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Article: 30 Best Skull Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Skull Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The skull has been in art history since the earliest dawning of human expression.
Check out some of the best skull logo design ideas we have curated!
Created by PrstiPerje |

The skull has long been a powerful symbol, representing mortality, danger, rebellion, and a host of other meanings. Throughout history, skulls have been used in art, fashion, and design to convey a sense of strength and edginess. One of the most popular ways that the skull is used in the design is as a logo, with many businesses and organizations incorporating skull logos into their branding.

The use of skull logos is not limited to any one industry or type of business. From clothing companies to sports teams, from rock bands to motorcycle clubs, the skull logo has become ubiquitous in modern culture. This popularity is due in part to the versatility of the design - the skull can be stylized in countless ways, making it suitable for a variety of aesthetic preferences.

One of the earliest uses of the skull in design was by the famous pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. Blackbeard's flag, which featured a skull with crossed bones, became one of the most recognizable symbols of piracy. This iconic image has since been used in countless iterations, from the skull and crossbones featured on poison labels to the Jolly Roger flag flown by modern pirate enthusiasts.

Despite its association with danger and rebellion, the skull logo has also been used in more lighthearted contexts. The Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) features colorful, stylized skulls as part of its iconography. These skulls, known as calaveras, are meant to represent the cycle of life and death and are often decorated with vibrant patterns and designs.

In recent years, the skull logo has also become popular in the world of business. Many companies, particularly those in the tech industry, have adopted skull logos as a way to convey a sense of innovation and forward thinking. This usage of the skull logo plays on the idea of the "maverick" entrepreneur, someone who is unafraid to take risks and challenge the status quo.

Here are some of the best skull logo design ideas you can reference from:


1. Eyehole Gang

Created by Jason K Yun |

The combination of a unique brand name writing style and a skull image of the head and hands makes this design a classic impression. Not only that, but the depiction of logo elements using a retro style also further embellishes this design. Blue and white colors were chosen to complement this design to have a classic and memorable impression.


2. Herc's Barbecue

Created by Shane Harris |

Made in a vintage logo design style, this logo design combines the appearance of desert objects, skull images, and writing inside. The skull image in this logo design is made in black-like shading, thus adding a vintage impression to this logo design. The writing is done in a beautiful curved style, so it is very eye-catching.


3. Skull & Snakey

Created by George P. Wilson |

This design uses a combination of orange, brown, pink, and white that looks harmonious to display an eye-catching look. The compiler of this design consists of snakes and skulls that are made combined with the cartoon design style. The simplification of the design and the use of little detail in this design make this design easy to remember.


4. Vanessa L. Dudley

Created by Joshua Diaz |

The use of brand names and some images for logo design is very often used by various companies. For example, in this design, the brand name is made with a simple writing style and made with a circular shape. While other logo design elements, such as birds and skull images, are made with modern and minimalist designs.


5. Mescalero Tequila

Created by Zvucifantasticno |

This logo design looks like a hand-drawn sketch with a classic and distinctive retro style. The object used in this design is just a skull and two crossed axes. Not to forget, to complete this design, the brand name that uses the design is made at the bottom of the design with a simple yet elegant design style.


6. Alive Inside

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

When you see this logo, you will immediately be amazed by its uniqueness of this logo. This is because the logo combines flowers and earth, which are synonymous with life, with a skull which is synonymous with death. The three objects are made in a simple classical style. The use of various color combinations in the design also looks beautiful.


7. Koraxium

Created by Mersad Comaga |

The main objects of this logo design are crows and skulls. The crow is made to hold the skull with its feet. The logo design used on crows and skulls is a minimalist and simple design style. There is also a brand name under this logo design that is made in the same style as the logo object.


8. Limbo Kitchen

Created by Daria Mikita |

If you want to combine skull elements with chefs, you can design this one example. In this design, the skull is combined with the image of the chef's hat. This skull and cocoa object is made with a cartoon-style and modern design. Also added details of nuts and seeds in this design to further make this design attractive.


9. Jiu Jitsu Modern

Created by Skilline |

This design uses orange and black colors to create a logo that is easily recognized by the public. The object of the design is a combination of samurai with skulls and brand names. The skull and samurai fusion parts are made in a simple style but still retain the characteristics of samurai. As for the brand name, it made simple and cool.


10. Rick Calzi

Created by Rick Calzi |

Rick Calzi's logo design has an elegant retro style. You can see a blend of classic style with modern style also in this design. The element in this design is only a skull with three lines that look like they are moving out of the skull's mouth. The combination of colors in this design makes it look simple.


11. Storm

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

As the name implies, this design is a combination of lightning clouds and skulls. The skull in this design is made following the groove of the lightning cloud so that only the eyes of the skull are visible. Under the thunderclouds, simple lightning, rain, and wind are made. This logo is very revealing of the characteristics and brand name.


12. Deadpan Pizzeria

Created by Jerad Nun |

With high imagination, combining two objects that are impossible to combine in a logo design can be done. For example, this design combines pizza with a skull. The design styles used in this design are cartoon and vintage styles. Of course, the color combination used in this design also adds to the vintage impression of the design.


13. Mort.

Created by Oban Jones |

The impression of hand painting is the first thing you will get when you see this design. This design is indeed made in a classic retro style and looks like a hand scratch. The main objects taken in this design are skulls and skeletons covered by a cloth. Both objects in the logo design are then colored black.


14. Egocentric

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

This design combines elements of two skulls and two sickles, as well as the brand name. To make this design memorable and quickly build branding, this design is made in a minimalist style. Dark blue and grey warm was chosen to be the colors of this design and to display a classic impression of this design as well.


15. Brain Wave Brewery

Created by Kevin Craft |

Brain Wave Brewery uses the main object of design in the form of a combination of a robot and a skull. All parts of the robot's head are used in this design. While only the eye part of the skull is used in this design, under the design, there is also the brand name of the user of this design.



Created by Gregory Grigoriou |

To give the impression of a logo that is similar to the brand name, this design uses elements that match the brand name. This design combined the image of a pirate hat to represent the port and a skull and cup to represent a cup of coffee. The combination of design objects was made in a modern style.


17. Base Jump Moab

Created by PrstiPerje |

The design, this time, uses the main object of the skull but with various combinations that make it look unique. The skull in this design is made with a classic minimalist look. For the alloy of the skull, the object of a casual hat and cigarettes is given. Not to forget, there is a brand name on the hat worn by the skull.



Created by Arda Design Studio |

Unique strokes that form a complete brand name can also be a minimalist and simple design style choice. For example, this logo design only uses a brand name that is made simple and minimalist as the main object of the design. To decorate the brand name, two skulls were given, with one skull positioned upside down in the design.


19. Hello Queen

Created by Alexandra Erkaeva |

Creating a design that can move with natural movements can be the best choice. You can make it by imitating the Hello Queen design. The main objects worn are skulls with cloth and crowns. On the hands of the skull can also be seen holding flowers. It is this part of the skull that can move in that design.


20. Amorette

Created by Nathaniel Navratil |

Made with a modern and classic style design, this logo design is also easy for people to remember. The elements combined in this logo design are skulls, snakes, and roses. All of these elements are made in a classy classic style and given a combination of black and white colors that make it easy for anyone to remember.


21. Thalia Salsa

Created by Navera Aftab |

This design is composed of a blend of the head of the woman, the skull, and the brand name. The skull in this design is used to replace the woman's face on the woman's head. Meanwhile, the brand name is arranged and made in the form of circling the combination of the woman's head with the woman's face.


22. Skullcrusher Fitness

Created by Nick Budrewicz |

In this design, the skull again became the main object. But not just a skull; the skull in this design is combined with the shape of a gym ball that looks attractive. Both are made without too much detail, so it displays a simple impression. This design only uses two colors, white and orange, so it looks minimalist.


23. Death Waves

Created by PrstiPerje |

As the name suggests, the main object of this logo design is a wave combined with skulls at the end. To make it look even more realistic, the color of the waves is made lifelike blue, while the background of the logo is given white. The design of the waves is made in a vintage style.


24. Skull Coffee Cup

Created by Alberto Bernabe |

In a brown color that looks warm, this logo design becomes easily recognizable to the public. Having the main object in the form of a combination of a skull with a coffee cup makes this design truly represent the brand name of the owner of the design. Added smoke details above the design to tell how warm the coffee is.


25. Memento mori

Created by SeaSalt Creative |

This classic cartoon-style design has a color blend between white and dark green. At the edges, the writing of the brand name is made circular and neatly arranged to form a circle. In the middle of the circle is then given the main object, namely a skull that looks biting a rose in a classic cartoon design style.


26. Rebel workshop

Created by FrostyRay |

For those of you who are looking for design examples for repair service companies, you can see this design. This design is indeed very suitable for use if your client asks for a logo for a repair service company. This design combines two elements as the main object, namely the skull and pliers, both combined with a very simple style.


27. Never Mind the Damage

Created by Coric Design |

The design of Never Mind The Damage looks unique and attractive. The style of a depiction of the main object in the design is what makes the impression unique and interesting. How not? The main object of this design looks simple but charming. Especially in the mouth and eyes of the skull that is made like a big smile.


28. Cowtown Skateboards

Created by Mark Johnston |

The two main elements of this design are the cow's skull and the brand name. The cow skull in this logo is made large, so it becomes the center of attention of this design. The cow's skull is also designed in a simple and modern style. The brand name is made in a casual style but still elegant.


29. Opacity Collective

Created by Angon Mangsa |

The use of a combination of dark green and light green in this design gives a cool impression in this design. Inside there is the main object in the form of a skull image is made as simple as possible. To complement, a brand name is added that is written in a simple style and arranged around the skull.


30. Nound Veritas

Created by FLOYD STUDIO |

The main object used to build the design of Noun Veritas is a skull that looks like it is planting a plant in a pot. The main object of this design is what gives a unique impression and makes this design very easily recognizable by the wider community. For the selection of designer colors, white and dark green colors are used to build a vintage impression.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is the history behind the use of skulls in design?

The use of skulls in design dates back centuries, with early cultures using skulls to represent mortality and the impermanence of life. The skull has also been used as a symbol of power and strength, particularly in military contexts. In modern times, the skull logo has become particularly popular in fashion, sports, and business, with many companies using the skull as a way to convey a sense of danger or rebellion.

What are some common variations of the skull logo?

Skull logos can be stylized in countless ways, making them suitable for a variety of aesthetic preferences. Common variations include skulls with wings, skulls with crossed bones, and skulls with other imagery, such as motorcycles or swords. The skull can also be stylized in a variety of colors, from classic black and white to vibrant and colorful designs.

What are some industries that commonly use skull logos in their branding?

Skull logos are used in a variety of industries, from fashion to sports to business. Clothing companies such as Ed Hardy and Affliction use skull logos in their branding, while sports teams like the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers incorporate skulls into their logos. Motorcycle clubs and military organizations also commonly use skull logos.

What do skull logos symbolize?

Skull logos can represent a variety of meanings, depending on the context in which they are used. In general, the skull is associated with mortality, danger, rebellion, and a sense of toughness or edginess. However, skull logos can also be used in more lighthearted contexts, such as the colorful calaveras used in the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos.

Can skull logos be used in a professional context?

While skull logos may be associated with rebellion and edginess, they can also be used in a professional context. Many companies have adopted skull logos as a way to convey a sense of innovation and forward thinking. When used tastefully and appropriately, skull logos can be an effective way to convey a company's values and personality.

Are there any legal concerns associated with using a skull logo in branding?

While there are no specific legal restrictions on using a skull logo in branding, it is important to ensure that the design does not infringe on any existing trademarks or copyrights. It is also important to consider whether the design may be considered offensive or inappropriate in certain contexts. Working with a professional designer can help ensure that your skull logo is both legally sound and visually appealing.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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