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Article: 30 Best Pencil Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Pencil Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve  |

Pencil logo design is not just a mere element of branding; it's a playground for creativity and innovation. In today's digital-first world, a well-crafted logo is the cornerstone of any brand's identity, and what better way to stand out than with a pencil logo design that speaks volumes about your brand's artistic flair? This article is your treasure trove of inspiration, showcasing some of the most ingenious and captivating pencil logo designs that are sure to ignite your creative spark.

Diving into the world of pencil logo design, we uncover a spectrum of styles ranging from minimalist sketches to intricate, detailed masterpieces. Each design tells its own story, embodying the essence of the brand it represents. We will explore how different elements like color, typography, and texture intertwine to create logos that are not just visually appealing but also deeply symbolic.

What sets a pencil logo design apart is its ability to merge simplicity with creativity. Whether you're a budding artist, an established corporation, or a quirky startup, these logo ideas offer endless possibilities to convey your unique brand narrative. So, buckle up for a fun-filled journey through a gallery of designs that are as diverse as they are dynamic, proving that the humble pencil can indeed leave a bold mark in the world of design.


Pencil Logo Design Ideas

1. Pencil X

Created by Rich Baird  |


2. Made in the Middle

Created by Tad Carpenter  |


3. Euro Design

Created by Nikita Lebedev  |


4. Timur Aldemir

Created by Timur Aldemir  |


5. Nature Drives Creativity

Created by Emily Melling  |


6. Creative Architecture

Created by Garasigrafis  |


7. After School Club

Created by Stephanie White  |


8. Lighthouse Pencil

Created by UNOM design  |


9. Corner Create

Created by Faikar  |


10. Kreatank Boom

Created by Daniel Bodea  |


11. ZDS Panther

Created by Zilligen Design Studio  |


12. Winged Pencil

Created by Milad Design Co  |


13. Artlovers

Created by Sumesh  |


14. Rand Agency

Created by Matt Naylor  |


15. Fooser Mascot

Created by Ryan Foose  |


16. Dawn Studio

Created by Riaaz  |


17. Artsnacks

Created by Aleksey  |


18. Artsecret

Created by Sergey Yakovenko  |


19. R&R Brand Lab

Created by Lauren Castro  |


20. Deerpen

Created by MH Rahman  |



Created by Milos Bojkovic  |


22. Sergey Yakovenko

Created by Sergey Yakovenko  |


23. Tendcil

Created by bernadif.dion  |


24. Create More

Created by Cam O'Brien  |


25. Scrivio

Created by Filippo Borghetti  |


26. TDL

Created by Fede Cook  |


27. Fede Cook

Created by Fede Cook  |


28. Brighton Journalism Club

Created by Curt R. Jensen  |


29. Studio One Four

Created by Studio One Four  |


30. Just Draw It

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve  |


What Are the Essential Tips in Creating Pencil Logo Designs?

Pencil logo design is more than just a stroke of genius; it's a blend of creativity, strategy, and a dash of fun! Crafting a logo with a pencil isn't just about drawing; it's about telling a story, making a statement, and leaving a mark (pun intended). So, let's dive into the essential tips to create a pencil logo design that's as sharp as the pencil itself!

Start with a Story

Every great pencil logo design begins with a story. What's yours? Are you all about eco-friendly initiatives, or perhaps you're the modern-day Picasso of the digital world? Your logo should reflect the core of your brand's narrative. Think of your logo as the plot summary of the story that is your brand. So, sketch out your ideas, jot down your thoughts, and let your brand's story guide your pencil.

Simplicity is Key

Remember, your logo will be your brand's first impression, and in the world of pencil logo design, less is often more. A simple, clean design can be powerful and memorable. Avoid overcomplicating your design with too many elements. Instead, focus on a single, compelling idea that can be easily understood and recognized. A minimalist approach can sometimes speak volumes!

Play with Negative Space

The magic of negative space! In pencil logo design, the space that isn't filled in can tell as much of a story as the lines themselves. Think of the famous FedEx logo and its hidden arrow. Can you create a clever visual twist in your design using negative space? It's like a visual puzzle for your audience, and who doesn't love a good puzzle?

Consistency in Style and Tone

Your pencil logo design should be a natural extension of your brand's style and tone. Is your brand playful and whimsical, or sophisticated and professional? The style of your pencil-drawn logo - be it realistic, abstract, or cartoonish - should align with your brand's personality. This consistency helps in building a cohesive brand image that your audience can easily recognize and relate to.

Versatility and Scalability

In the digital age, your logo needs to look great everywhere, from the tiny icon on a smartphone app to the large banner at a trade show. A great pencil logo design maintains its integrity and impact whether it's scaled up or down. It should be versatile enough to be effective in black and white or color, and in various formats and contexts. So, keep scalability in mind, and you'll have a logo that can adapt to any situation.

In conclusion, pencil logo design is an art form that balances simplicity with creativity, story-telling with visual impact, and versatility with brand consistency. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a novice with a creative streak, these tips will help you sharpen your skills (and pencils!) in crafting a logo that not only looks great but also tells the unique story of your brand. Remember, in the world of pencil logos, you're not just creating a design; you're sketching the face of your brand!


What Are the Symbolisms Behind Pencil Logo Designs?

The humble pencil! It's not just a tool for writing or sketching; it's a powerhouse of symbolism, especially in the world of Pencil logo design. But what exactly are these symbolisms hidden behind the strokes and scribbles? Let's sharpen our pencils (and our wits) and delve into the fascinating world of symbolism in pencil logo designs.

Creativity and Imagination

First and foremost, a pencil is a symbol of creativity. It’s the starting point of artists, writers, and designers alike. When a pencil is incorporated into a logo, it screams (in a very artsy way, of course), “Hey, we’re creative!” It tells your audience that your brand is all about thinking outside the box, doodling outside the lines, and coloring outside the palette. A pencil logo can be the perfect choice for businesses that thrive on creativity and imagination, such as design studios, advertising agencies, and art supplies stores.

Potential and Possibilities

A pencil represents potential. It's the beginning of something that could turn into anything. In logo design, a pencil symbolizes the idea that with your brand, the possibilities are endless. It's like saying, "Give us a blank page, and we'll fill it with wonders." This symbolism is ideal for brands that are all about creating opportunities and exploring new horizons.

Precision and Detail

The sharp point of a pencil signifies precision. It's about getting every little detail just right. A pencil logo could be the symbol of choice for businesses that pride themselves on accuracy and attention to detail, such as architects, engineers, or editing services. It says, “We’re meticulous, and we love it!”

Education and Learning

Remember your school days, with a pencil always at hand for notes and doodles? A pencil is a strong symbol of education, learning, and growth. In pencil logo design, it can represent a brand's commitment to educating its customers, or its role in the learning journey. It's perfect for educational institutions, tutoring services, or any brand that wants to say, “We’re here to help you learn and grow.”

Sustainability and Simplicity

In today’s eco-conscious world, a wooden pencil can also symbolize sustainability and a return to basics. It’s a nod to the simpler times and a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Brands that are all about green living, organic products, or simplicity can use a pencil in their logo to say, “We’re eco-friendly, and we cherish the simple things in life.”

In the end, a pencil is more than just a tool for writing or drawing. In the art of pencil logo design, it becomes a vessel of deep meanings and messages. It tells a story about creativity, potential, precision, learning, and sustainability. So, the next time you see a pencil logo, remember that it's not just a tiny sketch; it's a world of symbolism waiting to be discovered! Whether you're a small startup or a giant corporation, consider the mighty pencil when brainstorming your next logo design. After all, big things often have small beginnings!


What Are the Common Styles in Pencil Logo Designs?

Pencil logo design is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you're going to get! But, just like any good box of chocolates, there are some familiar favorites that everyone loves. When it comes to pencil logo designs, there are several styles that are as popular as a classic chocolate truffle. Let’s scribble through the top five styles that make pencil logos stand out in the stationery cup.

Minimalist Marvels

In the world of pencil logo design, sometimes less is more. Minimalist designs are all about simplicity and clarity. These logos use clean lines, minimal colors, and clear shapes to create a logo that’s as straightforward as a freshly sharpened pencil. This style is perfect for brands that want to convey a sense of elegance, sophistication, and no-nonsense professionalism. Think of it as the “little black dress” of logo designs – it never goes out of style!

Hand-Drawn and Personal

There's something irresistibly charming about a hand-drawn logo. It’s like receiving a handwritten note in an era of emails. Hand-drawn pencil logos exude warmth, personality, and a touch of whimsy. They’re perfect for brands that want to appear approachable, friendly, and artisanal. Whether it’s a cute little sketch or a detailed drawing, this style says, “Hey, we’re human just like you!”

Retro Revival

Everything old is new again, and this is certainly true for pencil logo designs. The retro style harks back to the good old days, bringing a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. Think classic fonts, old-school imagery, and a dash of vintage charm. This style works well for brands that have a story to tell, one that’s steeped in history and tradition. It’s like a love letter to the past, sealed with a modern kiss.

Geometric Genius

For those who love a bit of order and symmetry, geometric pencil logos are a match made in heaven. This style uses shapes like circles, squares, and triangles to create a logo that’s clean, modern, and oh-so-satisfying. It’s the visual equivalent of that perfect pop when you open a new jar of jam. Geometric logos are great for tech companies, architectural firms, or any brand that prides itself on precision and innovation.

Abstract Artistry

Sometimes, a pencil logo doesn’t have to be anything specific. It can be a swirl of lines, a splash of dots, or a series of strokes that don’t resemble anything in particular but still look absolutely amazing. Abstract logos are all about creativity and thinking outside the box. They’re perfect for brands that are bold, dynamic, and unafraid to stand out from the crowd. It’s like jazz music in visual form – unpredictable, exciting, and completely unique.

Each style of pencil logo design offers its own flavor and flair, catering to a wide range of brand personalities and messages. Whether you’re a fan of the clean and simple or the bold and abstract, there’s a pencil logo style that fits your brand like a glove. Remember, the best logo is the one that captures the essence of your brand, so pick a style that resonates with you and start sketching your way to success!


What Other Symbolisms Can I Feature in Pencil Logo Designs?

When it comes to pencil logo design, it's not just about the pencil itself. There's a whole universe of symbols that can play supporting roles in your logo's storytelling. These symbols add layers of meaning, depth, and personality to your design, making it more than just a pretty sketch. Let's dive into five such symbols that can jazz up your pencil logo designs!

The Mighty Book

Pairing a pencil with a book in your logo is like peanut butter meeting jelly – it's a classic combo! The book represents knowledge, learning, and wisdom. It's perfect for educational institutions, publishing companies, or any brand that wants to shout out, “We love wisdom, and we spread it!” This pairing tells your audience that your brand is all about learning, writing, and creating stories.

Globes and Maps

Incorporating a globe or map alongside your pencil suggests a brand that thinks big - globally big! This symbol is perfect for businesses that have a worldly outlook, like travel agencies, international consulting firms, or educational platforms that cater to a global audience. It says, “We’re not just local; we’re global thinkers and doers.”

Light Bulbs

The light bulb - the universal symbol of ideas and innovation. When coupled with a pencil in your logo, it screams creativity and bright ideas. This is a fantastic choice for creative agencies, startups, or any brand that prides itself on being an idea-generator. It's like saying, “We’re the light bulb, and our pencil is how we bring those ideas to life.”

Nature Elements (Leaves, Trees, Animals)

Incorporating nature elements like leaves, trees, or animals with a pencil can symbolize growth, organic processes, and environmental friendliness. This is a great way to showcase a brand that’s eco-conscious or one that works closely with nature, like organic products, environmental NGOs, or outdoor lifestyle brands. It’s a way of saying, “Our pencil grows ideas as naturally as trees grow leaves.”

Gears and Mechanical Elements

If you want to show that your brand is all about precision, efficiency, and engineering, then gears and mechanical elements are your go-to symbols. When combined with a pencil, it represents a perfect blend of creativity and technical prowess. This is ideal for engineering firms, tech companies, or any brand that wants to highlight their technical and creative expertise. It’s like saying, “We engineer our ideas with creativity and precision.”

In the realm of pencil logo design, these symbols are like the spices in a dish - they add flavor, depth, and character. They tell a story beyond just the pencil, creating a logo narrative that's rich and engaging. Whether it's a book for wisdom, a globe for global reach, a light bulb for bright ideas, nature elements for growth and sustainability, or gears for technical prowess, these symbols can elevate your pencil logo from good to absolutely memorable. So, get creative with your symbols, and let your pencil logo tell a story that's uniquely yours!


What Other Items or Objects Can I Feature in Pencil Logo Designs?

Pencil logo design isn't just about showcasing a pencil; it's an art of combining it with other objects to tell a broader story. These objects can add context, depth, and a dash of personality to your design. Ready to explore some fun and unique items to pair with a pencil in your logo? Let's dive into a creative toolbox and see what we can sketch up!

Color Palettes and Paint Brushes

When a pencil teams up with a color palette or a paintbrush, it's like saying, “We're not just about lines; we're about colors and creativity too!” This combo is perfect for businesses in the arts sector, like graphic design studios, art schools, or freelance artists. It represents a blend of precision (from the pencil) and creativity (from the colors and brushes). It's a way of saying, “Our ideas are as colorful as our palettes!”

Coffee Cups

The trusty coffee cup – a symbol of energy, alertness, and creativity. Combining a pencil with a coffee cup can be a quirky and fun way to represent a brand that’s all about energy, hard work, and, well, caffeine-fueled creativity! This is ideal for coffee shops, coworking spaces, or any brand that wants to portray a sense of warmth, community, and a ‘fueling your ideas’ ethos.


Eyeglasses aren't just for improving sight; they're a symbol of insight, intelligence, and focus. Pairing a pencil with eyeglasses in your logo can give off an intellectual vibe. It's a great fit for businesses in the education, consulting, or research sectors. It’s like telling your audience, “We look at things closely, and we’re detail-oriented.”

Digital Devices (Tablets, Smartphones)

In a world where digital is king, pairing a pencil with a digital device like a tablet or smartphone can represent a blend of traditional creativity and modern technology. This combination is ideal for tech companies, digital marketing agencies, or any business that’s about bridging the gap between the old and the new. It’s a way of saying, “We’re tech-savvy, but we still appreciate the classic art of penciling ideas down.”

Globes or World Maps

Including a globe or world map with a pencil can symbolize a global reach or a worldly perspective. This is a fantastic choice for international businesses, travel agencies, or educational institutions with a global focus. It says, “Our ideas and services span the globe; we’re not limited to one place.”

Remember, in the delightful world of pencil logo design, the pencil is your main character, and these objects are the supporting cast. Each brings its own flavor and message to the design, creating a narrative that's unique to your brand. Whether it's the creativity of color palettes, the energy of coffee cups, the intellectuality of eyeglasses, the modernity of digital devices, or the global perspective of world maps, these items can help your pencil logo tell a more comprehensive and engaging story. So, grab your creative hat, and let's start sketching a logo that's not just a pencil, but a whole story!



Pencil logo design is more than just an artistic choice; it's a strategic tool that blends creativity and symbolism to create a unique brand identity. As we've explored, combining pencils with various elements like color palettes, coffee cups, eyeglasses, digital devices, and globes can elevate the design, adding depth and meaning. These pairings allow businesses to tell their story, showcase their brand personality, and connect with their audience on a deeper level. In the dynamic world of branding, a well-crafted pencil logo can be the distinguishing factor that sets a brand apart, making it memorable and impactful. Remember, a great pencil logo is not just seen; it's experienced.


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