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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Landscaping Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Landscaping Logo Design

Treat nature nicely, and it will never fail you.
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic landscaping logo design!
Created by Jonathan Ring |
Before going any further to discuss landscaping logo design, let's break down first what a logo exactly is and what qualities are needed to be able to make a good landscaping logo design. 

Well, a logo is basically a symbol, an icon, or an image that helps people to identify a particular business or organization as well as help promote it. It is usually presented in the form of an illustration, an image or symbol, text/ letters, or even a combination of both images or symbols with text, which includes the use of certain color. 

Most businesses will use the combination of the symbol and the text to make people recognize their company first. After people start to become familiar with the business, they tend to shorten or simplify it into something shorter and clearer but have sharp, strong, and deep colors as the highlight.  

Created by Anna Divizieva |

As you can learn that there are only three main elements of a logo, i.e., an image or a symbol, text, and color. With these three elements, it seems that easy for anyone to create a good design. However, some difficulties might be found by beginners when they try to make one. Therefore, finding good references as many as possible is strongly recommended in the process of making the artwork. The article below also contains some interesting information about creating a landscaping logo design that should be useful for you. So, you'd better not skip it. 

Here are some main characteristics that a landscaping logo design should have. Read closely and check whether your landscaping designs incorporate them or not.


10 Tips To Create A Good Landscaping Logo Design

  1. Always Start With Brand & Market Research
  2. Brainstorm With Sketches
  3. Choose A Sketch That Is Most Memorable
  4. Choose A Suitable Design Style
  5. Be Relevance To The Brand & Audience
  6. Consider A Timeless Design
  7. Always Be Original
  8. Check & Test The Legibility
  9. Test On Different Medium & Sizes
  10. Use Mockup For Better Presentation


Created by SURF Brand Studio |


1. Always Start With Brand & Market Research

What is not less important is that a logo should be appropriate. First of all, it should be able to represent the company as well as the character, the personality, and the purpose of the company. Then, it is also representing the products being sold. For example, when the products are for kids, the icon used should be able to represent the kids' world too. It uses bright and cheerful colors and has the image of the kids. The illustration made should also be within the boundaries of the kids' interests. Otherwise, the target market will be confusing if the symbol fails to tell detailed information about the product being promoted. 

Therefore, market research needs to be done before making an icon for a certain product. Since a logo is one of the main tools used in advertising activity, you should put the concept based on the trend of the target market. Once your target market can relate the logo to themselves, there is a big chance that they are going to be your loyal customers. 

Created by Matt Nemetz |


2. Brainstorm With Sketches

A logo should be presented in a simple way. There are several reasons for it. First of all, the simple design will help people understand it well and in a very short time. The main purpose of making a logo for a certain brand is to promote it, so you need to make your icon simple so that it will be easily recognized and understood by your target market. The second reason is that a clear, simple one will cut the high cost of the design. Since it doesn't need any complicated ornaments, a simple symbol or just a particular letter with the appropriate use of color would make it economical enough, though creativity still takes the highest point in this post. Another reason is that a simple design is going to be unique and not going to be easy to be copied by other companies or competitors.  

Above all, the main purpose of creating a logo for your business is to promote the products you have; therefore, by making it simple, it will help people to recognize it well in a short time. 

Created by Anomico Creative |


3. Choose A Sketch That Is Most Memorable

Your landscape logo design should be effective in doing its function. One of its functions is to capture the target audience's attention and make them leave a positive and lasting impression in their mind. This effectiveness can be obtained from a simple design. Even there is research that shows that the kids can recognize the logo brand even before they recognize what a logo is. 

One of the challenging points in creating artwork is how to make people remember the work for a long time. Well, the main point is that people recognize it in a very short time as they see the work, then they keep it in their mind for a long time. So, know it fast, but last longer in mind. 

Besides simplicity, another point that makes people not easily forget your symbol is to make it exceptional. Avoid similarity and ambiguities in making an icon. Make it straightforward so that people understand thoroughly what you want to share. They catch the idea you display in the logo you launch in a unique and distinctive image that people can only find in your work. So it is not going to be easy for the audience to forget the work you make. Moreover, if they can relate the brand with the logo you make, that will make stronger memory for the audiences.  

Created by Fohs Brands |


4. Choose A Suitable Design Style

Landscape logo designs are present in various styles. The simplest category is based on the materials used, i.e., Landscape Symbol Logos, Alphabet Logos, and Text Logos.

To help you create one of those in a simple and fast way, just browse the internet and choose the templates available in apps. To make it distinguish from others, just customize or personalize the templates as needed. 

When you use symbols, you'll easily find some images like landscape images of mountains and hills, beaches, rivers, deserts, lakes, woods, etc. For alphabet logos, you'll be provided with one or two letters that are taken from the company initials. At the same time, the text-based logos help you create a wordmark style that uses the business name as the main design. Another choice is you can do the combination design; yet, it needs a higher level of creativity and will be time-consuming as well.

Created by Machê Design |


5. Be Relevance To The Brand & Audience

A landscape company logo design should be able to represent the image of the company. This artwork is going to be relevant when it uses all elements that give audiences a clear idea of what the business is all about. 

But first, you need to understand what branding is. A brand presents the identity of the business, which distinguishes a particular business from others. While branding is a particular activity that includes creating a name, a symbol, or any identity to differentiate a product from others. A logo is a part of activities in building a brand for a business. This artwork is an important element that can be a name, a symbol, or the identity of a certain company. 

Created by Alex Hanson |

Having a good one will help you create a good image of a business. Your business will have an image of being professional, and that will make you high away from your competitors. When you have a good and effective icon, people will definitely choose your brand over the others. 

The logo will be the first impression perceived by the customers when deciding to buy a certain product. And the good one will be able to be related to the brand or the company's character itself. So that when making it, you need to study the personality and the characters of the company first, then you include these spirits into the artwork you create. 

Created by Kuki Design |


6. Consider A Timeless Design

Creating a timeless logo is also an important thing. It means that your work lasts long so that people from generation to generation would still feel the same vibe of the work. It also gives the impression that your products or services will never change their quality from time to time. If there's a need to change, try not to make a new, drastically changed one; just put a small and more modern touch to the symbol so that the old customers will still recognize your icon. 

Look at some famous brands with the developments of the logo they created. Commonly, a company will start with a logo of combination type, where a symbol or an icon will be combined with the presence of the text to make people acknowledge what the company offers. After several years, when the company has grown larger and has reached more and more target markets, it will gradually change the logo. Very often, they will eliminate the letters part so that only the symbol is left. It is done after the company doesn't need to introduce their brand or their products anymore because everyone in the world has knowledge of their products or services. 

Created by EIK Design |

Another transformation that commonly happens is in the use of color. Companies don't extremely change the color, perhaps from red to green, but they tend to use gradation. For example, on the previous logo, they used yellow for the background, and they turned it into gold or bright orange for the newer design. This simple touch won't make the old customers get mixed up but still give a new and fresher look. 

Created by William Clement-Jones |


7. Always Be Original

Original and distinctive. The two adjectives are must-contained items in a design. This artwork functions as an identity of a certain community, whether it is a company or organization. So, being original and distinctive is a must. How could anyone recognize you as a different individual if you have the same identity as other people? Well, the same thing happens for a company. How can a company distinguish itself from others if they have the same or similar logo? Therefore, creativity is highly needed here undoubtedly. 

To be able to create a good design, you should check the good logos available. First of all, you may get inspiration from this observation. Explore deeper; do a little research; ask some research questions such as what makes the design different from others? What makes it special? How do you feel about it? How do people feel about it? What do people think when they see it for the first time? What impression do the people have as they see the work? What comes up for the first time in their mind when they see the icon? 

By learning all of those questions, you can finally withdraw a conclusion about what is a good and effective logo and how you would apply the principles when making one. 

Created by Leslie Lim |


8. Check & Test The Legibility

It has a high level of legibility. The legibility depends a lot on the choice of fonts and color. So when making this artwork to represent your brand, you need to pay attention to the use of fonts and color. For legibility, you'd better choose simple and less-artistic fonts. It will be helpful to make old people or toddlers who start to be able to read recognize your symbol. 

For the color, the use of a single strong color should be supported by the appropriate background color as well. If not, the combination color you made will clash with each other, and that won't be comfortable for people who are your target markets. 

A good and effective logo commonly uses single strong and sharp color. If they have to make more than a single color, they will use not more than three kinds of colors. You may think of using gradation if you have to use several colors. And that may be the best choice that you should make. 

Created by Vlad Durkovic|


9. Test On Different Medium & Sizes

You need to create a landscape company logo to be versatile. Why? Because you will need to put it in several spaces so that when you need it to be sized up or down, whether you need it to be printed or you need to put it on the web, it will still look great. 

The ability to adapt the graphic media can be in the form of shape, color, and even configuration. Therefore, the size and the layout should be thought about before it is designed. The work should be effective to be placed both vertically and horizontally. It should still look good when it is set in any media, either printed or electronic. So, question yourself these questions to help you figure out the right configuration: is it going to be effective if it is printed in one color, is it still be good to be printed in big scale and small scale, is it going to be effective to be placed in a dark or bright background. Those questions will help you guide to make an effective logo at the end of your work. 

Created by No Cap |


10. Use Mockup For Better Presentation

You should know that as the representative of a business, an iconic symbol has some functions for the business itself. Therefore, when making it, you should do it very carefully and thoughtfully. Here is the advantage a company can get from a logo design:

Special symbol: this special symbol will introduce the business to the people. It will leave an impression on people's minds. The artwork which represents a company will be the first thing to be remembered by the customers. So, wherever they go, they would still bring it in their mind.

Created by Doug Johansen |

As the distinguisher: it should be designed uniquely because the main purpose is to differentiate it from other products or companies. You could make it the identity so that people will easily recognize you.

Advertising tool: this work could be the very front "army" in delivering the message to the people about the brand you are selling. What people see for the first time is not the product but this symbol you put in the first place. When it is interesting enough, then they will go to the next step, looking for more details about the products. 

Created by Sporsho Biswas |


Final Words

Branding shows the personality and the character of the company and what product or service the company sells. It has the power to tell people how different you are from your competitors and tells them why they should purchase your products or services and what benefits you can provide them. The brand gives you a better stage and an easier method to sell your merchandise. For that reason, of course, building a good brand image is a must.

Building branding not only works for popular or big businesses. It is also significant for small and home businesses. There are lots of benefits you can get in creating a well-planned and well-designed brand that gives you an outstanding identity among other businesses.

However, when we talk about branding, you should also mention the role of the logo you created. An effective and successful logo is a very important item for everyone looking to build and promote a particular brand, especially in the beginning year of the company, which is a crucial time in the business since it is the time for a new business to introduce and promote its brands. The company needs to get a positive response from the audience since they need to measure how long they will survive in the business by looking at the rate of the customers. Therefore, it should be made extraordinarily exceptional.  

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