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Article: 30 Best Landscaping Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Landscaping Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Treat nature nicely, and it will never fail you.
Check out some of the best landscaping logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Celina Streegan |

Currently, the demand for landscaping services is increasing sharply, especially in some areas that have a lot of housing. This increase in demand also causes an increase in the number of businesses that also provide landscaping services to meet this demand. 

Many businesses and companies are vying to compete with each other. One of the best ways that can be used to compete in this business is to create an attractive, unique, and reliable branding identity. 

Building a logo that represents these identities and personalities can be one of the things you can do to attract more customers. 

If you are someone who is looking for logo design ideas for landscaping businesses or companies, then you have come to the right article. In this discussion, there have been 30 best landscaping logo design ideas that have been curated and can be your inspiration in your design process.


1. Yard Barbers

Created by Matt Nemetz |

Yard Barbers is a landscaping business that provides professional lawn mowing services. The designer has the vision to create a design concept that displays the Yard Barbers as an experienced, meticulous, and approachable business.

This personality and concept are displayed through the selection of a soft green color, a simple type of typography, and also the icon on the logo in the form of a lawn mower.

In addition to that, the designer also displays a combination of the iconic barber pole in the lawn mower icon earlier. You can see the shape of this pole at a glance at the bottom of the machine in its simple form with its signature stripe.


2. Jose Landscaping Service

Created by Abigail Lopez Rojas |

The green color is indeed a distinctive color that is widely used by landscaping businesses to emphasize the services they offer and their line of business. One of them is seen in the Jose Landscaping Services logo. 

This business mainly uses green in its various branding designs. Starting from the icon color, background color, and also typeface color. However, to still provide a good contrast to the design, sometimes the designer also uses white with green undertones to make some elements stand out compared to other elements in this work.


3. Country Inspired Landscapes

Created by Doug Johansen |

When we see this logo, we can immediately imagine the beautiful and fertile view of the wheat fields. This illustration is displayed by the designer to create the Country-Inspired Landscapes symbol. 

The designer also seems to be inspired by various slightly vintage design concepts, with a circular logo and various typography placed around it. In addition, there are also various descriptions of businesses outside of the main circle so that the public can understand well what this business has to offer.


4. Another Forest

Created by Kuki Design |

An elegant and exclusive impression immediately greets us when we see the logo for Another Forest Landscaping. The designer succeeded in creating a design concept that elevates the value of the business, making this business able to have other selling points besides its main services. 

These various impressions are shown from the choice of golden color as the main color of their typeface. In addition, there is an icon in the form of a cypress tree which is made with a minimalist, clean, and very beautiful illustration style.

This golden color is also combined with rich deep green, which shows the depth of the forest. A very classy color combination.


5. Tyler Schwartz

Created by Fohs Brands |

We should appreciate the logo design for Tyler Schwartz landscape design business for its creativity and success in presenting various identities of businesses in an interesting way. 

The unique geometric icon is the focus and the main element in this design. If you observe further, this icon is actually created to reflect the main values ​​held by the business.

The designer displays leaf shapes, symbols of sustainability, and also transformations in this simple symbol form.


6. Waterparks

Created by Alex Hanson |

Logos with inspiration from loving style designs usually never fail to attract public attention. Using a vintage style in your business or company branding concept can be a recommended approach for creating unique branding.

Waterparks use a mascot icon in the form of a duck which is depicted holding a watering can in its beak. This illustration is made with the perfect amount of detail, not too overcrowded nor too simple. What makes this logo stand out is the typographical style used, even though each sentence in this design uses a simple typeface.


7. Wil Construction & Landscaping

Created by Sporsho Biswas |

If you don't like conceptual designs and prefer designs with professional corporate style concepts, you can use the inspiration from these ideas. The WIL construction and landscaping business uses a style that will remind you of the various symbols of commercial products that you usually find in various places.

This kind of concept is actually very good for creating trusted identity branding. The icon is simple, consisting of only silhouettes of 3 cypress trees of varying heights, standing firmly next to each other. 


8. Eco Earth

Created by M.H. Farha | n

Present in 3 variations of appearance, The designer provides three alternative designs that the business can choose according to their use. The difference between these various looks lies in the outer frame, which forms the serrations you find on the wheels of large vehicles. Overall, it looks impressive, with a simple concept.

The icon consists of the typeface of the business name and description, as well as icons in the form of mountains, scrapers, and also various stars that represent the quality of the business itself.


9. Stellawn Ladscapes

Created by The Lask Design |

Stellawn is a business engaged in landscaping and also lawn maintenance. Offering a variety of quality services, they also want to create a very striking branding display.

The icon itself was created by the designer by combining the Stellar and Lawn elements of the business name and reflecting it in the image of the planet and lawn seen here. The combination of the two is unique and produces a very different look from other landscaping businesses in a good way.


10. Natural Oasis

Created by Fransiska Design |

Another symbol that uses vintage style as the main style concept for its design. The Natural Oasis landscaping business uses various elements and also illustration styles that bring us to reminisce with its vintage oldies style.

One of the main elements that immediately catches our attention is the very detailed illustration of the tree, with highlights and shadows that are in stark contrast to each other. In addition, there is also a typeface of the business name made with a font style that matches the illustration and also the rest of the logo.


11. Marion Ladnscaping

Created by Jeff LoPilato |

Marion landscaping appears with a more modern and minimalist appearance. This business provides various landscaping services to make the outdoor space in your home more beautiful and realize your dream garden. Because the goal of Marion itself is to create and design a beautiful lawn in all seasons, the designer uses this goal as the basis for the design concept used.

The leaf icon is used as a reflection of this goal. This leaf shape is also created so that it displays the letter M which is a monogram of the name of the business itself. Overall, it looks very modern and stylish.


12. Lee’s Landscaping

Created by Leslie Lim |

The concept used in this business logo contains a more inviting and warm appearance and a very good personality branding to use to attract more customers. Through the icon, we can see a soft design with rounded edges for each illustration of the gardening tools they use as the main symbol.

Apart from the illustration of their icon, this softness and warm feeling mainly radiate from the selection of a very soft and very beautiful muted green color.


13. Espaço Verde Paisagismo

Created by Machê Design |

In this design, the colors orange and dark green, which are unusual color combinations, are instead used as the main colors that are typical for the business. The shades of orange and deep green chosen by this designer are perfect, so when combined, they form a very beautiful harmony.

The overall symbol displays a classic and elegant style. We can see this from the choice of typeface style and also the illustration of the monstera leaf, which is used as the main symbol of the business.


14. General Mowers

Created by Kyle Van Cleave |

The designer combines modern and vintage styles into the General Mowers logo design. We can see the modern look clearly from the selection of the typeface for the name of the business and also the unique icon used. 

At first glance, the icon with a crest shape as the outer frame only looks like a collection of lines. But if we look more closely, we can find that these various lines form the letter G, which is the monogram of the business name.

On the other hand, the vintage concept itself can be seen from the choice of typographic style from the motto and business description, which is located below the main typeface.


15. San + Son

Created by Anomico Creative |

This landscaping service uses very creative and beautiful symbols to represent its business. The San and Son uses illustrations of pine trees and shovels that are very simple but very perfect for their branding identity.

These ideas may be the main inspiration for those of you who want to use simple identity branding but still look attractive and represent your line of business and personality.


16. Waterhouse

Created by Neil Edmundson |

The Waterhouse looks very classy and exclusive. When we see their branding design, we can immediately imagine that they offer high-quality services with very impressive results. The symbol itself is made very simply, with a diamond shape with a whitespace line that forms a monogram W in the middle.


17. Midhurst Fencing & Landscapping

Created by Jonathan Ring |

Offering a variety of services related to fencing and landscaping issues, Midhurst displays its line of business clearly in its logo design. 

Not only through the descriptions they provide under the business name, but they also alter some of the letters in their typography for their business name to form a fence and also a leaf icon related to landscaping. The choice of a very cheerful green color is also a very suitable representation of a landscaping business.


18. Bela Garden

Created by Anna Divizieva |

Using the monogram of the business name for logo design is a highly recommended approach to include a design that is more closely related to your business. One of the ideas that you can emulate is the logo of Bela Garden.

They used monogram B, which was created in a very creative way to create an unusual monogram look. With a variety of organic shapes as well as creative whitespace planning, they formed the letter B, which is colorful and fits the identity of their business.


19. Earthworks

Created by Celina Streegan |

The Earthworks landscaping business uses a monogram of the letter E, which is formed from a leaf that is falling with its stem. It looks very creative and well-designed.


20. Liyo

Created by Sithira Sachintha |

Looks very simple and soft; the designer made this logo design for Liyo with elements and a minimalist concept. The circular shape and the selection of very soft shades of green accentuate the soft feel in it.

The colors are chosen also tend to be monochromatic, with various shades of green for various elements in the design.


21. Prescott AZ

Created by Altaf Rehman |

Featuring an illustration of a tree that is standing firmly with thick leaves, Prescott AZ, not only represents its line of business but also displays its hopes and goals as a business to be able to grow and develop well.


22. Herrington

Created by Joshua Brown |

Another design also uses a monogram as the main element in its concept. The Herrington logo looks very professional, with the letter H combined with the illustration of a pine tree on it as an icon of their business. The designer uses whitespace very well to create impressive work.


23. Genesis Landscaping

Created by Mahabub Alom (Masud) |

Although the style used and the appearance is very simple, Genesis Landscaping displays high quality in its branding. The shape of the branches filled with leaves sticking out from the ends is used as the main symbol of the business. The branches are formed to form an ornament like a crown on the typeface of the business.


24. Landus

Created by No Cap |

Minimalist and modern, these two images are two images that immediately appear in your mind when you see this work. Landus landscaping business uses three symmetrical spruce trees as their main symbol. These trees are made in a simple style, formed with thin lines.


25. Treron Landscapes

Created by William Clement-Jones |

Treron is a business that offers services that make your outdoor spaces more beautiful with quality services. This business uses a very simple but classy concept, as can be seen from the selection of the typeface they use to describe the name of their business and services.


26. A&TC

Created by SURF Brand Studio |

Using a modern corporate style of minimalist design can make your business appear more professional and reliable. The A&TC is one such example. Starting from the typeface to the illustration of Cion, they are made in a very simple style but look perfect.


27. Botania

Created by Yago Barbosa |

The combination of deep green, pink, and white colors reminds you of tropical landscapes and gardens full of beautiful flowers. Not only the selection of unique colors but the concept they use is also very classy and beautiful.


28. Newman

Created by Vlad Durkovic |

Combining vintage and modern styles seems to be one of the popular concepts for branding design business. If you like the concept, you can take inspiration from the Newman Landscapes logo. Through their typographic style, they display a modern minimalist impression with a vintage-looking typeface placement.


29. Boulevard

Created by EIK Design |

Boulevard showcases the exclusive and premium quality of its branding design. The overall appearance of their branding uses a classy and elegant style and concept. One of them we can see from the selection of a classic typography style.


30. Arriaga Lanscaping

Created by Luis Arriaga |

Monogram A is used as the main symbol representing the branding of Arriaga Landscaping. The monogram is made in a beautiful style, using the illustration of a leaf as a horizontal line in the middle of this letter. Good use of whitespace is one of the factors for the perfection and uniqueness of this work.


Final Words

The 30 best baker logo designs that have been discussed are the work of various professional, skilled, and creative designers from various parts of the world. If you are interested in having a branding look like the designs presented above, you can take inspiration from interesting factors that attract your attention. 

You can take inspiration from the color scheme, the style of typeface, or the style of illustration used in the various works above. Combine the inspiration you take with your approach so that you produce an identity branding display that matches the bakery or business you design for.


Let us know what you think!

Those were the 30 best landscaping logo design ideas that we hope can help you to be inspired to create creative, unique, and interesting branding designs. An attractive design is not only pleasing to the eye but also must represent the value of the business well so that the public can be more attached to the branding.


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