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Article: 30 Best Gun Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Gun Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun.
Check out some of the best gun logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!

Created by Daniel Seong |

Welcome to the ultimate compilation of the 30 top gun logo design ideas to fuel your creativity. We've aimed high to gather the most unique and dynamic concepts to inspire your next big project. As graphic designers, we know that crafting the perfect logo is not merely about aesthetics but encapsulating the essence of a brand in one memorable image.

When it comes to gun logo design ideas, this challenge becomes even more exciting. We’ll explore how these logos balance power, precision, and a sense of adventure to make a strong statement. Whether you're designing for a shooting range, a gun shop, or a gaming clan, there's something in this list that will ignite your creative spark. From minimalist designs to detailed illustrations, each of these gun logo design ideas has been chosen for their ability to leave a lasting impression.

Let's dive in and decode what makes these logos hit the bull's-eye every time. Remember, it's all about learning, drawing inspiration, and making each design project better than the last. So, set your sights on these exceptional designs, and get ready to unlock your next level of creativity.


I. Gun Logo Design Ideas  

1. Sidiq Rrt

Created by sidiq rrt |


2. Krivenko Ivan

Created by Krivenko Ivan |


3. Daniel Bodea

Created by Daniel Bodea |


4. From Whole Heart

Created by MADEINCOMA |


5. Art Dvorzhak

Created by Art Dvorzhak |


6. Gun Man

Created by SPG MARKS |


7. Md Arif Hossain

Created by Md Arif Hossain |


8. Igor Duibanov

Created by Igor Duibanov |


9. The Time of Your Life

Created by Peter Francis Laxalt |


10. Bull Gun Skull

Created by Adam Johnson |


11. Hunting Gun

Created by mamunur25 |


12. Hard Target Co

Created by Sam Ochoa |


13. Gunsales Kansas

Created by brandosaur |


14. LiveFire

Created by Dennis Pasyuk |


15. Six Shooter Coffee Logo

Created by Pants Pantsley |


16. United Rifle Association

Created by Daniel Seong |


17. Six Bullets Tattoo

Created by Srdjan Vidakovic |


18. Mill Creek Shooting Resort

Created by Dave Keller |


19. Revolver Pictures

Created by singaraja |


20. The Unliving Room

Created by Scott M Thigpen |


21. Rebel Silencers

Created by Case Morton |


22. Seven Bullets

Created by Benjamin Oberemok |


23. Shift Esports

Created by Ethan Phillips |


24. Daniel Bodea

Created by Daniel Bodea |


25. Bang Bang

Created by Stephanie White |


26. Gun Land

Created by Sam Horn |


27. Pixel Gun

Created by graphitepoint |


28. Garden Gun Club

Created by Josh Carnley |


29. Basketball Revolver

Created by Peterson Timothy |


30. The Gunner

Created by Pieter Baan |


II. Symbolism and Meanings of Gun in Logo Designs

Guns in logo designs are not just visually striking, but they also come loaded with deep symbolism and potential meanings. They can be an emblem of power, adventure, precision, protection, and more. The intriguing part is how to infuse these elements in a creative, engaging, and appropriate way in your logo. Let's delve deeper into the symbolism and meanings of gun in logo design to better understand how these elements come into play.

Power and Authority

A gun logo design often symbolizes power and authority. Just like the object itself, a logo bearing this symbol can evoke a sense of command. This can be particularly effective for businesses looking to project an image of strength and control, like security firms or video game developers. The key here is to use the gun symbol wisely and effectively, maintaining a balance that doesn't intimidate or provoke, but rather conveys a brand's strong presence.

Precision and Focus

Guns are associated with precision and focus, valuable qualities that many brands want to highlight. Businesses related to the fields of target sports, marksmanship, or any area that values precise execution can benefit from gun logo designs. The careful rendering of the gun symbol in your design can subtly communicate your brand's commitment to accuracy and a laser-focused approach.

Adventure and Risk-Taking

If your brand represents adventure, thrill, or risk-taking, a gun logo design can be a fitting choice. This symbol often resonates with audiences interested in gaming, outdoor sports, or even speculative ventures. A creatively designed gun logo can help establish an adventurous brand image that appeals to your target audience's sense of excitement and daring.

Protection and Defense

In many cultures, guns are seen as symbols of protection and defense. This can be an effective message for brands in industries such as security services, personal safety training, or even cybersecurity. A well-designed gun logo can subtly imply that your company stands as a protector, ready to defend and secure whatever it is that your clients value most.

Controversy and Impact

Finally, the gun is a potent symbol of controversy. Brands aiming to make a bold statement or seeking to be disruptive may opt for gun logo design. However, it's essential to be mindful of potential interpretations and reactions. This isn't to deter you but rather to help you anticipate and handle the potential impact that a gun logo can have.

Incorporating a gun into a logo design can be a creative challenge but also a rewarding endeavor. The right design can create an unforgettable symbol for a brand. By understanding the various interpretations of gun symbolism, you can create a powerful, precision-focused, adventurous, protective, or even controversial logo, depending on what best represents your brand. This exploration of gun logo design symbolism should give you a new perspective on how to integrate this impactful icon into your next design project.


III. Types of Industries That Are Suitable to Use Gun Logo Designs

The versatility of the gun as a symbol makes gun logo designs suitable for an array of industries. While it's an obvious choice for businesses directly related to firearms, it also lends itself to others wanting to convey power, precision, and adventure. Let's explore the types of industries that can utilize a gun logo design to create impactful branding.

Firearms and Ammunition Industries

Perhaps the most straightforward application of a gun logo design is within the firearms and ammunition industry. Whether it's a gun shop, a firearm manufacturer, or an ammunition company, these businesses can effectively use the gun symbol to reflect their products. The design can range from highly realistic to more stylized depictions, depending on the brand image they want to project.

Security and Protection Services

Another industry that naturally fits the use of a gun logo design is security and protection services. These companies aim to project an image of strength, vigilance, and safety, and a gun symbol can help achieve that. From personal security firms to cybersecurity businesses, the imagery of a gun can signify a readiness to defend and protect.

Video Game Industry

The video game industry, especially those focused on first-person shooter or military-themed games, often employs gun logo designs. A well-designed gun logo can instantly communicate the game's genre and create an immediate connection with the target audience. It also conveys a sense of thrill and adventure, which are key elements in these types of games.

Sports Shooting and Hunting Businesses

Businesses related to sports shooting, hunting, or even paintball can utilize gun logo designs to symbolize precision, focus, and sportsmanship. This can include shooting ranges, hunting outfitters, or sport shooting clubs. The gun imagery in these logos can reinforce the excitement and precision inherent in these activities.

Edgy Fashion and Apparel Brands

Edgy fashion and apparel brands, especially those with a streetwear or military-inspired aesthetic, may find a gun logo design fitting. It can help to communicate a rebellious, bold, and disruptive brand personality. However, it's crucial for these brands to handle such a symbol with sensitivity and responsibility, as it can stir emotions and controversy.

In conclusion, the application of gun logo designs extends beyond industries directly linked to firearms. It can also work for businesses wanting to communicate specific brand attributes such as power, precision, adventure, and even a touch of rebellion. A gun logo design, when implemented correctly, can effectively and instantly communicate a brand's core identity to its target audience, making it a potent tool in the graphic designer's arsenal. Keep these industry examples in mind as you craft your next striking and memorable gun logo design.


IV. Colours That Are Commonly Used in Gun Logo Designs

Choosing the right color for your gun logo design is as critical as the design itself. Colors are powerful tools in conveying messages and evoking emotions. The commonly used colors in gun logo designs are usually ones that suggest power, precision, and a sense of excitement. Let's explore these colors and understand why they work so well with gun logo designs.


Black is one of the most commonly used colors in gun logo design. It's associated with power, elegance, formality, and mystery. Using black in a gun logo design can help project an image of authority and sophistication. It's also great for creating contrast, ensuring that your logo stands out and leaves a lasting impression.


Red is another popular color choice for gun logo designs, especially in industries related to sports, gaming, or hunting. It represents energy, excitement, and passion. Red also signals danger, which can add an adventurous, thrill-seeking vibe to your logo design. Whether used as a primary color or an accent, red can add a dynamic touch to a gun logo.


Grey is frequently used in gun logo designs, particularly in the firearms and security industries. It's often associated with metal and thus subtly references the material most guns are made of. Grey can convey a sense of stability, professionalism, and balance. It's versatile and works well with a wide range of other colors.


Green might seem an unusual choice for a gun logo design, but it can work well, especially for businesses related to outdoor sports or hunting. It symbolizes nature, tranquility, and growth. It can also be a good choice for military-themed businesses, representing camouflage and connection to the field. In a gun logo, green can communicate a sense of adventure and an affinity with the outdoors.


Blue is not as commonly used as the other colors in gun logo designs but it can be a great choice for industries wanting to convey a sense of reliability, trust, and calm. It’s particularly effective for security companies, conveying a sense of safety and protection. With its soothing qualities, a blue gun logo design can subtly assure clients of the company's dependable service.

Remember, while these colors are commonly used in gun logo design, they're just starting points. The most important thing is that the color choice aligns with the brand’s image, resonates with the target audience, and sets the desired tone. Whether you’re designing for a security company, a gaming startup, or a hunting outfitter, color will play a crucial role in creating a memorable and impactful gun logo design. Use these insights to color your next design project with success.


V. Other Symbolisms That You Can Combine with Gun Logo Designs

While a gun can be a powerful symbol in logo design, combining it with other elements can add more depth and specific meaning to your brand's visual identity. Here are five types of additional symbolisms that can be incorporated with a gun logo design to create a more nuanced and unique brand narrative.

Target or Bullseye

A common and effective symbol to pair with a gun in a logo design is a target or bullseye. This combination can powerfully convey precision, focus, and achievement. It’s particularly fitting for sports shooting businesses, gaming companies, or any brand that wants to emphasize the accuracy of its products or services.


Incorporating a shield with a gun logo design can reinforce the notion of protection and defense. This is ideal for security companies or personal safety training providers. The shield symbolizes safeguarding and reliability, suggesting that the brand is ready to defend and protect its clients or customers.


Adding wings to a gun logo design can create a sense of freedom, speed, or elevation. This can be effective for brands that want to convey a sense of adventure or risk-taking. From extreme sports companies to innovative tech start-ups, wings can give a gun logo design a dynamic and forward-moving feel.


Pairing a skull with a gun in a logo design can create a bold, edgy look. This combination can be perfect for brands that want to project an image of rebelliousness or daring. It's commonly seen in the fashion industry, especially streetwear, or in the gaming industry, particularly in genres like action or horror.

Nature Elements

Incorporating nature elements like trees, mountains, or animals with a gun logo can be particularly fitting for outdoor sporting goods stores, hunting outfitters, or adventure tourism companies. This combination can communicate a love for the outdoors and an adventurous spirit. It can also subtly suggest survival skills or a connection with the wilderness.

In conclusion, while a gun symbol can be potent on its own, combining it with other symbols can deepen its meaning and create a more layered narrative for your brand. The best symbol to combine with a gun logo design will depend on your brand's core values, the message you want to convey, and your target audience's perceptions. So, when you're working on your next gun logo design, consider these pairing options to create a design that truly stands out and tells a unique story.


VI. Famous Brands and Companies That Use Gun Symbolism in Their Logo Designs

Throughout the history of branding, various companies have effectively utilized the gun symbol in their logo designs to convey power, precision, and more. Whether directly related to firearms or not, these companies have creatively integrated gun symbolism in their logos to create lasting brand identities. Here, we'll explore five notable examples of gun logo design in famous brands and companies.

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson, a renowned American firearms manufacturer, uses a gun in their logo as a clear representation of their primary product. The company’s logo features a detailed illustration of a revolver alongside their name. The use of black and white gives the logo a classic, timeless feel, reflecting the company’s long-standing heritage in the firearms industry.


Italian firearm manufacturer Beretta uses a simpler approach to their gun logo design. The logo features a pair of stylized Beretta pistols crossed against each other to form an 'X'. This minimalist yet striking design clearly communicates the brand’s core business, while the use of silver color reflects elegance and sophistication.


Colt's Manufacturing Company, another well-known firearms manufacturer, uses an iconic ramping (rearing up) colt (young horse) logo, referencing the company's name rather than the product. However, the historical association of the brand with firearms manufacturing has ingrained an indirect gun symbolism in their logo, creating an interesting blend of literal and associative symbolism.


Austrian company Glock, famous for their line of pistols, employs a text-based logo with a unique 'G', where the letter’s serif is elongated and stylized into a trigger-like shape. While not featuring a gun directly, this subtle hint adds a layer of intrigue and reinforces the brand's connection to the firearms industry.


Crossfire, an online tactical first-person shooter, uses a gun logo design for its brand. Two stylized guns form a cross in the logo, aptly representing the game's name and genre. The use of red and black creates a dynamic and impactful look, appealing to the game's target audience.

These examples show the diversity of ways gun symbolism can be used in logo design across different industries, not just limited to the manufacturers of firearms. The gun can be illustrated in detail, subtly implied, or even combined with other elements to create a unique visual identity. These famous brands provide inspiration on how a gun logo design can be made versatile, memorable, and strongly associated with a brand's core values and offerings. Whether you're designing for a firearm company, a security firm, or a gaming business, these examples can help you aim for the right balance in your gun logo design project.



In closing, exploring these 30 best gun logo design ideas should provide you with ample inspiration and guidance for your next design project. Remember, a successful gun logo design is not just about aesthetics; it's about aligning the symbolism, industry appropriateness, colors, combined elements, and even drawing inspiration from famous brands. So, whether you're crafting a logo for a security firm, a game studio, or an adventurous outdoor brand, keep these key points in mind. Let's continue to create powerful visual narratives that captivate and resonate. Happy designing, fellow graphic artists!


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