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Article: 10 Tips for Creating a Good IT Developer Logo Design

10 Tips for Creating a Good IT Developer Logo Design

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Here are some tips you can follow to create a good IT developer logo design!
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Tips for creating a good developer logo design below are important for you to know if you want your logo to look more attractive and professional. The logo itself is important. The logo is not just an image or text that shows the brand or name of a product. The logo itself has an important role in the development of a business. Therefore, making a logo should not be careless. The logo is a visual representation of a brand.

Through a logo, a brand can communicate many things, such as the meaning of the product, the benefits of the product, and the uniqueness of the product when it is compared to other similar products. So, before creating a logo, we must understand exactly what is unique about the product we want to promote because a good logo can explain the meaning of a brand and its products only through images and the right color combination.

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Then, should all brands have a unique logo? The answer is, of course, yes, because the logo is a central part that acts as the first guard to show the image and branding of a type of product. The logo is one of the efforts to build brand awareness. So, we need to create a logo design that represents the products we sell. So, when someone sees the logo, consumers can immediately associate it with the product being marketed.

Beginners sometimes underestimate the process of making a logo. Sometimes, logos are made carelessly; they also often pick up other designs that weren't actually made specifically for their product brand.

There are several consequences that can be caused by this problem. First, of course, the design cannot be used for commercial purposes. So, the actual owner of the design could file a lawsuit for illegal use. This can happen if the company gets bigger and becomes more famous. Second, another thing that might happen is that the logo does not have exclusivity because it has similarities with other brands.

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In terms of business development, of course, it can make product sales decline. The impression of the brand that is carried maybe not be good. If you use a logo that is made up or not specifically designed, the philosophy that is expected to appear in the logo doesn't exist. You cannot transfer the values ​​of the brand that you want to highlight through the logo design to the fullest.

So, when it comes to business development, the logo is one of the important components which requires a mature strategy and innovation. Because the existence of a logo is so important in a business, on this occasion, we present some tips that you can use in creating a developer logo design that is properly and correctly.

After you have known the importance of a logo, here we present ten tips for creating a good developer logo design.


10 Tips for Creating a Good Developer Logo Design

  1. Specify A Strong Message
  2. Find Good References To Benchmark
  3. Look At The Competitor & Set A Higher Standard
  4. Create A Memorable Design
  5. Make Sure The Logo Design Is Not Overcomplicated
  6. Choose The Color Properly
  7. Try To Create A Custom Font
  8. Maybe Try To Use Logotype Instead
  9. Consider Using Double Entendre Technique
  10. Don't Forget To Do A Survey, Assess, Evaluate & Improve


Created by Halyson Vieira |


1. Specify A Strong Message

Before creating a logo design, it's a good idea to determine the purpose of the logo being made. This is needed so that you can determine the design that matches the message you want to convey through the logo. The purpose of making the logo itself varies. By knowing the purpose of blinding a logo, then you can determine the appropriate model and design.

In addition, in making a logo design, we must also pay attention to our target market, in this case, who is the target audience, so that the message in the logo can be conveyed to the target more effectively. For example, if the logo is aimed at children, the logo should be made in bright and varied colors so that children are attracted to the logo. However, there are also logos that target the entire community; for example, the WhatsApp and Facebook application logos are made simple but can convey the right meaning.

Created by Giovanni Bordé |
A logo is a visual representation of a brand. So, we have to make a logo design that can represent what message we want to convey. Another example is if you have a food business, you can add a spoon and fork component to your logo. Without seeing the name of the brand, of course, we already understand if the product offered is food. That is the importance of creating a logo that can represent the product to be promoted only through an image.
Created by Abdullah Mubin |


2. Find Good References To Benchmark

After you have finished determining the goals and target market of the logo design to be made, now start looking for inspiration that you can get by observing logo designs that are already widely known by the public. So that you can have a picture of the color, shape, or letter that can be easily recognized, easy to remember, and stick in the hearts of consumers. However, it should be underlined that this does not mean you can imitate the logo design. After you get inspiration, then you can start making a logo that is in accordance with the goals, targets, and concepts that you have set.

Created by Abdullah Mubin |
One of the tips, when you create a logo, pay attention to the products that will be pasted with the logo design. For example, if the company you run is a beverage business, the appropriate logo shape is a circle because generally, a circle looks good when affixed to a drink cup. In addition, it is better if you consider the promotional strategies used for these products.

 If the marketing strategy used in carrying out product promotions is through webinar events, social media, and others, then it is better if the logo made must look good and attractive if placed on a business card. Likewise, if the marketing strategy used is through digital marketing, such as using video marketing, for example, then logo creation can consider a combination of striking colors so that the logo looks more attractive on the video screen.

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3. Look At The Competitor & Set A Higher Standard

The logo is important for business. With the presence of a logo, it can reflect the identity of the company so that it is known by many people. One of the ways used to build a company brand is to create a good quality logo. Because the logo is a visual representation that makes the product look attractive. In the field of marketing, logos are able to strengthen promotions in introducing products to consumers.

To be able to create a logo that is unique, authentic, creative, attractive, timeless, and not monotonous requires skills and sensitivity to market and cultural developments. But that doesn't mean you can't make it by yourself. You can still make your own logo if you pay close attention to the tips above. Once again, the logo is an important component of a business. Logos have several important functions in the business.

The first function is as a branding media. Therefore, the role of the logo is very important in supporting the progress of a business. The logo is like a magnet that can attract every object around it. There are many benefits of a logo as a branding medium. One of them is to make your brand more recognizable. Furthermore, the logo can affect consumer psychology. The brand logo that you offer can influence them to buy products or use the services of the brand you offer.

Created by Oleg Coada |


4. Create A Memorable Design

The next tip for creating a good developer logo design is to create a simple logo that is unique and easy to remember. A logo must have its own characteristics that make it different from other logos. Therefore, in making a logo design, we must pay attention to the uniqueness of the logo.

But don't let you misinterpret; a unique logo doesn't always have a complicated design. Even a simple logo can have its own uniqueness if it is made right. Generally, a simple logo will be easier for people to remember. In addition, the flexibility of the logo should also be considered so that the logo still looks attractive and beautiful even though it is displayed in any media, such as billboards, banners, or on public transportation.

Created by Jahid Hasan |
According to some experts, a good logo design is one that is easy to recognize and also remember by consumers. In making a logo that is unique, simple, and easy to remember, you can create an empty space between the logo so that the logo does not look redundant and looks simple. An example of a simple and unique company logo but still able to represent a message is the Apple logo.

It can be seen that the Apple Logo is very simple. Because the brand name is Apple, they made a logo in the form of an image of an apple with a little bit on the right so that it becomes a unique characteristic of the logo. For the color selection itself, it is also very simple by using neutral colors, that as white and black, so that it can fit if placed in a variety of their products.

Created by Aditya |


5. Make Sure The Logo Design Is Not Overcomplicated

The logo is a symbol of brand identity that can be translated either implicitly or explicitly. If a brand has a desire to show its true identity and be more transparent, then it can create a logo design with literal meaning. If your brand name is an object, then make that object a logo. For example, a brand from Power Storage uses a logo in the form of an image of electricity to convey its implied message. Another example is the Apple company that uses the apple logo to represent its brand literally.

If your brand already has a previous logo, but it's outdated, then there's nothing wrong with creating a new logo. You can create a new logo by reshuffling the previous logo. You can do the overhaul by simplifying it. Because along with the development of the era, now something simple, easy to remember, but still outstanding and eye-catching is more in demand by the public.

Created by Fahim |

An example is the evolution of the logo design of the Pepsi brand. As a large company that has been around for decades, Pepsi continues to innovate in an effort to improve its logo. The Pepsi logo has gone through several design literacy so far; it has produced a logo that is much simpler and certainly easy to remember.

In addition, in making a good logo design, you should also keep abreast of current market trends. If you don't want to keep up with the times, then your logo design may feel stiff and monotonous. Not only must businesses keep up with the times and culture, but logo designs must also adapt.

Created by MD ALAMIN |


6. Choose The Color Properly

The next tip for creating a good developer logo design is choosing the right color. The thing you should know is that the color choice in making a logo design is very important. Wrong colors choice makes a logo look less attractive. Because color is one of the elements that have an important role in making a logo so, you should first understand what the meaning behind each color is.

In design, the color itself is divided into seven types, namely primary colors, tertiary colors, secondary colors, neutral colors, cold colors, hot colors, and also complementary colors. In creating your logo design, it is good if you use primary colors or neutral colors so that it looks simple and easy to remember. The primary colors are the basic colors, for example, red, blue, and yellow.

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While neutral colors are a combination of the three types of primaries, secondary and tertiary colors, examples of neutral colors that you can use are black, brown, gray, and white. In addition to understanding the types of colors in the design world, another thing you need to know is the meaning of each color so that it can be adapted to the meaning and philosophy of your brand. For example, black has meaning of, strength, formality, and elegance. The black color will be suitable for typography as well as a functional part of a logo. Another example is the color purple which is usually associated with imagination and creativity.
Created by Bohdan Harbaruk |


7. Try To Create A Custom Font

The next tips for creating a good logo design are related to writing techniques. One of the unique that can be used in creating a logo is typography. The typography technique is able to produce a logo in the form of writing only but still looks good, and eye catches. Usually, the writing is in the form of a brand name. An example of a brand logo that uses this technique is Coca-Cola. You may have seen this logo.

The company managed to create a logo that only contained their brand name but was still attractive and unique. This is because Coca-Cola uses its own custom font. What is Custom-font? Custom fonts are writings created specifically for a brand. So creating a logo can produce an authentic and creative impression. Now there are many software or applications that are able to make their own fonts; if you are interested, then you can try them.

Created by andstudio |


8. Maybe Try To Use Logotype Instead

The logotype is an element of the logo that contains the brand name in text form. The use of Logotype is usually present in a new brand. It has the purpose of introducing the brand name itself so that it is more easily recognized by consumers. Logotype in the world of branding, in general, has a distinctive shape. It aims to create a certain image so that it can reflect the type of brand business that is being built and its background.

 There are quite a number of companies that use logotypes in their branding. For example, logos for Samsung, Nokia, Polytron, and many others. Your brand logo can look more professional if you use Logotype. One of the benefits of implementing Logotype is to increase brand awareness and brand identity because the visual logo directly explains information about the company. Not only that, but a Logotype can also give a classic and traditional impression to the logo design while still looking elegant.

Created by Gleb Podorozhnyy |


9. Consider Using Double Entendre Technique

The next tip for creating a good developer logo design is to use the double-entendre visual technique. Visual double entendre is a design concept that uses two images as the main element so that the logo has two meanings that are merged into one part.

By using the double entendre visual technique, you can combine a concept, idea, place, brand name, theme, and many other things in one image, but the logo doesn't look full and is still eye-catching and looks simple. This technique itself has its own uniqueness in that it provides information about the brand without including the brand name as text in the logo. In addition, the double entendre visual technique can give a smart and artistic impression on your brand logo.

Created by Agu Wu |


10. Don't Forget To Do A Survey, Assess, Evaluate & Improve

Sometimes, you have to look back at how far the development of the logo design that you will make. So that you can find out if there is progress in making the logo design. If there are no developments in the design, re-evaluate what things are still lacking, for example, the shape of the logo or the color of the logo you choose.

If you create your own logo, now there are many logo maker applications available. If you are a beginner in the business and don't have a special logo designer yet, then you can create a logo via the internet. But if you have a bigger business, then you can ask a logo designer for help so that your logo looks more authentic and professional.

Created by Bojan Oreskovic |


Final Words

Apart from being a media branding, the logo also functions as an information center. Basically, the logo does not only have a function as product branding but also as central information related to the company. Of course, there are many benefits that you can get by using a brand logo that is done well. So, it is important for you to maximize business development with a good and quality logo. That is all information about ten tips for creating a good developer logo design.

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