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Article: 30 Best Gear Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Gear Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Great ideas need wings as well as supporting gears.
Check out some of the best gear logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Second Eight |


The origins of gear logo design can be traced back to the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries. During this time, the development of machines and manufacturing processes led to the rise of factories and mass production. Gears were a key component in these machines, used to transmit power and motion from one part of the machine to another. As such, gears became a symbol of industrialization and engineering.

The use of gear images in logos first gained popularity in the early 20th century. Companies such as Chevrolet, Caterpillar, and Harley-Davidson began incorporating gears into their logos to represent their manufacturing and engineering prowess. The gears were often paired with other symbols, such as the Chevrolet bowtie or the Harley-Davidson bar and shield, to create a unique brand identity.

In the mid-20th century, gear logos became even more popular as the post-World War II boom led to increased production and a growing emphasis on technology and engineering. Many companies began using gear logos to represent their technological innovations and industrial capabilities. The gear logo also became popular in the automotive industry, with companies like Ford, Dodge, and Jeep incorporating gears into their logos to represent their engineering prowess and ruggedness.

In the 21st century, gear logos continue to be popular, particularly in industries related to technology, engineering, and manufacturing. The rise of 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing techniques has led to a renewed interest in the mechanics and engineering behind products, and gear logos are often used to represent this focus on innovation and technology.

Here are some of the best gear logo design ideas you can reference:


1. FindPro

Created by Nicu Zaporojan |

This logo may look simple but it will help you see that a logo can help everyone understand what you want to convey. The red color of the logo reminds everyone to be cautious and careful in working. The gear icon that is combined with a helmet says that everything should be done safely and securely.


2. Vic Pang

Created by Vic Pang |
Abstract logos are based on images but don’t represent real-world entities. You can customize the gear logo to create something unique. For example, you can create a heart with gear in it. This logo says that a heart needs to work to make everything work.

Even though many hearts are identical to pink or red, this one has monochromatic colors that make it look modern.


3. Sprocket's

Created by Audrey Elise |
A gear logo doesn’t have to look like a common gear. One unique idea to try is to elongate the gear’s teeth so that they will look much more delicate.

This way, you can create a more modern logo with a gear on it. This gear logo also indicates a flower. If you want to create an unusual logo for female customers, this gear is a brilliant idea.


4. KO Process Engineering

Created by Alexander Hristov |

Can you imagine how it looks like having an animated logo? You can add animation to different elements or objects on your logo. If there will be a gear on the logo, make it rotate so that your logo will look alive. Blue is going to be a great color for the gear logo design for your business.


5. Legendary Goat

Created by Mikylangela |

Creativity is needed if you want to create a logo that combines gears with an animal. For example, if you want to create a goat logo, consider shaping the goat with some gear. Those gears are going to help you create the most unique goat logo. Make sure that everyone can spot the goat on your logo.


6. NBT

Created by Kanades |

Looking for a nice yet meaningful logo for your business or company? Then try to create an eye with a gear. Instead of using the gear as the eyeball, consider using it as the outside part of the eye. And then use some other elements or objects inside the gear so that they will be the eyeball.


7. Opinari

Created by Olly Cowan |

Gear can also imitate something in nature. For example, you may want to use a gear as the sun on your business logo. But, instead of using the color of the real sun, consider using another color like blue. Blue is a cool color that will look awesome when you use it on top of white background. 


8. Daniel Meza

Created by Daniel Meza |

Many people are usually drawing some gears inside the illustration of a head. But you need to make sure that your gear logo looks different. Try to create an illustration of a human head inside a gear. This is going to make your logo look unusual but everyone will understand the message it tries to convey.


9. Offroad Fab Worx

Created by Abby Richey |
Many businesses are using monograms or initials of their business name as the logo of their company. You can do the same but make sure that the initials or monograms are inside the gear.

Choose colors that will represent the theme of your logo. Brown gear is going to be a nice element or object for your vintage logo.


10. Michael’s Bicycles

Created by Scott Bair |
There are gears on the bicycles. And usually, people ride their bicycles to enjoy nature around them. Then use a bicycle’s gear as a frame for the mountain illustration.

This is going to make people see that your business or company focuses on the mountain bicycle. Use monochromatic colors so that your logo won’t look too crowded.


11. Gorsky Brew

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic |

A gear is actually the best frame for everything. You can use the center of the gear logo to create another illustration, like an illustration of a businessman. And then add some other elements and typography to complement the gear logo. Combine red with something pastel like the eggshell color.


12. Committee

Created by Ryan Prudhomme |

A gear can create a magnificent logo if you know what object will look impressive when you use it along with the gear icon or element. One example of combining the right object to a logo is by combining a ger with a lightning bolt. Use different colors for both objects so that your logo will look more impressive.


13. ifactory

Created by ikram h sakib |

This gear logo is actually the combination of five different gears. You can create a unique look of a gear logo by cropping each gear and connecting them together until they shape a star. Use different colors for the connected gears so that everyone can see that the star shape is made of five different gears.


14. Eyegear Rebound

Created by Nick Budrewicz |

Which color do you think is the best for your gear logo? Monochromatic colors like gray and white are the right ones for your gear logo. Most gear icons have gray color so make sure that yours look different. One easy way to create a different gear logo is by adding an eye inside the gear icon. 


15. Global Development

Created by Niizam Uddin |

If the name of your business or brand starts with the letter G, use the initial of your business or brand name to create an incredible gear logo. This gear logo is for a business that has a Global word on the name. The gear logo looks like a globe but with a gear on the outside part of the g


16. NorthMech

Created by Jeroen van Eerden |

Minimalism is everything if the gear logo you desire is the modern one. There are many ways to create a minimalist gear logo. For example, you can use black color for the icon and typography and accentuate the minimalism of the logo by using white for the background of the logo.


17. Coinage

Created by Jeroen van Eerden |
Those who need a very special gear logo design should consider using coins to create the gear logo. arrange seven different hexagonal coins to create and shape a gear logo.

White is going to look awesome for the coin gear logo. Since the logo and typography have a white color, use a gradient to color the background of your logo.


18. CeGear

Created by Mahdi Sobuj |

The idea of this gear logo design is similar to the Sprocket. But the gear on this logo doesn’t look like a flower so it will look more ideal for a business that the target customer is men. It uses white color for the logo or gear icon and the logo looks super classy when it is placed on a black background.


19. Tokyo Fixed Cycles

Created by Alex Aperios |

If the focus of your business is a service center for bicycles, then you need to consider using bicycle gear as the main object of your logo. Frame it with a circle so that you can make it look like a wheel. Black is going to be a great color for this logo but add something fresh like orange to the logo.


20. Night Path

Created by Brad Lockhart |

Since the business name is Night Path, the gear used on this logo acts like a frame of a mountain view at night. The small star on the corner and the navy color of the gear show that the logo is about a night view. Place this dark-colored logo on a bright or vibrant-colored background.


21. Time Machine

Created by Nolan Fleming |

Most time machine logos are using watches, clocks, or other similar elements or objects. But you can use some gears when creating a time machine logo. For example, get inspiration from the gears of the big clock in the Harry Potter movie and the necklace Hermione uses to travel through time.


22. Gearbox

Created by Zach Arvidson |

Gear can be placed anywhere when you’re creating a specific logo for your business. For example, you can pack the gear inside a hexagonal box. This is going to create a unique look for the gear, especially if you use luxurious colors. Red, orange, and white are some colors to consider. 


23. NTN | NMU Collaboration

Created by Jordan Blahnik |

The ideal component to accompany a gear is the chain. Every bicycle will work when the chain and gear work together. If you’re looking for a collaboration logo, then combining gear and the chain will be an awesome idea. Make sure that everyone can see the chain and gear shapes easily.


24. iGain

Created by Oliver Dumoulin |

Gear can be created from almost any object or element. This one, for example, is created from two squares and one circle in the middle. The two squares have blue and green colors that make them look nice. Since there are already two colors on the logo, use white for the background.


25. Jacob Scowden

Created by Jacob Scowden |

Monogram or initial gear logo can be made by placing the initial or monogram right in the middle of the gear icon. Make sure that people will focus on the initial you place inside the gear. This means the initial should be made of a bold font compared to the lines used to create the gear logo around the initial.


26. Rooster

Created by Sergey Yakovenko |

You can even create a gear logo by making two circles. Fill the space between both circles with a cockscomb and chicken beak. And then add a small dot or circle in the middle of the gear to create the eye of the rooster. This is a super unique icon that will show people how creative you are. 


27. aefirit

Created by aefirit |

Make the gear icon on your logo look more special by adding a 3D effect to it. Simply add shadow and you’ll get an alive and 3D logo. If you are going to print the logo, make sure that the paper allows you to create a 3D printing on it. 3D printing makes the logo look more alive.


28. Velosport

Created by logaze |

Connect some dots and you’ll create a gear logo. This impressive logo has some yellow dots and blue dots. The blue ones are connected with yellow lines and shape a gear. This is a unique and unusual idea for your gear logo. Be creative and your gear logo will look very special.


29. Silver King Machine

Created by Kevin Kroneberger |
Feel free to combine three different elements or objects in creating a unique gear logo. For example, use a gear to frame the ocean with waves. And then add an illustration of a fish on the water. This is going to create an extraordinary gear logo with a unique story behind the logo.


30. Lumin

Created by Second Eight |

Yellow is going to be a nice color for the background. This color is going to illuminate the black gear logo and typography. For the gear logo, it will be more unique if half of it looks like a gear while another half of the logo looks like a flower.


Frequently Ask Questions

Can gear logos be used for non-engineering or manufacturing related industries?

While gear logos are traditionally associated with industries related to engineering, manufacturing, and technology, they can also be used for non-engineering or manufacturing related industries. The key is to ensure that the gear graphic element is incorporated in a way that makes sense for the brand and its message. For example, a gear could be used to represent the inner workings or "behind the scenes" aspect of a company, or to symbolize progress and movement. Ultimately, the effectiveness of a gear logo in a non-engineering or manufacturing related industry will depend on the overall design and how well it communicates the brand's identity and message.

How do you choose the right color palette for a gear logo?

Choosing the right color palette for a gear logo involves considering the brand's message, target audience, and the industry in which it operates. Colors evoke emotions and can affect how a logo is perceived, so it's important to choose colors that align with the brand's personality and values. For example, blue can convey trust and reliability, while red can represent energy and passion. Additionally, the color palette should be versatile enough to work well in various contexts, such as on different backgrounds or in different sizes. It's important to test the color palette to ensure that it resonates with the brand and its audience before finalizing the design.

Can gear logos work well in combination with other graphic elements?

Yes, gear logos can work well in combination with other graphic elements, such as typography, shapes, or images. The key is to ensure that the combination of elements is visually balanced and that the gear graphic element does not overwhelm the other elements or vice versa. For example, a gear could be used as a background element to support the typography or a shape could be integrated into the gear design to create a more unique logo. The combination of elements should complement each other and work together to communicate the brand's identity and message. Careful consideration and testing should be conducted to ensure the design is effective.

How can you incorporate movement or animation into a gear logo design?

Incorporating movement or animation into a gear logo design can add a dynamic element that enhances the brand's identity and message. One way to achieve this is through the use of 3D modeling or animation software to create a rotating or spinning gear. Another option is to use motion graphics to animate the gear logo, such as by adding a subtle animation that gives the impression of movement or rotation. Careful consideration should be given to the animation style and speed to ensure that it is not distracting or overwhelming. The animation should enhance the design and message of the gear logo without compromising its effectiveness.

What are some common misconceptions about gear logos?

One common misconception about gear logos is that they can only be used for companies and products related to engineering or manufacturing. While gear logos are often used in these industries, they can be adapted to work well in a variety of industries and contexts. Another misconception is that gear logos must always feature gears in a literal sense, when in reality, they can be stylized or abstracted to create a more unique and modern design. Lastly, some may assume that gear logos are too complex or busy in design, but a well-designed gear logo can be simple and effective in communicating a brand's identity and message.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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