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Article: 30 Best Hat Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Hat Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

A different hat will make you feel different feelings.
Check out some of the best hat logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Nanda Kristaenk |

There are lots of elements and shapes that you can add to your logo design or even become a symbol for your company or organization. Usually, the elements used as symbols must have their philosophy or meaning for the company or organization. 

Not only in the form of animals, human figures, or also generic shapes, you can even add everyday items such as hats in your designs.

This hat has an interesting function. Just like the function of a logo for an institution or a business, this hat is also used to display a different identity. Using hats in your logo design can be a uniquely creative approach that can make your logo more attractive.

This hat can be displayed to give an idea of ​​​​the identity, nature, or different characteristics, according to the logo that uses it. In this discussion, there are 30 real examples of best hat logo designs that can be a source of inspiration for you.


1. Raleigh Rally Caps

Created by Will Dove |

The retro style seen in the logo design for this Raleigh Rally Caps looks interesting. The symbols used are also all related to the identity and characteristics of the team. Raleigh is a baseball team that has a distinctive and unique identity and symbol. 

This team uses the cap as their symbol. However, this cap was modified with various additional details, such as an added talisman which is said to have given luck to the team.


2. Salem Broom Co.

Created by Jordan Kabalka |

Hearing Salem's words, what usually comes to mind is all things related to witches. This is what designers have used very well as an idea to create a logo that is unique and very engaging with the community.

The Salem Broom company also sells brooms, which are stapled objects for witches. With the correlation between the witch concept and the line of business, as well as the name of this company, the designer made a design with the witch concept. 

The witch hat symbol is used as one of the main ornaments in the logo, which is placed creatively above the company name typeface.


3. Uncle Monty Media

Created by IIsixo_O |

The logo is surely eye-catching, thanks to the elements and objects used in its design. The eyes of the frog looking directly at us with its wide eyes and illustrated in bright colors are one of the main things that attract people's attention to this logo.

The frog figure in the logo uses an exquisite classic hat, creating a classy impression, even though the illustration of this animal is made in a rather cute style. 

There is also an additional detail in the form of an illustrated background, like in a bar scene, which further supports the exquisite and classy impression.


4. Sir Fluffington's

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

The Sir Fluffington's logo, created by designer Jessie Maionnueve is a very beautiful design. The vintage classic design is used as the main style for this logo illustration. There is an object in the form of a dog sticking out its tongue, wearing a hat and attributes similar to people in the old times.

Although this dog illustration is very funny, with all of the typeface, elements, and objects used, it gets toned down and creates a classy and unique impression.


5. Woman mark

Created by Vadim Korotkov |

The figure of a woman wearing a beach hat seems to be the main object in this design. From the appearance of this woman's illustration, we might guess that the designer wanted an illustration that is also related to the beach or marine vibes.

This impression is reflected in the use of wavy lines such as waves for the hair of this woman, the style of the hat she wears, and especially the style of clothes used. Overall, this design looks professional and well-designed.



Created by Hadeel Sayed Ahmad™ |

Taking the identity of the company name, there is a figure of a Turkish sultan as the main focus object in this logo. The figure of the sultan is depicted in a classy vintage style. 

The picture of him is equipped with a typical sultan's hat, which characterizes his unique identity from the sultans of the Turkish empire in ancient times. However, this hat is also made with a very creative modification of the shape of the cup of coffee.


7. MR.Chicken&CO

Created by Alen Pavloviv |

The Mr. Chicken&co has a unique design logo and displays the lovely character of their company. The figure of a chicken in their logo is painted with a pose showing off its valor, equipped with a classic hat that emphasizes the identity of "Mr" he is wearing.

However, pink and red colors were chosen as the main colors in this design, creating a soft and friendly impression from the depiction. Make this design look fun and cheerful.


8. C-Boys Don't Cry

Created by Will Dove |

Very attractive logo design. Using an illustration of the name of their club, Cowboys Don't Cry; the designer depicts a mysterious, faceless figure whose eyes are visible only and is mainly represented by a large hat. 

This eye figure is made of only one, supporting the mysterious impression that it is usually owned by cowboys. This one eye looks like crying, an illustration that is also funny.


9. Café

Created by Breno Bitencourt |

The Cafe logo, designed by Breno Bitencourt, shows an extraordinary design power, with a very high creative power, and we need to appreciate it. Although the impression is very simple, just like a cup of coffee, the style used to illustrate this object is extraordinary.

The designer uses a design style by collaborating shapes and whitespace to describe this cup of coffee interestingly. The overall look produces a beautiful and neat appearance; the cup also looks like it took inspiration from a fedora hat.



Created by The Dealan |

The design looks chic and hip, something that you would expect from a fashion company logo in Paris. Paris is known for its classy and timeless fashion, and this logo fits the market. A good logo must also fit in with the market where the business is based, and this is one of the best examples.


11. Cookt

Created by Daniel Bodea |

In the world of hats, one of the most iconic types of hats that will be recognized by people from all over the world and of all ages with great ease is the chef hat. So it is very strategic to display this chef's hat as a symbol for a business based on the culinary and cooking world.

This logo directly displays the line of business, also supported by the name of the company that displays it as well. The illustration of the hat is kept simple but still vibrant with details and the details of highlighted shadows.


12. Lion with Hat

Created by Ilham Albab |

A very literal depiction, according to the name of the company or organization. The lion with hat logo is made in a fairly simple illustration style. There is a geometrical style that can be seen from the addition of symmetrical shapes and lines. 

The lion figure and the hat in this design are also made with simple lines that are the same width, making the display look neat. 


13. UFO Magic Studio

Created by zwei quek |

Magic Studio usually uses a very unique and creative logo, one of which is like this. The Ufo Magic Studio uses classic ufo illustrations with spotlights emanating from above. But instead of using the usual Ufo illustration, this object is replaced by using a magician's hat that emits light below it.

This logo surely is very creatively made and suitable for the title as one of the best logo design ideas that can be your inspiration.


14. Elkins Pork Social Club

Created by Ryan Lynn |

For a social club, this logo displays its own identity and characteristics, which are very important for a social club like this. The pig as identity and also mascot seems as an inside understanding that is understood by the members of the social club is not one of the unique things that characterize them.

The figure of the pig wearing a tuxedo and also a classic tall hat makes the pig look like the stereotype of social club members from decades or centuries ago. Overall, the look of the design is unique and well-made.


15. Snap Turtle Hat Co

Created by Adam Anderson |

Cute logo and also funny at the same time, made with very distinctive characteristics. The Snap Turtle Hat company uses a baseball cap and a turtle as their symbol. This turtle is modified by giving a baseball cap as a shell and body. Make this illustration match the unique name of the company itself.


16. Mexican Macho

Created by graph_uvarov |

This symbol matches very well with the company or business name. Mexican macho, using the illustration of a "macho," which is a dashing male figure with a distinctive beard and is equipped with a very iconic Mexican hat. The overall design is made in a simple style, but the details in this design make it look perfect.

One of the most striking details is that the only spot given the color variation lies in the hat used. The hat is given in red and green, which are also iconic Mexican colors.


17. Ostadkar

Created by Ali Shahi |

The Ostadkar logo looks professional with its simplistic and very minimalist design. The designer uses a combination of an image of a cap and the number 9, which has a special philosophy that is in line with this business itself. The two images are combined and finally produce this symbol which illustrates the two images but is more clearly seen as a stamp.

The bright orange color, which is the main color in this design, looks warm and cheerful, suitable for a business that wants an identity or to be known with this image.


18. Bitch Bakery

Created by Milos Djuric |

Bitch Baker is a company that was founded with a mission to provide healthy food for pet dogs. The illustration of a dog used in this symbol represents and harmonizes with that vision. 

This illustration of the dog is made with a cheerful and fun style and also uses various details that make the display more attractive. This dog looks very happy and cheerful, which is following the company's goals and wearing a chef's hat that shows the company's line of business.


19. Black Hat Tattoo Studio

Created by Edder Molina |

The overall design features a classic design that you often encounter in the tattoo studio logo. But that doesn't mean this logo has a generic and boring look. 

The classic gothic style used in this design can be seen in the typeface selection and also the illustration style of the existing objects. A classic tall hat is the main object seen in this symbol. The illustration of the object matches the gothic style typeface and makes it look very impressive.


20. Wizard

Created by Dark Fox |

The wizard hat is used to describe the identity of the object in the symbol. In addition to the hat, there is also the iconic beard of the wizard, which makes the symbol look clearer. The overall theme of the logo is made according to the name of the company itself.


21. Hat Factory

Created by Mahalakshmi M |

Seen a female figure wearing a hat as the main symbol of the company. The Hat factory logo shows the goals and line of business of companies that want to provide satisfaction to women who use their hats products.


22. Wolf in vintage hat

Created by Kotliar Ivan |

Wolf in Vintage Hat uses a very amazing illustration style. This style seems to take inspiration from various illustrations and drawings from ancient times, with impressive details. The lines used in this illustration are also very bold and strong, in line with the vintage illustration theme they use.


23. Flippin Lids Hat Company

Created by Joshua Bovéy |

This cartoon of a youngster wearing a hat looks hip and trendy, very suitable to their market of business which is targeting young people. This logo design is one of the best examples of designing a logo that is both appealing and does not follow the target of the business or customer base you have.

Even though it is made simply, this unique style has its charm and appeals to young people who like trendy things. The black and white color used in this illustration makes it look even more attractive.


24. Mariachi Sugar Skull

Created by Damian Orellana |

Showing iconic traditional culture in the symbol design is one thing that you can emulate, like in this design. The logo looks really impressive and also unique, using Mexican culture that is well known everywhere.

The illustration of the object in this symbol is made in a simple style, balanced with the already fairly complex details in the logo.


25. Kocenk

Created by Nanda Kristaenk |

The Kocenk logo displays a symbol with a unique identity and characteristics. Kocenk, which is the name of the company, rhymes with the words for the cat in several languages, making the cat an object in the symbol design very suitable. 

The figure of the cat is made unique by wearing a cap and posing with a trendy "swag" look. The choice of navy and bright orange colors that contrast each other in the design is interesting.


26. Mad Hat Flying Brewery

Created by Alex Dawn |

Mad Hatter is one of the most iconic characters from Alice in Wonderland, who is famous for his hats and personality. The illustration of him in the logo is made similar to his figure in the film. The typeface used matches very well with the theme that is carried. 

Giving color to only some parts of the logo, such as the hat and eyes, is an interesting approach to highlighting these objects.


27. VIP Food

Created by Ali Aljilani |

The logo appearance surely displays an exclusive and VIP impression with the attributes and costumes of the tiger figure, which is the main object in this logo. The style of design used is simple and kept minimalist.


28. Magic Hat

Created by Luthfi Juliansyah |

Wizarding magic is used as the main symbol in this design. The style of illustration is made modern and professional, which was trending for company logos a few years ago. There is an additional variation of a line chart that strikes sharply as an interesting detail.


29. Bone-a-ment

Created by Christian Franklin |

A very interesting look. This Bone-A-Ment shows a skull playing guitar and wearing a hat, which is depicted in a beautiful style even though it only uses a single color.


30. WIP

Created by Dusan Klepic |

One of the most creative logo designs that you can use as inspiration for your logo creation. Even though it is simple, the object, which consists of a combination of a coffee cup and also a classic tall hat, is a very creative look.


Final Words

Hats can be described with various styles to design, personality, and characteristics of an organization or business. Hats, which are very versatile objects, can be very suitable to give the public the impression you want about the identity of your business or organization, only from the symbols you use.

The 30 best hat logos above are designs that have been curated to inspire you to create an attractive logo. The designs above are the work of various talented designers who can motivate you.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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