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Article: 30 Best Ranch Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Ranch Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Just like the Wild West, there are no rules. Check out some of the best ranch logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your creative projects!

Created by cmpt_rules |

Ranch logo design is a crucial aspect of branding for ranch businesses, whether they are dedicated to livestock or crop production. A well-designed logo can capture the essence of a ranch, convey its values and traditions, and set it apart from its competitors in the industry. Ranch logos can be simple or elaborate, classic or contemporary, but they all serve to create a visual identity that customers and stakeholders can recognize and trust.

The history of ranch logos can be traced back to the late 19th century when the cattle industry was booming in the western United States. Cattle brands, which were used to mark ownership of livestock, served as the first form of branding for ranches. These brands were often simple, geometric symbols that were easy to apply with a branding iron, such as a circle, triangle, or diamond. Over time, ranchers began to use more elaborate designs that incorporated their initials, names, or other elements that were meaningful to them.

As ranching evolved into a more modern industry in the 20th century, logos became more important as a means of marketing and advertising. Ranches began to use logos on their signage, business cards, and letterheads, as well as on their products such as beef, leather, and wool. A good ranch logo could communicate the quality, reliability, and authenticity of a ranch's products to potential customers.

Today, ranch logo design has become a specialized field within graphic design, with designers who specialize in creating logos specifically for ranches and agricultural businesses. These designers take into account the unique characteristics of each ranch, such as its location, history, and products, as well as the target audience for the logo. They may incorporate images of livestock, crops, landscapes, or other elements that are associated with ranching, as well as typography and color schemes that reflect the ranch's brand personality.

One of the most important aspects of ranch logo design is cultural sensitivity. Many ranches have a long history and cultural significance for indigenous peoples or other local communities, and their logos should be respectful of that heritage. Designers should also be mindful of any potential negative associations that certain images or symbols may have, such as the use of Native American headdresses or the Confederate flag. A well-designed logo should be inclusive and welcoming to all potential customers and the community.

Here are some of the best ranch logo design ideas that you can reference from:


1. Rancho La Campana

Created by Joshua Diaz |
This design took the main object in the form of a breeder holding a scope and a stone crusher in his hands. The main object of the design is made simple and elegant; on the inside of the object, there is a brand name written so that the unique impression of this design is even more pronounced.


2. Hat Creek Ranch

Created by Doug Harris |

This logo is made in a simple style and takes the main object in the form of a cow's head. The cow head in this design is made with small size and is made like an animated logo. How not? This logo can move, and in addition, this logo is equipped with the brand name at the bottom.


3. Seville Cattle Co

Created by Paragon Design House |

In a light-dark graded color, this design displays a realistic impression. This design is made by taking a picture of a cow as its main object. This main object is then given a brown color with dark and light gradations. For the bottom, there is a brand name that is colored with the concept of color gradation.



Created by Panji Putra |

Combining elements of a ranch house and trees, this logo design successfully presents a peaceful ranch atmosphere. The objects of the ranch house and trees are made in a simple style and colored similarly to the original. Not to forget, there is a brand name along with the year of establishment of the brand at the bottom.


5. The Lazy Oak Ranch

Created by Kellen Arnold |

The brand name is the main focus of the design this time. Therefore you will not find any other object besides the brand name. In the design, the brand name is written in a relaxed style so it looks attractive for the public to see. This design concept is unique and certainly favored by the public.


6. West to East Farms

Created by Jay Master |

A design that matches the brand name, a suitable word for this logo. The elements combined are forks, spoons, and globes. Spoons and forks are arranged in a huddle together, and on top of them is placed a globe. At the end of the design are written E and W to symbolize east and west in the design


7. Tilly Hawk Ranch

Created by We Are Charette |

The colors chosen to color the main object of this logo are brown and black, two colors that create a warm impression on the logo. The design style carried by this logo is retro that is simple, and charming. Of course, this logo design style is carried by the main object of the logo, namely sparrows.


8. Renegade Fences

Created by Electric Graphic Design |

This logo design carries the theme of the scenery on the farm made in a cool vintage style. The elements combined in this logo design are cattle houses, windmills, and silhouettes of trees that depict the atmosphere of the farm. The combination of blue and red colors used also adds a cool vintage impression to this design.


9. Burns Ranch

Created by Andy Woycik |

The main object owned by this design is a pair of deer antlers that are designed to look simple and minimalist without much additional detail. To beautify, the brand name is placed in simple style letters and also at the bottom of the logo design. The colors chosen for use in this design are dark green, white, and yellow.


10. Hawaii Ranches

Created by NAD |

The outermost part of this logo looks like a horseshoe. The inside of the horseshoe is filled with the main object of this design, namely the head of a cow chewing grass and the brand name. The brand name is arranged in the direction of the outer shape of the logo, while the cow's head emblem is made modern.


11. LV Farms

Created by Zipporah Vannata |

The use of an attractive brand name background and writing style is the attraction of this design. The name LV Farm is written in a simple minimalist style, and there are not too many details in the brand name. But there is a form of one wheat stalk between brand names, which certainly shows the brand characteristics.


12. H Open A

Created by Mary Meccage |

Logos made of the main object in the form of a combination of brand names always look minimalist. Therefore this style is widely used by brands that want to build branding. For example, this design, whose brand name is written in a semi-formal style and wrapped in a rhombus emblem. There are also ranch-style directions in this design.


13. Black Rooster

Created by Maharsh Gandhi |

The rooster was chosen to be the main object of this logo design. To show the owner of this logo design, the rooster was given a black color according to the name of the design owner. The design style used to make this black rooster is modern and minimalist, so it is easily known to the public.


14. Horse Shoe Ranch

Created by Doug Huegel |

Combining cartoon-style and vintage designs, this logo design managed to grab the attention of the public. The main focus of this logo design is the rooster, but of course, with the addition of some details. On the feathers of roosters, when you look, you will see something like fir trees. This rooster is also made colorful.


15. Wolf Track Ranch

Created by Micah Allen |

Using peach and green in one design, managed to make this design look charming and beautiful. The use of the main object in the form of a deer head designed in an elegant style also succeeded in making this design easy to remember. As a complement to this design, added twig details that are typical of a ranch.


16. The Magic Ranch

Created by Divya Soni |

Although only using the brand name is the main object of the logo design, this logo is still easy to recognize. In the brand name, a cartoon-style writing style is used. Not only that, the writing is given the impression of the night sky, complete with additional objects in the form of the moon and stars.


17. Chicky Javana

Created by Ikhwan Hakim |

Comes with the main object in the form of chicken and brand names; you can make Chicky Javana designs an example of a unique retro-style design. The chicken part of this logo looks made with a classic retro concept. As for the brand name on the logo, it looks made in a simple style and is still elegant.


18. Lusk Creek

Created by Beth Bennett |

There are two different font design styles in this design. In the brand name section, the writing design used looks semi-formal and a little more rigid. As for the logo slogan part, the writing design looks relaxed. In addition to having two different font designs, this design also has a sheep object at the bottom of the design.


19. Trail Ranch

Created by Tommy Blake |

Made with a warm and minimalist impression, light pink and green colors were chosen to color the objects in this design. For the main object that is the focus of the design, geometric shapes are arranged to form a pigeon. At the bottom of the logo, there is the brand name and address of the brand.


20. Stehly Ranch

Created by Lauren Gruter |

Three types of livestock are the main objects of this design, namely cows, deer, and sheep. The three ranch animals that are the main objects in the logo design are made in a modern style by adding a little wrinkle on the fur to bring out a realistic effect that certainly makes the design became easily known.



Created by cmpt_rules |

Cascavel Ranch is designed in a classic vintage and retro style. The choice of red, yellow, and dark blue as coloring various objects in this logo design further strengthens the classic impression possessed by design. The main objects used in the logo are horses and snakes, which are also made with vintage designs that look classic.


22. Walnut Grove Ranch

Created by Justin Miller |

Carrying a simple and modern logo design concept and equipped with a background, this logo design can be an example of a logo design that is easily recognizable. The main element of this logo is the cow, but of course, the cow is combined with other elements. The complementary element is a meadow that is made simple.


23. Rickerson Cattle

Created by Josh Chavis |

The main element of this logo is formed from a series of brand initials, namely the letter C and the letter R. The two initials of this brand name are assembled in a minimalist style. There is writing of the brand name in the logo to complement the design; of course, the brand name is made in a minimalist style.


24. Roam Ranch

Created by Neighborhood Studio |

Made in a modern and vintage style, the combination of these two design styles makes this logo look more beautiful and charming. In this logo, you can see the main object in the form of two farmers, chickens, and sheep. Around the main object, you can see the brand name arranged in a circle with a modern and minimalist design style.


25. Mulberry Ranch

Created by Amit Botre |

Four main objects make up this logo design, namely two cows, brand names, sun illustrations, and illustrations of the state of Texas in America. The four components that make up this logo design are made in a very minimalist, unique, and simple style and do not have many useless details, thus making this logo design very eye-catching.


26. Woodfield Ranch

Created by Mark Grow |

Woodfield Ranch's design is made in a minimalist style so that it is easy to recognize by the public. The elements used in this design are the brand name, brand initials, year of brand establishment, to brand location. The initials of the brand it is designed by following the shape of the cow's face made with a minimalist design.


27. Silver Lake Bison Ranch

Created by Laura Prpich |

Using the main object, as the name implies, this design uses bison as the main object. In addition to bison, in this design, there are also complementary elements such as lakes and brand names. All the elements in the logo were then made in a classic and charming retro style and combined with brown.


28. Collins Lake Ranch

Created by Matt Dawson |

Using a variety of logo exteriors can help you create a variety of different logo styles, so clients can choose which logo shape they prefer. This is exemplified by this logo design, where this design uses various external forms of logos. For the inside, it uses lake landscape elements made with a blend of dark green and light green.


29. Ranch Rider

Created by Brendan Wray |

This logo design brings a classic retro impression and wilderness atmosphere through the selection of colors and logo elements. Using the main element in the form of a sheriff riding a horse designed in a minimalist style makes this logo design very eye-catching. The use of typical desert colors also makes this design look classic and attractive.


30. Crazy Heart Ranch

Created by Rise Wise |

The Crazy Heart Ranch logo is one of the logos with a vintage and minimalist design that looks unique. How not? This logo is made with various separate objects where all objects depict how the state of horse farming in the desert. All the separated logo objects are made in a vintage design style that is minimalist and easy to remember.


Frequently Ask Questions

Why is ranch logo design important for ranch businesses?

Ranch logo design is important for ranch businesses because it creates a visual identity that customers and stakeholders can recognize and trust. A well-designed logo can communicate the quality, reliability, and authenticity of a ranch's products, as well as set it apart from its competitors. Ranch logos can also capture the essence of a ranch, convey its values and traditions, and appeal to its target audience.

What are some important considerations in ranch logo design?

Some important considerations in ranch logo design include simplicity, cultural sensitivity, and environmental sustainability. A logo that is too complicated or cluttered can be difficult to reproduce on different types of media, while a logo that is culturally insensitive or environmentally unsustainable can alienate potential customers. Designers should take into account the unique characteristics of each ranch, such as its location, history, and products, as well as the target audience for the logo.

How can ranch logos incorporate elements of sustainability?

Ranch logos can incorporate elements of sustainability by using images or symbols that are associated with environmental responsibility, such as trees, water, or renewable energy sources. Designers can also use typography and color schemes that reflect a ranch's commitment to sustainability, such as earth tones or shades of green. A logo that incorporates elements of sustainability can help to communicate a ranch's values and appeal to customers who are interested in supporting environmentally responsible businesses.

What are some common symbols used in ranch logos?

Common symbols used in ranch logos include images of livestock, crops, landscapes, and western motifs such as cowboys, horses, or boots. These symbols can help to convey the essence of a ranch and its products, as well as appeal to customers who are interested in western or rural lifestyles. Designers may also incorporate elements of the ranch's history or location, such as the state flag or a local landmark.

How can cultural sensitivity be incorporated into ranch logo design?

Cultural sensitivity can be incorporated into ranch logo design by avoiding images or symbols that may be culturally insensitive or offensive. Designers should be mindful of the history and cultural significance of the ranch and its location, as well as the potentially negative associations that certain images or symbols may have. In some cases, it may be appropriate to consult with local communities or indigenous peoples to ensure that the logo is respectful and inclusive.


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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