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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Fitness Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Fitness Logo Design

Life is short, so be fit, healthy, and feel amazing!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic fitness logo design!
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A fitness or gym logo design comes hand in hand with some similar aspects to highlight. Both are projects that have their potential, including having the chance to have unobtrusive and simple imagery. The industry itself has its particular unseen and untold rules, which show that the fitness logo design might come with some points to highlight. 

Some of the main keys include working with simple imagery with a good fitness or gym icon inspiration in it. Another good point to pinpoint is the fact that the industry lies in its focus on developing community and health services. The recent years of pandemic also show the blooming number of vigor awareness, leading to widened market and opportunities. 

It makes the fitness business and industry carry on different focuses, services, and orientations. Some of them are fitness centers, personal trainers, gyms, clothing, products, etc. Even with the market opening up, the industry is still considered pretty new and has tons of possible opportunities. Thus, the idea of creating a fitness logo won't be limited. 

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Even with the unspotted possibilities, diving into the industry comes with its challenge and competition. The company will need to put some effort into marketing the brand, including working with the logo design. Some general mentions and ideas on design can be put as a tip. But if you are looking for the best logo creation, these tips might help you plan everything. 

Logo and its design process tend to have pretty generic ideation and process. However, a fitness logo design is more than just a mark. It is an instant association that helps the brand and customer come together. In other words, the sign can lead people to join the movement and services they seek. 

For fitness, gym, or other wellness industries, most of the fundamental goal of the brand is more than just drawing people in. But this is a logo and a design that has the power and essence that helps inspire confidence. Sometimes it also showed its brand's vision, result, and a sense of well-being from its design. That is why the design comes with a certain challenge. 

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It showcases that the designer will need to pay extra attention to adding meaning, inspiring notes, and attractive results. Take an example of a logo that only has a fitness services name compared to a design that adds an icon on a healthy body. The addition of the icon led to more meaningful action, indicating the company's goal as a wellness service provider.  


10 Tips To Create A Good Fitness Logo Design

  1. Understand The Brand's Background
  2. Define The Target Audience
  3. Check Out The Competition 
  4. Add An Inspiring Message
  5. Consider Using Symbolism
  6. Create A Result-Oriented Logo
  7. Find The Best Colors And Font
  8. Keep Everything Balance & Consistent 
  9. Make Sure The Logo Is Flexible On Various Medium
  10. Try To Keep It Simple


Created by Ruben Daems |


1. Understand The Brand's Background

It is always best to start logo design created by understanding the brand and name. In design creation that focuses on creating brand identity, designers need to learn more about the brand, which includes learning about the company's value, name, vision, mission, or idea. With the information at the table, designers have to develop or pick the best elements. 

In the case of the fitness, wellness, or gym industry, the name of the brand is the start of everything. Try to brainstorm starting from the name and how it tries to appeal to the audience. Some might come with the most organic name, using the owner's initial or name on the brand. However, others go beyond with unique naming. 

Understanding those names and evaluating how it stays with the brand helps develop plans for the logo element. Take an example of a typical manly name, such as muscle fitness mastery. Designers can work around the name and ask for some other vibes the brands are using. Thus, the final fitness logo design will stay significant with the name and brand.  

Created by Elif Kameşoğlu |


2. Define The Target Audience

From the name comes the defined line of the target. The fitness industry comprises varying possible works, including some active cardio, strength, or yoga practices. There are also some other new wellness practices such as CrossFit and many more Pilates. Most of the time, the different types of activities are bound to come with a destined target. 

That is why understanding the target comes as a big deal in the logo and design creation. The target or the demographic for the fitness company can vary from specifications complementing age, gender, characteristics, the type of the activities, location, or pricing. The demographic information will later help craft the best design element for the logo.

The best logo design example is the women-only yoga class or practice in the fitness center. Designers can put a specific types of elements, such as pink color, yoga icon, and a more casual typeface. The key is to clarify and communicate what the brand is trying to give as a fitness services provider. It includes all of the demographic considerations to fit the business. 

Created by Jose Manuel Vega |


3. Check Out The Competition 

Given that the fitness and wellness industry is booming, the designer will need to do some deep research and scouting to other places (competitors). Learning about competitors not only helps in creating the best fitness logo design, but it is a focal action done by every business. In other, it helps the new company dive and join the market, disrupt the flow, and fully integrate. 

When it comes to the design, the key and reason for competitor research is to learn about how they market and create the logo. In the increasing bloom of the fitness business, some logos and their designs fall under mainstream ideation. It forces developers to think further and brainstorm to make a better appeal in the market. 

Created by Emir Kudic |

During the process of learning about competition, designers and the company can both learn together about the mistakes, success, and situations of the competitor. Some details that might help is to learn about the logo design used in the market. The particular design ideas can or cannot attract people. At the same time, the company can reflect on the marketing points. 

The fitness industry also has its huge and vast training services. Going for deep research on how other competitors showcase their services through logos helps plan the design further. It helps indicate whether details on icons, text, or imagery are needed or not. Or how to fully embrace the sense of wellness, fitness, and attractive identity as one works.   

Created by Agustin R. Michel |


4. Add An Inspiring Message

Among some of the focal elements of the fitness logo design, the industry has its ways of winning the audience's heart through motivation and inspiration. It makes the fitness identity and branding always has a certain way to attract people in and get inspired to join the action. It is best to highlight that wellness, fitness, and gym are services that focus on lifestyle. 

The use of inspiring messages creates a well-defined vision or goal for the service. It can be a certain attractive value which helps the logo have more meaning for potential members. Another good note is how the logo is brand representative. That is why the design should have its principal values and message that the designer wants to communicate. 

Created by Kanades |

To bring that aspect of attractivity and communication to process the services, designers can use inspiring messages as a point. The fitness company can use some wise words and ideas that help represent the brand through a recognizable message. Take an example of adding a message of "healthy life starts here" or "just do it."

Try to make something fun and unique on the message, which later helps improve the recognizability of the brand. How the designer wants to implement the message on the fitness logo design can vary depending on the approach. Some use it as a motto, a catchline, or a distinctive text element on the logo.

Created by Eduardo Correa |


5. Consider Using Symbolism

Aside from adding moto and inspiration through words, creators can put their effort into adding the best icon to represent the fitness brand or product. In this case, your icon is the key to communication. The icon in the logo can also appear as a symbol, mascot, or logo style. Design for this matter comes in almost needless ideation, and the designers should pay more attention to it. 

To help choose the best icons or imagery, fitness brands can start with the company details. Information on fitness training, logo design style, approach, audience, and brand model will lead the way in picking the best symbol. The key is to pick one that fully joins the meaning, creating a unique and attractive element to make people join in. 

Created by Mohammad AbdelAty |

When choosing the icon or the imagery, put in mind the plan of the fitness business. Take an example of a fitness center that focuses on strength and gym-like services, then having an icon that poses the strength training can suit the clients and market. However, picking the icon should also come with great consideration. 

Put consideration into whether the fitness center or business might have expansion in the future. Using the same logo image will not give any significance. But changing the icon and image for the logo design can affect the recognizability. It means that both the company and the designer should pay attention to the versatility of the logo icon and its design. 

For the best imagery or icon, the fitness logo design can opt for abstract shapes, lines, imagery, or simple icon that convey motion. The idea of conveying motion helps create a similar force of implying fitness practice. As another alternative, going with wordplay and customized imagery for the logo can also pose a better long-lasting design.  

Created by Nick Budrewicz |


6. Create A Result-Oriented Logo

Fitness, gym, or wellness industry has its way of attracting people. One way to do it is by bringing a sense of result-oriented logo design. The business's message is briefly publicized in the imagery, which is why the appearance of a result-oriented logo is favorable in this industry. The thing is, the company and the designer need to fully put the idea in motion. 

The result-oriented idea can appear as an icon, image, or moto. It can be along the lines of "improved health and fitness," "enhanced appearance," or an ideal function to respond to a particular disease. While it is important to attract people, logo design for fitness also needs to be as motivational as appealing. It goes with the fact that some exercises can be daunting for people. 

Created by Victor Freitas |


7. Find The Best Colors And Font

Color and font take a similar effect on the presence of the fitness logo design. The color can define the meaning, idea, and demographic aspect of the business. This is also something that every designer or company owner needs to put on attention wisely. The logo shown in the design can also reflect the service and possibly the company itself. 

Due to the point that every color has its psychology, the creator might want to consider picking some of the best meanings for it. Put it as an intentional color choice that can forge ahead the intention of the business and its vibe. Take an example of black, which is pretty common for Gym services. But white or pink is a very good attraction for female fitness services.  

Created by Jahid Hasan |

Another good point to highlight is the fitness brand the company has will also fit with a certain color appeal. Take the example of red, which is the epitome of exciting action. It is the best pick for boxing, strength training, or some active practice for the best calorie burning. The key is to keep your color similar and associated with the business the most. 

Along with the color, font type, style, and model come as the next logo design element to consider. Your font can tell the brand personality, from a strong modern typeface for heavy-duty fitness practice to a casual script typeface for a young audience. In many ways, fonts are the key to introducing the brand personality, the type of practice, and the audience. 

Some of the most common fonts for logos are the Serif. It is the most simple, minimal, and straightforward typeface style. When combined with proper design elements, such as color and imagery, it can attract a certain scale of audience. Take an example of an all-caps serif that is the most appropriate style for the upscale fitness logo design business. 

Created by Ale Brands |


8. Keep Everything Balance & Consistent 

As you put the color, font, and vibe on the design, be sure to put a similar sense on every part of the company. It can include other fitness-related equipment, facilities, or market products. Take an example of an orange, red, white, and blue high-end fitness business. Adding a similar style to the company's services will make the brand identity more defined. 

Created by Raboin Design Co |


9. Make Sure The Logo Is Flexible On Various Medium

Logo and its design for the fitness business can go out of hand in one simple move. That is why one of the keys to success in creating a logo is to stick with simple, minimalist, and work better with the layout. Working with layout includes paying attention to the small aspect of designs, such as spacing, scalability, and readability. 

Always work and make sure your logo designs are easy to digest for people, which includes making them easier to read. Avoid cramping elements by paying attention to the spacing between the text, the negative space, and the imagery. Put extra care in picking the best icon, color, and fonts, since some combinations can be seen as disastrous design. 

Created by Renato AB |


10. Try To Keep It Simple

Creators craft a logo and its design for a fitness company or brand. It means it needs to represent the business. Being iconic and unique should be the key values of the process. It is not an easy act since the industry is currently blooming. Many ways to fall into the trap of joining the bandwagon of a trend, which one should avoid. 

There are also many ways to make an iconic fitness logo design, including paying more attention to the market. Doing some customization on the icon or font can also make a different or new approach to the design. It is also a great way to create something that disrupts the market, stating your values and still staying unique to be recognized. 

Created by Olivier Segers |


Final Words 

A good fitness logo requires a good amount of work, preparation, and research. The fitness industry itself is known for its combination of inspiration and services. It means that the logo should attract people to do so, something that will inspire and lead people to get a healthy life. This is why some of the tips highlight a particular sense of fitness-related jargon and icon. 

Created by Brennan Burling |

The designer can explore the unused logo design opportunities that attract customers' emotions to do what the logo shows. It proved that some of the main points to highlight include picking the related icons, styling, fonts, layout, and colors. Many also come by adding inspiring words or result-oriented elements while still being unique in the industry. 

The fitness logo design itself is an industry that has many unused opportunities. It creates a process with huge possibilities. For the work that takes part in inspiring and creating meaning, some of the secrets lie in creating a simple, trusted, and welcomed design in the community. It is always possible to make the logo fancy, as long as it fits the brand.

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