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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Reunion Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Reunion Logo Design

It’s comforting to embrace fun times and good memories.
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic silver reunion logo design!
Created by Damian Orellana |

Are you confused about the reunion logo design for the event you will be holding? Maybe the discussion in this article can be the answer to all the questions you have.

Reunion activities are always awaited by some people because at the event they can meet old friends who have not seen each other for a long time. At this event, they will usually hold a variety of exciting and interesting games.

To make the atmosphere even more exciting, they usually make an attractive gathering emblem to use on t-shirts or event banners. The symbol will generally have a bright color to add to the cheerful atmosphere of the meeting.

Created by Adam Johnson |

Maybe you are one of the people who like this activity, or even you are always the organizer of reunion activities. If so, you need reunion logo images to use in your event.

There are many types of this event, some of which are reunions with school friends or with family. For a school reunion, logo design will usually use the theme of the name of the school and the year they graduated.

The reunion itself has an understanding as a gathering between friends and family members who have been separated for a long time. In it, you can meet friends, ex-girlfriends, or maybe enemies who used to often fight with you.

Created by Abigael Tripp |

Then, for a family reunion, logo design will generally carry a family theme, or maybe you can use a large family photo as a whole to make a cute and interesting sketch. This activity is carried out by almost all countries, both from the continents of Europe, Asia, and America. 

All of these activities, of course, will be even more lively if the event organizers make t-shirts or affair attributes and wear a gathering emblem. A good sketch can make all participants present happy and enliven the affair.

Getting together and meeting old friends who haven't seen each other for a long time can always be fun. In fact, this activity can also relieve stress and severe depression. Because you can gather again with old friends and feel nostalgic. Here are tips on how to create a good emblem for gathering activity to enliven the meeting with your old friends.


10 Tips to Create a Good Reunion Logo Design

  1. Find Good References
  2. Start From A Paper
  3. Make Use Of Symbolism
  4. Don't Overcomplicate The Design
  5. Create a Meaningful One
  6. Choose A Vibrant Color Palette
  7. Don't Forget To Provide Space
  8. Consider A Timeless Design
  9. Discuss The Design With Your Peers
  10. Try To Use Mockup For Presentation


Created by Harvey Shepard |


1. Find Good References

This is probably the most often overlooked by most people. Visual double entendre is a sketch concept that uses two images as the main elements of the symbol so that the symbol can have two meanings that merge into one.

In making a reunion logo design using this technique, you can combine a place, concept, idea, event name, theme, and many others into one image.

So the symbol can look simple without the need to include too many color elements that can make it complicated. Designs that are too complex can take away the meaning that will be conveyed and make other people pay more attention to the complexity of the sketch than the essence of the event itself.

Created by Alexandre Dhiver |

The uniqueness of this technique is being able to present information about the brand without having to include the name of the event as text in the trademark. In addition, the visual double entendre is able to present an artistic and intelligent impression.

The visual double entendre technique is also often used by graphic designers to create brand logos for food, clothing, and other brands. Because this technique can make the symbol look simpler but still unique, and there is a series of meanings in it.

Created by Sidney Vlass Bernardo |


2. Start From A Paper

Then, the last tip for creating a good reunion logo design is to choose the best symbol maker software. You can use two software options, namely paid and unpaid.

Both types of software have their respective advantages. For paid software, you will usually get more complete facilities in the sketch field. However, you are burdened by monthly bills in using paid software.

Some examples of paid software are Google Sketch Up, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Scluptis, Blender 3D, and many others. Another advantage of the application or other software is the ease of use.

Created by Mark Fallis |

So if you are still a beginner and want to make a reunion logo design, you don't have to worry about the complexity of this graphic sketch application because paid sketch applications are very friendly to beginners who still want to learn.

Meanwhile, if you use a free design application, then you will get features that are a bit incomplete, but you can get it all for free without the need to pay anything.

Some graphic sketch applications that you can use are Affinity Designer, CorelDraw, Canva, Krita, easily, and many others. You can get the software or application easily just by downloading it on the internet.

Although the features they have are not as complete as paid applications, with these features, you can still create a good reunion logo that is liked by many people.

Created by Jordon Roberts |


3. Make Use Of Symbolism

The first tip to creating a good reunion logo is to create an image that can represent thousands of words. Because the event that will be held is a gathering, so make a symbol so that it can represent the event.

Reunion emblem designs become one of the visual representations of an activity that you organize. Through the trademark, an affair can also communicate many things, from what activities are being carried out and who is doing the gathering to the uniqueness of the event that makes it even more interesting.

Created by PJ Hennessy |

Therefore, in making a good reunion logo design, the first thing is to understand what the purpose and affair will be. This is done because a good symbol must be able to explain starting from what event is being held through images and color choices.

The more attractive the sketch made, the more attractive the invited guests will be to come and also enliven the affair, of course. So try to make the symbol as good and as good as possible.

The reunion participants became more comfortable chatting with old friends who may not have seen each other for decades. In addition, it turns out that this activity is also believed to make long life.

Created by Alex Parisi |


4. Don't Overcomplicate The Design

Gathering an emblem is simple; besides being able to display the symbol more clearly, it can also be easier for others to remember. If your symbol is complex, it's less likely to be recognized and remembered by others.

Therefore, try not to make a reunion logo design that is too complicated; keep it simple. However, even though the symbol is simple, it must remain unique and also attract the interest of many people. A simple symbol also makes it not uncouth.

Created by Alexandre Dhiver |

According to experts in the sketch field, a good reunion logo is one that is easy to recognize and remember by others, including affair participants. A simple symbol also makes the affair seem light but still fun.

In fact, the minimalist concept is always popular and a favorite of many people. For example, minimalist homes and residences are very popular, and many are chosen by young people. Likewise, by making a simple sketch for this event.

So, you can save more on expenses and can use it for other affair purposes, such as consumption, banners, renting a place, and many others. So, in addition to making it easy to remember, making a simple reunion logo design can also save costs.

Created by Alexandre Dhiver |


5. Create a Meaningful One

A good trademark gives an identity to the event you are hosting and makes it more recognizable. In addition, a good gathering emblem can also help give the impression that the event you are holding is not a random event but a professional event.

In making a trademark, it can't be arbitrary; not only paying attention to color but there is also an element of meaning that you should also pay attention to. A good symbol must have meaning in every word, number, or color in it.

Created by Ariel Sinha |

Usually, a reunion logo design will include the name of the school along with the year they graduated from the school. Because it is a gathering theme, you should choose bright colors.

Because the bright colors describe the joy that can also make the event that you are holding, or you can also use black and white colors that make your event seem classy ​​and also elegant. The color is a neutral color, so it is suitable for use by anyone, both young and old.

Reunion logo with meaning will also usually attract the attention of others, including the gathering participants. They are usually curious and finally ask the organizers about the meaning and philosophy of the symbol you made.

Created by Brian Steely |


6. Choose A Vibrant Color Palette

Then, the next tip is to pay attention to the color you will choose to be used as a reunion logo design if the wrong choice in combining colors can make the symbol sketch become chaotic.

Color is a design element that plays an important role in making a trademark. So, you must know in advance the meaning of the various colors properly and correctly in order to avoid using color errors.

In the world of sketching, colors are grouped into seven types, namely primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, neutral colors, hot colors, cold colors, and also complementary. All of these groups will certainly be used by graphic designers to give meaning to the designs they create.

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic |

To create a reunion logo design, you should use primary or neutral colors to make it look simple, easy to remember, and not too crowded in entering colors. Primary colors include basic colors such as blue, yellow, and red.

Meanwhile, neutral colors are a combination of three types of colors (primary, secondary, and tertiary) with a balanced proportion of 1:1:1. Examples of neutral colors are black, white, brown, and gray.

In addition to understanding the various types of colors, what you need to know next is the meaning of each color so that it can be adjusted to the meaning and philosophy of the reunion logo.

Created by Luke Kiely |


7. Don't Forget To Provide Space

The second tip to creating a good reunion logo is to give empty space around the main symbol. This aims to make the core of the symbol visible more clearly without being distracted by the surrounding designs.

The founder of a famous clothing brand, Chanel, once said, "before you leave the house, better look in the mirror first and take one thing off." The sentence has a meaning that is not to appear too much but simple.

The words of the channel owner, Gabrielle Bonheur, also apply in the sketch world. Creating empty space around your symbol can help make it look cleaner and simpler.

Created by Alexander Dhiver |

That way, the reunion logo design that you have created can become more visible and attract the attention of others because a simple but attractive symbol will certainly attract more attention from others.

Then, if it is used to make a t-shirt, of course, the participants will be happy to wear the t-shirt because the sketch is simple and attractive. The event you organize will also certainly be successful and lively because it is attended by many people.

In addition, the main goal in making a good reunion logo is to keep the affair symbol prominent without being distracted by other busy and complicated designs.

Created by Alexandre Dhiver |


8. Consider A Timeless Design

The next tip to creating a good reunion logo design is not to hesitate to change the sketch to keep up with the times. This is often a problem because usually, the symbol is just that – that's all every year.

In fact, as the years go by, technology and trends in society are also developing. These developments inevitably have to be followed by you as the organizer of the gathering event to get an updated reunion logo.

Created by Asha Elise |

Usually, this event is an annual event that is a pity to be missed by the gathering participants. However, if the symbol is used – that's all every year – they can be lazy to come because they think the committee is not serious about holding the event.

For that, try to always change the symbol theme to a newer one every year. That way, the participants will certainly be happy because at least the preparations for the event they are participating in are not messing around.

So you can mix and match the reunion logo design with the trending theme that year. For example, this year, there is a bright neon color trend, so don't ever hesitate to follow this trend for this activity.


Created by Mike Jones |


9. Discuss The Design With Your Peers

As already mentioned above, to make a good gathering emblem, you can involve the participants or friends to participate in discussing what theme will be used as a sketch.

That way, they will feel involved in the event and can make the bond between the participants and the committee stronger. A strong bond with each other can be one of the success factors in conducting an event.

Created by Rachel Smith |

In addition, by involving the participants, you can better hear what they really want in creating a symbol gathering. In the end, you can find a final sketch that is agreed upon by both parties, namely the participants and the committee.

So there will be no dispute between the participants and the committee if it is considered that the sketch does not match the wishes of the participants. There is nothing wrong with discussing this with other friends to get good results.

By uniting several perspectives into one, of course, you can become more aware of what the shortcomings of the sketch that you and your friends had before. These shortcomings will certainly be difficult to see if you use your own sketch without asking for help or input about the sketch from other friends.

Created by Logan Hall |


10. Try To Use Mockup For Presentation

One of the other important things in making a symbol is to adjust it to the place where the symbol will be installed. Because the affair is a gathering, usually, the symbol will be attached to t-shirts, badges, banners, and brochures.

So, try to make the reunion logo fit and right if it is installed in several of these installation places. You can choose a symbol with a square, round, or another shape that suit where the symbol is used.

That way, the symbol can blend better where it is attached. The participants will also not mind wearing event attributes to enliven the gathering from beginning to end.

Created by Ryn Davis |

If the attributes you create are good, they will probably use them after the event. On the other hand, if the attribute is bad, the participants may not want to wear it even when the affair is in progress.

Of course, this can really hurt you as an organizer. The reunion logo that you have thought about carefully turned out to be not liked by the participants because the shape of the sketch did not match the attributes shared. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the sketch that you will make so that it can be used for all affair attributes later.

Created by Torey Needham |



In order to create a symbol or symbol that is creative, unique, authentic, attractive, timeless, and not monotonous, that's all; it certainly requires special skills and sensitivity to requests from gathering participants.

Tips in making a good reunion logo design, in our opinion, are to create an image that can represent thousands of words, try to provide empty space in the trademark, don't make it too complicated, so it's easy to remember and adjust it to the place where the trademark will be placed.

Created by Jeffvic Ponsica |

Then, the next tip is to choose a good color choice, create a symbol that has meaning, don't hesitate to change the trademark following the development of the times, discuss the sketch with other friends, also use the double entendre visual technique, and choose the best symbol maker software.

If that's the case, you will certainly incur losses both material and time. Even though the event deadline is near, and the trademark is not finished yet.

You will also certainly object to having to learn a graphic sketch application which, even though it is called beginner-friendly, is still difficult for some people to use because there are lots of features in it that you need to know to create a reunion logo design.

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