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Article: 30 Best Pencil Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Pencil Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The pencil is a small thing, but it is a mighty tool. Check out some of the best pencil logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

The pencil logo has a rich and diverse background, symbolizing various concepts and industries throughout history. Its simplicity and universality have made it a popular choice for a wide range of businesses and organizations. From education to art, design, and creativity, the pencil logo has become a timeless icon. In this article, we will explore the background of pencil logo designs and their significance in visual branding.

The pencil, as a writing and drawing instrument, has been a fundamental tool for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where early forms of pencils were created using materials like graphite and silver. Over time, the pencil evolved into the familiar wooden structure with a graphite core, becoming the primary tool for writing, sketching, and artistic expression.

The symbolism of the pencil logo can be attributed to its association with knowledge, learning, and creativity. The pencil represents education, as it is often used in classrooms and educational institutions. It embodies the act of learning, taking notes, and the process of writing, making it an ideal symbol for schools, universities, and educational programs. Many educational institutions incorporate a pencil logo into their branding to convey their commitment to learning and academic excellence.

Here are some of the best pencil logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Pencil X

Created by Rich Baird |

A pencil would be a good material for creating a logo. This work has shown you how good it is to have a pencil in a logo. The pencils are designed bent so that both can create an allusion to the X letter. The concept also applies to the ambigram concept, where the logo is symmetry.


2. Made in the Middle

Created by Tad Carpenter |

Using a pencil in a logo is often used by a drawing or painting company or even by some professional events. This conference is one of the events that use pencil as the logo. The pencil is held by a hand that points two fingers out, showing a "peace salute".


3. Euro Design

Created by Nikita Lebedev |

Using a pencil, this logo comes in simplicity. It only uses the tip of a pencil and the identity of the brand in the work. The black-and-white combination is chosen to strengthen the simplicity of the whole concept. Without any more details added, the logo comes very clear and sleek.


4. Timur Aldemir

Created by Timur Aldemir |

The winged pencil is portrayed here as the main symbol of the logo. The pencil is down forward with the tip facing down as if it is used to write something, and a pair of wings. are attached on both sides of the pencil. And the result, it's like a bee pencil which helps you write sweet things.


5. Nature Drives Creativity

Created by Emily Melling |

Here, you can see a pencil facing down and wrapped around by a winding road and some road marks on it. The picture is representative of the sentence "Natures Drives Creativity". When you take a longer road, then your pencil will help you draw a lot.


6. Creative Architecture

Created by Garasigrafis |

The architect is one of the professions that need pencils a lot. Inspired by this idea, the logo was created. You can see a sharp tip of a pencil facing upward, and this tip has formed a shadow of a house, a project often done by an architect. Then the brand name is coming along to make the logo information clearer.


7. After School Club

Created by Stephanie White |

It's the liberation of students, and this notion is the idea of why the pencil is broken in this logo. It means that anyone joining the club won't need it anymore because it's after school already. Not only that, but another pencil is also wrapped up with a graduation sling, so it doesn't have to do its job anymore.


8. Lighthouse Pencil

Created by UNOM design |

You can see a combination of a pencil and a lighthouse in the logo. The pencil is facing down, but its shape is made looks like the lighthouse tower. It also has a beam of light emitted from the tower. It says that the pencil is like a lighthouse that can guide you where you want to go.


9. Corner Create

Created by Faikar |

This logo is simple. But it surely takes great creativity to make it. The symbol is formed from the letter C, an illumination of a corner, and a tip of a pencil. While the name is inspired by a condition where a lot of people take a corner spot when they try to create a work. So, from those thoughts, this logo is created.


10. Kreatank Boom

Created by Daniel Bodea |

Daniel Bodea comes with a unique idea when creating this logo. The basic concept of the logo is taking the shape of a tank, while on the top of the tank, it is put in a pencil instead of a launcher. It shows that a pencil could be a very dangerous weapon.


11. ZDS Panther

Created by Zilligen Design Studio |

The logo uses a panther and a pencil as the symbol. The black panther symbolizes how powerful and how firm the studio is. While the pencil is used to symbolize the tool used in creating the design.


12. Winged Pencil

Created by Milad Design Co |

The pencil is created with wings in this logo. Though this is not the first time the concept has been used, the logo has been one of the most exciting pencil logos ever made. The pencil represents the tool used to make a creation of a design, while the wings are the representation of how the corporation develops itself in the future.


13. Artlovers

Created by Sumesh |

A pencil in a logo is commonly associated with the artwork. This logo uses a pencil with a heart shape as the decoration of it. Then, the identity of the brand follows the picture. The picture, with all the detail, is the best representation of the brand name.


14. Rand Agency

Created by Matt Naylor |

Rand Agency's logo is also one of the logos that use a pencil as the logo. Not solely put as the symbol, the pencil is described to be brought by a man in a professional suit. The rest letter mark put in the logo gives detailed information about the agency.


15. Fooser Mascot

Created by Ryan Foose |

The logo created here is quite intriguing. It is because the logo uses a character of a dog in a white shirt with an initial F on it. We all know that the letter has been associated with bad words. But then, this walking dog is holding up a pencil on its shoulder. And all in all, of course, people question a lot about what is being described on this logo.


16. Dawn Studio

Created by Riaaz |

The logo takes blue and its gradation as the main color. It also uses the tip of the pencil as the main symbol, combined with some reels on it. The color is the representation of how the studio puts trust as the main thing they hold in doing business. Besides, the color provides great comfort for the eyes when they see the design.


17. Artsnacks

Created by Aleksey |

If you like biscuits a lot, then you will see that this picture is just like one. However, it is a pencil that is designed in that way so that it shapes like a biscuit. For the snacks, the name of the brand is written below the symbol so that people know it easily. The message to be delivered is simple; the designer wants to tell people that art is nice and as crunchy as a biscuit to enjoy.


18. Artsecret

Created by Sergey Yakovenko |

The logo concept is quite simple. It puts a tip of a pencil upon a big white dot. The tip of the pencil is blue, just like the background chosen. The brand identity is written below the picture so that it will be much easier to be identified by people. The pencil itself is the representation of the secret of the art. Therefore, it takes as the main symbol here.


19. R&R Brand Lab

Created by Lauren Castro |

Can you imagine why a pencil is used in the lab logo? Well, you see that this lab logo involves a pencil in it. The logo comes in a diamond shape, and inside it, there is a test tube which is at the edge of it. There is a tip of a pencil, making the picture a combination of a tube and a pencil in a picture. There are also some miscellaneous things inside representing the substances being experimented with. The name of the lab is then written below the picture.


20. Deerpen

Created by MH Rahman |

The logo combines the head of a deer and the tip of a pen as the symbol. The name of a pencil is followed as branding here. It also gives the slogan of the product so that people will be encouraged more to use the products.



Created by Milos Bojkovic |

Yaffed logo design uses a very simple concept. It involves a pencil, a hand, and the letter Y as the initial. The pencil is being held by a hand, while the hand, if you pay attention closely, you can see the letter Y in it. Then "Yaffed" is written in big and bold font so that people will recognize it as soon as they see the logo.


22. Sergey Yakovenko

Created by Sergey Yakovenko |

The designer of the logo has applied the idea of clarity and simplicity. It involves a pencil as the symbol which represents the brand, and it also involves the brand name as the identity of the logo. Blue is chosen as the main color for the sake of comfort for the audience's eyes.


23. Tendcil

Created by bernadif.dion |

Tendcil is the abbreviation of a tent and a pencil. You can derive the name by looking at the picture used in the logo. It is a tent, and the top part of the tent takes the shape of the tip of a pencil. The name of the brand is written in simple and bold font for the sake of clarity. The tent and the syllable "tend" share the same color, which is yellow. The same thing happens with the pencil and the syllable "cil" which both have black.


24. Create More

Created by Cam O'Brien |

Is it a pencil or a thunder? Well, it is both a pencil and a thunder, indeed. The designer wants to tell people that the company can do more with the pencil. The pencil will help them to work faster, like a clap of thunder, so that they can produce more work. At the tip of the pencil, you can see the slogan of the logo; work hard, create more.


25. Scrivio

Created by Filippo Borghetti |

Filippo Borghetti, who design the Scrivio logo, has a very simple concept. It only puts a pencil as the main logo and the name of the. brand being promoted. In the background, you can see that on every edge, there's a piece of a pencil in watermark type. The calm color is chosen for both the background and the main picture so that you can see that this logo keeps its simplicity.


26. TDL

Created by Fede Cook |

Teen Design Lab has its logo with a pencil as the symbol. It chooses the combination of letter marks and pictorial style in the design. The eye and a pencil have been created as the main symbol to be put in the middle. Then, this symbol is surrounded by a letter mark saying the brand identity and where it is located.


27. Fede Cook

Created by Fede Cook |

The logo is seen as very fresh. It is perhaps because of the color choice, which is bright yellow. The line put in the logo shows a picture of a pencil and a badge shape. Though it is not nice for the eyes, this logo certainly captures a lot of attention.


28. Brighton Journalism Club

Created by Curt R. Jensen |

Combining the head of a tiger and a pencil is a good choice. The tiger represents the bravery that should be possessed by a journalist, while the pencil is the symbol of the activity done by a journalist. The combination has made a good logo related to the club.


29. Studio One Four

Created by Studio One Four |

An angry pencil mascot is heading somewhere, and it brings a flag written One Four. The pencil is someone who is angry and needs to get to One Four to help him solve his problem. So One Four is ready to redeem your anger with great quality products.


30. Just Draw It

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

This is just a very nice logo created ever. The pencil and the writing have just created a perfect harmony of artwork. The choice of picture and the fonts used has just made it into amazing art.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the pencil logo designs?

The pencil logo designs hold cultural and symbolic meanings that resonate with various aspects of human life. They represent knowledge, learning, and academic excellence, making them highly suitable for educational institutions. The pencil is also associated with creativity, artistic expression, and craftsmanship, symbolizing the power of imagination and the ability to bring ideas to life. Additionally, the pencil logo embodies the importance of written communication, storytelling, and literacy.

What types of industries are suitable for using pencil logo designs?

Pencil logo designs are versatile and can be suitable for a wide range of industries. They are particularly well-suited for educational institutions, including schools, universities, and educational programs. The pencil logo represents knowledge, learning, and academic excellence, making it a natural fit for these establishments. Additionally, the pencil's association with creativity, artistic expression, and craftsmanship makes it a great choice for art studios, galleries, and creative agencies. Writing instrument manufacturers, stationery companies, and publishers also find the pencil logo relevant as it symbolizes the importance of written communication and self-expression.

Which colors are commonly used in pencil logo designs?

Commonly used colors in pencil logo designs include shades of yellow, gray, black, and white. Yellow is a popular choice as it represents positivity, energy, and creativity, reflecting the vibrant and expressive nature of the pencil. Gray symbolizes balance, sophistication, and reliability, making it suitable for pencil logos associated with professionalism and high-quality products. Black and white are often used to convey simplicity, elegance, and versatility. These neutral colors allow the pencil logo to adapt to various backgrounds and applications.

What other symbolisms can I combine with pencil logo designs?

Pencil logo designs can be enhanced with the combination of other symbolisms that complement their core meanings. For example, incorporating book or open page symbols can emphasize the educational aspect and the power of knowledge. Additionally, a light bulb symbol can represent creativity and the generation of new ideas. Integrating a globe can signify global outreach and the impact of education and communication worldwide. A paintbrush or palette can be added to emphasize the artistic nature of the pencil. Symbols like a speech bubble or quill pen can highlight the importance of written communication and storytelling.

Which famous brands or companies are using pencil symbolism in logo designs?

While there may not be many famous brands or companies that use pencil symbolism as the central element in their logo designs, there are some notable examples. One such example is Faber-Castell, a renowned manufacturer of writing instruments and art supplies, whose logo prominently features a pencil. The pencil symbolizes the company's dedication to craftsmanship and the highest quality of its products. Another example is Moleskine, a well-known brand of notebooks and stationery, whose logo includes a stylized image of a pencil in conjunction with its iconic notebook design.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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