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Article: 30 Best Cleaner Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Cleaner Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

A clean space will make you a happy person!
Check out some of the best cleaner logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Md Faisal |

Basically, a good logo is a logo that displays the philosophy of the company as well as the identity branding that the company wants to uphold. Branding identity and company philosophy are some of the important components in business branding that can make your business stand out.

In this discussion, there are 30 best cleaner logo designs that have been specially created for those of you who are looking for creative and unique logo design inspiration, especially those related to the cleaning business. The various works that will be discussed below are examples of works that are well designed and clearly display the branding philosophy of each business.

These various logos are made in various styles to show the characteristics of each with a unique design concept. So, if you want to also have an ideal logo design, you can imitate the concept discussed here.


1. Vacuum Cleaner

Created by Yuri Kartashev |

The Vacuum Cleaner business or company uses the elephant icon as the main element in the design. The concept that is carried is unique. Uses the elephant's trunk to represent the vacuum effect of washing away various stubborn dust.

Elephants are often used as animal icons for symbol design. The use of blue in this work is also a thoughtful approach. The blue color itself is often associated with cleanliness which is very compatible with this business branding.


2. Unicorn Cleaner

Created by TICKMYHERO design |

The unicorn-shaped icon always attracts the attention of people who see it. This unicorn figure is one of the most liked and popular creatures to be used as a symbol that symbolizes the company's philosophy. 

This time, the creature is depicted with a vacuum cleaner hose sticking out of the horn above its head. This image is unique, especially with the use of soft yellow and blue colors.


3. House Cleaner

Created by Henrique Félix |

A design logo that has a clean and modern concept. The concept looks very suitable with the impression of cleanliness which is the main focus of this company itself. The House Cleaner company uses a simple style, as can be seen from the use of fonts for the typeface and also the icon in the form of a house and a broom. 

The designer uses whitespace to describe objects that become icons as well as symbols for this company. The broom shape looks carved out in the shape which is shaped like a house, which is equipped with a distinctive triangular roof.


4. Maid Marvelous

Created by Dustin haver |

Chilled and laid back, the Maid Marvelous uses a unique concept to design their company symbol. There is a picture of a house built close to the beach, complete with tall coconut trees, surfboards, illustrations of water, and also the sun that will soon set. Overall, these various shapes are depicted with just a simple line that makes them look unique.

Not only that, the combined use of blue and yellow colors in the several elements in this work also supports the chill and relaxed impression shown.


5. Speck Cleaners

Created by Rolina Vorster |

Speck Cleaners is seen using a trendy and modern branding identity and personality. This can be seen from the logo selection, which is so simple and minimalist, with the typeface of the business name as its main component. The typeface is made with a very simple font style. 

However, what is interesting is that there is a small dot above the letter K. The designer himself deliberately put this dot above the letter to represent a speck of dust, which matches the line of business from Speck Cleaners itself.


6. Raw Cleaning

Created by Raul Sigala |

Very creative and well-designed work. Raw Cleaning itself uses the concept of bright and cheerful colors. The combination of dark green, soft pink, and also soft yellow produces a design that is so eye-catching. 

One of the first unique things that you will immediately notice when you see this work is the use of a mop that is integrated with the typeface of the business itself. The mop stick itself is used as the body for the letter R, resulting in an out-of-the-box concept.


7. Castle Dry Cleaners

Created by Singha Roy | Silpa

Using an icon taken from the name of a company or business is indeed one of the popular things that various designers do to produce a logo design that is unique and also unique to the business itself. 

Using an icon like this can make your business more recognizable and has its characteristics compared to other businesses. One example is the Castle Dry Cleaners logo. The designer uses a castle icon that is shaped like a hanging shirt. There is also a coat hanger and bubble icon, which further clarifies the line of business of Castle Dry Cleaners itself.


8. Kuesco

Created by Adaoha Onyekwelu |

Looking so neat and modern, Kuesco Incorporated uses a more modern identity branding, as can be seen from the use of logo design and also the typeface used. There is an illustration in the form of a brush cleaning the window, which describes what is provided or what this business does.

This typeface of the Kuesco incorporated is created in a style that also matches the illustration above. The purple color used as the background makes this work look soft but still professional.


9. Aricson

Created by Md Emon |

Utilizing the monogram of the business name to produce a unique logo design can be one of the things that you imitate from this work. 

The designer uses the letter A which represents the company name which is varied with additional details in the form of a broomstick. The broom used here replaces the horizontal stripe in the letter A. The light blue color used here appears soft and professional.


10. Pubes Cleaner

Created by Muhammad Sidiq Nur |

A very funny and interesting concept is used for the brand identity of this company. Not only the name of the business attracts attention, but the style of the symbol is also interesting because it is very impressive. 

There is an illustration made in a vintage style, depicting a hand holding a tissue roll. To support the retro vintage impression that is carried, the designer also uses various textures and black and white monochrome colors as elements.


11. Cooper

Created by Hannah Smith |

In addition to using a flat logo, you can also add animation to make your design more striking and unique. One of the inspirations for the symbol design, which is complemented by an interesting animation, is the symbol of Cooper Clean and Care. 

This work looks very simple, using a retro-style typeface to describe the name of the business. However, the animation provided in the form of a shining effect and also the details in the form of a monogram of the company name on the background make it look beautiful.


12. House + Squeegee

Created by Alfrey Davilla |

Teal and dark blue are indeed popular color combinations and are widely used for various cleaning-related businesses. Both of these colors display a clean impression and, at the same time, give a professional and trustable impression. 

One example of a work that uses this color combination is the House + Squeegee. The icon in the form of a house and also the cleaning brush used look perfectly, illustrating and describing this business.


13. Unicorn

Created by Touhid |

Combining various elements of corporate identities, such as laboratories, cleaning, and also bio-related things, the logo looks very impressive and unique. 

The icon of the Unicorn Bio Cleaning Lab was made using a cleaning spray illustration, which was made with variations that also show the shape of a lab jar. The green and emerald colors here also showcase the identity. The green used is like the green color that is widely used for chemical colors in the lab.


14. Supurgeposeti

Created by Uygar Aydin |

While the vacuum cleaner in the symbol design is usually displayed from a side angle, the takes an unconventional approach. They used a depiction of the vacuum cleaner from the top angle, an interesting detail that makes it unique. In addition, there are also illustrations such as the typeface sucked in by this vacuum cleaner.


15. Favcleaner

Created by Burak Bal |

Beautiful and also impressive. The designer of Fav Cleaner's logo uses a simple and modern concept, which is suitable for showing the impression of a professional corporate style. The monogram in the form of the letter F representing the name of the business or company itself is made by combining various rounded edge square shapes cut in a distinctive style.


16. Steam

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

Looking modern and cool, Steam uses a simple concept for its symbol design. The icon is made by forming the letter S, which is given a variety of impressive details. Interestingly, the letter S is also given whitespace in the form of a zig-zag shape like the letter Z in the middle of the monogram.


17. Tez Cleaners

Created by Abdurrohman |

Tez Cleaners is a business that specializes in providing various services to help users clean home furniture. This business uses a symbol design that is so simple but impressive because of its contemporary concept that is formed only from simple lines. 

We can clearly see that there is a monogram of the letters T and C formed into the same shape. This T and C diffuse to form this simple icon that is bright red in color.


18. Fred Clean

Created by iBIRD Design |

Fred Clean uses a simple circular shape with various details in the form of highlights and shadows as a symbol of their business. This circular shape also forms a soft blue roll of waves, which also appears to have a gradient color blend from dark blue to bright light blue.


19. Mr Dryit

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |

The unique name of a business must also be used to form an equally unique brand identity. One approach that you can take if you have a unique business name is to create a logo design that displays these characteristics,

Mr. Dry managed to display a professional icon but still matched its unique business name. Using a symbol in the form of a drop of air, the logo is still related to the branding identity that this business has.


20. Revitalize Cleaning Co.

Created by Brennan Burling |

This work looks very beautiful and soft. Using symbol shapes such as trees with branches and leaves sticking out, this looks very classy. The tree shape is also made with very philosophical details, not only showing the shape of the tree trunk but also shaped to show the human body with the hands as the branches.


21. Cleaning Master

Created by Md Faisal |

The use of gradient colors in the Cleaning Master logo makes it look even more striking and prominent compared to other designs. The consistent gradient color of yellow, pink, magenta, purple, and blue makes it look very beautiful. 

This gradient is placed to form a cleaning brush stroke which also at the same time represents the shape of the movement of celestial bodies. This impression is also clearer with the use of many diamond-shaped stars around it.


22. R Clean

Created by Elena Anagnostelou |

The monogram of the letter R is made with amazing details. The use of 4 shades of blue, which is also given a gradient detail, makes it look very beautiful. Not only that, but the monogram itself is also equipped with various details in the form of shadows, depths, and highlights, which make it look perfect.


23. Shiny Island

Created by Alfrey Davilla |

This work looks very glorious, showing the image of a shining house with many lighting streaks around it. The light blue and deep blue colors used make the look soft and professional.


24. Plumbwizard

Created by Leo |

Another interesting work by a very talented designer. Featuring a wizard figure made in a simple and modern style, the illustration for the symbol looks amazing.


25. AMA Cleaning

Created by Arnaldo Jimenez |

Simple, this work only uses a single color to illustrate this shining broom illustration. Blue, which is used as the main color, is very soft and produces a clean impression, which is very suitable for this business branding.


26. Breathewell

Created by Breno Bitencourt |

When we imagine fresh breath, we will also imagine trees and beautiful nature. It seems that the depiction is what the designer uses to show the philosophy and identity of the Breath Well business.


27. C for Cleaning

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk |

Cleaning spray bottles are one of the objects that we immediately imagine when we talk about cleaning products, apart from brooms and mops. C for Cleaning uses this spray bottle as its main icon. The bottle shape is given a variation that forms the letter C, which is a monogram for the name of the business itself.


28. Water Paper Cleaning

Created by Sarkhan Rzazadeh |

The golden ratio is a design principle that you can use to make your work look more perfect. Reliable and professional designers often use the golden ratio as a grid in their various works.

Water Paper Cleaning has a very impressive logo. The designers deserve appreciation for their creativity in creating a symbol that is out of the box. Using inspiration from the form of a drop of water and also curled paper, this work was formed.


29. Hydro Cleaning

Created by Jake Givens |

The monogram of the letters H and C, which represents the name of the business, is made creatively and disguised like the shape of a water pipe system. 

The designer looks to combine vintage and modern concepts to create this Hydro Cleaning symbol. It appears that the use of typography is inspired by the vintage logo design, but the water icon with the H and C monograms is made in a modern style.


30. Mossi Cleaning Co.

Created by Peter Giuffria |

If a cleaning company is usually branded with a more formal and professional impression, then this cleaning company uses an unusual identity as its brand personality. 

The Mossi cleaning company displays a luxurious impression with the selection of a classic style typeface. In addition to the typeface selection, the use of this clean concept also makes it look classier and different from other cleaning companies. This deep blue color also adds to the luxurious and professional impression that can be noticed from the start when we see this work.


Final Words

You can also give any personal branding for your cleaning business. We have seen 30 of the best cleaner logo designs, which are the work of various professional designers from all over the world. 

There is logo inspiration for more fun and cheerful concepts, and there is also the inspiration for those of you who want a professional and exclusive concept. Whichever concept or identity you choose, use that identity as a reference for various product branding designs and maintain that identity consistently.

The identity and personality of a business will be something that the public remembers about a business and makes it have the characteristics of other similar businesses.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to Cheers!


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