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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Crown Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Crown Logo Design

Real kings and queens fix each other crowns!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic crown logo design!
Created by Levon Grigoryan |

Business today has got its patch into the digital world, and it has made the competition in business getting tighter. To keep the business moving into the online world, you should keep yourselves upgraded with internet technology so that your business won't get drowned. The term "old is gold" apparently is not a fit anymore; instead, "New is what to do" should be new jargon for today's business. Innovation should be made; exploration should be done. As a businessman today, either a beginner or an expert having a good knowledge of the digital world is a must. 

In digital business, a logo is an important part. In making it, a businessman should consider many things carefully before deciding how to make one. The symbol is an essential part as it shows the branding as well as the image of the business. 

Created by Rehan Ali |

A symbol should be able to describe who you are or what your business is, what you do, how you do that, and why. And to tell people about your business, you will need to introduce it through your social media posts, business cards, marketing stuff, and any documents related to the business you are running. And in all of them, a logo should be attached. Looks like it takes hard work, isn't it? But don't worry; below there are some tips you can use to create your symbol design.  

Logo design may come in various kinds of shapes or images. A unique and distinguish picture will bring certain benefits for the company, such as it will be easily remembered by the people. When they see it for the first time, it will intrigue their mind, so curiosity arises, so they decide to buy the product. When you want to create a good symbol for the company, especially the crown logo design that may represent your company, you may check the list below.

Created by Nightshift Nest |

A logo is the basic identity of the business and is often associated with the impression of the brand. People's reaction to your symbol when it is first launched can give you, as a businessman, a quick sample of response, whether they accept your products or brand, or deeper, whether or not the symbol can be connected to their values. 

When you want to represent your brand with the symbol of the crown, here is what you need to pay attention to. 


10 Tips to Create a Good Crown Logo Design

  1. Always Start From Sketch
  2. Find Plenty Of Good Examples
  3. Understand The Client's Background
  4. Choose A Suitable Type Of Crown
  5. Add More Symbolism
  6. Choose A Suitable Design Style 
  7. Make Sure The Design Looks Timeless
  8. Don't Forget To Play With Fonts & Typography
  9. Pick The Color Wisely
  10. Make Sure The Logo Are Flexible For Various Sizes


Created by Kwangsu Shin |


1. Always Start From Sketch

A crown is a royal property, and it always comes in gold; therefore, when you intend to use it for your company's symbol, the best color you can put into it is the gold color itself. It shows pure golden, which also shows luxury, elegance, as well as a strong power. 

When you want to have the crown image in the emblem style, make sure that you choose the right background color. The original color of gold or silver for your crown and the use of the right background color would bring your crown design to the next level of artistic design. Avoid using a color that has less touch of royal vibes, like white, blue, brown, or even yellow.  

Created by Salvador Escobar |


2. Find Plenty Of Good Examples

When you do an online business, a logo would be an important part that you cannot leave behind. When making a symbol for your business, you should make it seriously and carefully as well. The brand which is delivered to the audience by the presence of the symbol will make it different and can distinguish your brand from others. 

Creating a crown logo for your brand could be a good thing if your business is a high-end business such as a five-star hotel or restaurant, fashion designer, wedding and event planner, or even a law firm. When you do these kinds of business, putting a crown logo design would be fit since the crown symbolizes luxury, elegance, and the power which has been the character of the businesses.

Those businesses have the impression that they are elegant businesses with high-class people who are involved in the business instead of some random people. Only well-educated people with strong personalities and etiquette can be part of the business; therefore, a crown, as the symbol of royal items which shows elegance, should be fit for that business.  

Created by Evan Eckard |


3. Understand The Client's Background

A crown is a golden headpiece worn by a king or a queen as the symbol of the highest power. The shapes have evolved from the most sophisticated royal items like tiaras, wreaths, and gold bars. 

When you put an image of a crown into the logo that you are making for your business, it means that you are seriously doing the business. Your competitor should be careful with your present since you are not only playing games, but you are a serious business player who is ready to get into the market and compete. 

The creator of a crown symbol often is a confident leader who always longs for dominance. 

Created by Ade Imronn |


4. Choose A Suitable Type Of Crown

The king crown logo design has the quality of classy and timeless. When you choose this type of crown to be your symbol, make sure that you do not choose trendy and colorful colors. The strong power and stern font will give a more classic impression yet powerful. Here, you will find the simple and flexible taste. The classy style and the confidence will stand out from this symbol on the logo. When you have a company like a law firm, this iconic image will show you that every lawyer in your company is ready to battle every opponent in the court and win the battle for you. 

When you have a restaurant or a hotel, and you use the crown as the logo symbol. It shows people that your company will be ready to deserve you as a king. Everyone in the business is ready to serve you as their king. When it is a restaurant, then you are going to have the best meal service as long as you are the guest in the restaurant. And while your business is a hotel, this symbol tells you that they have the best services of all time and are ready to serve you as their king who wants to have real rest. 

Created by Sheikh Md. Maruf |


5. Add More Symbolism

Everyone believes that a symbol of a company is a reflection of the organization or company's values and personality. The symbol of a certain business should be created based on the people's preferences in mind. Otherwise, the iconic symbol wouldn't be accepted by people. And, of course, it will make these people refuse your brand. Well, in business, that is not what we want as a businessman, isn't it? When you have created the brand's main platform, then it is the first step for making the logo design. 

To make it easier for you, you should better start by asking some questions related to the brand image or personality and how you want your customers to see it from their perspective. You may ask some questions such as:

Is your brand simple or sophisticated?

Is your brand masculine or feminine?

Is your brand classic or trendy?

Is your brand affordable or high-end?

Is your brand mature or youthful?

Such questions will help you to determine the next step that you should take in making a logo. Once you've done with the brand, then you can bring it into the symbol, where your brand is going to be visualized. 

Created by BDS |



6. Choose A Suitable Design Style 

There are several styles that you can choose. Here you will be shown that there are five basic styles of design, i.e.:

Text: you can find many simple logos which only consist of words. These works are usually use a unique font and very stylized though very simple. The power lies in simplicity. Some designers believe that when you want to start a new business, and you need to make a logo, then text-based is the best choice. People will easily recognize your company simply by reading the name on the symbol. 

Initial: the initial is also a text-based design. It only uses shorter letters, like an abbreviation or the initial. This style is also an effective choice of design when your company's name is too long. The famous companies which use this style are IBM, P&G, and CNN.

Created by Omar Elfaramawy |

Symbol: since a picture paints more than a thousand words, the use of a certain image or icon has become an ultimate choice of many businessmen for their company's symbol. Commonly, this style of this design is done by many brands which finally reach fame after years. At first, they have the logo text-based, and as time goes by and they got more users or customers, they tend to simplify their symbol into something more iconic, using a certain image that represents the brand. It is simpler and more effective. For example, you can see the metamorphoses of the Twitter logo from the first time it is launched until today. 

Combination: this style includes both the text and the image in one design. When a certain symbol or iconic picture is not enough to make people understand what the business they are doing, the additional simple words may come as the savior. A symbol is important in conveying information to the people; however, often, people don't get the meaning of the symbol they see. Therefore, the additional information in the form of words will help them to understand what they are dealing with. This is an effective way to communicate with people who could be your prospective loyal customer in the future.

For example, look at the crown logo design of Crown Hotel. By adding the name of the hotel below the crown image, people would understand better that it is the place where they can spend a night peacefully in full service like a king.

Emblem: this one is more complicated. This style will put the text inside the icon designed. It needs more details so that when you decide to take this option, make sure to keep it simple and be extra careful in the process. 

Created by Ghi |


7. Make Sure The Design Looks Timeless

Timeless means that your logo is beyond time. You can use it today, and it is still relevant. And you can use it for the same purpose in the next future without losing its uniqueness or its trend. No one can stop the time; that's why the logo design you are making today should be able to represent the same or at least the similar situation as today. Though there are some changes, they won't be that significant.

On the other hand, change is needed. People need to grow and transform themselves into better individuals. If there's a change, there would not be good coming up. 

Created by Sean O’Connor |


8. Don't Forget To Play With Fonts & Typography

Be careful in choosing the font you want to put into the logo of your company. Why? It is because the font option that you make may represent your personality of yours and the brand itself. Maybe some common people won't see it any different, but that would be a big deal for designers. Therefore, there is some consideration that you should think about when choosing the font for the design.

Don't make too many combinations of font style. Two are enough, so you won't find your symbol overlap. Consider the readability since you need people to read it easily. 

The font should be able to complement the whole design and depict the quality of the brand

Created by Tobi Mojeed |


9. Pick The Color Wisely

Color has an important role in presenting a logo of a brand. If you have decided on the color of your business, that would be great. Colors can convey certain feelings or emotions, and they will be transformed into your audience. If they finally get the connection to the brand, that will be a great point. To be more precise about color choice, learn more about the meaning of your color choices.

Take a Royal design which is shown mostly in gold and luxury colors. The effectiveness and the effect of the design have lied to the use of bold colors on the design. Using a crown for a design means that you are often forced to use the limited options of colors. It is because you need to understand that the symbol gives a powerful image, so you should make the color in harmony as well. The colorful choice will reduce the sense of the strength of the symbol. One thing for sure, make sure that your symbol, along with suitable color, can convey the same ideas of the message you want to deliver to the people. 

Created by Kamrul Hasan Uday |


10. Make Sure The Logo Are Flexible For Various Sizes

This queen crown design is not a complex one. And the good thing about this design is that you can function it in various kinds based on its stability, application, and its size. However, when you try to modify this crown logo design with some other ornaments, you may even lose the function and the flexibility when you need to put it into different items or products. 

Keep it simple and use it for the appropriate purpose and items only. Applying a crown icon is not that easy, but it's not that difficult as well. Know your business's quality and what vibes you want to share with people from your business. Starting from that point then, you can apply the crown logo appropriately.  

Created by Md Sohel |


Final Words

Your crown symbol will finally have a great impact on your business. It's important to work on it wholeheartedly, and it is recommended to give it the time and attention it deserves. If you think you can't do it yourself, ask for help from an expert. Or, if you have any friends or relatives who are good at making iconic designs, you use the chance to ask for a recommendation or even a favor to make a logo for you. 

First of all, do your research and pay attention to all elements that we have told you about and covered the account. A strong logo that reinforces your brand personality sets you apart from the competition and builds credibility and trust with your audience. Therefore, again, creating a symbol for the business is inevitably important. 

Created by Miki Grujic |

Then, take a look at what your business is very carefully, and decide, with many considerations, what kind of logo design fits your business. When you ask for help from the expert, make a deep conversation between you and him. Talk about the philosophy, the history, and any information about your company to the designer. Let the designer work on the symbol based on the information you gave him. When it is done, try to look at it first before you fix it as your logo. Ask him to get you several choices of designs, then decide the most suitable one for you and your brand.

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