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Article: 30 Best Pest Control Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Pest Control Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Keeping nasty pests away from people is one of the most important parts of life. Check out some of the best pest logo design ideas to inspire your projects!
Created by Michael Merkle |

A pest logo design is an identity for a company or brand of pest products that help to keep nasty pests away from people. Effective pest products play an essential role in human life. It is because pests likely damage plants and things in your surroundings. Hence, a pest logo should resemble the product's aims. 

Good pest logos must look standout among the competitors, and you can achieve it by applying suitable graphic elements. Pay attention to the color choices and how to combine them with the dynamic layout to deliver a fun or adventure vibe in the logo. 

The symbol put in the logo is another primary consideration because it delivers a meaningful message to the audience. You can add symbols or illustrations related to pests like insects, animals, plants, or other nature-liked elements for the symbol in the pest logo created. 

Here are some of the best pest control logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Sjöar Pest Control

Created by Kelly Carlson |

Kelly Carlson made a logo design for a Minneapolis-based pest control business, Sjöar Pest Control. This logo has a neutral background, but she makes it fun with the lettering and illustration. The business name, Sjöar is green with a half of mouse face above the ö letter. The words' pest control' use a simple font with a smaller size. 


2. Pestie

Created by Brian Collier |

The logo concept from Brian Collier has a vivid green background with bold black letterings. The I letter looks a bit standout with a sparkling dot above as it is a simple font. The simplicity of this logo design resembles the ease and cost-effectiveness offered by this personalized DIY pest control service to help you to take care of pesky pests. 


3. DC Pest Control

Created by Tracy Poulsom |

DC pest control comes in a realistic pest logo design because it uses a real nature picture for the background. The initials DC looks bigger with hidden pictures of a deer and a mouse on it. The fox below the initials shows that this product also works to manage wildlife. The designer plays on various boldness levels and sizes for the font.


4. Wyoming Wildlife & Pest Solutions

Created by Sean Daugherty |

Sean Daugherty made several logo options for Wyoming Wildlife & Pest Solutions. The designs came out nearly similar. Only the color of each logo design makes it different from others. It presents the Wyoming landscape with the mountain and several animals like a bird, a squirrel, and a wolf. The designer put the label of the brand name under the landscape illustration. 


5. 2KPrime

Created by Joshua Van Ellie Dumayac |

Joshua Van Ellie Dumayac designed a logo for pest control services offered by 2KPrime. He created a bright logo with a red background and a simple white bug symbol. He continued to use white to write 2K in the lettering. The rest letters on the company name use black with different font sizes that look balanced with the bright background. 


6. Service24 Pest Control

Created by Finnian Wisdom |

Finnian Wisdom created a pest logo design that was approved by Service24 Pest Control. It is a company with a primary mission to deliver advanced pest control to improve a friendly and healthy environment. No wonder the designer used a green plant for the symbol in the logo. A mix of black and green colors on the company's name looks clear over a white background. 


7. Pest Control

Created by Al Power™ |

Pest Pulse is a company providing technology-led pest control services that had through a branding project with AI Power. It includes a dark Tosca background and simple white lettering to create fresh and clean branding. It also has a simple white power button symbol before the company name to represent cutting-edge technology for maintaining a pest-free environment.


8. Bens Termite Solution

Created by Lucian Petronel Potlog |

Lucian Petronel Potlog made a logo proposal for a new company located in Huntington Beach, South California, Ben's Termite Solutions. This company provides products to control the termite populations in your surroundings. It presents an emblem with a termite and a cross line over it. Not to mention, four legs attached to the emblem and a bit of classic font with a termite above.


9. Bugger Off Pest

Created by Amall Suresh |

Amall Suresh made a pest logo design for an application to control and manage the bug or pest, Bugger Off. This app links users to parties and companies providing various pest control and management services. It uses dark green for the background and lighter green for the bug symbol and the app's name. The use of different green palettes in this logo looks fresh. 


10. Vamonos Pest

Created by Mark Grow |

Vamonos Pest is a company providing licensed and bonded pest control services. This company has a unique and vivid logo by using orange background. The white pest symbol with vertical and horizontal lines on its body looks simple yet cute. It uses different font sizes for the company name and its quality in this industry as the font type is similar. 


11. Antvil

Created by abdallah Mohamed |

Antvil Pest Extermination Company comes with a new logo design combining red, black, and white. The symbol in the logo is a red ant on top of a black shield with a white line across. Below, you can discover the company name appears in balanced two-tone, black and red. The symbol and lettering look clear because the designer put in on a white background. 


12. proactive

Created by Hana Elsergany |

Proactive introduced its new pest logo design. Through the help of Hana Elsergany, the logo uses grey and turquoise for the symbol and lettering. The designer puts the grey symbol in a rhombus with a turquoise and black gradient.  Proactive for pest control line uses the same font but different sizes and colors. There is a half-turquoise underline below.


13. Valora Pest Control

Created by O'Laa |

Valora Pest Control has a simple yet bright branding. Its logo uses yellow background, which makes it looks stand out.  The symbol used in the logo is a strong bee character with its spreading wing framed with a shield. The company's name uses a simple font with different sizes to give highlights. The short lines on both sides of Pest Control emphasize the name too.


14. Pestbusters

Created by Vova |

Vova created a branding identity for a local insect control firm. The designer played with several blue palettes combined with white and yellow in this logo. The firm name is in Aegean with a simple font but turns the U letter into an insect by adding yellow eyes, legs, and antennas. Yellow insect symbol and Aegean insect head appear in the branding too. 


15. Terminix Service Inc.

Created by Jude Shiflett |

Terminix Service Inc. came with a little logo mark for East Cost affiliate designed by Jude Shiflett. This pest logo design applies a simple concept with a vivid green background combined with white symbols and lettering. It includes a shield symbol with a T initial on it. The words Terminix Service appear in italic and bold font followed by a superscript font of Inc. 


16. Bentonville Pest Control

Created by Jyre Lawas |

Bentonville Pest Control Company offers a simple logo design but serves as an effective branding identity. This company combines white and navy. The symbol is a ladybug with B and P initials on its wings. B is in white, and P is in navy. The company name appears below the symbol in navy. It looks clear over the white background. 


17. Omniguard Pest Control

Created by Esmeralda Arias |

Omiguard Pest Control is a company protecting nasty pets that has a simple and unique logo. The symbol resembles a pest in the home in Pantone green which is similar to how the designer applies the color to Pest Control. The neutral background allows the company name to stand out as it uses Delvon Demo font. 


18. Zunex Pest Control

Created by O'Laa |

Zunex Pest Control provides pest management solutions in the Auburn and Greater Puget Sound area. It offers preventive treatments for primary households and problematic pests like ants, spiders, rodents, and bed bugs. The logo includes a symbol combining a shield and a pest in two-tone, grey and blue. The company name also applies the same two-tone yet in different font sizes. 


19. Mosquito

Created by Emily Holt |

Emily Holt made a logo for a small business, mosquito marauder. She uses a dark green background and combines it with a yellow symbol and white lettering. The symbol is a mosquito inside a yellow circle. Below is a big yellow mosquito word with deflate style. There is also a marauder word in grey underneath with an arch-up style, which looks a bit contrasting. 


20. Scorpion Hunters

Created by JJ Smith |

Scorpion Hunters offer products for scorpion hunting in Arizona. It is such a recreational sport in this city. People only require a backlight, some spray, and courage. That is why it includes a man's head wearing an eye patch while holding a spray with a small light above and a big turquoise scorpion ahead. It includes a dark purple company name and a plum background. 


21. PMG

Created by Kyle Anderson |

Kyle Anderson made a monochrome pest logo design for his friend. It includes PMG in a bold white font with a pest illusion on the P letter. Since PMG is an abbreviation, he put the full name Pest Management Group underneath in smaller font. The company name is inside the white rectangular frame that looks in contrast with the black background. 


22. King Elliot’s

Created by Andy Boice |

King Elliot's is a pest control extermination specifically for squirrels. This logo uses a similar font, but the designer plays with the sizes and warp to create a unique layout. The squirrel head in the middle comes with a red cross strengthened by Anti Squirrel Club underneath in arch down style. The company name appears even bigger above the squirrel head and features horizontal lines. 


23. Tailored Pest Solutions

Created by Pavan Patil |

Tailored Pest Solutions has a logo with dark blue background. The symbol is two-tone and in, brown and orange, inside a green circle with a green cross on it. The designer keeps using green for the word Tailored as it appears bigger and uses black for the words Pest Solutions. Meanwhile, the tagline Any Pest Any Time comes out in orange. 


24. Insectall

Created by galihmrD |

Insectall offers another inspiration for those who are looking for a pest logo design. It uses a simple yet bold white font for the name, following the blue pest head symbol with its antennas. It suits the royal blue background well without too many elements and adornments. Simplicity is the primary concept of this logo because it only plays with blue palettes and white.


25. Wynne Pest Solutions

Created by Brandt Farmer |

Wyne Pest Solutions has a special mascot design and t-shirt graphic. The designer only works with blue and white but plays with the characters and lettering. The mascot is a boy wearing a hat who holds died cockroach. It applies the arch-up style for the word Wynne. The words Pest Solutions appear smaller under the mascot with an italic tagline underneath. 


26. American Termite and Pest

Created by Drift |

The Austin-based American Termite and Pest Company that terminated the bugs in 1986 has created a new branding identity. It applies a cloudy background in a neutral color. It also includes a navy emblem with a big and bold company name inside. An American flag-liked symbol is above the company name, and the rest letterings in the emblem use white. 


27. Mac's Pest Management

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic |

A pest logo design for Mac's Pest Management gets a bit of a heroic concept with a dotted pest picture as a background. It includes a black pentagon with the big MAC'S wordart inside in a triangle-up style surrounded by an orange electrical-liked line. Smaller Pest Management words come out below, which are still inside the Pentagon emblem. 


28. Royal Pest

Created by Maha Mazhar |

Royal Pest is a company providing pest control and trading services that has a luxurious branding concept. Like its name, its logo uses dark purple background with gold symbols and letterings. The symbol is a leafy circle with a crown on its top and a pest inside. There is a big company name under the symbol, followed by its services in small font below. 


29. Liberty Termite & Pest Control

Created by Michael Merkle |

Liberty Termite & Pest Control LLC uses blue dominantly on its background. It combines a white circle logo with a white liberty word on a blue ribbon. A white lightning bolt appears under the ribbon and blue shapes behind it. Meanwhile, the words' Liberty Termite & Pest Control LLC' appears in blue in the logo's inner white circle frame.


30. Rush

Created by Baianat |

Baianat created a pest logo design for a startup company offering pest control services, Rush. This company uses top-tier products to control bugs, insects, and other pests. The logo and brand identity for this company applies green background with a bold white font for the company name. It is a simple concept yet evokes trustworthiness, speed, and safety in people's eyes. 


Frequently Ask Questions

What graphic elements can I use to represent pest control logo designs?

When creating a pest control logo, there are several graphic elements you can consider to represent the industry effectively. First and foremost, insects like cockroaches, ants, bees, or spiders can be stylized or abstracted to create a visually appealing and recognizable symbol. Incorporating pest-related objects such as traps, sprayers, or pest control equipment can also convey the purpose of the business. Additionally, utilizing colors associated with the industry, such as green, brown, or red, can evoke a sense of professionalism and reliability. Finally, incorporating a shield or crest can symbolize protection and emphasize the company's commitment to keeping spaces pest-free.

Which colors are commonly used in pest control logo designs?

Pest control logo designs often make use of colors that evoke a sense of professionalism, trust, and cleanliness. Green is a common color choice as it symbolizes nature, health, and freshness, suggesting the elimination of pests and the promotion of a clean environment. Brown is another popular color, representing stability, reliability, and earthiness. It can be associated with the natural elements pests are commonly found in. Red, on the other hand, can signify urgency and action, conveying the prompt and effective nature of pest control services. Combinations of these colors, along with neutral tones like black, white, or gray, can also be used to create a visually balanced and harmonious logo.

Should my logo design reflect the specific services my pest control company offers?

While it is not mandatory for your logo design to explicitly depict the specific services your pest control company offers, it can be advantageous to incorporate elements that subtly suggest your industry. By including relevant symbols like insects, sprayers, or shields, you can create a visual association with pest control. However, it is essential to strike a balance between representing your services and maintaining a clean, versatile logo. Remember, your logo should be able to evolve with your business and appeal to a wider audience beyond specific services while still conveying professionalism and trustworthiness.

Should I incorporate local landmarks or symbols in my pest control logo design?

Incorporating local landmarks or symbols in your pest control logo design can be a strategic choice if you want to establish a strong local presence or cater to a specific geographic area. It can create a sense of familiarity and connection with the community, enhancing brand recognition. However, it is important to carefully consider the scalability and versatility of the logo. Local landmarks or symbols may limit the logo's adaptability in the future or when targeting a broader audience. Ensure that the incorporation of local elements aligns with your brand identity and the overall aesthetics of the logo design.

How to incorporate a sense of innovation or technology in my pest control logo?

To incorporate a sense of innovation or technology in your pest control logo, consider the following approaches. Start by using modern and sleek design elements such as clean lines, geometric shapes, or futuristic typography. Integrate symbols or icons that represent technology, such as circuit patterns, gears, or abstract representations of innovation. Experiment with contemporary color schemes that evoke a high-tech vibe, such as metallic tones or vibrant accents. Additionally, you can consider incorporating subtle visual cues associated with technology, such as arrows or motion lines, to suggest progress and forward-thinking. The key is to strike a balance between innovation and maintaining a professional aesthetic suitable for the pest control industry.

Can I use negative emotions like fear or disgust in my pest control logo design?

While using negative emotions like fear or disgust in a pest control logo design is possible, it is generally not advisable. Pest control companies aim to provide solutions and create a sense of reassurance for their customers. A logo design that invokes fear or disgust may not align with the desired brand image of trust and professionalism. It's more effective to focus on elements that communicate protection, reliability, and cleanliness. Ultimately, the goal is to create a logo that instills confidence and conveys the ability to address pest-related concerns rather than evoking negative emotions.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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