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Article: 30 Best Carwash Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Carwash Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Happiness is driving your car, after the car wash.
Check out some of the best moon carwash design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Emanuel Díaz López |

The history of carwash logo design dates back to the early days of the automotive industry. As cars became more prevalent in society, car-washing businesses began to emerge. In order to attract customers, these businesses needed to have a recognizable and appealing logo that would catch people's attention and convey the message of cleanliness and professionalism.

Early carwash logos were often simple, featuring only the name of the business and perhaps a basic graphic element, such as a car or a water droplet. These logos were typically designed with bold, eye-catching colors and clear, easy-to-read fonts that could be easily seen from a distance. As the car washing industry grew, so too did the complexity and sophistication of its logos.

Today, carwash logos continue to be an important part of the industry's visual identity. Many modern carwash logos incorporate a mix of traditional and contemporary design elements, combining playful illustrations and bold typography with clean, minimalist shapes and natural motifs. Some businesses have also begun to incorporate digital elements into their logos, using animated graphics and interactive design features to create a more engaging and immersive customer experience.

Here are some of the best carwash logo design ideas you can reference:


1. designsraw

Created by designsraw |

Designraw created pretty commercial yet casual imagery for the identity. The logo has a basic concept of a cleaning service and a car. It also uses blue to fit the water's color. The key distinction of the design is the cleaner's graphic. It slashes through the car image, which makes a unique yet direct interpretation of its service. Overall, it is an easy-to-remember image.


2. Varsity Carwash

Created by Shelby Mitchell |

To create a more manageable and easier-to-understand design, creators can use typography design. Varsity Wash by Shelby Mitchell serves as the best example. It goes with a gentle and professional font, with a bit of customization on the W. The letter is drawn to appear like a water spray and complemented with blue gradation. Meanwhile, the varsity word is clad in white.


3. The Burg

Created by Katie Connolly |

It is not a bad idea to stay different and unique. Sometimes, the design correlates with the branding history or meaning. The Burg showcases the idea as it uses a typography design with script font resembling a vintage logo image. It does not feel like a carwash brand, especially with the red color. But it might try to stay consistent with its aged services.


4. Rewax

Created by Ahmedova Muslima |

The cool thing about the carwash industry is its services and scope. It is not only about the cleaning services but can also include detailing works. Waxing is one of its deals, which can be made into a cool logo design. In this case, Rewax uses a serif font with a strong, professional, and strict impression. It fits with the services, as it is meant to keep the car clean and smooth.


5. Shine Wash

Created by Li Junfei |

The Chinese brand Shinewash has a good set of concepts under its logo design. It took several obvious visual designs but made them simple and unique for branding. The key to its design ideas is the concept of cars, water, and shiny graphics. Together, it appears like a car inside a water drop with a shiny icon. The design also uses white and blue for the color.



Created by Ira Balandina |

The first thing that came out of the name was Forza, a famous car racing game. But in this case, the name is used as a carwash identity. It is a great method, as using a well-known and relatable name helps a brand stand out or be memorable. It even has a similar typography design, which helps develop a certain image in the car user's market.


7. Yulia Malinovskaya

Created by Yulia Malinovskaya |

Yulia Malinovskaya is one of the designers that created a cool carwash cleaning service logo design. The job by Yulia feels more generic and falls under the right market. But it is also drawn beautifully with the main graphic visual made out of a semi-circular brush, water droplets, and a car. The design uses dark and bright blue colors. This analogous color helps signify its service.


8. hif design

Created by hif design |

HIF designs for a carwash are uniquely abstract and pretty and has mysterious feeling them. The design is more complex than its looks. There are a lot of things going on in the logo. You got a fancy low-seat car, a set of bubbles, and probably a book. This is a cool illustration that feels unique for a brand. It even uses monochromatic colors for versatility.


9. Total Shine

Created by Pamela Cortez |

Total Shine's design not only stands out from its logo but is also a good use of naming or branding. Carwash logo design can feel pretty restricting. But with a good name, one can develop attractive graphics. Total Shine Carwash uses the signature shining star shape in between the two words. It also uses a formal font to add reliable appeal to the identity.


10. Yuri Kartashev

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

Yuri Kartashev is one of the best and favorite logo designs on this list. It goes with a different approach to the typical image of a car and water. The designer drew the car sideways, with the tail of the water drop. This drawing style adds motion to the logo, which feels more alive and attractive. The blue color and simple flat image help make the graphic easier to adapt.


11. GDD Carwash

Created by Louise Marielle Nonog |

GDD carwash tries to capture a high-end audience. It is seen from the fancy glimmering gold color, a formal and professional font, plus the aesthetical simplistic and minimalistic graphic. Aside from drawing a car, it decides to use simple golden strokes that can mean the water flow. It ridiculously stands out as the golden ink shimmering with a darker background.


12. Alika Sietta

Created by Alika Sietta |

Aside from going for the commonly used blue water and water drop, Alika Sietta developed a new set of meanings and impressions for its design. The logo concept is seen as a UFO sucking up water from the car. Is it good? It can be a perfect design for UFO or Alien related branding name carwash business. The design will feel more relatable and unique.



Created by Sara Beltagy |

For a more modern design and less complicated illustration, the Smart Wash logo design does perfectly what it should do. It uses a typography design, which consists of a letter mark or monogram of its name, "SW." The S and W are drawn with a modern lettering style that uses a chopped letter style or connected character. This simple graphic is one of the modern styles to use in logos.


14. Nahid Hasan Nilim

Created by Nahid Hasan Nilim |

If going simple is not enough, there is always an idea of going loud and obvious. Nahid Hasan did the obvious for the carwash logo design, which contains a car, fountain water, a letter mark, stars, and a badge logo shape. In general, this design is good for introducing the service and the information about its brand. But it can also feel more overwhelming.


15. Ždrnja's Garage

Created by Ždrnja's Garage |

The best logo concept from ZDRNJA's garage is its combination of lettering. At a glance, the logo feels noisy, and a lot is going on. But you can see that the design tries to capture the versatility and vintage image. Hence the uses of script, bold, and big fonts. These combinations work well thanks to the uses of personalized swoop and brush, plus its red, white, and black colors.


16. GR8

Created by Vladimir Stakhiv |

GR8 is a young slang word used as a replacement for "great." GR8 wash can be read as a great wash. This unique naming is one thing that the brand can highlight. It not only feels modern and young but also displays the real audience. The creator uses bold and big fonts for the GR8 monochromatic color. It is written bigger to highlight it as the title.


17. Foothill Express Carwash

Created by Nikola |

There is a chance that a design goes with the more vintage and old-style logo idea. You should not underestimate this style, as the classic logo still works as good branding. The vintage touch appears from the toned colors, such as green and yellow. It also uses a shield shape with the car drawn diagonally to make it feel like going out of the logo.


18. Tidal Wave

Created by Tidal Wave |

One of the common visual elements in the industry is water. And in logo design, you are free to craft the image into something amazing. It includes a wave graphic. The design by Tidal Wave has a unique wave appearing as a big tidal with a car tire pattern. This is a creative interpretation that develops certain characteristics without losing the real function and stereotype.


19. B&B CarWash

Created by Patrik Macejka |

Some branding can take a modern model for its logo to make a distinctive remark. B&B design takes the idea using the flat image graphic style, monogram, and 3D graphic illusion. The black and white color is pretty modern. At a glance, it appears simple, but the shape can remind people of a car's wheels. It is a smart and good design targeting a minimalized design approach.


20. Maxim Temchenko

Created by Maxim Temchenko |

Another motion-full and attractive illustration for the carwash logo design is drawn by Maxim Temchenko. The designer draws a car leaving a trail of bubbles. The red color, styling, and imagery make a more dynamic impression. The red color also shares a bit of distinction compared to blue. Thus, helping develop a more distinctive identity for the brand.


21. Molniya

Created by Michael Ursaty |

Molniya's design is far more random and modern compared to many other logo designs. The main visual identity appears from the wordmark, signifying the brand name. But the additional thunder icon shape around the mark makes more impact on the overall design. Those shapes also work as windows, showcasing a range of sneak peek of the business.


22. Royal Auto

Created by Rizky Fauzan |

From the naming, one can see what kind of services and logo design will look like from the brand. It should be or at least has certain values that showcase luxurious service. That is why the logo design uses a simple visual logo symbol, appearing like a symmetrical winged image. It also uses a formal, reliable, and professional font to develop the initial idea.


23. Tufano

Created by Alessandro Micillo |

Tufano is another design that properly develops and attracts more modern, simple., and sophisticated imagery. It uses a customized font, which has a similar style to its logo symbol. The symbol is made out of a triangle shape clad in blue. The twist is on the slight cavities in every line, which you can also find in every character in its wordmark.


24. Carxile

Created by Carxile |

What happens in the Carxile carwash logo design is its simplicity, unique drawing, and concept. In its simplicity, the design feels more modern and youthful. It uses a pastel blue color as the background. And the lettering is simply in black with a formal font. But to add a twist of casual touch, the creator drew a twisty connected line with an arrow for the R and X.


25. Parklean Crew

Created by john roxas |

There is a beauty of simplicity in logo design. It is not only making a logo easier to adapt, use, and develop but also leaves a good impression on the audience. Parklean Crew by John Roxas should be the best inspiration for this idea. It is made out of flat images, drawn with line art, and relevant to the market. It states the branding and function effectively.


26. Millas

Created by Diego Conti |

Millas' design feels more prestigious, high-end, modern, and direct. The key visual is its unique monogram drawn with unique, strong, and bold font. It looks like a Monster's logo, but it uses dark and white color hues to make a more sophisticated impression. This kind of very different approach for a carwash brand can help a unique brand to its audience.


27. BDYD® Auto Detailing

Created by Emanuel Díaz López |

The main visual of the BDYD logo is its symbol. The design appears like a fancy and high-end brand, as it plays around with a monogram design. The symmetrical drawing adds aesthetic points and makes the design scalable plus versatile. How does the design work? It is simply a stacked and connected line art with the B on top, Y in the center, and the D as a wing.




Amandeep Singh developed a cool, memorable, and colorful logo design with great efficiency. It does not seem complex or common for the business. It is thanks to the car element orientation, drawing style, and color. Rather than using a solid graphic image, it uses line art with blue and green hues. The tone is slightly pastel, which adds another distinctive brand identity.


29. Cartub

Created by Fayad Korakkath |

Cartub design feels more modern thanks to the complimenting colors in the background. But in general, Cartub feels more down to earth thanks to its approach to typography. Nothing fancy about the logotype, which helps it feel timeless and simple. The designer created a more efficient and reliable font. Overall, this is a simple, memorable, versatile, and increased branding idea.


30. Concierge Detailing

Created by Studio Projet Noir |

Among many other services in the carwash business, detailing is part of the exclusive offer. This job includes several extra steps for more detailed cleaning services. With that in mind, Concierge tries to put a more sophisticated and luxurious impression on its carwash logo design. Nothing wrong with the idea. Instead, it is fully relevant to the branding or product.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent carwash logo designs?

There are several symbols that can be used to represent carwash logo designs. Some common examples include water droplets or splashes, which convey the idea of cleanliness and freshness. Bubbles or foam can also be used to evoke a sense of playfulness and fun. Images of cars or car parts such as wheels or headlights are also popular choices, as they immediately convey the industry being catered to. Additionally, leaves or other natural elements can be used to suggest eco-friendliness or sustainability.

Which colours are commonly used in carwash logo designs?

The colors commonly used in carwash logo designs tend to be bright, vibrant, and eye-catching. Blue is a popular choice, as it evokes the idea of water and cleanliness. Green can be used to suggest eco-friendliness and sustainability. Yellow and red are often used together to create a bold, high-contrast design that stands out from a distance. Black and white can be used to create a more minimalist, modern look. Additionally, some carwash logos incorporate a variety of colors, using a gradient or rainbow effect to create a dynamic, playful design.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating carwash logo designs?

When creating a carwash logo design, it is important to keep the target audience in mind. The primary audience for a carwash business is typically drivers, so the logo should appeal to people who are interested in keeping their cars clean and looking their best. This could include a wide range of people, from busy professionals who need to keep their cars clean for work to car enthusiasts who take pride in maintaining the appearance of their vehicles. The logo should also be designed to appeal to both men and women, as well as people of all ages and backgrounds.

What are the successful examples of carwash logo designs?

There are many successful examples of carwash logo designs that have become iconic in the industry. For example, the Mr. Clean Car Wash logo features a bright yellow and red color scheme, with a cartoonish car and bubbles that convey a sense of playfulness and fun. The Autobell Car Wash logo uses a bold blue and green color scheme with a clean, minimalist design that suggests professionalism and eco-friendliness. Another example is the Mister Car Wash logo, which uses a bold, geometric design with bright colors that create a dynamic and engaging visual identity.

Which design styles are often used to create carwash logo designs?

There are a variety of design styles that are commonly used to create carwash logo designs. Some carwash logos feature playful, cartoonish illustrations that use bright colors and bold typography to convey a sense of fun and lightheartedness. Others use more minimalist, modern design elements, such as simple geometric shapes and clean, sans-serif fonts, to create a sleek and professional look. Some carwash logos incorporate natural motifs, such as leaves or water droplets, to suggest eco-friendliness and sustainability. Gradient and rainbow effects can also be used to create a dynamic, eye-catching design.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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