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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Modern Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Modern Logo Design

Simplicity is truly the ultimate form of sophistication.
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic modern logo design!
Created by Cilas Souza |

Creating a modern intake in design, especially for logos, takes research and makes a bold action. It goes with the fact that modern style also follows some of the elegant, unique, and fun intake of the imagery. It is later considered modern since the logo or the design compose of some elements, such as bold color, shapes, geometric, and typography.

But the essential to crafting the proper modern logo design comes with varying points to consider. The process will include learning about the client, industry, and a plethora of elements of the design. If you are a designer, you will need to pay attention to creating a modern aesthetic that identifies from some small, simple, to less complex visuals. 

Created by Mateus Seifert |

The logo design itself is also attractive and aligned with branding, which means you need to brand or promote the company thoroughly. It is where the expressive and eye-catching visuals take action. The brand should be easily recognizable in varying media and uses. The use of cutting-edge contemporary aesthetics can bring solutions to the creation.   

However, the idea of Modern itself is pretty complex and unique to take. You can get some familiar inspiration from famous brands, such as Facebook, Uber, Google, and some other modern companies. Each of them has a similarity in delivering the branding, which is using simple typography as its logo design. 

Created by Shahid Khan |

The logo also has fewer visual aspects to prevail its brand. Instead, it uses a direct name as its identity. Similar use of modern style comes from many other companies that prefer simplistic imagery, using only symbols, shapes, or geometric. There is not much addition to work, which makes the modern logo design famous for some industries. 

So, what should you do to create one? The way to make a stunning logo design with modern style is not too different from other tips for logos. You will need to start learning some details about the company, research the industry, and get some ideas. After that, make a simple and trendy visual, which is less flowery but has a direct flow on the visual. Here are your tips


10 Tips To Create A Good Modern Logo Design

  1. Get To Know The Client Thoroughly 
  2. Research The Brand & Niche
  3. Gather Some Ideas And Set A High Benchmark
  4. Use Geometric Shapes 
  5. Adding Modern Elements 
  6. Avoid Creating Overcomplicated Design 
  7. Experiment With Typography
  8. Choose The Color Wisely
  9. Make Sure The Design Is Timeless & On Trend
  10. Be Different, Be Memorable


Created by Patrick Tuell |


1. Get To Know The Client Thoroughly 

Working with logo design means starting the project by learning about the client or the company. The essence of the logo itself is as an identity or the branding media used to introduce the product or the brand to the market. It means every company and brand will have its own identity to put on the design, which is why you need to know about the client thoroughly. 

Some points to learn on this point are about what the client wants, the services, audience, competitors, brand identity, and points that make them different. Those ideas and inputs help craft your modern logo design, making the work more meaningful. But, the key challenge is to turn the idea and information to fit the modern aesthetic. 

Created by Vincent Puppet |


2. Research The Brand & Niche

To fully grasp the modern intake of the brand, you also need to delve deeper into the industry. It is not a surprise that certain industry and business has their way of representing visual or design. The said elements can include color, shapes, imagery, and styling. Learning about the industry also helps stay within the market scope while still flaunting your unique point. 

It is where you find learning about industry help gather more information about the modern style in the specific market of logo design. Take an example of the technology industry and social media. Most of the visuals compose the quick and simple typography to avoid overcomplicating design. However, each logo design also has its elements to make them stand out. 

Created by Markhor Studio |

See how Facebook and Google use similar intake in using logotype. Both only use text as their logo, but the design also has some points that make it unique. Google adds vibrant color to work representing its vast information. Meanwhile, Facebook uses blue as its main color, which later proposes a delightful brand identity. 

If you are working with modern logo design, try to understand that the said imagery is pretty popular in certain industries. Technology is one of them since it takes part in modern style. Similar ideas go to the entertainment and fashion industry, which demands a constant change on its logo, indicating its ability to shape with the current modern era.  

Created by Lucas Matheus |


3. Gather Some Ideas And Set A High Benchmark

After determining some initial information for the design, you can start creating or crafting the logo from every detail. Most logo design projects will start with a sketching model, which helps brainstorm every possible imagery to conclude. This is the phase where you try to tackle ideas and make the creative process go. 

Sketching the ideas is also a solid building for the logo and its design using the modern intake on the process. In this case, you are working with yourself, not showcasing it to the client. It is because some clients might have no idea about your scribble on the sketch. All you need is to brainstorm to create the best and possible modern style for the design. 

Created by An Open Understanding |

Gathering ideas and sketching also include the process of finding every possible inspiration in the market. You can work and consider looking at some design ideas on the similar industry, style, or ideal style you are looking for. If you are more on the process, this is also a great process and tip to start exploring working with your best method in developing the design. 

The key is to stick to the modern logo design while still highlighting your favorite ideas. Remember that you are the one in control of every possible creation option. You can decide on the elements and make them fit with the modern style or the company. Pick also the best method you can do, including the software you are most comfortable working with. 

Created by Ooh my brand! |


4. Use Geometric Shapes 

As much as you can explore and play using hand-drawn elements in the project, you can also opt for using patterns and shapes. In modern style, the use of simple shapes is pretty common. It also can create a more minimalist visual without losing the modern aesthetic. Minimalism itself is getting more attention, making it a trend in modern society. 

Even though you are free to play around with the pattern and shapes, try to incorporate the element with its psychological effect or meaning. Among every possible shape, circles, triangles, squares, and patterns can turn into a possible flair of style. The circle is the most common shape to create a sense of positive message and friendliness. 

Created by Daybreak Studio |

The modern logo design also tends to play around with sharp shapes such as triangles or squares. Triangle is known to create a sense of authority, strength, and upward. Different directions also make a unique meaning, such as hierarchy, motion, or attention. Square is also a common option since it poses the impression of trust and professionalism. 

In the case of patterns, many will use it to create a modern intake on the design. Some basics are the vertical strips, which are a very typical option for the fashion industry. Sometimes, the use of patterns is also related to the company's brand identity. That is why you can find a particular pattern for the logo design. 

However, you also need to be a wise designer in creating the logo design. The trend can be bad if you are not thinking about the long-lasting of the identity. But the trend also comes with new integration of design tools, product features, and innovation. Keep an eye on administering trendy elements into a more timeless and simpler intake of the modern logo design. 

Created by Pamela Ponce Morillo |


5. Adding Modern Elements 

Even with the vast applications' abilities to create high-quality elements, there is a place or spot where the hand-drawn element is still loved in modern society. It includes the popularity of manual elements to create a modern logo design. The addition and unique custom element are something the creator can explore since it has vast applications. 

In this case, you can always use hand-drawn symbols that can create a personality to the visual. Some other modern styles also use typography on it, which you can also implement with a hand-drawn style. The hand drawing element is the perfect addition to create the humanity aspect of logos. Thus, the design looks less robotic and strict. 

The addition of hand-drawn elements is also a pretty close rendition of modern yet traditional style. It still composes the simplistic and minimalist visual, depending on the design. It is also a unique point in which you cannot simply find other logo designs. This is a great solution and tip to make an eventful visual. 

Created by Mahmoud Jmal |


6. Avoid Creating Overcomplicated Design 

Simple logos might be considered a more timeless design, which also fits the essence of modern and stylish aspects. For a logo, this is a key that helps make the identity stand out without adding extra addition of work. What makes a logo design simple is how the creator composes and implements some elements of the project. 

Simplicity focuses on cutting through all the noises and distractions surrounding the main point. It improves visibility and noticeability. With the modern media and market getting noisier from time to time, going with the simple intake poses a better chance to attract the appointed reader or audience. 

Created by Hassan Ragheb |

And it can happen in many ways or forms, including working with color, typography, or symbols. Think about how Google holds its simple style while being the most noticeable modern logo design. All goes to its ability to enforce the simple setting but also add a splash of color or identity through its vibrant looks.  

Simplicity is one of the weapons creators need to use in the modern style. Many companies have similar ideas since it also improves the timelessness, visibility, readability, and memorability aspect of the design. You can see it from logos such as Slacks, Mastercard, UNIQLO, Burberry, FedEx, and many more. Most of them use simplicity and minimalism. 

Created by Mihajo Martinovic |


7. Experiment With Typography

Another genuine idea and trick in creating modern style are by using text or typography. As said before, many logos come out only as text or typography, but it is more than just writing. Typography comes in varying niches, styles, and models. It forces you, as a designer, to fully understand the meaning and psychology. 

In general, the typography design you can take starts from the font style. You got the sans serif, serif, and script. When lined in a similar design, the style comes with a different sense. Such as sans-serif, which has its welcoming, fluid, and casual impression. However, the serif typeface such as Times New Roman comes with a more professional look.

It makes designers need to fully understand the vibe and audience of the brand itself. Accompanied with color and arrangement, the use of typography helps harness the intended image. To adopt the modern style, this is where you can acknowledge some inventive side of the logo. It also comes with potential work in creating the design more memorable.

Created by Lucas Matheus |


8. Choose The Color Wisely

The last tip to keep in mind is to use modern colors. Modern does not always mean following the trend in colors, such as the rise of vibrant hues. What you need to fully embrace is a smart use of color that promotes the vibe and identity. The key is to avoid overusing color and pay attention to the contrast. If you are looking for an easier option, use a minimalist color with black and white for its main hues. 

Created by Brutto Studio |


9. Make Sure The Design Is Timeless & On Trend

During the sketching process, you can also filter and pick some designs that properly fit your dream and ideas. For a modern style, one of your points to underline is to stay simple and timeless. It highlights that the modern logo is one of the styles that can easily be influenced by popular, new, or trends on the market. It makes the process more complex. 

If you are creating a logo design with modern style in mind, the best idea to put it is to be timeless and simple as guidance. Timeless looks highlight the ability to stay relevant even in the noisy market. The key is to make a cutting-edge design that does not blatantly follow the trend because trends tend to have a low life expectancy. 

Created by Leyning Ferraz |


10. Be Different, Be Memorable

Even simple and minimalism help deliver the modern style, but every logo design needs to look unique. Unique or being different is the way you create meaning and identity on the market. You are not only creating simple modern imagery but something that can make it different and leave an impression. 

Take the example of Facebook. There are tons of similar logos that have typography as the main design element. But what makes Facebook unique is the color brand identity. The blue and white make it a clear identity for the name, making almost every user relate to the brand upon seeing the color. 

Created by Lucas Matheus |
Being unique is also doable by creating an elegant logo design. You can get the ideas in many ways, including creating a custom geometric for the symbol or identity. It is also possible for designers to work around custom text, shapes, and orientations to make an elegant sign. Thanks to less noisy aspects in the creating process, it is possible to nail the elegant aspect. 

You can use the idea to make symbols or typography. You can see how many fashion industries come up with similar ideas. They tend to use fancy-looking elements, such as symbols and typography. The lack of noisy color and details makes the logo design appear more elegant. Adding the sense of noble, which helps properly in modern society.  

Created by Zantana |


Final Words 

Creating a modern logo design is not that far different from other styles. You will need to determine some information about the company before fully grasping the idea of creating the brand and identity. Learn about the charm, vibe, identity, industry, and market. Sometimes, it is also a good move to learn about a competitor's work and inspiration. 

After the background ideation and work, you will start the design process by sketching some simple, trendy, yet elegant imagery. This is where you can explore every possible visual representation that showcases modern design. Should you embrace the common typography only or logotype design? Or should you opt for the symbol and geometric?

Created by Ritter Design |

At the end of your process, the option for the logo design falls in the category of simplistic imagery. You will use a limited number of visual elements, focus on one attribute, or combine while still embracing the humble modern aesthetic. The key of the modern logo design should be simple, smart, direct, and creative or innovative in many ways.  

If you are trying to make a modern visual or aesthetic logo design, your best road to take is to make a simple identity. Simple does not mean lazy or playing. In this case, you are playing smart with the decision of every element. You can make it look better with geometric shapes, typography, and color, which create a timeless sense of visual.  

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