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Article: 30 Best App Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best App Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Software is constructed to bring practicality to humanity! Check out some of the best app logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Kwaku Amprako |

The logo is one of the things that people notice about your product, including apps. Besides, a well-made logo can attract people's attention and curiosity. Furthermore, people will recognize your app by the logos. Here are the 30 best app logo designs you should check

Likewise, a wrong design could even drive people away. So, as it becomes an essential aspect of branding, the logo for your app needs to be designed creatively so it will look attractive and memorable. Not only that, but it should also be capable of representing the application well.

Best App Logo Designs That Can Inspire You

When you're just starting and need to brainstorm ideas to design your app symbol, then observing some samples might inspire you. Usually, the artworks of the world's greatest designers often spark creative ideas for others.

Here are some best designs for an application symbol that is worthful references for your work:


1. Cisco Spark

Created by Ollestudio |

Cisco Spark is a creative design by Ollestudio. It consists of three lines, crosses passing each other on one center point, forming a unique six pointed-star representing the spark on its name.

Cisco Spark design combines six different colors for the star's arm. It symbolizes the encounter of various people forming teamwork. The symbol looks simple but fancy. 


2. Crypto Galaxy

Created by Evan Gu |

The Crypto Galaxy app logo is one you should never miss when looking for inspiration. It is the artwork of designer Evan Cu. It uses the G letter as the basic form, and a small circle placed next to it to represent the planet.

The Crypto Galaxy logo has a 3D design, resembling some rocks and an unknown planet. Furthermore, the G letter looks like a rolling stone. Hence, giving it a fancy and sturdy look.


3. Sound Match

Created by Liudmyla Shevchenko |

Liudmyla Shevchenko creates this fancy app logo design for Sound Match. It is full of modern and youthful vibes with colorful shapes and an amazing background. Besides, some sound waves are passing through it, representing an app for music.

The Sound Match logo uses the S letter as the basic form. Lastly, on the background, it uses dark blue at the center and creates a gradient of lighter blue and purple at the sides.


4. Hittak

Created by Emma Mésini |

Emma Mesini is the designer who created this unique symbol of Hittak. It has light blue to purple color gradient for the background, while the name and symbol are white.

Combining the concept of exchange, proximity, and research creates the unique shape of the design. Next, picking the message sign to represent the exchange concept and a circle in the middle to symbolize the eye and map pin, the design looks painstakingly attractive.


5. Hastalık

Created by Can Elmas |

Can Elmas create the Hastalik app logo? Among the 30 best app logo designs you should check, it belongs to simple-looking ones. There is no peculiar shape on it, only the name written in a distinctive font.

The symbol uses white color for the font name and blue on the background. This combination symbolizes the serenity and wisdom offered by a health app. Therefore, the design creates a peculiar look and befitting Hastalik that contains health-related news and information.


6. Nemb

Created by Liza Tomilova |

Neemb is another simple logo design with peculiar features. It uses a combination of light and lively colors, blue, green, and white, giving sporty and youthful vibes.

One of the unique features is the shape formed from double E letters, picked from the app name. The double E is in the cursive letters that are modified into a peculiar symbol. Furthermore, its simplicity makes it very memorable, so it gives familiarity to the users.


7. Yejji

Created by Muhmmad Faraj |

The next logo design on the list is Yejji. This design is the work of Muhammad Faraj. It has fascinating looks with a colorful appearance and peculiar shape. At a glance, it almost resembles a Y letter but has a circle on it.

Using five different colors, purple, pink, green, yellow, and blue, the design has a fancy look. Furthermore, this combination gives youth and lively vibes. Consequently, it creates a unique symbol for the app, whose users are mostly young adults.


8. Codesky

Created by Choi Hwanie |

Codesky is one of the 30 best app logo designs you should check. This design is the work of Choi Hwanie. It uses a light blue-sky color that gives it an attractive and modern look. In addition, it creates a clear and hygienist vibe befitting a medical app.

Another unique feature of the Codesky logo is the usage of some medical equipment pictures that have white as the dominant color. These are being placed overlapping with the name in a linear alignment, giving a catchy appearance.


9. Crop Saver

Created by Sergey Snurnik |

Sergey Snurnik is the man who creates Cropsaver symbol. This design has a simple concept, but it is memorable and represents the app well.

The Cropsaver symbol has a peculiar style, with a symbol typical for the cropping process that is made from four lines crossing each other. On the intersection areas, the lines seem busted, leaving a small circle resembling a dot. This design uses calming green color and black for the name font written next to it.


10. Carricare

Created by Tubik Studio |

Carricare is one of the best on the list of best app logo designs you should check. Tubik Studio is the one that created this amazing logo. It consists of several elements: a box to represent the client's package and two hands coming from different directions.

The hands have different colors, blue for the one below the box and red for the one above the box. Combined with a check sign on the box, it symbolizes the safe delivery process to clients.


11. Mora

Created by Saul Osuna |

Mora symbol shows beauty in simplicity. It is the artwork of designer Saul Osuna. A symbol of scale is placed in front of the app's name, representing law and justice.

The font for the name is being modified as well, using the basic shape of a square and circle. Respectively, it symbolizes reason, thinking, logic, and human life. This simple symbol offers user-friendly, efficient, and modern vibes, making it very suitable for legal services app symbols.


12. Heroic Rhino

Created by Shakuro Inc |

Heroic Rhino is one of the designs of the symbols you wouldn't want to skip. It is the work of Shakuro Inc. There's a shape resembling rhinoceros on it, which is the symbol anima of the app. With the simplified design, it looks more dynamic and tangible.

This symbol uses a color combination of black, white, and light brown, giving the impression of being strong, considerate, and dependable. The app's name, Heroic Rhino, is in the two levels, ending with a point that emphasizes assertiveness.


13. Socialchorus

Created by Slavisa Dujkovic |

The Socialchorus logo is a creative work by designer Slavisa Dujkovic. It is from multiple circles and a four-pointed star around the center. Then, all of these shapes are placed inside a bigger circle with no outline.

The small circles are purple, while the star is red. These are meant to represent signals through the noises and the ability to mobilize. The purple color might look calm, yet it symbolizes the power and ambition possessed by the app users.


14. Listen To News

Created by Forward Design Studio |

The News symbol is another simple and peculiar design. It is the work of Forward Design Studio. It is by combining two curved lines from above and below. The lines seem like J letters, mirrored and upside down.

This symbol design uses white and turquoise colors, which gives sophisticated vibes. Moreover, its bright color also makes it look enticing yet calm. Combining the two curved lines creates the impression of cleanliness, simplicity, and timelessness. 


15. AVA

Created by Tom Marchand |

AVA has an appealing app symbol design that sure needs to be checked when you brainstorm ideas. It is the work of Tom Marchand. It has a trendy and modern style. The name is symbolized by curved lines, forming upward and downward waves similar to the letters A and V.

The AVA symbol looks minimalistic, simply using black and white color. Also, its futuristic style is quite eye-catching. It emphasizes the advanced technology offered by the app. Furthermore, it gives a sophisticated impression befitting a virtual assistant app.


16. Treatmo

Created by Jowel Ahmed |

Treatmo is another amazing app symbol design created by Jowel Ahmed. This is a logo for a medical service app. It is a combined T letter and caring hand, modified into an icon with a circle shape.

Treatmo uses light green color gradients that symbolize safety and gives a calming effect. Then the app name is next to the logo in lowercase font, giving friendly vibes to customers. It also uses a rounded font which gives a soft impression.


17. Pickio

Created by Habiba Mohamed Amin |

Pickio app's symbol is a cute and lovely artwork. It is the work of designer Habiba Mohamed Amin. It uses calm pastel colors of light green and greyish-blue. A very nice color choice for a parenting app.

The symbol is in lowercase font, so it looks so friendly to children. Meanwhile, two letters I in the app name have a light green color to create a distinctive feature. It delivers some of the app's main concerns, familiarity, togetherness, safety, and efficiency.


18. Spotd

Created by Estúdio Torto |

SPOTD is another simply peculiar logo design. It is the work of Estudio Torto. This app logo consists of the name written in capital letters and an underlined O letter in the center.

SPOTD application name is in white while using pitch-black background. In comparison, the underline below the O letter is mint green. The combination resulted in a very strong and clear logo for the brand. It uses a unique font that gives the sporty vibe suited for the app.


19. Playbox

Created by WS Graphixs |

The symbol of Playbox is from WS Graphics. With the combination of black and white colors, it looks simple and modern. It consists of a black letter mark inside a white square with rounded corners.

There are two letters written inside the square, P and B letters to represent Playbox. The two letters are written overlapping, so it creates a unique shape on its own. In addition, the wordmark gives friendly and familiar vibes. No doubt, it's simply peculiar.


20. Helios Polska

Created by David Placek |

Helios Polska application symbol has a unique design that is from David Placek. There are two circles on the top part of the symbol and a triangle on the side. It is to depict a film projector in combination with typography.

Helios and those shapes are black in color. The symbol uses yellow on the background, which symbolizes Helios, a god in Greek mythology and an embodiment of the sun. In addition, the contrasting color combination makes it quite catchy.


21. Paycare

Created by Md Zahid Hasan |

Among the best app logo design you should check, Paycare is one you can never skip from the list. The creator is MD. Zahid Hasan. It has a very peculiar look with the combination of the P letter and curved arrow above.

Paycare logo uses attractive colors of light green for the arrow above and blue for the P letter below. More importantly, it gives serenity and clarity vibes, which are two essential aspects of a payment app.


22. Runnect

Created by Sungbin Son |

Sungbin Son is the designer who created the Runnect symbol. It has a simple design that's very memorable. It uses a pitch-black square with rounded corners and two letters N inside written in a vertical direction. The letters are orange, so it looks contrasting and eye-catching.

Two N letters on Runnect are connected to the symbol, as well as the application name followed after. Thus, it represents the main purpose of the application is to connect people so that they can run together even if not in the same place.


23. Kross

Created by Mehedi Islam |

Symbol design for Kross is the work of designer Mehedi Islam. It is from the combination of the K and T letters. In addition, it uses strong color combinations to resemble fitness and health.

This symbol has contrasting colors of purple, orange, violet, and yellow that emphasize the strong and modern vibe it gives out. It suits well for fitness application control. The T letter is not so obvious, but it creates a unique feature.


24. Linkly

Created by Jowel Ahmed |

The next amazing logo design is Linky. It's the work of designer Jowel Ahmed for a couple of chat applications. The design has a young vibe and lovely look with a sweet combination of blue, pink, and orange colors on a heart-shaped message sign.

Inside the message sign, there are three dots to represent the chatting function of the app. Then, the center part of the heart is pink and orange, which seems to contrast with the blue parts at the corner below and above, giving a catchy appearance.


25. Lendo

Created by Ali Shahi |

Lendo's logo is one of the best app logo designs you should check. It takes the form of (+) in the center, which symbolizes synergy. Then outside that, four shapes represent four essential aspects: Lendo, customer, investor, and store.

Those four shapes look like L letters. Three out of them have a green color, while the one on the top right is white to represent Lendo itself. The logo delivers the main message about the lending app.


26. DO

Created by Merve Okçu |

DO's symbol has a very peculiar design. This artwork is from the designer Merve Okcu. Picking a circle and a face as its basic form, the logo delivers a message that represents the application's purposes.

DO's symbol system includes and adapts to four actions of the application, to say, hear, feel, and do good things. In the design, these actions are represented by curved arrows placed on the face to form the ear, lips, and mind. Then the last arrow is placed outside the face to symbolize doing good.


27. Gameblok

Created by Kwaku Amprako |

The next inspiring app symbol design is Gameblock. Kwaku Amprako is the designer behind it. It looks very simple compared to the three logos mentioned before. In fact, it uses the big letter G and the app's name written after it.

Simple but meticulous. The letter G is cut on its corners so that it looks like it consists of some blocks. That's why this creative design makes the logo peculiar to the Gameblock app. Furthermore, it creates an attractive symbol when combined with a light background.


28. Resid

Created by Ali Shahi |

The logo of Resid is the work of designer Ali Shahi. It has blue and green colors that symbolize stability, harmony, and prosperity. Furthermore, the combination of light tones is eye-catching enough to attract people's interest.

Resid is an application for mobile payment. Thus, the logo is designed based on a combination of bank receipts and money, along with specific letters in the Persian language. It has a simple and unique form that emphasizes originality. These features make it able to represent the application well.


29. Threesquare

Created by Only1Mehedi |

This symbol was from Only1Mehedi using a T letter which is also the first letter of Three Square. Although it might look simple at a glance, its unique features pique people's interest.

There are two T letters on the logo. The bigger one is black in color and inside a white circle. While the other T has a smaller size, is white, and is placed inside the bigger one. In addition, the logo is made meticulously so that you can see three square shapes there.


30. Humanified

Created by Raxo Studio |

The Humanified logo is the work of Raxo Studio. The design consisted of four short lines coming from four different directions, and then they crossed each other. It almost looks like a hashtag, except for two points on its above and below. Then, the app title is next to the symbol.

Although the symbol has a simple appearance, it is beautiful and memorable. Moreover, it is also delivering the message about being human, which is an app where people can come together to increase social awareness.


Final Words

So, those are the 30 best app logo designs you should check. Hopefully, they could be good references to spark some inspiration that will help you design your logo. Although, you can never forget that originality is a vital aspect of your logo.

As you have learned by now, creating an app logo is not a simple task. Designers need to consider many aspects and the main vision of the app. Then you have to decide on one message to deliver inside the logo. At the same time, it needs to be simple and easy to memorize so it can reach many people.


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!


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