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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good App Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good App Logo Design

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Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic app logo design!
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Building an app or application comes with varying objectives, including working with the product and the logo design. In many ways, the logo or icon design for the app is the first thing people will see on the app store or market. That is why applying the best design should be a great point in the app creation process. 

However, creating a logo design for an app also composes some unique factors that make it harder to achieve. It goes back to the fact that app icons tend to have smaller scales and sizes, making the creation process demand more attention to the process. The singular piece that affects the effectiveness of the creation makes app logo design seem like an intimidating task. 

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Application Logo Design

Icon or logo for the app refers to the petite symbol or miniature picture that is used to represent the application service. It can be used in varying media, such as computers, smartphones, or TV. As a small picture, the creation tends to need some extra attention. It is also given with its function that is meant to be the face of the product or the app. 

But there are always some ways to make the logo design work as it should be on a smaller scale. The icon, in general, composes a quick informative detail about the app. Bringing the component and service knowledge from the quick imagery. In many cases, the work comes with fewer words and information, which makes the visual aspect the main point to highlight. 

Created by Liza Tomilova |

For such a complex but smaller-scale visual design, the app logo demands extensive professional experience. Some even have to consider the use of different scales from as small as 29x29 pixels to the largest one for around 1024x1024 pixels. Compared to company logos in general, the function highlights the importance of bringing attention and memorable aspects to the noisy app market.

The complexity of app logo design can be highlighted in some aspects and tips to do during the creation process. It is not a simple drawing to attract attention or imagery, but the app icon or logo is a small representation of the device to showcase what is inside. With that in mind, some of these tips hopefully can guide you through creating the proper icon. 

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10 Tips To Create A Good App Logo Design

  1. Doing Competitive Analysis
  2. Understand The Main Purpose & Requirements
  3. Choose A Vibrant Color Palette
  4. Stay Simple 
  5. Test on Different Sizes & Scales
  6. Avoid Too Wordy
  7. Make Sure It's Easy To Notice
  8. Be Recognisable & Memorable
  9. Creating A Few Varieties
  10. Keep It Consistent 


1. Doing Competitive Analysis

Most design creation tends to start with various types of analysis. In the case of app icon and logo design, similar actions help compile the real goal and the vibe of the product. Those analyses can compile reasons and details on how to make a better logo compared to the competition or work with the proper imagery to offer for the users. 

Take an example of a game's app icon that tends to highlight some aspect of the program. It helps introduce and attract people to its offers. It will be different if the logo and the app icon design are used for service applications, such as banking. Most of the time, it uses the brand logo and elements to provide information about the app. 

Created by Kwaku Amprako |

As you are working with some analysis on what to show and how to imagine it on the logo, the process can include working with associative series. The idea is to make an association design with some varying logo imagery. It helps fully embrace the real symbolization, imagery, emotion, or attraction. 

To help the process, you can start by describing the services or the function of the application. After that, you can make a series of app logo designs to figure out the best one that represents the true essence of the product. The main task is to brainstorm, compare, and see the competition, which helps in crafting a compelling icon.  

Created by Sungbin Son |


2. Understand The Main Purpose & Requirements

Another good mention before crafting the app logo design is to understand the main purpose. It refers to the purpose or the main idea that the creator wants to provide at first glance, which can include showcasing the application's product, function, looks, or interest. When you can find the answer, it is best to transform the idea into visual images in the design. 

The main purpose is to tell the main product inside or its function. It is also best to make the logo design following its market. If the app is for services or communication products, the market tends to use relevant icons such as phone imagery or chat bubbles. It would be different for gaming app logos that tend to have their main visual on the design. 

Understanding the market requirement also helps in acknowledging the limitation, leeway, standards, and competition. Another good example is the medical service app service. The industry has a rather strict unspoken rule. It limits the imagination but also creates proper imagery on the image. Bringing the design looking more in place than going astray.    

Created by Ali Shahi |


3. Choose A Vibrant Color Palette

Color can affect the design in many ways. In creative projects, color is the key to creating impact. It can attract motion, create meaning, and associate feelings and others. One of its functions is to make the app and its icon more recognizable. To make it work, one should consider three aspects, the brand individuality, the app's characteristics, and competitors. 

The color is also applied in both the main visual aspect and the background. At the same time, some apps market also has their definite rules about color and visual impact. Google Play also has unspoken rules on making their App easier to recognize, which you can handle by using Material design. 

In the main visual of the logo, going for the simple and easy-to-remember should be the key. It is also best to pick one that represents the business, function, or content. For the background, you can use a more subtle and basic hue (black, white, or gray). It will help bring a more flexible and easier blend to befit the user's background. 

Created by Only1Mehedi |


4. Stay Simple 

With the limited and rather small canvas, app icons come with a very underlying idea of working with simple imagery. Being a simple design can highlight many aspects, including using as little detail as possible. It is best to remember that the logo design will use minimal space, bringing visual limitations. That is why it is best to stay with the most necessary details. 

The idea highlights that you need to shed as much as uneasy details even though it looks very representative. There are also some cases in which the app logo design is a new version of the already made branding material. Take an example of Facebook, which has its full letter mark as the main logo. But the app icon only has the letter F on its design. 

Created by Merve Okçu |

All goes with the idea that the smaller scale and media limit the creative motion. However, the professional app icon creator can make the proper representation of the product. Sometimes, another good intake is to use the very simple imagery of the content and make it one of the logo designs. The idea is pretty common for game apps or similar functions.  

At the end of the day, creating a logo for an app should encompass the idea of being informative and communicative. There are many ways to communicate information, and one of them is by using the symbolism of the function. It can be done by using familiar visualization that resembles the app's market or competitor, but with the addition of personality. 

Created by Habiba Mohamed Amin |


5. Test on Different Sizes & Scales

One thing that makes app icon and logo design more complex is the size and scale. Creating an app icon comes with beauty, interesting imagery, and proper sizing. Remember that every digital media comes with different resolutions, such as the difference between smartphones, tablets, computers, or other devices. It means that the app icon should work in different sizes. 

To provide the best scale option, you should pay attention to the logo file extension. The best graphic file that provides the best scalable functions is PNG. The PNG file comes with a more solid color and image, which won't turn pixelated when made bigger or smaller. It is also known as the file that can maintain the design details with it. 

The scalable point also relates to the logo details. When the design is put on a smaller scale, the visual will lose its precise detailing. In other words, the smaller scale will affect the visibility of every small design on the logo. That is why the most effective factor in working with app icons is to use few or fewer details. It is also best to stay communicative and simple.

Created by Md Zahid Hasan |


6. Avoid Too Wordy

With app logo design limited in size and scale, using less talk and more work might come as the best charm and trick. In this case, some designs opt for new variations to make a more attractive and informative logo. It can be done by using the initial rather than the full name. Some famous apps, such as Instagram, also use their main logo brand imagery for the app. 

It helps create a short but more communicative visual in the limited space. It does take time to make sure the users remember the new alteration, but most devices will include the application name underneath it. So, it is a waste of place and space if you opt for using the full name. You can also use the idea with varying approaches. 

The most common one is to use the Initial. However, it also works with some symbols, colors, shapes, or special logo designs. But to make the app image look crisp and high quality, it is better to avoid using photos. The number of details on the image can hinder visibility. But there are also some cases where the photo works perfectly, with some extra alteration. 

Created by Estúdio Torto |


7. Make Sure It's Easy To Notice

One challenge in creating an effective logo design for apps is the competitive market. Digital applications come in varying models, functions, and offers. Even on the option, some products are also have their counterfeit. It makes the market get more competitive and bustling with a similar design. To fight the condition, the key to underlining is to make a logo that is easier to notice. 

One of the ways is to make something unique. It is given that some people might mimic a similar app logo design style or follow the trend. But joining the bandwagon can be a big pitfall for design. It is because many will also follow a similar idea, making your icon lose its uniqueness. Losing this aspect also lessens the chance to perfectly gain a valid argument and attract attention.

Created by Jowel Ahmed |

Being unique itself comes with considerations. Some might have to try unique imagery on the design, including using never-ever-used logo models or highlighting certain aspects of the app. Going unique can also be associated with wise choices and decisions rather than relying on skills. It goes with the fact that design also demands some research and experimentation. 

Among some tips, you can also consider working with some stand-out design models on the logo. This idea comes as the app logo design is a concentrated piece, compelling work with appealing points. It also needs to be creative, conventional, or simplistic. Being different and unique is okay, but you also need to ensure the works still correlate with the product.  

Created by Can Elmas |



8. Be Recognisable & Memorable

An effective design comes with more recognizable elements. In the process, making it recognizable can be done in varying options. You can play with colors, which include using some rich color combinations to make a stunning effect. Making special imagery also adds another aspect to be different and recognizable. 

To make it better, one also needs to make sure the design comes as an original app logo design. It is not the best idea to plagiarize or simply copy the idea. Adding some alteration or coming up with original imagery can help make a more memorable approach. At the same time, plagiarizing and making similar logos only creates a second-hand and fake impression. 

Created by Choi Hwanie |


9. Creating A Few Varieties

Professional designers won't hesitate to make more than one set of logos to complete the work. The function is pretty much to provide the best-suited icons for every occasion, device, and need. It also goes for the fact that some device has different resolution, thus demanding different size of files. 

Take an example the smallest logo should be around 29x29 pixels. Meanwhile, the large one is around 1024x1024. The two different resolutions might need some alteration, such as adding different details to the bigger logo design. A similar or alternative set of app icons make the implementation easier and better on varying devices or media. 

Created by Sergey Snurnik |



10. Keep It Consistent 

At the end of the practice, the best way to make a logo design that fully embraces and is effective for the app should go around with consistency. Consistency is not only applied to the visual and imagery elements; some other designs in and outside of the app are also affected by the idea. A great example is Supercell's product. 

Supercell is one of the known game developers that has its unique visual style. To make the design work effectively, the creator came up with its app logo showcasing one of the main content. Each of them has a very direct visual, the game character. This similar approach to the design makes the logo design easier to notice and memorable. 

You can see it from the Boom Beach, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and Hay Day icons, which have similar intakes. Three of them have their character as their app logo design. This unique and consistent image makes a very clear identity in the bustling game market. At the same time, it is unique. The creator does not use Initial or symbol but keeps it consistent with the in-game character. 

Created by Evan Gu |


Final Words

Creating a logo design for an app is likely creating a new icon for a certain product and application. With the essence of the icon, you need to highlight the importance of working using the smaller scale design. This is where the designer, you, need to do cutthroat research to find the immaculate details of the project, product, and company. 

The petite icon is also a representation of the product, which is presented in the smaller media. Depending on the usage, the best design for the logo should be one that fully embraces the scalability aspect. It goes with the fact that every media tends to use or have varying types of resolution, such as the improvement of smartphones. 

Some other considerations highlight the importance of making the app logo design visually appealing, recognizable, and standing out. However, due to the small size, it should have as few details as possible. It helps the logos be perceivable, simple, and memorable. It is safe to say that app logos tend to have simple models without losing the sense of the product. 

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