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Article: 30 Best Rainbow Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Rainbow Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

It takes a good amount of sunshine and rain to make a rainbow.
Check out some of the best rainbow logo design ideas to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Maria Grønlund |

Welcome, fellow creatives, to our latest exploration into the colorful world of logo design. Our focus today? A popular choice that brings a splash of positivity to any brand - rainbow logo design ideas.

From startups to established corporations, companies worldwide are harnessing the power of this vibrant design element to symbolize diversity, inclusivity, and creativity. It's a trend that's not just aesthetically pleasing but also strategically smart. And here's why.

Rainbow logo design ideas can be a potent tool in your graphic design arsenal, offering a fresh, unique aesthetic that can breathe life into a brand and help it stand out in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace. But designing a logo with a full spectrum of colors involves more than just choosing a nice palette. It requires a careful balance of color, composition, and creativity to ensure the final design not only looks good but also resonates with the intended audience.

In this article, we'll be dissecting the magic behind successful rainbow logo designs, sharing inspiration and tips to help you craft stunning rainbow logos that can turn heads and capture hearts. So, buckle up for this ride across the color spectrum!


1. Loves is love

Created by Ale Hernández |

Modern calligraphy and typography design are pretty hype lately. And you can see on the Loves is Love's design that uses uniquely made cursive design for its branding. It appears almost like a gravity drawing. The rainbow is provided as part of gradient colors, developing a sense of bright to dark color. The designer also uses the bubble effect to add dimension to the design.


2. OUTside Together PRIDE

Created by Jen Bancino |

Highlighting pride, equality, pride, and love, the logo for Outside Together is one of the great images of its function. It captures the name, providing the image of mountain ranges with rainbow colors in them. The use of lines after every color adds value and distinction to the hand-drawn style. It is a cute logo fitting for its name and mood.


3. Rainbow Star

Created by Mihai Dolganiuc |

The rainbow star is probably one of the very common depictions of the two elements. It blends the rainbow and the star shape to create a distinctive image. The best thing about this symbol is its meaning or connotation. Each element has an association with happiness, positivity, and a new start. It is also a simple but modern style, which helps it be used for different functions.


4. Rainbow Sprinkles

Created by Zhenya Artemjev |

The name and its logo design can be described as one of the truly beautiful imagery. The design does not shy away from providing direct meaning by using an illustration of a donut with a rainbow topping. The design feels more friendly thanks to its color option and styling. It also uses a simple white font and black background to highlight the main visual.


5. Wappler

Created by Jeroen van Eerden |

Wappler design is pretty simple. The main symbol for its logo is an image resembling an arrow shape facing up. The rainbow color is provided as a separate color block, which makes the design feel more regal. This is a good way of utilizing the colorful shade and keeping the symbol clear. To complement the symbol, the logo also uses a simple font.


6. Master P

Created by Mark Unger |

Master P hologram logo design provides a rainbow color, not in one design. Instead, it uses a different color for every print. Thus providing a unique shade in every logo piece. This idea also makes the design easier to understand and less complicated to see, especially when the symbol is just the initial or monogram. Using too much color can hinder image clarity.


7. All Good

Created by Brendan Wray |

My first impression of this logo is fun and unique. The design consisted of two aspects, the thumb-up illustration and the marble-like circle shape. The circle shape is the base shape, where the design has the rainbow color utilized in a marble pattern. It has a curvy and uneven proportion. Meanwhile, the thumb up is at the front, clad in white.


8. Dine Alone Records

Created by Bree Rawn |

The use of rainbow color for the shadow in this logo gives the impression of vintage or old-style design. It feels old, thanks to the CMYK color style. It also is not fully gradient or transitioned from one color to another. Instead, it uses lines to separate color and its lettering. It also uses simple fonts to prevent overwhelming imagery.


9. Rainbow helix

Created by Maria Grønlund |

The helix design is versatile and attractive in its way. It has a unique winding style and flowy imagery. But the touch of rainbow color and gradation gives a more sophisticated image for the logo. The key and impressive visual work is the shades, gradation, and overlapping color that give a sense of 3-dimension illustration.


10. In Your Right Mind

Created by Art for Audio |

The name and its rainbow logo design are probably one of the unique images to see in this article. It is an image of a half brain, specifically the right part. The best thing about this logo is its concept and meaning. The rainbow color inside the brain can represent the fact that the right side of the human brain involves creative expression.


11. 7gone

Created by 7gone |

The 3D pixelated letter of the F from 7gone feels like a high-end and well-executed image. At a glance, it is easier to see that the shape resembles the F letter. The rainbow colors are provided using the pixelated style, creating a unique gradation and effect in it. The pixelated style helps develop a neat 3D illusion graphic. It will fit best for a digital company.


12. Visual Rave

Created by Matt Vancoillie |

The eye shape of this logo is somewhat fitting with the concept. The design is a simple gradient rainbow-colored eye with a dark star at the center. This concept and idea somehow explain the concept and context as the eye represents the visual. The eye rainbow color and the black shape are raves. It is simple, representative, and memorable.


13. Covid Cool Kid Club

Created by Leah Chew |

This design is the best example and idea of how the rainbow has a general correlation to kids or children. It uses the rainbow to attract children who love color, but also shows the diversity and the equality of the condition. The best thing here is the concept of a four-panel window consisting of an image of a rainbow, light, and a kid.


14. Cosyne

Created by Emma Harris |

The logo design of Cosyne might not be directly related to the rainbow color usage. It is mainly a wordmark using a neat casual font. However, it has a colorful background with rainbow shades in it. It is presented as slanted rows, which make a good texture for the logo presentation. Despite just a background, this additional color helps highlight the simple logotype.


15. Unicorn

Created by Oleg Coada |

Hunicorn design is what to expect from the name. The symbol is a lineart with the shape of a horned horse, the unicorn. The designer inputs the rainbow element using the gradation color design in the line art of the unicorn. This kind of design is one of the simple solutions to make the symbol still has a clear appearance yet stand out.


16. P R I D E

Created by Viet Huynh |

As the name says, the pride logo likely correlates to the LGBTQ community. You can see it from the graphic style, which showcases different kinds of people's faces and expressions expressed in various colors and shapes. This logo feels more unique and fitting to the name. To show diversity, the designer does not use seven colors but five.


17. Divine

Created by Kakon Ghosh |

Divine's design is one of the styles that can fit right into the modern market. The logo uses digital graphics, where the symbol combines the D letter with a rainbow gradation color. The symbol is enough to represent the brand, so a neat, clean, and formal font is used to balance the image. You can see that this logo will work best for digital brands.


18. Reading Rainbow

Created by Jonathan Levy |

The soft pastel color and the literal rainbow image make this logo feel more childish. It is likely one of its features and intention to attract an audience to read. And with the combination of a cream pastel background, colorful rainbow, orange font, and simple image, it will attract younger audiences or people to enjoy reading. It is a great font that can also entice adults.


19. Oculab

Created by Dmitry Lepisov |

Checking out the concept idea from Oculab, you can see how the designer put thorough ideas in it. The symbol is a combination of a loop, the letter O, eyes, and pixels. The design is pretty simple, and it uses a rainbow to color the symbol. The rainbow uses a soft blending gradation. This kind of image also uses different variations, including colored, grayscale, or white versions.


20. Endless

Created by Sergii Syzonenko |

The loop and the infinity icon are blended into an Endless design. In this rainbow logo, you can clearly say the beauty of good coloration, shading, and gradation. The designer nails the use of rainbow colors, which add dimension and develop a clear 3D illusion. It also has a shading effect that makes the design have a metallic effect and mesmerizing coloration.


21. Roma Korolev

Created by Roma Korolev |

Roma Korolev developed a very cute logo design with a rainbow element in it. But different from other ideas, this design uses the rainbow color as a petal. Generally, the logo appears like a rose with the white lowercase "e" as the center. The petals around it have different colors, shapes, and sizes. It is arranged in a way that creates motion and feels fresh.


22. Gemini Daydreams

Created by Doodle By Meg |

The rainbow color scheme in this logo is found in the Daydream lettering. It is somewhat fitting as the rainbow is seen as a depiction of joy, positivity, and creativity. It can also relate to the diverse community. The design also uses the casual and feminine cursive design for the Gemini part. It is complemented with a pinkish color, blinks, and pastel color in the background.


23. Sebastian Meehan

Created by Sebastian Meehan |

Sebastian Meehan played around with the rainbow color visual for the logo idea. In his design, the rainbow visual is given through a simple strip and background. This strip goes through the main brand meaning and plays with the layers to add distinctive styling. This kind of design can be a good model for a simple modern brand, which uses neat lettering and color for accent.


24. Get Along

Created by The Late Knight |

Looking at the design, one can say that this is a fun, youthful, and joyful brand. The design styling is cartoony, which is the key point that helps attract an audience. This kind of design is also one of the commonly used imagery for F&B brands. In its design, the image is drawn by hand, using a thick outline and solid. This is a very well-executed style for the business.


25. Rainbow Ridge

Created by Ben Howes |

The first impression of this Rainbow logo design is happiness, uniqueness, and attraction. As a retreat business, the rainbow ridge name can feel a bit outdated. But the design graphic is one of the stellar models. It has a rainbow picture, a strong cursive font for the naming, and a symmetrical illustration using a unique drawing style.


26. Harmony

Created by Josh Warren |

Harmony, the design gives a lot of potential meaning and impression. The rainbow color is a bit subdued as it uses mainly cold colors, such as blue and purple, with a touch of orange and green. However, the color shows harmonious imagery. The symbol itself is a simplified graphic of letter V's and dots that resembles six people making a circle showing harmony in diversity.


27. Printasty

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

Printasty sure takes the symbol and the concept of the rainbow in a whole out-of-the-box idea. The main visual is the rainbow popsicle. It is pretty simple, but upon second glance, you can see another meaning in the design. The popsicle also resembles a power button, mostly found in electronics. It is likely a hidden indication of its brand name, Printasty.


28. Support Till Death

Created by Fabrizio Morra |

The logo by Fabrizio Morra is unique, fun, and a bit old-school. It is a literal meaning or illustration of the name, support till death. The graphic shows a skull wearing a rainbow headscarf, which is ideally known to show support. This depiction is very literal. Thankfully, the design is drawn in an old-school graphic style with pixelated lines. Thus, a bit cuter to look at.


29. Maria Grønlund

Created by Maria Grønlund |

This hexagon design is pretty direct in utilizing the rainbow element. It generally uses all of the rainbow colors but utilized strips. It creates a unique gradation illustration for the symbol. At the same time, the hexagon shape has a certain effect that works around layers. Thus, bringing a unique illusion of 3D graphics. It will be a good logo for digital branding.


30. Jessica Lyon

Created by Jessica Lyon |

From the initial look, it is safe to say that Jessica Lyon is trying to appeal to the young audience. Children not only love the colorful rainbow but also the mythical unicorn. That is why the logo by Jessica is a unicorn with a rainbow mane. But she adds another twist as the horse is drawn with a chubby body, which can add the implication of the "love yourself!" message.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the Rainbow logo designs?

Rainbow logo designs hold significant cultural and symbolic meanings. The vibrant colors of the rainbow evoke feelings of joy, inclusivity, and diversity. They symbolize the LGBTQ+ community, representing acceptance and pride. Rainbow logos often communicate a company's commitment to equality and support for the LGBTQ+ rights movement. These designs can also be associated with harmony, unity, and positivity, making them suitable for brands that want to convey a message of hope and optimism. When creating a rainbow logo design, graphic designers have the opportunity to tap into these powerful symbols and create visually appealing and meaningful representations that resonate with diverse audiences. Embrace the rainbow, and spread the love!

What types of industries are suitable for using Rainbow logo designs?

Rainbow logo designs can be a perfect fit for various industries that want to embrace diversity and inclusivity. They are especially suitable for businesses in sectors such as fashion, beauty, entertainment, and creative arts, where vibrant and eye-catching visuals are highly valued. Rainbow logos are also popular in industries associated with the LGBTQ+ community, such as LGBTQ+ organizations, pride events, and businesses that cater to LGBTQ+ customers. Additionally, companies that prioritize values like equality, acceptance, and social justice can effectively utilize rainbow logo designs to communicate their commitment to these principles.

Which colors are commonly used in Rainbow logo designs?

Rainbow logo designs incorporate a vibrant spectrum of colors, typically including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These colors are inspired by the natural phenomenon of a rainbow. However, it's important to note that there is flexibility in the choice and arrangement of colors in a rainbow logo design. Some designs may opt for a simplified version with fewer colors, while others may experiment with gradients or patterns within the spectrum. Ultimately, the selection of colors should align with the brand's identity, target audience, and the emotions and associations the logo aims to evoke. So, let your creativity soar and paint your brand's personality with a stunning rainbow logo design.

What other symbolisms can I combine with Rainbow logo designs?

When creating rainbow logo designs, you have endless possibilities for combining them with other symbolisms to enhance their meaning. Consider incorporating elements like hearts to symbolize love and compassion, hands to represent unity and support, or puzzle pieces to signify diversity and inclusion. Additionally, you can combine rainbows with nature-inspired symbols like trees or birds to evoke a sense of harmony and connection. Cultural or universal symbols such as stars, globes, or infinity symbols can also be used to amplify the message of your rainbow logo design. The key is to align the additional symbols with the values and identity of the brand, creating a unique and impactful visual representation.

Which famous brands or companies are using Rainbow symbolism in logo designs?

Rainbow symbolism in logo designs has been embraced by several famous brands and companies. One notable example is Google, which incorporated a playful, multicolored rendition of the wordmark, symbolizing its commitment to inclusivity and innovation. Another well-known brand is Airbnb, whose logo features a simple, stylized rainbow heart, reflecting their values of belonging and acceptance. Additionally, tech giant Apple introduced a rainbow-colored apple logo back in the 1970s, representing creativity and diversity. These brands demonstrate how rainbow logo designs can help convey a positive and inclusive message to a wide audience.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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