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Article: 30 Best Ghost Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Ghost Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Where there is no imagination, there is no horror.
Check out some of the best ghost logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Joel L. Anderson |

The origins of the ghost logo design can be traced back to the emergence of digital technology and the internet. The early 2000s witnessed a surge in online startups and tech companies, many of which sought to establish a unique visual identity. One such company was Snapchat, a popular multimedia messaging app founded in 2011. Snapchat's iconic ghost logo, known as the "Ghostface Chillah," is often credited as the catalyst for the widespread adoption of ghost-inspired designs.

Moreover, the ghost logo's enigmatic nature and lack of explicit meaning allowed for multiple interpretations, making it adaptable to a wide range of industries and purposes. The ghost symbolizes the ephemeral and transient nature of digital communication, aligning perfectly with the core concept of Snapchat, where messages disappear after being viewed. This symbolism resonated with the evolving digital landscape and captured the attention of other brands looking for a symbol that could represent their own unique narratives.

As the ghost logo gained popularity, it inspired numerous variations and interpretations across different industries. Many companies started adopting ghost-inspired designs as a way to convey a sense of playfulness, friendliness, and approachability. The ghost's a non-threatening and non-corporeal form made it suitable for businesses ranging from technology startups to clothing brands, fostering a connection with their target audiences.

Furthermore, the ghost logo's association with Snapchat, a widely popular and influential platform, helped solidify its recognition and desirability. As Snapchat grew in popularity, its logo became synonymous with the app itself, leading to an increased cultural awareness of ghost-inspired designs. This familiarity paved the way for other businesses to adopt similar visual elements and leverage the recognition and positive associations associated with the ghost logo.

Here are some of the best ghost logo design ideas you can check:


1. Facespook

Created by Halo Branding |

This may look like a Facebook logo, but the letter f icon in the middle is replaced with a white ghost, looking like the letter f. The Facespook logo looks awesome since it has contrasting colors between the background and the white ghost. Blue is going to make people automatically focus on the cute white ghost.


2. Haunted Print Co

Created by Akuma.Studio |

What will you convey with the logo? If you are going to print it on dark-colored surfaces, like black shirts, make sure that you use neon colors for the logo. A combination of Tosca and electric violet is going to make your ghost logo look standout when you print it on a black-colored surface.


3. Ryan Lynn

Created by Ryan Lynn |

What kind of ghost do your clients want to use on their logo? If they want a scary and unique ghost logo, create a dog ghost carrying an arm in its mouth. The combination of black and white is going to make the logo look simple yet horror. Black and white are actually the right color to create a horror logo.


4. Lazy ghost


A ghost can help you create a fun and cute logo design. A ghost looking like a melted ice cream is going to make everyone smile when they see the logo. Since the theme of this logo is fun, use soft colors like blue, pink, and yellow. Those colors are going to keep your logo looking nice and less scary. 


5. Justin Loomer

Created by Justin Loomer |

Another way to make a fun logo is by using yellow as the main color. The color of the sun will bring happiness, which means your yellow ghost logo won't look too scary. The face of your ghost will also affect the look. Make it smile, and your ghost logo will be friendly and bring happiness to everyone.


6. Patrick Mahoney

Created by Patrick Mahoney |

Monochromatic colors are the most flexible colors. They can make a scary and serious logo, but those colors can also make your logo look simple, clean, and professional. Use simple lines in white to create a ghost on the black background. Combine it with a minimalist font to make it more professional.


7. Phantom Studio

Created by Daniel Bodea |

Horror movies make people believe that ghosts look scary because of their angry faces. But you can make your ghost look different by making a ghost logo with an angry face but not scary at all. To make your angry ghost look cute, draw a small body with cute little hands. Those small hands look like baby's hands and won't scare anyone.


8. Worldly Spirits

Created by Defaced |

No one actually knows the real look of a ghost or spirit. So basically, you are free to make your own ghost following your imagination. One unique way to make a ghost is like making a genie in a bottle. Draw the ghost and a bottle and make it look like the ghost is trying to escape.


9. Ghostic

Created by Roman |

Just like humans, ghosts can have feelings and expressions. You can make people see what your ghosts feel with the design you made. This ghost, for example, is a shy ghost that doesn't want anyone to look at its face. This unique idea is going to create a fantastic yet simple logo design.


10. spooky

Created by Nick Barbaria |

When a client wants you to create a retro-styled logo with a ghost on it, be creative in choosing the right fonts for your logo. Curves on the typography are going to make the fonts look more vintage. Combine two to three different fonts along with a cute genie spirit. Monochromatic colors are going to make the logo look cool. Use only two colors on your logo.




A zombie face should be an inspiration for your ghost logo design. Many horror movies make zombies look super scary and ugly. You, too, can use the ugly and scary faces of zombies on your logo. But use neon colors like yellow and purple to make the logo look weird. Feel free to mix and match the ugly face of a zombie with other elements.


12. Soul Fire

Created by Alex Carruth |

Here is another logo inspired by the genie in the bottle. But since the logo is for a coffee shop, the ghost comes out of the glass instead of escaping a bottle. And since the business name contains fire, the ghost looks like a flame or fire. This creative logo has three different elements in one piece. 


13. Ghostly

Created by Daniel Bodea |

Your client may want to use typography on the logo. Choose the typography based on the logo you have created. If the basic design of your ghost logo is round or oval, pick fonts that have rounded edges instead of stiff and sharp edges. This is going to blend both elements and create a smooth unity.


14. PhantomLabs

Created by Nikita Lebedev |

A ghost is a flexible element that is going to allow you to mix and match it with any other element. To create a logo for a lab, for example, place the ghost inside the lab glass. Help everyone knows that it is a ghost inside the glass by adding two eyes on the liquid-like ghost.


15. Spooky Sketches

Created by Courtney Askew |

Though the name is spooky, the logo is not spooky at all. The fuchsia and eggshell colors on the logo make it look cute. The skeleton can be scary, but its serious face looks funny, especially when it is drawing a flower sketch on paper. You don't have to draw something spooky just because the logo says spooky.


16. Too Many Spirits

Created by Casandra Ng |

What's the purpose of this ghost logo? If the logo is to promote a camping site, then create a campfire logo with ghosts or spirits for the campfire. If you finally decide to draw some other elements around the flame, make sure that the flame is the main focus. Use a special color for the campfire and white for other elements.


17. Whispurr

Created by Eduardo Zaldivar |

Cats can never look scary. When they are alive on earth, their cuteness makes people fall in love again and again. So, when you're going to create a cat ghost, make sure that it looks as cute as the real cat. Use a flawless font that goes well with the rounded cat logo you have created.


18. Adam Hanson

Created by Adam Hanson |

A skull is a famous element used to create a Halloween logo, a logo for the Day of The Dead, and another creepy logo design. Make your skull logo look classic by drawing a white skull sketch on the blackboard. Should you make it look creepy? You may want to make it look sad instead of angry. This will make people curious about the business you are running.



Created by EPLUSN |

Looking for a cute inspiration for your ghost logo? Mickey Mouse can be your inspiration but try to replace the mouse with a creepy pumpkin. Make the creepy pumpkin logo look unique by adding the legs and hands of Mickey Mouse. Use shades of orange and yellow to color the logo.


20. Suspense Universe

Created by Mehedi Islam |

Another way to create a ghost logo is by using an element that is also used in horror movies. A door and a window can make a logo look creepier. The silhouette of a hand touching a window from another side is an example of a scary logo. Or you may want to add a ghost looking at you from behind the door.


21. Ghostbirds

Created by Dmitry Krino |

Sometimes, the ghost doesn't have to be the main focus of your logo. For example, if your client wants to use birds as the main character of the logo, make the ghost slightly invisible by drawing only the face of the ghost between the two birds. This is a very creative way to design the logo.


22. Easily Starled

Created by Alaina Johnson |

Make something that makes people think out of the box. For example, people are used to thinking that ghosts are scary. Make your ghost look vulnerable so that people are going to look at the ghost on the logo with pity. Dress the ghost on your logo with something cute, like pink lipstick.


23. Danny Recordings

Created by Danny Recordings |

Your ghost will be unique if it is doing something unusual. This ghost, for example, looks like a guitar pick and is heading to the recording studio on its skateboard. The wide eyes of the ghost make it look excited to do whatever it is planning. Add some expressions and make your ghost look more stunning.


24. Spirit Panda

Created by Eduardo Zaldivar |

Everyone loves pandas. This cute animal and its black 'eyeshadow' will make everyone wants to know what you are selling. Since the panda is a cute animal, its ghost should be cute as well. Black and white may make your panda look nice, but an accent color will perfect the design. For example, neon green for the eyeball will make it a little scary, just a little.


25. GhostWriter

Created by marcin bernatek |

Many ways can help you create a ghostwriter logo. A ghost that's writing on paper, a ghost typing on a typewriter, and a ghost typing on a laptop are just some possibilities. Be creative and make the ghost look stressed out, maybe because it has to catch the delaine.


26. Cursed Cemetary

Created by Saurav Karmoker |

A small circle logo can tell everything. This small round logo contains bats, an owl, a witch, Halloween pumpkins, and tombstones. The use of black and orange are going to make it look like a Halloween logo. Add some creepy eyes on the creatures you draw on the logo.


27. simc

Created by simc |

Combining some different colors on a logo is not easy. But you can do it by choosing the right colors that will create a nice gradient. Magenta, tosca, and yellow will create a nice look for your ghost logo. But since the ghost is already colorful, use black or white for the background of the logo.


28. Rematch Ghosts of the no coast

Created by Christian Bögle |

Three are the maximum numbers of colors to use on one logo. If you choose one color that looks contrasting, the other two should share the same shades. For example, if you are going to use blue as the main color, the complementary can be peach and yellow.


29. Larry Fulcher

Created by Larry Fulcher |

A lot of curves will enhance the spooky look of your ghost logo. Add some curves not only on the ghosts but also on the typography. White color for the ghosts and typography will make the logo look simple but bold. Pick a contrasting color for the background, like charcoal gray.


30. Joel L. Anderson

Created by Joel L. Anderson |

A weird-looking skull can be a nice idea for your ghost logo. Be creative in creating a skull. To make a creative skull logo, you may want to draw a skull of an animal. And then make it wear something unique like a beanie.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the ghost logo designs?

The cultural and symbolic meanings associated with ghost logo designs can vary depending on the context and interpretation. Generally, ghosts are often associated with concepts such as mystery, the supernatural, and the afterlife. In the context of logo design, the ghost symbolizes the ephemeral and transient nature of digital communication. It can also convey playfulness, friendliness, and approachability. The ghost logo's enigmatic and minimalist nature allows for multiple interpretations, making it adaptable to different industries and purposes while retaining a sense of intrigue and recognition.

What types of industries are suitable for using ghost logo designs?

Ghost logo designs are versatile and can be suitable for a wide range of industries. They are particularly popular in the technology sector, including software development, mobile apps, and social media platforms. The ghost logo's association with digital communication and its ephemeral nature makes it an ideal choice for these industries. Additionally, ghost logos can be used in industries related to entertainment, gaming, and creative services, where the symbol can convey a sense of mystery, imagination, and playfulness. Furthermore, clothing brands, lifestyle businesses, and even hospitality and event management companies can also leverage the friendly and approachable image of the ghost logo.

Which colors are commonly used in ghost logo designs?

Ghost logo designs often utilize a limited color palette, typically consisting of simple and clean colors. The most commonly used colors in ghost logo designs are white and variations of gray. These neutral tones align with the minimalist aesthetic and add to the ghost's enigmatic and ethereal nature. White represents purity, simplicity, and transparency, while shades of gray can evoke sophistication, modernity, and neutrality. Occasionally, designers may incorporate a subtle pop of color as an accent to add visual interest and create contrast. However, the overall color scheme for ghost logos tends to prioritize simplicity and understated elegance.

What other graphic elements can I combine with ghost logo designs?

When combining other graphic elements with ghost logo designs, it's important to maintain the minimalist and clean aesthetic of the logo. Some commonly used graphic elements that can complement ghost logos include speech bubbles or chat icons to signify communication, arrows or lines to represent movement or direction, and simple geometric shapes to add visual interest. Additionally, you can incorporate subtle textures or patterns to give depth to the design. However, it is crucial to ensure that these additional elements do not overpower or clutter the ghost logo, as the focus should remain on the simplicity and symbolism of the ghost itself.

Which famous brands or companies are using ghost logo designs?

One of the most famous brands associated with the ghost logo design is Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app that popularized the symbol. Snapchat's Ghostface Chillah logo is widely recognized and has become synonymous with the app itself. Apart from Snapchat, other notable brands and companies have adopted ghost logo designs or similar interpretations. For example, Ghost, a Swedish hardware and software company, uses a stylized ghost logo in its branding. Additionally, Casper, a mattress and sleep products company, incorporates a ghost motif in its logo, reflecting a playful and approachable image.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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