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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Club Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Club Logo Design

Keep calm and join the club where you feel you belong!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic club logo design!
Created by AbKirkpatrick |

Now, it is your duty and responsibility to create a cool club logo design that is also able to attract attention. Amid many clubs that have logos that look old-fashioned and disheveled, what you need to do now is change them to something modern!

So, you are part of a newly formed club and are looking for a new design? Or maybe you are looking for some designs to refresh your current logo for a club that has been around for a long time? Get to know some tips that will be very useful.

Before we go into too much detail, we want you to know that business, personal, and club logos have different characteristics. We want you to know the characteristics of that difference and specify what you will include in it.

Created by Andrew Munoz |

But you don't need to worry, as you can discover a whole load of designs and a walkthrough with a fresh club logo. A good club design must fulfill several requirements, eye-catching, long-lasting, memorable, and works well in large or small sizes.

In the future, if all the main points can be achieved, then it will be enough to help you encompass the brand vibe at a higher level. A club video is how you can shape the perceptions and thoughts of others, including all club members.

Very contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a talented designer to design a logo for a club. Just stand out and research the design in a logo, and it will automatically become an icon that shines on your jersey, club clothes, and other media logos.

Created by Jordan Wilson |

In short, you and your club will get more attention from the surrounding public. That's what we define as a branding strategy; the logo must communicate the overall process. In proceeding, the club logo will get appreciation from those who see it.

What will your club do, serve, and in what areas is it moving? This is a basic guide to creating a purposeful club logo. Don't go wrong with designing and producing a logo that's right track, but make sure that you've followed these tips:


10 Tips to Create a Good Club Logo Design:

  1. Always Brainstorm Before You Start
  2. Start From A Basic Shape
  3. Use A Suitable Color Palette
  4. Consider A Clean Design
  5. Try Not To Make A Similar Look With Others
  6. Make It Looks Professional
  7. Create A Timeless Design
  8. Create A Recognisable Looks
  9. Don't Forget To Include An Inviting Tagline
  10. Conducting A Market Test With The Club Members


1. Always Brainstorm Before You Start

Whilst our top tips are outlined in all the previous 7 points, as well as the next 3 points; the most important thing is that you have brainstormed about what kind of design you will use. Perhaps this brainstorming phase will be a long time consuming one.

However, you need to brainstorm and prepare a few options before deciding on the final design. The majority of graphic designers forget to draft and organize ideas. So there will be many revisions later.

Created by Stephanie White |

This brainstorming is related to the collection of ideas, determining the elements that need to be placed, what kind of design to become the majority, and many other functions of brainstorming for the final club design.

Brainstorming also can't be done just once, but it needs to be done several times to get final. This mapping will also make it easier for designers to determine visuals for communication with potential members.

Remember to keep your sketches, no matter how small and how little the progress is; it is very important for the next idea. Your idea may sink and disappear. So, since it appears on the surface of your mind, just try to draw it.

Created by Chris Rogge |


2. Start From A Basic Shape

Tips for logo creation is that you better follow a flexible one. Do not just base on the template or even follow the existing shape. That only happens with old-fashioned club logos, as you will find in many other club logos.

The use of logos in the form of triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, circles, and other shapes is overrated. Don't use it as the default design, especially if you want your club logo design to attract more people's attention and reach a wider market.

Created by Luke Harrison |

Shapes are overrated, so you can start by designing with straight and curved lines based on your ideas. This will add a sense of prestige, richness, and depth. So it is very suitable for those who want a timeless design.

However, it still has something to do with the professionalism of the logo, don't make it too abstract. You need to know the limits of creativity, even if there are no limits. Graphic Designers also know that a design brief cannot be "play safe."

If you don't want something too appealing and prominent, you can use a basic shape as a reference, but don't use it as a frame. Maybe you can arrange a ball set to fill the frame, and the club name is in the middle of the club design.

Created by Emir Ayouni |


3. Use A Suitable Color Palette

The use of color should also not be arbitrary; it must be based on the main color that has been determined by the club. The choice of color should also be the result of discussions with other members because later, it will be used in all other sectors.

There are many unique logo colors, but not all of them can be according to taste and desire. Set multiple color palettes to get the perfect result. But it will be much better if the color is not too much, just 2-3.

Created by Vladimir Topalovic |

As all of us already know that a simple color means a thousand words. Color influences 85% of the total potential members to make decisions. If the club's chosen color looks odd, then they will immediately refuse to join.

Color also increases the public awareness of your club by up to 80%. Make a good club logo design base on the colors that are right for your club. By default, you can choose a color scheme based on warm colors, cool colors, and also neutral colors.

If we want to break down the meaning of each color, Red indicates that your club is more aggressive, Pink signifies femininity, Orange – is full of energy, Yellow – is friendliness and joy, green is for nature, and other interesting colors.

Created by James Park |


4. Consider A Clean Design

For club logos, designers should know that this is an excellent idea to create a cleaner design. Without saying, you don't need to pay attention to other elements, but as much as possible, your design looks as less cluttered as possible to the public.

Club members also certainly prefer it if the designs displayed can be creative. But they will not like a design that has nothing to do with the main idea of ​​the design. Just look at some examples of designs that look amazing.

Created by Damjan |

Catching attention can be done by choosing colors that are still appropriate, while it will be dangerous if you choose the wrong element in it. Clean design means you use important and relevant elements to the club background.

The clean design also means minimalist modern designs. The pull of a firm line and adding a small mascot will make your logo look memorable. According to the data we collected, the clean design also makes the club logo design look timeless.

Created by Owen Williams |


5. Try Not To Make A Similar Look With Others

This is a fatal mistake when you follow another club's logo for your club. Never do that if you don't want your club's image to appear negative. Following someone else's club logo are plagiarism and a violation.

You may use someone else's club logo as a reference. Collect as many other people's logos as possible and make them all initial ideas for logo creation. From here, you will also find a fresh and good logo for your club logo design.

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

But if many elements are the same, then it is no longer an inspiration. That means the designer has copied the idea into a work that cannot be called art. It can remind other people of the violations that have been made.

You can follow their line but don't get the same final result. On the other hand, you also can't be without ideas when creating something. If the design is similar, then you can add a little differentiator so that it is not considered plagiarism.

To be honest, even when making visual designs. Not to mention that the club design will be an identity for your club. Make sure that the selection of templates to shapes is wonderful and scores the best rate by all members s who see the work.

Created by Linijos |


6. Make It Looks Professional

A club is a community that has exclusive characteristics. Therefore, what must be a prominent trait of making a logo is professionalism. It can give exclusive rights also to all members who join there.

These tips to create club design must always be remembered. The reason is that we still very often see club logos that don't seem serious and random. Worse yet, some don't even know what the true essence of the club logo is.

Created by DAINOGO |

Many times you have noticed the game of shaping, color, and curve. The site is the key to the professionalism of the club logo. Members will also be very enthusiastic in welcoming the club logo, which is made with great care.

This professionalism can also be adopted from the philosophy, background, the history of the club. For example, the use of the club's mascot in the logo, writing the year of formation, and also be added to the club's pride color.

Being a professional logo design club also means not overdoing it. There is no need for accessories that are considered unimportant and damage aesthetics. After that, all you can get, then it can appear everywhere and form a sense of power.

Created by Abigail Grewenow |


7. Create A Timeless Design

Seeing that there are club logos that only follow trends, you should avoid that. You have to create a logo that can be used for a long time and can be used in particular standpoints and also logically complex timeframes there.

This means that your logo will be used for a long time, no specific time, as much as possible for the long term. You also may not want to hire a graphic designer too often to make your logo no different.

Created by Veronika Žuvić |

Additionally, from a standpoint here, the logo could perhaps get a bit of a refresh a few times. But if it's going to change everything, it won't be considered professional either. Just look at the typical European logo that has been used for a long time.

Even though he was very old, that didn't mean the viewer was bored. Even those who see it will be amazed if it turns out that references from the past will still be recognizable and synonymous with the past as well as the present.

Being a timeless logo means you are not creative. But you have estimated the lifespan of longer use. It is imperative to say that your logo is timeless if the elements used in it specifically describe the characteristics of the club you form.

Created by Andrea Binski |


8. Create A Recognisable Looks

Because in that background you are a sports club, then in the design you can also explain what sport the club is really into. So that people can immediately describe just looking at the logo.

Although many say this is not very essential, in our opinion, it needs to be understood. It can be a good idea to incorporate the sport of your club into the logo clearly so that potential members can know what club they are joining.

Created by Emir Ayouni |

Club logo design from soccer, for example. Then the image of the ball with black and white dots will be the hallmark. As for basketball games, maybe you can include an orange ball with 3 lines that rotate the ball.

Likewise, with the sport of golf, the designers can include elements of sticks and golf balls as a means of describing the background of the sport. If you don't want to include sports elements as the main thing, make sure you don't stray.

That is, the club logo must remain sport-specific. One person may mistake what the club that you and your friends join is. Or people think that your sports club is a painting club because of the wrong elements.

Created by Chris Porter |


9. Don't Forget To Include An Inviting Tagline

The club was able to exist because of a sense of unity, and the unique club logo design is very important. Designers and club founders must work together to deliver the best logo and be able to provide a sense of unity among all members who join the club.

In addition to only using an impression that is not immediately visible, by all means, you can include a club motto and message. This is also a creative idea before you decide to start the club task. Plus, it can give a unique impression.

Created by Jake Warrilow |

Moreover, the logo will look more memorable because there is a tagline inside, outside, or on the other side of the club logo. You have often seen there are unique writings and collections of words, so you can use that for your club's reference.

The words you can choose also vary, but since you have ideas and references, you can easily make your own. Make sure that the words are purely to build and encourage the club's growth without demeaning other clubs.

In the club design, you can use some phrases, like “We Grow, and We Rise,” “Be Solid and Inspired,” or it could be “We Will Never Go Down,” and more references that you can collect on the internet and ideas of other members in the club.



10. Conducting A Market Test With The Club Members

This is no less important for designers. Some inspirations can come when discussed together with other people. Because this is exclusive to your club, discuss it with club members s to bring this inspiration up.

Discussing with other members of the club means you can get together and try to talk about what they expect from the logo. Starting from discussing colors, shapes, and necessary elements, to the size of each detail.

Created by Scott Wilson |

The reason we include this point as a tip in creating a good club logo design is so that designers know what all agree on. Until later, no one refuses when the logo is finished, and it can be immediately agreed upon.

If some people reject it, it is still a minority. Indeed, their input must still be accepted, but don't ignore the interests of more members. Designers, of course, already know how to handle this.

Or it could be that the designers have prepared some logos and presented them in front of all members. Do a vote to determine which option is the most dominant. This way will help reduce protests and rejection.

Created by Alex Aperios |


Final Words

Before we close everything, you should know that you need to refresh your current logo to get the best understanding of the powerful logo design. In general, your logo will be a form of the emotions of everyone who sees it, including the member.

Club members who see the club design will get a sense of unity, including when there is a key message conveyed in the logo. Branding decisions on a logo must be based on the good form and design options that are available and can be used.

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic |

Of course, there will be some requirements that other members may ask, but that is also a feedback function. By getting appropriate feedback, the logo will be used for the long term without anyone protesting the design and asking to change the logo.

For instance, if there are new members, then they will immediately appreciate the club logo. On the other hand, if it is not by the nature of your club, then the logo will not be easily accepted by others.

All the above-mentioned logo tips are based on our study of the leading graphic design marketplace. Create logo designs per the design brief. Many ideas and graphics can be used for basic concepts to finally produce the best club logo design.

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