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Article: 10 Tips to Create A Good Restaurant Logo Design

10 Tips to Create A Good Restaurant Logo Design

In the food business, the taste of the product is as equal to the visual representation.
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic restaurant logo design!
Created by Safari Studio |
The first impression or first glance is very important in a business, and to get a good impression, it is always best to prioritize the best from the business. In the context of a restaurant business, a good logo will show an important impression the first time you see it.

A restaurant logo is a visual representation of the restaurant brand and brand. They give diners/potential customers a glimpse of the concept, vision, and values of your restaurant.

In this article, we will explain what a restaurant logo is, the quality of a restaurant logo, and some examples to inspire and add references to your restaurant.

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The main goal of designing a logo is to gain respect and recognition in the market. However, that is only possible if you come up with an alluring logo design. Help from a freelancer or design studio might keep you from achieving what you're looking for. Plus, you also have to pay high fees. On the other hand, you will have complete freedom to customize your business logo however you want with free online logo maker software.

Designing a logo is not a complicated process with this online logo shop because you just need to follow a few simple steps to use it and complete an amazing logo design. You don't need to have a designer background or any special skills a designer has acquired to use this logo design service.

Your brand needs an image immediately before it is launched in the market to grab the attention of potential customers. Free Logo Maker is the perfect and instant solution for designing logos for any kind of business. By following a few simple steps, you can get the perfect brand logo design.

Created by Studio Widok |

Enter your business details. This process was developed by our team to help you find what you are looking for. Many online tools may provide you with hundreds of logo templates, but they all get mixed up and take up a lot of time for the user.

Choose your logo template. This is the most difficult but interesting part of designing your own logo. After entering the details in the previous step, this powerful AI software will process the information and display a free logo design template that is best suited for your business. You can view all logo design templates and choose the one that inspires you the most.

Then customize your logo. After choosing a template, it's up to you whether you want to use it for your brand logo or want to make specific changes. In customization, you can change the font style, size, color, add shadows, backgrounds, filters, overlays, and much more.

Created by Studio Widok |

You can download the custom logo design you completed in the previous step without facing any difficulties. As soon as you choose to save the logo, the Logo Maker tool will not take more than 5 seconds to transfer the logo to the default download folder of your device.

A restaurant logo is a symbol consisting of text or an image that helps the public identify a business. A logo is something “More than just a scratch” a unique little line should have something that grabs people's attention and at the same time conveys the work ethic, cuisine, and strength of your restaurant. A unique logo will feel alive and comfortable to look at in various ways, for example, on food menus, business cards, name boards, food containers, uniforms, websites, social media, and others.

For this reason, investing in a restaurant logo design is the right thing to do. A good restaurant logo will be a key ingredient in your recipe for success.


10 Tips to Create A Good Restaurant Logo Design

  1. Let's Start From Research
  2. Choose A Suitable Style
  3. Simple Is Always Better
  4. Choose A Proper Color
  5. Be As Memorable As Possible
  6. Consider A Timeless Design
  7. Experiment with Fonts & Typography
  8. Don't Forget To Test On Different Sizes
  9. Be Consistent
  10. Use Mockups For Presentation


Created by Muhammad Jumayev |


1. Let's Start From Research

Although most logo designs and other graphic designs use color as an identity, there are still many companies who prefer to express their brand message using only black. Others have a combination of red and black or other colors used in conjunction with black. This is because black is a strong color in many ways.

Many businesses use black to target a high-end audience and the younger generation as customers. One of the reasons for the use of black is to create mystery. It represents elegance and authority as well. When paired with black with other colors, the results are stunning. Especially when black is combined with white, it gives the desired result due to the sharp contrast effect. There is a light and dark interplay, which some brands would like to have in their graphic designs for messaging.

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

Black evokes strong emotions in people. Professional graphic designers use black to evoke emotions in such a way that target customers notice the brand and become loyal to it. Such is the importance of black that in the modern world of color printing and flashing lights, this color maintains a prominent place.

Maybe you plan to advertise your business in the local paper or hold a community event that you promote through flyers or posters that don't support color. Either way, you'll want to make sure our logo pack is just as strong in black and white as it is in color.

Created by Ceren Burcu Turkan |


2. Choose A Suitable Style

Using banners and ribbons is the perfect way to bring a touch of Americana style to your menu designs, and it looks really great with retro-style slabs and fonts. Take inspiration from this elegant menu template, which has a vivid 1920s feel with Art Deco-inspired type and elegant dividers.

You can find a large number of banners and ribbon graphics that are easy to edit in several glyph fonts. Try Adhesive Nr. Seven for a grungy ribbon that will look super set behind subtitles, or check out Nexa Rust Extras for vintage-inspired medallions, frames, and icons, to add a unique touch to other typographic designs.

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

For example, using a menu with rustic charm and playfulness, this menu will help you develop the right branding for your own restaurant. Then there is also a note on this vintage menu design is the Typography Leaflet. Simple typographic retro menu flyer for your restaurant/chop house/restaurant.

Some use the Blackboard Restaurant Menu; it can be used to promote restaurants, cafes, fast food, steak houses, etc. Then also display the Restaurant Food Menu Package. Overall, a restaurant-looking menu is perfect for restaurants that want to attract customers using their menu images and brands that want to connote an old-school approach.

Created by My Creative |


3. Simple Is Always Better

A good logo gives your business identity & makes it easier to build your brand. Your logo will help you project a professional impression. You'll get the correct format and variations for all media. You will see a return on your investment.

One of the best Logos is one that gives the viewer an immediate picture of who “you” are. Keep it simple and uncluttered. On top of all that, keep in mind that your logo will be on a variety of media in different sizes, so you should even keep the details to a minimum so that your logo can scale properly to a smaller size.

Created by Jay Master |


4. Choose A Proper Color

Choosing the right color for your logo not only makes your brand more recognizable but also helps you in attracting new customers. Color selection for a design is one of the most important things in the visual development process for a brand. By choosing the right color, the logo of the brand will be easier to remember by many audiences. It will make the branding process easier.

And vice versa, when choosing colors for the logo using the wrong combination, the audience will not be interested in the brand. Make color work to your advantage. Use color as an emotion generator that you want so that customers can feel the meaning and purpose of your logo.

Created by maría luisa castro |


5. Be As Memorable As Possible

Consumers' views determine their various decisions to buy the products or services you offer through aspects of interest, trust the level of loyalty. So, logo design is very important to ensure consumers can be interested, belief, and want to buy your product or service until finally become loyal to the company.

So how do we make sure the logo that is created is appropriate and works to support the company or brand that we create? A quality logo that gives a good image is the answer. The logo must also be in accordance with the general description of the company's vision and mission.

Created by Strom Slash Studio |

However, the internal quality of a logo design is not what determines its success the most. A good logo that only lauds the greatness or persistence of its own company will not win the sympathy of consumers or users.

Your logo is a tiny and versatile piece of art. Make one that will stick in people's minds, and help them remember you. The best way to make your logo design memorable is to be unique. In other words, choose original shapes and graphics and don't remember other known brands.

Created by Marka Collective |


6. Consider A Timeless Design

You don't want to rebrand every two years for a number of reasons (cost, time, and brand recognition, to name a few). So when you design your restaurant logo, think about the big picture and make it one that lasts. This can be one of the special characteristics of your restaurant. Because when your brand is already known to people, the logo is one of the most important elements for your customers to remember. So making a permanent logo in a restaurant product is mandatory.

Created by Alexey Akhmetov |


7. Experiment with Fonts & Typography

Typography is the most powerful way of communication. Able to sharpen messages, set the mood, and represent the brand. Therefore, one of the interesting logo designs is typography design with several variants. Large blocks of text may be useless to viewers, but menu design typography can look stunning with the right care.

Divide your typography into strong grids, and use banners, ribbons, and dividers to separate sections of text and pull out important pieces of information. Does the restaurant have a special number, or is it special for small restaurants? Make it a feature by arranging it in a frame or banner. This is a great way to grab attention while also making the overall layout look more symmetrical and interesting.

When choosing a font, an important thing to consider is context and potential consumers. Every font is capable of bringing the mood. There are friendly, funny, serious, business fonts, and many more. Well, before choosing a font, we need to study the goals, needs, and preferences of consumers.

Created by Aline Chicurel |

Visual fonts will affect the first impression of a product. If the type of font does not match the desired mood of the product, consumers can misunderstand the message. For example, there is a business website, but the font looks cheerful, funny, and fun. Website visitors will doubt whether the company can be trusted or not. Or, if a product is aimed at young people, a font that is too formal may seem boring.

Choose a font that looks good for all sizes, including titles, body text, and footers. Make sure the font used can make the message read clearly. However, keep in mind that some fonts will look different at different resolutions.

Also, pay attention to the contrast. Text that has high contrast and is striking is always able to attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, the color scheme is also important because it will make consumers' eyes calmer in seeing the design and reading the message.

Created by Nhat Nam Vu |


8. Don't Forget To Test On Different Sizes

Your logo might be on something as small as a pen or as big as a highway billboard. Make sure the details of your logo are visible and clear, regardless of the size of the surface. Whether you're working with a designer or on your own, you'll want to design your logo with the help of a design grid so that it doesn't expand or distort when you zoom in or out.

Created by Michael Boff |


9. Be Consistent

Every cafe and restaurant, in general, has a characteristic in terms of design. The same applies when you want to print a food menu catalog for your business. The design is certainly related to the menu catalog background color, the form of writing (font), the front design, and each page of the menu book, with a design that definitely makes it easier for printing services to work on menu books on demand.

Menus come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with or without folds, in book format, or as a trifold brochure. But menus don't need to be as complicated as origami. Take a deep breath and reconsider the simple appeal of a single-sheet menu.

Created by Guto Negrão |

This format, once the conventional choice for children's menus at family diners, enjoys trendy. The single sheet is handy—easy to print, easy to throw away when it gets dirty and can double as a placemat—which makes for a menu that works great for cafes, bakeries, and ice cream parlors.

Take inspiration from this menu design for a bakery and divide the Landscape A4 layout into four columns, keeping the text concise and punchy to make limited space more economical.

Created by Andrea Reza |


10. Use Mockups For Presentation

Unique headers and vintage-inspired line drawings make the menu feel more upscale, without the need to carry photos.

Make your own piece of paper with the clipboard or leave it on the chalkboard in the center of the table to give the menu a super trendy backdrop that doesn't look out of place in a modern restaurant.

If you browse on Instagram or Facebook, you will almost certainly come across photos of food. Everyone, from world leaders, celebrities, neighbors, friends, and many others, loves to show off their culinary delights.

Created by Ozan Karakoc |

Food photos may seem trivial to some — but they are very important to your business. Businesses like restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, grocery stores, and more are thriving thanks to the power of food photography. A photo that perfectly captures the essence of a dish can enhance a social media marketing strategy, blog, or otherwise — and can mean the difference between a big sale or a big loss.

It is therefore important to ensure that the quality of your food photos meets the standards that customers expect. But good food product photos don't have to involve hiring a professional photographer or buying expensive equipment. In today's advanced and digital era, professional-looking photos can be taken with something as simple as a smartphone camera.

Created by PUPILA |


Final Words

A successful coffee shop will utilize every tagging method to promote its brand and create a unique niche market. If you're hoping to reveal that your business creates artisanal goods or provides hands-on, personalized service that not many people see these days, a menu like this is a great choice. Those are some Tips for Create A Good Restaurant Logo Design that you can use as a reference.

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