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Article: 30 Best Shield Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Shield Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Created by Fankin Aleksei  |

Shield logo design is not just a symbol; it's a statement! In a world brimming with brands and logos, standing out can be quite the challenge. But fear not, as we dive into the realm of the best shield logo design ideas, where creativity meets legacy. This article is your golden ticket to discovering some of the most innovative and impactful shield logo designs out there. Perfect for businesses looking to evoke strength, trust, and a sense of protection, these designs are more than just aesthetic choices; they're strategic branding tools.

As we embark on this visual odyssey, we'll explore a variety of designs that cater to different tastes and industries. From sleek, modern interpretations to classic, heraldic motifs, there's a shield logo for every brand identity. What makes shield logos so appealing, you ask? It's their versatility and the powerful message they convey. A shield symbolizes security, resilience, and heritage – values that resonate deeply with customers across various sectors. Whether you're a startup looking to make a bold entrance or an established brand aiming for a refresh, these shield logo design ideas are here to inspire and guide your journey.

So, buckle up and get ready for a fun, unique exploration of shield logo designs that are not just visually stunning but are also packed with meaning and purpose. Let's unleash the power of your brand with a shield that's not just a logo but a legacy!


Shield Logo Design Ideas

1. Akatosh

Created by Ethan Fender  |


2. Sergii Manakov

Created by Sergii Manakov  |


3. Dimitrije Mikovic

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic  |


4. North Park Academy

Created by Lucas Fields  |


5. Vadim Carazan

Created by Vadim Carazan  |


6. Veronika Žuvić

Created by Veronika Žuvić  |



Created by DAINOGO  |


8. Edwards House Crest

Created by Peter Voth  |


9. Dusan Klepic

Created by Dusan Klepic  |


10. Dalibor Pajic

Created by Dalibor Pajic  |


11. Koen

Created by Koen  |


12. Shyam B

Created by Shyam B  |


13. Regata Ivan de Dominis

Created by Veronika Žuvić  |


14. Derby County FC

Created by MissMarpl  |


15. Omnium

Created by Omnium  |


16. Rich Scott

Created by Rich Scott  |


17. Darina Darvin

Created by Darina Darvin  |


18. UNOM design

Created by UNOM design  |


19. Territory of men

Created by Ilya Gorchanyuk  |


20. Mersad Comaga

Created by Mersad Comaga  |


21. Jill Jensen Law

Created by Brennan Burling  |


22. Renaissance Academy

Created by Matthew Doyle  |


23. Vick Ben

Created by Vick Ben|


24. Darina Darvin

Created by Darina Darvin  |


25. Dan Blessing

Created by Dan Blessing  |


26. Coinguard

Created by Jeroen van Eerden  |


27. Sabuj Ali

Created by Sabuj Ali  |


28. Veronika Žuvić

Created by Veronika Žuvić  |


29. Fankin Aleksei

Created by Fankin Aleksei  |


30. NS Van

Created by Mauricio Cremer  |


How to Create Shield Logo Designs for Beginners?

Are you a budding designer or a business owner looking to craft the perfect shield logo design? Look no further! Creating a shield logo design is an exciting journey into the world of branding and creativity. Here, we'll guide you through this process with fun, easy-to-follow steps that will transform you from a novice to a shield logo maestro in no time. Let’s dive into the world of shield logo designs and uncover the secrets to crafting a logo that stands out!

Understand the Symbolism Behind Shield Logos

Before you start sketching, it's crucial to understand what a shield represents. Historically, shields symbolize protection, strength, and resilience. In the business world, these qualities can translate to trustworthiness, stability, and security. So, think about the message you want your brand to convey. A financial institution might want a logo that communicates security and trust, while a sports team might prefer something that embodies strength and competitiveness.

Choose the Right Tools and Resources

For beginners, navigating the world of graphic design tools can be overwhelming. But fear not! There are several user-friendly design tools available, such as Adobe Illustrator, Canva, or even free online logo makers. These tools come with pre-designed templates which can be a great starting point. Additionally, websites like Behance or Pinterest are fantastic for inspiration. Remember, the right tool is the one that you feel most comfortable using.

Sketch and Conceptualize Your Ideas

Now, let's get those creative juices flowing! Start with a rough sketch of your shield logo design. Don’t worry about making it perfect; this step is all about getting your ideas on paper. Experiment with different shapes and elements. Do you want a classic medieval shield or something more modern? Would you like to include other elements like swords, crowns, or animals? This is your canvas – go wild!

Select a Color Palette and Typography

Colors and fonts play a significant role in logo design. For shield logos, you might want to choose bold and strong colors like red, blue, or black. These colors often signify strength and reliability. When it comes to typography, select a font that complements the style of your shield. A traditional serif font might suit a classic design, while a sleek sans-serif font could be perfect for a modern look.

Refine and Finalize Your Design

After you have a basic design, it's time to refine it. Use your design software to fine-tune the details. Adjust the colors, experiment with different font styles, and tweak the elements until you’re satisfied. Remember, simplicity is key in logo design – you want your shield logo to be easily recognizable and memorable.

Creating a shield logo design as a beginner can be a thrilling and fulfilling experience. Remember to let your creativity run wild, and don't be afraid to experiment. Your shield logo isn't just a graphic; it's a symbol of what your brand stands for. So go ahead, use these tips to create a logo that not only looks great but also tells your brand's unique story. 


What Is the History Behind Shield Logo Designs?

Ever wondered about the tale behind the ubiquitous shield logo design that adorns numerous brands and crests? You're in for a historical treat! The journey of shield logos is as fascinating as it is diverse, tracing back centuries. It's not just a design element; it's a storied symbol packed with meaning and evolution. Let's embark on a time-travel adventure to unravel the rich history behind shield logo designs.

Ancient Origins and Heraldry

The story of shield logos begins in the medieval era, a time when knights and noble families used shields not just for protection in battle but also to display their identity. These shields bore unique designs – a practice known as heraldry. Each color, symbol, and pattern had specific meanings and represented the family's values, achievements, and history. Heraldry was the precursor to modern branding, where symbols and colors communicate a brand’s identity and values.

Symbolism and Significance

In heraldry, every element on a shield, known as a ‘coat of arms’, held significant meaning. For instance, lions represented courage and strength, while colors like red symbolized bravery, and gold indicated generosity. These elements were carefully chosen to convey a message about the bearer. This tradition influences today’s shield logo design, where symbols are selected to represent the qualities and ethos of a brand.

From Battlefield to Boardroom

As the need for identifying oneself in battle diminished, the use of heraldic shields found new life in the world of commerce and institutions. Universities, government bodies, and later, corporations began adopting shield-shaped logos as a nod to their heritage, authority, and credibility. The shield shape conveyed a sense of tradition, resilience, and trustworthiness, making it a popular choice for institutions that valued these attributes.

Modern Adaptations and Variations

In contemporary design, the shield has been adapted and stylized in countless ways. Modern shield logos often blend traditional elements with contemporary design trends. For example, a tech company might use a shield logo with a minimalist and sleek design to convey protection in the digital realm. The adaptability of the shield shape allows it to remain relevant and appealing in various contexts and industries.

Cultural Impact and Global Reach

The shield logo has transcended its medieval European origins to become a globally recognized symbol. Its use in popular culture, sports teams, and multinational corporations has made it a familiar sight worldwide. The shield logo’s ability to convey strength, reliability, and heritage resonates across different cultures, making it a truly universal symbol in the world of design.

The history behind shield logo designs is as layered and rich as the designs themselves. From medieval battlefields to modern-day boardrooms, the shield has evolved while maintaining its core symbolism. It’s a testament to the enduring power of visual symbols in conveying identity and values. Whether you’re a designer, a historian, or just someone who appreciates a good story, the journey of shield logos is a fascinating blend of history, symbolism, and design evolution. Next time you see a shield logo, remember, it’s not just a design; it’s a chapter from a centuries-old story!


What Are the Symbolisms Behind Shield Logo Designs?

When it comes to shield logo design, it's not just about creating a visually appealing emblem; it's about weaving a story rich with symbolism and meaning. Shield logos are more than just trendy graphics; they are steeped in history and loaded with significance. Whether you’re a designer, a brand strategist, or a curious soul, understanding the symbolism behind shield logos can add depth and context to your creative projects. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of shield logos and uncover the layers of meaning they carry!

Protection and Safety

The most obvious symbolism of a shield is protection. Historically used in battle to defend against attacks, shields in logos convey a sense of safety and security. This makes them a popular choice for industries where trust and reliability are paramount, such as finance, security, and insurance. A shield logo can reassure customers that they are in safe hands, protected from any metaphorical ‘arrows’ life might throw their way.

Strength and Resilience

A shield not only protects but also symbolizes strength and resilience. It represents the ability to withstand challenges and emerge victorious. Businesses that want to project an image of durability, such as automotive companies, fitness brands, or any venture that prides itself on toughness and endurance, often opt for shield logos. It's a visual promise of unyielding strength and steadfastness.

Heritage and Tradition

Shields have a deep connection with history and tradition, harking back to the days of knights and heraldry. In logo design, a shield can evoke a sense of heritage, longevity, and established presence. This is particularly appealing for institutions like universities, law firms, or any organization that wants to highlight its storied past and deep-rooted values. A shield logo can be a symbol of legacy and time-honored traditions.

Authority and Prestige

There's an inherent regality and prestige associated with shields, thanks in part to their use by royal families and knights. In the corporate world, a shield logo can convey a sense of authority and esteem. It’s a fitting choice for luxury brands, elite clubs, or any entity that wants to exude exclusivity and a high status. It's like putting a royal stamp on your brand, declaring it as a cut above the rest.

Unity and Community

Lastly, shields often represent unity and community. Historically, warriors would rally behind a shield in battle, symbolizing solidarity and teamwork. For modern brands, a shield logo can encapsulate the idea of coming together, standing united, and fostering a sense of community. It’s an excellent symbol for organizations that prioritize teamwork, communal values, and collective effort.

In the universe of logo design, shield logos are rich with symbolism and deep meanings. From conveying protection and strength to embodying heritage and unity, these logos pack a powerful symbolic punch. Understanding these nuances can transform a simple shield logo into a compelling narrative about your brand and its values. So, the next time you encounter a shield logo, take a moment to appreciate the layers of symbolism it carries – it’s a tale of protection, strength, and unity, all wrapped up in one iconic design!


What Are the Common Styles in Shield Logo Designs?

The world of shield logo design – where history meets creativity and gives birth to some of the most iconic logos in the branding universe! Whether you're a seasoned designer, a startup founder, or just someone with an eye for cool logos, understanding the common styles in shield logo designs can be quite the game-changer. These styles aren't just random; they are a fusion of art, symbolism, and strategy. Let’s embark on a whimsical journey through the kaleidoscope of shield logo styles and discover what makes each one tick!

Classic Heraldic Shields

First up is the classic heraldic style, a nod to the ye olde days of knights and nobility. These designs often feature traditional elements like crests, animals (think lions and eagles), and ornate detailing. They are steeped in history and ooze a sense of heritage and timelessness. Perfect for institutions, luxury brands, or any business that wants to channel a vibe of legacy and prestige. When you see a heraldic shield logo, it’s like taking a little time travel trip to the medieval era – minus the jousting!

Modern Minimalist Shields

On the opposite end of the spectrum are modern minimalist shield logos. These designs are all about simplicity and clean lines. Think sleek, geometric shapes with minimal ornamentation. They’re the go-to for tech companies, startups, and businesses looking to project a contemporary, cutting-edge image. A minimalist shield logo says, “We’re modern, we’re cool, and we mean business.” It’s the design equivalent of a cool, mysterious character in shades walking away from an explosion in slow motion.

Sporty and Dynamic Shields

Sports teams love shield logos, and for good reason! Sporty shield designs often feature dynamic elements like swooshes, stars, and bold, action-packed fonts. They evoke a sense of energy, excitement, and competitive spirit. These logos are not just branding; they're a rallying cry for teams and fans alike. When you see a sporty shield logo, you can almost hear the crowds cheering and feel the adrenaline pumping!

Vintage and Retro Shields

The vintage or retro shield style is like a loving tribute to the bygone eras. These designs often incorporate elements that evoke nostalgia, like classic typography, muted color palettes, and rustic textures. They’re perfect for brands looking to channel a sense of nostalgia, craftsmanship, or an artisanal vibe. A vintage shield logo is like a sepia-toned photograph – it has a story to tell, and it does so with an air of old-school cool.

Abstract and Artistic Shields

Last but not least, we have the abstract and artistic shield logos. These designs throw the rulebook out the window and embrace creativity in its wildest form. They might play with unusual shapes, bold color combinations, and imaginative imagery. These logos are for brands that dare to be different and want to make a statement. An abstract shield logo is like a piece of modern art – it intrigues, it challenges, and it’s open to interpretation.

From the classic to the contemporary, the sporty to the artistic, shield logo designs come in a diverse array of styles. Each style tells its own story and conveys its own message. As you embark on your logo design journey, consider which style resonates most with your brand's identity and the story you want to tell. Remember, a shield logo is much more than a graphic; it’s a visual narrative of your brand's character and ethos. So pick a style that suits you and let your brand’s shield shine!


What Other Symbolisms Can I Feature in Shield Logo Designs?

Welcome to the vibrant world of shield logo design, where every element can be a hidden treasure trove of symbolism! As a designer or brand enthusiast, infusing your shield logo with the right symbols can transform it from a mere graphic to a storytelling masterpiece. But what are these symbols, and what secret messages do they convey? Let’s embark on a creative exploration and uncover the myriad of symbols you can feature in your shield logo designs. Prepare to be inspired!

Animals – Embodying Strength and Virtue

Animals in shield logos are more than just pretty faces; they are powerful symbols. Each animal carries its own set of traits and meanings. For instance, lions symbolize courage and royalty, while eagles represent freedom and a sharp vision. Including an animal in your shield logo can convey specific qualities that align with your brand’s values. Imagine a fierce bear for resilience, or a swift horse for speed and agility. The animal kingdom is your oyster!

Weapons – Showcasing Defense and Valor

Nothing says ‘protection’ like a good old-fashioned weapon. Swords, arrows, and spears in shield logos can symbolize defense, valor, and a fighting spirit. They convey a message of readiness to face challenges and overcome obstacles. This symbolism is perfect for brands in security, sports, or any field that values strength and resilience. A sword crossing a shield? That’s not just a logo; it’s a declaration of bravery and readiness to battle any metaphorical dragons.

Nature Elements – Signifying Growth and Stability

Incorporating nature elements like trees, mountains, or rivers can add a layer of depth to your shield logo. Trees can symbolize growth, stability, and life, while mountains might represent endurance and grandeur. Water elements like rivers or waves can signify flow, adaptability, and continuity. These symbols are great for brands that value environmentalism, sustainability, or those who want to convey a sense of grounding and longevity.

Stars and Celestial Bodies – Illuminating Ambition and Dreams

Stars, moons, and suns aren’t just for night sky enthusiasts; they can add a celestial touch to your shield logo. Stars often represent excellence, aspirations, and a guiding light. A moon can symbolize mystery, creativity, and cycles of change. Including these elements in your shield logo can suggest a visionary brand that is ambitious, forward-thinking, and guided by lofty ideals. It's like saying, “We’re not just reaching for the stars; we’re incorporating them into our identity!”

Historical and Mythological References – Invoking Legacy and Wisdom

Delving into history and mythology can provide a treasure trove of symbols for shield logos. From ancient Greek helmets to Norse runes, these elements can imbue your logo with a sense of legacy, wisdom, and timelessness. They connect your brand to stories and legends, making it feel larger than life. A mythological creature or a historical artifact in your logo can be a nod to your brand’s heritage or its aspirations to create its own legendary tale.

In the realm of shield logo design, the symbols you choose can open up a world of narratives and meanings. From the animal kingdom to the stars, each element you incorporate into your shield logo carries its own symbolism and story. So, go ahead, pick the symbols that resonate with your brand’s essence and weave them into your shield logo. Remember, your logo is not just a graphic; it’s a canvas for storytelling, a badge of your brand’s identity, and a symbol of the values and visions that drive your mission. Let your shield logo be a beacon of your brand’s unique story!



Shield logo design is an art form that blends historical significance with modern creativity. As we've explored, these designs are not just visually striking but also rich in symbolism, conveying messages of strength, protection, heritage, and unity. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established business, a well-crafted shield logo can significantly elevate your brand's identity. It's about creating a symbol that resonates with your audience and embodies your brand's core values. So, take the leap into the dynamic world of shield logo design and let your brand's story be told through a logo that's as unique and powerful as your vision.


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