The ideas you may adapt are gold and black, white and red, etc. They are going to be amazing and eye-catching at the same time. Please learn about the psychology of colors first to make everything easier.

    Created by Creatheorys |


    4. Prepare A Strong Concept

    Nowadays, people are really helped with so much inspiration, which can be gotten easily from the internet. That is why you should not rule out the possibility. To make a logo, start with S.

    It is also a reason why you are recommended to use the best software or app, even if it is paid. Usually, they offer tons of designs and concepts that can not be gotten from other platforms.

    Created by Second Eight |

    Actually, there are numerous ideas you could implement right now. If you want to keep it simple, using the concept of monochrome will be good. The examples are in black and white.

    On the other hand, neon is a unique and interesting idea for a letter S logo design. As it is named, it will create a light-up concept for an image. That is why applying the dark background is better.

    Another idea is an S-letter with a 3-dimensional concept. That is going to make the icon look real. Besides that, some other inspirations are available, such as metallic, something classic, and so on.

    Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |


    5. Match The Design With Your Business

    Every business is different from one another. Those are from the capital, profits, system inside, process, services, cash flow, up to the logo which is used. An example is that the medical icon could be different from the shoe industry. That is why, in making the right symbol, make sure to match it with your products, services, or business.

    If you run a gaming counter, for example, the good letter S logo concept can look more masculine and elegant at the same time. Usually, dark colors such as red, dark blue, or black are applied.

    To attract people, you may also use the fonts that are used in a popular game. That will make people, especially gamers, acknowledge the service that you offer.

    Created by Nupur Akther |

    However, don’t forget to match everything to the target as well. The right illustration is that a symbol for a kids' clinic and a cancer clinic must be different. That must be separated from any other aspects.

    If kids are your target, the best character option must be something bright, funny, or calm. You may choose the right colors for that and be more creative by making an animated letter.

    It is great to add two eyes to that S symbol or give two hands to it. Meanwhile, if your target is the common people, you can make something simple and ready to read.

    Created by Tamara Radke |


    6. Try Customising Fonts

    Various kinds of software are available right now. They could be used to create any single character design option. Even though the functions are almost the same, they may have several differences.

    In this case, some software may be good to be used by beginners. However, the others could come with a full pack and are a little bit more complicated to operate, although the results are amazing.

    Created by Md Motaleb |

    So, choose the most suitable letter S logo design for you based on the situation. The example is that if it is for a beginner, choosing the free version is enough. The right app comes with various features.

    They come in many shapes, color options, designs, abilities, and more. Meanwhile, the paid version is more recommended for those who are looking for more facilities to give a better result.

    Usually, the paid version like this has more designs to offer and other useful abilities. Make sure to read the details first before you download. This is going to be advantageous for making a logo with only a single letter.

    Created by Ilya Gorchanyuk |


    7. Experiments With Design Techniques

    Have you ever tried the double entendre concept for a letter S logo design? "Double entendre" is a term used to describe an image that has two meanings. This trick can be used when you want to create a logo for a company.

    This is a smart strategy if you want to use only a single letter for an icon. In other words, you could say that this simple characteristic brought a clear meaning.

    The reason is, according to the words of Mayven Studios, the double entendre visual will give a smart and artistic impression to the result. The picture can give a brand name without the need to include it as text.

    Created by pixtocraft |

    It means that tips will make someone remember your icon easily. An example is if your brand’s name is STREAM. You may use an S character with blue as the dominant shade.

    After that, draw a stream or wave above that letter. Or, you could also place the stream in any position. However, make sure that this design for the S character still looks good to watch.

    Alternatively, if your company's name is STAR, The idea is to make an S that looks like it is flying or bouncing. Then add three or more little stars above that character.

    The aim is to create a real illusion and promote your brand at the same time. It is the concept of double entendre which we are talking about.

    Created by Majarul Islam |


    8. Apply Elements That Are Related To The Niche

    What is the meaning of this point? Using a single character as an icon can be too boring if you don’t use the right strategy. Meanwhile, there is also a possibility that people will ignore it.

    The reason is that they are distracted by some other things around them. That could be another picture, graphics, and so on. For this case, there is a simple trick that is worth trying.

    In order to make people focus on your letter S logo design, place it inside a shape. That can be a square, a round, or anything else. You may use a soft shade as the background.

    Created by Fahim Khan |

    Then for the main character, choose a bold color or a bright one. Don’t forget to think about some empty space too. The aim is to create a neat and clean impression on that.

    In other words, you can say that doesn’t make the design too full of lines, dots, or other aspects. After you make it, try to watch it for a while in order to make sure everything is okay.

    If you want to, asking for the opinion of others is also a smart thing to do. Make sure that they give an honest review of your design related to this character and fix it after that.

    Created by Md Arif Hossain |


    9. Use A Vibrant Color

    This idea has been adopted by so many huge brands in the world. The concept is using black for the letter or name of an icon. After that, create an image that is smaller and has a different color.

    This creativity is something that is out of the box. It looks fresh and different and can attract attention. Consumers or people will easily see your brand among others.

    Usually, it contrasts with black shades such as yellow, green, pink, or other options for your letter S. The example is the word "Thunder." You may write the term "thunder in black."

    Created by Richard Spaans |

    After that, draw a lightning bolt in orange or yellow above the term "thunder." That is what we call POP color. It is simple and easy to make as well, right?

    Don’t forget to suit it to your business. What we mean here is the type of your brand and the dominating color if you have it. Make it as interesting as possible.

    The concept of this brings great advice where effective creativity must be simple, memorable, and timeless. This has all of those requirements.

    One more tip is to use the customized font for the S letter in this case. That will make the result more unique and different than others. Tons of inspirations are available online or offline.

    Created by Bojan Oreskovic |


    10. The "S" Has To Be The Main Star

    This idea is so cool and out of the box. You have to try it, especially if you want to make a letter in your brand more dominant. This could be your business icon.

    The example for this case is a brand name: "Daisy." Let's say that it is the name of a medical clinic. The concept is to write the whole words: D A I S Y. Then make the S part more unique and different.

    Created by Bojan Oreskovic |

    You may make that S character here, in this case, bigger with different colors. After that, create a more creative shape by attaching a stethoscope symbol to that letter.

    Besides the size and style, a different position could be used too. You can make that dominant part italicized, a little bit higher, or even lower. Please ensure that it has the perfect look and combination.

    This is not only a smart option but also quite effective. People will directly know the name of your business. On the other hand, they also realize that it moves in the medical or health industry.

    Created by Demo paityn |


    Final Words

    Making a letter S logo may look easy and simple. However, somehow it could be more complicated than you think because you are not able to do too many combinations.

    Editing a single character like that needs creativity. Too much can make people confused, but too little could be boring. The design should be precisely made for this situation.

    You may follow the tips above to make your job better and more effective at the same time. When you have already made the right one, and your business has succeeded, consider registering that logo.

    Created by Sumon Yousuf |

    The aim is to legalize it and get the right to the icon that belongs to you. If other parties copy or use it without your permission, they may face legal consequences.

    Do you need to change it someday? Well, it depends on your needs. Some giant brands still used their symbols for more than 10 years, and it still looks cool. However, the rest changed it.

    However, changes like that are usually not that different from the original. It still uses the same color combinations and almost the same style. It just gets a small modern touch.

    You should know that changes like that have some consequences, good or bad. You should inform people again about that. So, making a timeless letter S logo design is more recommended.

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