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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Sunlight Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Sunlight Logo Design

Everybody just wants to have some sun!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic sunlight logo design!
Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

A graphic designer must be able to do any task from a client, including sunlight logo design. Receiving all difficult jobs from clients indicates that you are an expert and competent graphic designer.

Sunlight design can be used as the identity of a brand or brand of a product. So many people order this design or sketch to be used as a logo or symbol and their identity in running a business.

If you are still a beginner in the world of sketch, of course, you have to learn more about logo design tutorials that can make you more expert in carrying out your duties as a graphic designer.

Created by Aleisha Samek |

You also have to complete the logo design process from start to finish properly and correctly. That way, your name can be known by many people because it has the ability and quality that is qualified in the world of the sketch.

As we all know, professional graphic designers can earn large amounts of money in a short time. Of course, they don't just get it, but it takes a lot of struggle, starting from time, energy, and effort.

They must have spent time learning how to make a logo in detail. Because there is no instant success, everything requires a process to continue to develop to be better and better.

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

Sunlight logo itself is often ordered by customers to be used as their identity in doing business because it has many meanings and philosophies. Sunlight is one of the important things in our life.

Without it, the world would be pitch black, plants would not grow, and there would be no life on earth. For that reason, many entrepreneurs choose the symbol to be used as the identity of their merchandise. To make it, there are some tips that you can follow, as we have summarized below.

Although it sounds difficult if you want to learn and also try, of course, everything that is difficult can become easy. For that, see tips for creating a good symbol like a professional.


10 Tips to Create a Good Sunlight Logo Design

  1. Always Start From Sketch
  2. Make Use Of Symbolism
  3. Create a Meaningful Design
  4. Don't Forget To Provide Blank Space
  5. Consider A Timeless Design
  6. Experiment With Design Techniques
  7. Experiment With Fonts & Typography
  8. Choose A Proper Color Representation
  9. Test Logo In Different Sizes
  10. Always Check With Other People


Created by Tornike Uchava |


1. Always Start From Sketch

The first tip to creating the best sunlight logo design is to choose the best symbol maker software and one that you have mastered. You can use two software options, namely paid and unpaid.

Both types of software have their respective advantages. For paid software, you will usually get more complete facilities in the sketch field. However, you are burdened by monthly bills in using paid software.

Some examples of paid software are Google Sketch Up, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Scluptis, Blender 3D, and many others. Another advantage of the application or other software is the ease of use.

Created by Ryan Bosse |

So if you are still a beginner, you don't have to worry about the complexity of this graphic sketch application because paid sketch applications are very friendly to beginners who still want to learn.

Meanwhile, if you use a free sketch application, then you will get features that are a bit incomplete, but you can get it all for free without the need to pay anything.

Some graphic sketch applications that you can use are affinity designer, CorelDRAW, Canva, Krita, easily, and many others. Although the features they have are not as complete as paid applications, with these features, you can still create a good sunlight logo design that is liked by many people.

Created by Gøril Torske |


2. Make Use Of Symbolism

Then, the next tip is to take a picture that can represent a thousand words in it. Because the image will later be used on the product you are going to sell, so create an image that can represent the customer's symbol.

Logo design is a visual representation of a product that you are going to sell. By using a symbol, a product can communicate many things, ranging from the meaning of the product, and the use of the product, to the uniqueness of the product when compared to other brands or types.

Created by Sara Almadny |

Therefore, the second tip is to really understand the product you want to promote and its uniqueness because a good symbol should be able to explain the meaning of a brand and its products just by looking at the picture and also the color match.

Interestingly, the sunlight logo design can be used on any product because it is universal. Starting from food products and clothing to other products, you can use this sunshine symbol.

Buyers will also be able to easily differentiate your customer's ordered products from other competitors' products. In business itself, identity is one of the important things to have if you want to continue to survive and be successful.

Created by Zuzanna Grzyb |


3. Create a Meaningful Design

A good symbol should give identity to the product you are designing for. That way, the product can be more easily recognized and makes it easier for buyers to distinguish it from other people's competing products.

In addition, a good sunlight logo design can also help give the impression that the product you are designing is not a haphazard product, let alone cheap, because a good sketch can certainly reap praise from product buyers later.

For this reason, when creating your symbol, you should not be careless; it is not only color that needs to be considered, but other elements such as sentence fonts, numbers, and other symbol shapes you should also pay attention to.

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

Because the theme is sunlight logo design, which describes a life that would never exist without sunlight, the colors used are colors with bright tones and depict happiness.

So you are united with its meaning which is full of happiness and joy; you can use bright colors such as yellow, red, orange, and so on.

If you choose a color other than that, for example, black or gray, the meaning and color do not blend. This finally makes the final result ugly because the delivery of its meaning is not clear at all.

Created by Josh Warren |


4. Don't Forget To Provide Blank Space

Then, the next tip for creating a good sunlight logo design is to provide empty space in the area around the symbol. Surely you are wondering why is that? Shouldn't a detailed drawing be a good sketch?

A detailed picture with a complex picture is two very different things. Detailed drawings can be additional points in making a sketch. This can add to the uniqueness of your customer's symbol.

In contrast to detailed images, complicated images can actually be a minus point because buyers may find it difficult to recognize the product because the symbol is difficult to remember. Therefore, creating empty space around the symbol can help make it look cleaner and simpler.

Created by Dalibor Pajic |

That way, the sunlight logo design that you have created can become more visible and attract the attention of others because a simple but attractive symbol will certainly attract more attention from others.

A simple symbol can also make it easier for you to convey what products your customers sell and other unique features that they have. A symbol with its own sunlight sketch means depicting light and life that is suitable for use in any product.

Let's take an example, the symbol of one of the largest gadget companies in America, namely Apple. They only use the apple symbol, which has bite marks.

Created by Dalibor Pajic |


5. Consider A Timeless Design

One of the other benefits of having a lot of relationships in making a sunlight logo design is knowing the trend or style that is currently hype. This will be difficult for you to know if you do not have relationships with other people.

In fact, as the years go by, technology and trends in society are also developing. These developments inevitably have to be followed by you in making a good and up-to-date sunlight logo.

Therefore, try to always create a symbol that keeps up with the times or updates with trends that are currently well known. That way, customers can trust you because you have an updated sketch.

Created by Aine |

Customers who believe can increase their satisfaction and recommend your services to others so that they can bring in other new customers. So, as much as possible to provide the best sketch so that customers can feel satisfied.

To make a good sunlight logo design, You can mix and match it with a trending theme that year. For example, this year, there is a bright color trend, so don't ever hesitate to follow this trend.

However, it all also depends on the customer's request itself. Because a good graphic designer must also listen to requests from their customers, so don't be in a hurry to determine the style because everything still takes from the customer's wishes.

Created by Micael Micmas |


6. Experiment With Design Techniques

In the world of sketching, especially in symbol creation, there are many techniques to do it. One of them is the most up-to-date technique, namely the double entendre visual technique.

The double entendre visual technique is a sketch concept that uses two images as the main elements of the symbol so that the symbol looks simple but has two mixed meanings that are merged into one.

When creating a sketch with this technique, you can create a symbol by combining product ideas, uniqueness, benefits, and many other meanings into one image.

Created by Joëlle Majdalani |

The interesting thing is that this technique is able to present information about products from your clients without the need to include your name or text on the symbol. Not only that, but the visual double entendre is also able to present an artistic and intelligent impression.

By using a visual double entendre in order to make a good sunlight logo design, you also apply the previous tips, namely by following the times and using the most recent and cutting-edge technology in the field of the sketch.

The visual double entendre technique is also often used by graphic designers to create brand logos for food, clothing, and other brands. Because this technique can make the symbol look simpler but still unique, and there is a series of meanings in it.

Created by José Augusto Hykavy |


7. Experiment With Fonts & Typography

The last tip for creating a good sunlight logo design is to use typography as a sweetener. Logos that only present images without including text often confuse consumers.

For that, it is better for you to include writing, namely by including typography, as a complement to the image sketch that has been made. The writing on the symbol can also be an additional identity that distinguishes it from other products.

Typography is a combination of art and technique to organize writing so that the purpose and meaning of writing can be conveyed visually to readers or potential buyers of the product.

Created by Jason K Yun |
So having typography on the product can be a plus because its function can attract the attention of readers, create beauty, make it easier when read, and many other plus points.

Buyers will also be more interested in the products they use, having the unique typography of your sunlight logo design. This can be a sign that the sketch you make is not arbitrary and is done seriously with great accuracy.

Let's just take the example of typography owned by a soda drink manufacturer, namely Coca-Cola. Through their simple and unique typography, they managed to sell their products all over the world in large quantities.

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |


8. Choose A Proper Color Representation

Something that is no less important in the sunlight logo design is the choice of colors used. Why is it important? Because if you choose the wrong color, the symbol can become chaotic and lose its meaning or message that was previously conveyed.

Therefore, in tips for creating a good logo design, you must pay close attention to color in order to reap maximum results. Because the theme is sunlight, the color chosen is a bright color.

Created by Daniel Patrick |
However, there are also other colors that you can use to give the symbol a more cheerful impression. The most important thing is not to pick too many colors that collide too much, for example, red with black, yellow with brown, and so on.

To increase knowledge, in the world of sketching, colors are grouped into seven types, namely primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, neutral colors, hot colors, cold colors, and also complementary. All of these groups are certainly used by graphic designers to create custom order logos.

When making a sunlight logo design, you should use bright colors, or you can also use primary colors to make it look simpler but still attractive to look at and pay attention to.

Created by Tornike Uchava |


9. Test Logo In Different Sizes

In making a logo design, the next thing to consider is the product that will be attached to the symbol. For example, if your client has a business in the food and beverages sector, and wants to attach it to drinks, then the right symbol shape is a circle shape following the shape of the drink bottle cap.

In addition, you can also use other forms as long as they match the place where the symbol is affixed. So you can freely choose various forms according to your client's ordered products.

Then, in making a sunlight logo design, you must also consider the promotional strategy used for the product because every year is directly proportional to the development of technology.

Created by Helvetiphant™ |
This also applies to various marketing strategies, ranging from networking, namely with social media, webinars, and others. There are also other marketing strategies, namely digital marketing in the form of video marketing, for example.

Of course, this forces us to make a popular sunlight logo design and real sketch-like what is seen in the original item. That way, there will be a sense of trust between buyers and sellers who can make them loyal buyers of your client's ordered products.

For promotions using video marketing, you can consider doing a unique and striking color combination so that it can stand out on the target market's cellphone or laptop screen.


Created by Linsey Peterson |



10. Always Check With Other People

To be successful and successful in a field, the key is to keep learning so that you can improve yourself from mistakes. Likewise, in making sunlight logo design, never feel lazy to learn.

How to learn, you can use books, the internet, or by asking other graphic designers who are more senior. That way, you can continue to grow to be better and better.

By asking other people who are more senior, you can also find out more about the shortcomings of the logo design that you created earlier. Of course, you will not find this when you just do it yourself.

Created by Guilherme Vissotto |

This does not mean that you are incompetent at work because for the sketch alone, you have asked other people for help. In fact, it can further strengthen the ties of kinship and kinship between you and other friends.

The presence of other people in making the sunlight logo design can add new perspectives and can help evaluate what went wrong in the sketch you made earlier.

In addition, you can also add relationships with other graphic designers. Relationships are very important in running a job or business. When you have many relationships, you have the opportunity to get more graphic designer jobs than alone.

Created by Joshua Diaz |



In order to be able to create a symbol that is creative, unique, and authentic, it certainly takes a lot of practice. Therefore, never be lazy to keep learning new things in the world of the sketch.

So the tips for making a sunlight logo design are to use the best sketch software, create an image with a million words, create an empty space in the symbol to make it look clean and tidy, and the shape of the symbol must match the place where it is placed.

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

Then the other tips are not to make a mistake in choosing colors, create a symbol with meaning, don't be afraid to ask other people, create a symbol according to the times, learn various symbol-making techniques, and don't forget to use typography as a sweetener.

Although it sounds difficult, everything can be easy if you have a high willingness to learn and improve yourself. Professional graphic designers are also not born with talent, but they also start their careers from the bottom to get to the level they are today.

The happier customers are who have used your services, and then this will be one of the determinants that you will succeed in the world of the sketch. Making a sunlight logo design becomes easier if it is entrusted to a reliable graphic designer.

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