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Article: 30 Best Plumbing Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Plumbing Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

A plumber is an adventurer who traces leaky pipes to their source!
Check out some of the best plumber logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Samuel | -

Whether you have an already running plumbing business or planning to start one soon, you need a good plumbing logo design. A good logo will not only convey your business personality and values but will also create a positive impression and attract consumers.

The question is, how do you make one? Designing a logo for a plumbing business can be a challenge. This is especially true if you have little to no design experience. The good news is that you can learn and get inspired by other designers' works.

You can use others' works as references. Learn what aspects will work for your plumbing business and what won't. To help you get inspired, we have collected 30 amazing plumbing logo design ideas from talented designers from all over the world.

The artworks vary in colors, styles, shapes, and typography. You can learn a lot from them. Check them out below.


1. Visual Plumbers Union

Created by Jay Master |

A logo is one of a brand's visual representations. Ideally, it should be able to convey the business message to the customers. Among the easiest ways to do it is to include details that are immediately associated with what the brand does. In this case, plumbing.

In Jay Master's artwork for Visual Plumbers Union, the logo is focused on a plunger, a common tool that plumbers use. It is simple but noticeable.


2. Ark Plumbing

Created by IIsixo_O |

The next plumbing logo design is an artwork by Iisixo_O. Light blue is a commonly used color in plumbing logos. It comes as no surprise. After all, the color reminds us of water, which, in turn, is associated with plumber works.

The text logo is written in black, which conveys seriousness and professionalism. When customers see the logo, they immediately know that it is a plumber that takes its business seriously and professionally.


3. Bumble Bee Plumbing

Created by Dave Keller |

While light blue and gray are commonly used in plumber logo designs, the two are by no means the only color options available. Nor are they the only good ones. Other colors, including yellow, can do wonders for a brand's visual representation, too.

Notice Dave Keller's artwork for Bumble Bee Plumbing here. The design may be simple, and it comes in yellow. But the logo is unique, piques curiosity, and draws attention.


4. The Friendly Plumber

Created by Chase Estes |

Who doesn't like working with a friendly plumber? If you want to give such an impression, you can do so by using lowercase for the brand's name. Lowercase letters give a sense of friendliness and approachability, which is great for a plumber logo.

Designed by Chase Estes, the Friendly Plumber is fascinating to look at. It comes in a simple design with a black and white scheme, but it conveys friendliness well.


5. Love Plumber

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

Plumbing is a very serious business. But that's not to say you can't have a playful side on your brand's visual representation. In the midst of professionalism and seriousness, a playful logo is a breath of fresh air. The industry is competitive, so having a visual representation that stands out will help.

Yuri Kartashev's artwork is playful and includes two details that are instantly associated with plumbers: the color blue and a plunger. 


6. Ark Plumbing

Created by IIsixo_O |

Besides water and a plunger, a pipe wrench is also a detail that is instantly associated with plumbers. Iisix o_O's cool design here incorporates a plumber with a pair of pipe wrenches on his back. It communicates the readiness and eagerness of Ark Plumbing to help its customers.

What's more, the dominant color is light blue. This further strengthens the association between the brand and the logo as well as conveys the company's trustworthiness.


7. Whale plumbing

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

When it comes to a plumbing logo design, your options are limitless. You are not limited to details related to the brand. Sometimes, using unrelated things can be great, too.

Take Yuri Kartashev's artwork here as an example. The logo is for Whale Plumbing. The mascot is a blue whale, fitting the brand's name. The unexpected twist is that the whale has a plunger-shaped tail, which keeps the logo related to the business.


8. Yuri Kartashev

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

Also, the artwork by Yuri Kartashev, this artwork depicts a plumber with a pipe as his mustache and the tip of a plunger as his hat. A picture speaks a thousand words. In this case, the plumbing logo design tells customers what the brand is all about. No text is involved.

In addition, the stark contrast between the plumber and the background makes it so iconic. You can't help but notice it.



Created by Wedev Team |

Wedev Team's artwork for Ecos is on the opposite spectrum. Rather than being entirely a pictorial mark like the previous artwork, this artwork is entirely a wordmark. That is, a type of logo that incorporates the brand's name and uses it as the main focus.

What's amazing about Wedev Team's artwork is how whitespace is utilized. Most parts of the logo are empty, making it appear clean, sleek, sophisticated, and visually appealing.


10. Plumbers City

Created by Leo |

A logo design for a plumber can be fun. Leo's Plumbers City is a standout example of such a logo design. The brand's visual identity is represented by a pipe shaped like a wrench.

Notice the tree colors used here. The pipes and a part of the text are white, the wrench lock and the rest of the text are green, and the background is blue. The result is a fun and hard-to-miss logo. 


11. 2B Works

Created by Asad Naveed |

If any of your competitors are using common colors like light blue or gray, consider using other colors. For example, yellow. Here you can see Asad Naveed's simple and pleasing to the eye artwork.

There are only two colors: yellow and black. The text is in black. Meanwhile, the 2-shaped pipe inside the letter B and the background are yellow. The stark contrast grabs attention and makes it stand apart from the competition.


12. Jetters n Drains

Created by Modal Tampang |

Modal Tampang's plumbing logo design is out of the box. Other than the light blue color, it doesn't have any detail related to plumbing. That doesn't mean it is a bad logo, of course.

If anything, an out-of-the-box artwork like this grabs attention easily. It differentiates your brand, stands out, and makes a statement. The design is attractive and even fun. Such a logo is perfect for young customers.


13. Queen plumbing

Created by HASSAAN |

When you design a logo for your plumbing business, try to aim for simplicity. The simpler the design is, the easier it will be for customers to recognize and remember the logo.

Here you can see Hassaan's artwork for Queen Plumbing shows beauty through simplicity. Notice how the wrench is given a crown, representing a queen. This corresponds with the brand's name, which makes it all the more recognizable and easy to remember.


14. Dixie Electric

Created by Jeff Miller |

The designing process should start without any color. Once you have got the right elements to include, you can decide on what colors to use.

Why? Because if your logo design looks good without colors, it will look good with colors. Jeff Miller's artwork for Dixie Electric here proves the point.

Notice how even when the colors are swapped, the logo still looks awesome. That is because of how well-designed the artwork is.


15. Supreme Plumbing

Created by Rimon Hasan |

Many overlook the importance of whitespace. But when utilized properly, whitespace can improve the look of a logo and make it even more attractive. Rimon Hasan's artwork here utilizes whitespace nicely.

The letter mark S represents the initial of Supreme Plumbing. Within it, there is a faucet and a wrench; both are tools that can be instantly associated with plumbers. The contrast between the black text and the blue background makes the logo unmissable.


16. CTS Mechanical

Created by Taylor Friehl |

Using a creative approach is fine. But always remember that plumbing is serious. As such, you want to incorporate the seriousness of the trade into your logo. Customers will know you take their plumbing problems seriously.

One of the ways to do this is by using a wordmark with uppercase, like Taylor Friehl's artwork here. The use of uppercase makes the logo more noticeable while at the same time communicating seriousness and professionalism.


17. Blue Plumbing

Created by Caleb Jacob |

Caleb Jacob's artwork for Blue Plumbing is as minimalist as a visual identity can get. While the wordmark is minimalist, it is easy on the eye and recognizable.

Notice how the word "Blue" is written. The first two letters are written normally. On the other hand, the last two are stylized in a way that they resemble a pipe that connects one spot to another. It is minimalist and simple, but it works.


18. Hepco

Created by Aleksandar Savic |

What if you also run another business besides plumbing? If the two can be related, then you may be able to combine both business elements in the logo. Aleksandar Savic's artwork for HEPC does exactly that.

Notice the fire and drop in the letter C. This communicates to customers that your business offers not just plumbing but also heating services. It is an excellent way to keep things simple for both businesses you run.


19. Plumbing Pipe Cleaner

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

There is nothing wrong with adding a fun detail to your plumbing logo design. On the contrary, such detail may even help you to be distinct and stand out from the crowd.

Take Yuri Karthashev's creative artwork here as an example. Rather than using only a plunger or other plumber's tool, the designer decides to pair the plunger with a bow. Then, converts the plunger into an arrow with the plunger's tip.


20. Gilcrease Sewer Systems

Created by Destin Williams |

A well-designed logo tells a lot about the brand to customers. Destin Williams' logo for Gilcrease Sewer Systems tells customers about the name of the brand, its establishment date, and what it offers.

In addition, there is also a pictogram of the letter G, which stands for the first letter of the brand's name. The text and pictograms come in navy blue and green, making the visual representation easy on the eye.


21. Trinidad plumbing

Created by Darina Darvin |

The next on our logo design ideas list is a modern plumbing logo design by Darina Darvin. The artwork is clean, sleek, and has a feeling of sophistication. Notice how the pipe forms a letter T, representing the brand's first letter.

It also features a drop of water, communicating what the brand does to the customers. What's more is the subtle contrast between the symbol and the text, adding the logo's visual appeal.


22. ShelPlumbing

Created by Alan Knight |

If your plumbing business is new, you want to tell potential customers about what it does. You can do this using a logo. Just keep in mind that there isn't much space to use. As such, you need to choose your words carefully and be concise about them.

Alan Knight's artwork here shows how you can do that. Notice the brief description like residential, commercial, repair, replace, and remodel included in the logo.


23. P&R Co.

Created by Taylor Bjork |

Using geometrical shapes in a brand's visual representation makes it recognizable. The thing is, geometrical shapes have limits. For example, your brand can't be truly unique as other brands may use the same geometrical shapes.

This is where abstract shapes can help. With abstract shapes, you can create a visual representation that is truly unique and truly yours. Taylor Bjork's abstract artwork here shows how amazing an abstract brand's visual representation can be.


24. TJW Plumbing

Created by Matt Leyland |

Matt Leyland's TJW Plumbing brand visual identity may look cartoonish, but it is charming. Not to mention its cartoonish appearance enables the brand to stand apart from the crowd and grab potential customers' attention.

Interestingly, the W-shaped pipe is a combination of three letters: T on the left, J on the right, and W in the middle. The clever design, combined with the vibrant colors, makes it unmissable. You can hardly miss it.


25. A Job Well Done

Created by Leo |

Leo's concept artwork for A Job Well Done is also cartoonish. But, again, it has its charm. It depicts a pipe and the brand's name against a dark background. Notice that all the colors are shades of blue.

The result is a brand's visual identity that is not only appealing but also balanced. It is easy on the eye and simple enough to recognize and remember. A job well done, indeed.


26. Heartside

Created by TravisPietsch |

Going simple is a good idea. Note that a simple brand's visual representation doesn't mean it is boring. When designed properly, it can be quite appealing while still retaining simplicity. TravisPietsch's artwork exemplifies that.

Look at how simple the design is. Yet, despite its simplicity, it is easy on the eye. The contrast is soft. It is noticeable enough to grab attention but not too much. It looks overwhelming. It is simple and effective.


27. Plumb wizard

Created by Leo |

Leo's Plumb Wizard is an interesting take on a brand's visual representation. It uses shapes related to plumbing and wizarding. Just look at the symbol.

On the one hand, the symbol looks like a drop of water, which customers instantly associate with plumbing. On the other, it looks like a wizard wearing a hat. It is a clever and quirky design that easily draws attention. The color selection is superb, making it more interesting.


28. Royal Flush

Created by Nick Bellucco |

Nick Bellucco's artwork for Royal Flush Plumbing also has a clever design. It relates two things that are normally unrelated: card games and plumbing. The image of a king holding a pipe wrench is so unusual customers won't be able to ignore it.

What's more, the design involves bright and vibrant colors, which make the brand's visual representation all the more interesting. In addition, the background is white, drawing attention to the image.


29. Plumbing Lab

Created by SimplePixel |

When you read the word lab, one of the things that come into your mind is probably a chemistry bottle. SimplePixel's combine several pipes and form them into something that looks like a chemistry bottle. The dark blue and white color combination makes it even better.

Due to this unique design and color, it is easy for customers to associate the Plumbing Lab brand with its logo, which is great for brand awareness.


30. Rigel Plumbing

Created by Samuel |

The last artwork on our list is created by Samuel for Rigel Plumbing. The design is on the minimalist side. Interestingly, it has some details that communicate the business message to customers.

For example, the elongated leg of the R looks like a flow of water, implying the business the company is in. Also, notice the bright star. It adds an interesting visual cue and, at the same time, balances the colors.


Final Words

These are some of the best plumbing logo design ideas that we have found. Use them as references, get inspired, and design your own logo. Learn from them but avoid copying them at all costs.

Also, whether you are designing the logo on your own or working with a graphic designer, be sure to take your time. Don't rush the creative process.

If you work with a graphic designer, be sure to tell them what you want from the logo and give them time to make a revision. Creating a good plumbing logo design takes time. We hope this helps.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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