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Article: 30 Best Robot Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Robot Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Technology shall help humanity better at many of the problems we face.
Check out some of the best robot logo design ideas to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Zhenya Artemjev |

The robot logo design has become a popular symbol in modern culture, representing technology, innovation, and futuristic ideas. The design of the robot logo can be traced back to the early 20th century when it was inspired by the emerging field of robotics and the popular science fiction genre.

Today, the use of robot logos continues to be popular in a variety of industries. From tech companies to automotive manufacturers, the robot logo has become a symbol of innovation, reliability, and forward-thinking. Modern robot logos often incorporate elements such as artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced technology, reflecting the continued evolution of the field.

Here are some of the best robot logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Dara

Created by Faizan Zahoor |

Dara Chatbot branding looks distinguishable because it uses red as the dominant color in the logo. It features a white robot head with a red area around its eyes. Below the robot head symbol is the white typography in different sizes because it highlights the chatbot's name. The red background gets some dark accent, so it looks like a shadow.


2. chatbot

Created by MD AL AMIN |

The Chatbot logo designed by MD Al Amin brings the concept of a robot and messaging icon, which becomes its symbol. It combines blue and Tosca for the icon. Hence, it looks like a messaging notification inside an oval. This symbol looks distinct over a white background. The typography of the business name is a bold black font in lowercase letters which looks simple yet suitable.


3. Buybot

Created by Daniel Bodea |

A Buybot seems to be a robotic thing to help people do shopping. Thus, the robot logo design includes a shopping trolley with robotic hands as the symbol. However, the symbol size is quite small. It looks distinct on a white background. The typography uses a boxy-style font in lowercase letters. Both the symbol and typography are in blue and do not include other elements.


4. WhatBot

Created by Josh Warren |

Whatbot logomark features a smiley symbol on a black background. It does not incorporate any typography in the logo design. Yet, the designer only uses a smiley emoticon to represent it.  Instead of sticking to the original look, he replaces the eyes with a wavy line. This emoticon also uses colorful lines and features a small trademark on its bottom.


5. Reddigit

Created by Daniel Bodea |

The Reddigit proposal created by Daniel Bodea wants to convey a message of technology and protection. That is why he uses a red robotic dragon as the symbol in this logo. It also uses the bold red typography for the company name in lowercase script beside the symbol. It is very recognizable because the designer uses a black background.


6. Beebot

Created by Daniel Bodea |

Beebot has another robot logo design created by Daniel Bodea. Now, he does not stick to the neutral color. Rather he makes a more vibrant brand identity with an orange background that also represents a bee. The symbol is a robotic bee that looks powerful. The typography underneath uses uppercase letters by combining white and black. It highlights the word bee indirectly in the typography.


7. Tigr usa

Created by Zhenya Artemjev |

A design print for a cute clothing comp called Tigr USA also features a robot design. Instead of making it look to computerizes, the design appears more like a hand drawing. It features a full-body robot with blue lines and red on some body parts. The brand name is red and above the robot. The designer adds some numbers on both sides of the robots.


8. Cyber Cat

Created by Lucian Radu |

A cyber cat logo designed by Lucian Radu only incorporates the cat's head up to its neck for the logo. It does not include typography or other elements at all. However, he designed the cat head wearing spectacles that look very robotic. He also made the lines sharp instead of circular. The color scheme that combines black and green shades is perfect.


9. Robot Monkey

Created by Cam Hoff |

Cam Hoff created a new robot logo design for a Toronto-based promotional marketing company called Robot Monkey. It includes a robot head as the symbol. The designer uses a mix of blue shades, orange, and white on the symbol so it still looks connected to the white background. The typography is beside the symbol white bold navy typography.


10. Robo Esso

Created by Sam Dunn |

Colorado's first robot coffee shop, namely Robo Esso, of course, uses the robotic concept for its brand identity. It features a glass of coffee with a robotic holder on it as the symbol. The designer also adds a drop of water to resemble coffee making process. The typography uses a white font in uppercase letters that appear above and below the glass symbol.


11. Freakoa

Created by Touhid |

Freakoa is a robot logo concept designed by Touhid, although it ended up unused. It uses a robot head in a blue-purplish tone and a bit of Tosca as the symbol. This symbol still looks clear enough on a navy background. The typography is only for the brand name in white and uppercase script put beside the robot head symbol.



Created by Graftsman | is a robot logo design created by Graftsman for Coupologo Studio. The symbol is a white robot inside a patterned orange rectangle. This allows the white robot to look stand out, although this logo also features a white background. The typography of the studio name appears under the rectangle in black lowercase letters with standard bold font.


13. Robocity

Created by Suhandi |

A robot logo designed by Suhandi for Robocity also looks more vibrant because he uses an orange background. The full-body robot character is the primary attraction of this logo. It combines the green and grey for all the body parts. The typography of Robocity uses an uppercase script in yellow but is highlighted with a black line on its edges.


14. Tamara Radke

Created by Tamara Radke |

Tamara Radke designed a logo concept for a resistor shop. It applies a robot concept with a combination of blue and black for the primary character. Although the logo does not incorporate any typography, the robotic image looks unique and represents the shop well. It has a black part that depicts its face and two big parts on both sides that look like hands.


15. Bitrise

Created by Oleg Coada |

Oleg Coada changes the Bitrise logo into a robot logo design by featuring a cute symbol. It is a blue trapezoid with white eyes and mouth inside. The designer even adds a small blue circle above to represent its antenna. The typography for the name only uses a white lowercase script, but it matches well with the black background.


16. GeeBear Technology

Created by Spaceshit |

GeeBear technology combines bear and technology in its logo design. It features a blue bear head, but the designer makes it looks robotic with sharp edges. A mix of blue, Tosca, orange, and white also makes the bear face more unique on a navy background. The typography combines two different font styles and sizes, white and blue.


17. Limebot

Created by Faikar |

Limebot is a logo design idea as the designer tries to combine lime and a robot. It is predictable that he also uses a green background on this logo, although it ends up unused. The symbol is a lime in yellowish green color with a white messaging icon inside. Meanwhile, the typography of its name is in bold white font.


18. Vanmate

Created by Defaced |

Vanmate has a robot logo design with a vehicle concept. The symbol is a van character with a smiley face in different blue palettes as the symbol. The designer made it looks more robotic by creating the body in boxy shapes. This van character still looks distinct on a light blue background. The typography of Vanmate is in bold navy and appears below the character.


19. Android robotics fan club

Created by Oleg Martcenko |

Android Robotics Fan Club also applies a logo concept with a robot theme. It features a white human-robot head with green eyes which looks quite clear on a black background. A human-robot is a good option as a symbol because this logo is for a fan club. The typography combines different font styles, sizes, and colors with a bold green font for Android.



Created by O'Laa |

The logo for Built Different combines grey, white, and yellow. It includes a robot with a square body with a yellow circle as the symbol. It applies grey on some parts of its body.  This ensures the robot looks to connect with the grey background. The typography uses the same white font with different sizes and a yellow accent on the I letter.


21. APEROBs Sentimentality

Created by MD / TAS |

Aperobs Sentimentality has a logo concept featuring three full-body robots with different expressions. One covers its mouth, another robot covers its ears, and the last one covers its eyes. Although the designer does not use many color schemes, this robot logo design looks creative enough. Moreover, the typography uses different boldness levels, sizes, and styles.


22. astrobot

Created by Conceptic |

Astrobot is an example of a logo design that uses a robot theme. Yet, it does not include any typography. The designer made this logo for the robot bot Android Mark. It only combines blue and white for the background and symbol. The white robot head looks distinct and cool as it does not connect directly with the background, with the presence of a blue shape.



Created by Ben Harman |

STEM USAF badge for kids applies a robot theme with a navy background. The badge appears in a light blue circle with a robot character inside. The designer adds elements inside the circle, like Saturn, rocket, and aerospace items, to make it look fun. The typography uses a bold white uppercase script arranged on both sides and below the robot character.


24. Faction

Created by Dlanid |

A robot logo design for a company from Sweden called Faction Interactive uses different blue palettes. It features a square robot head with wavy cable on its head. The designers put a reverse navy trapezoid on its back with starry elements to make the robot character more distinct. The typography of the company name uses different font styles and sizes in light blue.


25. ReviewBot

Created by Francis Pujols |

Francis Pujols created a cute logo animation for a startup that helps Social Network Managers called Reviewbot. It features a small blue TV with red shapes inside that represent its eyes. They can change in shape to show different expressions. There are also small red lines that depict its antenna. The typography uses standard font and blue to match the robot animation.


26. Botrilla

Created by Sergio Joseph |
Botrilla offers another example of a robot logo brand name. The robot character in this logo is blue with similar shapes for its hands and antenna. The designer replaces the robot legs with a half-circle. He also adds a Tosca effect to the robot's body and eyes. The typography is under the character in bold black font and uppercase script. 

27. Dog Robot

Created by Simo |

Dog Robot is a startup manufacturer of electronic music equipment. Hence, the designer reflects the name in the branding by creating a robot logo design. He uses a robotic dog head wearing red eyes covering as the symbol to represent the name. The typography looks simple on a white background, with all uppercase letters in black.


28. Serbia Belgrade

Created by Zhenya Artemjev |

A design print for a T-shirt traveler from Evrone Company also uses a robotic theme. It features Serbia as the birthplace of Nikola Tesla in blue uppercase letters, followed by the typography of Belgrade with a similar font choice. It also features blue numbers and lightning bolt effects. The full-body robot character is in red which is similar to the tower on its back.


29. Panic Bot Studios

Created by Hamza Fakkar |

A logo created by Hamza Fakkar for Panic Bot Studios shows creative robotic illustrations. It includes a green robot face with an orange circle and red triangle on its back. The typography uses different logo font styles, with bold green for the Panic Bot and smaller orange for the games. Typography uses uppercase letters, and the arrangement is good enough over a black background.


30. Reddigit

Created by Daniel Bodea |
The final version of the robot logo design created by Daniel Bodea for Reddigit uses red dominantly. It represents a futuristic robot head in white. Although the symbol size is small, it looks clear with the high contrast to a red background.

The white typography for the name uses the standard font in bold style. Thus, it creates a balanced concept with a vibrant background.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the robot logo designs?

The robot logo design has become a symbol of technological innovation, advancement, and futurism. It represents the idea of machines and automation and the potential for these technologies to revolutionize various industries. The sleek and futuristic designs of robot logos often convey a sense of efficiency, intelligence, and precision. Additionally, the use of robot logos can evoke a sense of playfulness, particularly in designs that feature friendly or cartoon-like robots. Overall, the cultural and symbolic meanings of robot logo designs reflect our fascination with technology and the potential for machines to transform the world around us.

What types of industries are suitable for using robot logo designs?

Robot logo designs are suitable for industries that are associated with innovation, technology, and automation. These industries include robotics, artificial intelligence, electronics, software development, automotive manufacturing, and aerospace engineering. Additionally, companies that specialize in automation and process optimization, such as logistics and supply chain management, can also benefit from using robot logos. The use of robot logos can help these companies convey a message of efficiency, reliability, and technological sophistication to their customers. Overall, any industry that wants to showcase its commitment to technological advancement and innovation can benefit from using a robot logo design.

Which colors are commonly used in robot logo designs?

The colors commonly used in robot logo designs often reflect the futuristic and technological nature of the symbol. Metallic silver, chrome, and gray are frequently used to create a sleek and futuristic look that evokes images of machines and robots. Other colors, such as blue and green, can be used to represent technology and innovation, while red and orange can suggest energy and power. Black is another popular color that can be used to create a sense of sophistication and elegance. Overall, the color palette used in robot logo designs tends to be cool and metallic, with bold and saturated colors used to accentuate the futuristic design of the logo.

What other graphic elements can I combine with robot logo designs?

Robot logo designs can be combined with various imagery to create a more complex and dynamic design. One popular choice is to include planets, stars, or galaxies to create a sense of space and exploration. Another option is to include futuristic cityscapes or landscapes to suggest a world transformed by technology. Additionally, abstract shapes or patterns can be used to create a sense of complexity and sophistication. Images of tools, gears, and machinery can also be incorporated to suggest precision and functionality. Overall, the imagery combined with robot logo designs can help to create a more complete and compelling visual identity for a brand or company.

Which famous brands or companies are using robot logo designs?

Several famous brands and companies use robot logo designs to represent their commitment to innovation and technology. One of the most well-known examples is the robot logo used by car manufacturer Honda, which features a stylized robot with a red heart. Another example is the robot logo used by software giant Microsoft, which incorporates a stylized "Windows" symbol into the design of a robotic window. Other notable companies that use robot logos include robotics manufacturer Boston Dynamics, automotive manufacturer Toyota, and electronics company LG. Overall, these brands and companies use robot logo designs to convey a sense of technological sophistication and to distinguish themselves in highly competitive industries.


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All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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