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Article: 30 Best Olive Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Olive Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

The olive tree is indeed the richest gift of Heaven.
Check out some of the best olive logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by John & Hackmann Co |

The olive logo design is a popular choice for many companies and organizations, and it holds a variety of meanings and interpretations. The olive tree has been a symbol of peace, wisdom, and victory for thousands of years, making it a powerful and timeless icon.

One interpretation of the olive logo design is its association with peace and harmony. The olive branch has long been used as a symbol of peace, originating from the ancient Greeks who believed that olive trees were a gift from the goddess Athena. In modern times, the olive branch has been used as a symbol of peace in many contexts, from political negotiations to religious ceremonies. As such, the olive logo design can be seen as a representation of a company's commitment to peace, diplomacy, and cooperation.

Another interpretation of the olive logo design is its association with wisdom and knowledge. The olive tree is known for its longevity and resilience, and its oil has been used for a wide range of medicinal and culinary purposes throughout history. This makes the olive logo design a fitting choice for companies and organizations that value knowledge, expertise, and innovation.

Here are some of the best olive logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Bertolli Olive Oil

Created by Stranger & Stranger |

The emblem logo incorporates text and symbolic imagery. It pays respect to tradition, suitable for a brand that has been established since 1865. There are four colors in the logo, but they are in balance. No color is too dominant. The olive branches wrap around the brand's crest. Underneath that is the brand's name. The overall design adds gravitas to the brand.


2. Litrondi Olive Oil

Created by Aspa Chroneou |

The olive logo design features a knight riding a horse. He holds an olive branch. The imagery not only makes the logo more appealing but also creates brand awareness. It makes it easy for the audience to associate the brand with the symbol. On the right, there is the brand's crest. The crest has the brand's initial shining on a black background.


3. Olico Olive Oil

Created by Aspa Chroneou |

The olive logo is designed with simplicity in mind. Notice the minimalist design. Despite not having many intricate details, the logo grabs attention easily. In addition, since it features simple shapes and few colors, the logo is easy to remember and recognize. It also has plenty of negative space, which prevents elements from overcrowding and keeps the overall design neat and clean.



Created by Ahmed Gad |

Some logos don't include the name of the brand at all. That is absolutely fine. Since there is no accompanying text, the graphic must be distinctive and able to stand out on its own. This is one such logo. The darker shades add elegance and mystery to it. Moreover, the olive graphic has some unique and distinctive details. It effortlessly stands out, too.


5. L'olivo

Created by Mohamed Elboghdady |

Green is associated with health, nature, and abundance. It is the perfect choice for an olive tree logo design. The logo features a symbolic olive tree in green. It is surrounded by the brand's slogan, its establishment date, and its name. The design is intricate and beautiful, but it remains easy to remember and recognize. The text is in uppercase, conveying the brand's professionalism.


6. Oliv

Created by Victor Weiss Studio |

The logo is a wordmark. There is an accompanying graphic. It is text only. Although it doesn't have any symbol or image, the logo still draws attention. It also differentiates. It consists of the word "Oliv" but is styled in a very distinctive way. It speaks of the brand's personality and easily stands out from the competition. The wordmark looks amazing regardless of its color.


7. Met√°fora Olive Oil

Created by This is Pacifica |

Choosing the right font is important. Especially so if your logo consists of only text. Without any accompanying symbol or image, it will become the sole focus. The logo uses a serif font. It fits the brand because the font is refined and sophisticated. It exerts legacy and timelessness. It communicates luxury and elegance, which is what the olive brand is about.


8. L’emeraude

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic |

The pictorial olive branch logo design is simple and elegant. The graphic stands alone. There is no text at all. This allows the audience to focus on the intricate details of the logo. It's color and the color of the background contrast and balance each other. The result is a logo that is pleasant to the eyes and easy for the audience to recognize.


9. Beni Toufout

Created by BOUBAKEUR Ismail |

The olive logo design contains information about the brand. Firstly, it informs the audience when it was established. Secondly, it communicates the products the brand sells. With just a logo, the brand helps the audience to figure out whether it is the right product for them. The graphic is unique, and the text is easy to read, making the logo hard to miss.



Created by Sophia Georgopoulou |

Notice how the graphic wraps the text. It is an interesting combination mark. Instead of arranging them vertically or horizontally, the artist puts the text inside the graphic. The graphic serves as the background. It enables the text to stand out and make a statement. If you take a closer look, the graphic looks like an olive fruit, a fitting image for the brand.


11. Lady Olive Oil

Created by Reboot Creative Agency |

Green is an excellent color choice if you want to associate your brand with nature and freshness. Combine it with a white background, and the logo will shine. The olive logo design doesn't just feature fresh green and white, but it also incorporates a quirky typeface. The text is stylish and intriguing. It communicates the brand's personality and leaves a positive impression.


12. Classic Olive Oil

Created by Noah Reyes |

Playing with contrast is a sure way to draw attention. You don't want to go overboard with contrast, though. The olive logo design has an interesting contrast. The logo is striking enough to draw attention but still soft and easy on the eyes. It also enables the most important elements to stand out: The brand's name, its taglines, and its establishment date.


13. őąleon

Created by we. Abendrot |

There are many ways you can make a wordmark olive logo more interesting. For example, dividing the letters into two parts. The "Ele" is at the top, while the "on" is positioned below it. The text is in a unique serif font, also divided into two parts: thick and thin. The design not only captures attention but also conveys the personality of the brand.


14. Ardian Pazhari

Created by Ardian Pazhari |

Notice how the letter "O" is styled in a way that it looks like an olive fruit. Meanwhile, the rest of the letters are normal. The result is an attention-grabbing olive logo design. The upper text has thick parts in it, adding charm to the logo. The lower text is the brand's slogan. It is in a normal serif font, written in uppercase.


15. Ayolis Olive Oil

Created by SńĪla √ĖzyńĪldńĪz |

An effective logo is made with simplicity in mind. The logo is clean, clear, and sophisticated. The text is written in bold. Most of the letters are in uppercase, except the "I," which has a stylized dot. The graphic depicts an olive fruit. All these combine into a memorable and elegant logo. It conveys the brand's personality with only a few details.


16. Verdeolio Olive Oil

Created by Zeeshan Shaikh |

The design of the logo is rather simple, but it is versatile. It features an olive leaf, the brand's name, and a slogan. When designing a logo, you should always keep versatility in mind. Your logo will be used in many things. From a business card, a website, or a bag, to a billboard. It needs to look good regardless of the platform.


17. ZEET Olive

Created by Sophia Georgopoulou |

The logo design keeps it straightforward. It consists of text with a few green leaves decorating it. The logo design is simple yet effective. It is easy to get carried away, especially if you have many things to include in it. The problem is the more details a logo has, the more complex it becomes. And thus, less memorable. You don't want that.


18. Skiti

Created by Aleka Kaberi |

The olive logo design is beautiful in its simplicity. It depicts a landscape, probably an area where olive trees grow and thrive. There aren't many details in it. As a result, the audience can focus on the elements that matter. The text and graphics are well-spaced. There is a breathing space, which not only prevents the elements from overcrowding but also emphasizes their features.


19. Olivia

Created by Vangelis Margaritis |

It can be quite tempting to follow the trends, especially when it comes to colors. But what you want is a logo that stays relevant for years to come. One way to futureproof your logo design is to go black and white. The stark contrast allows the text and symbol to draw attention. In addition, it highlights the uniqueness of the typeface as well.


20. CultŇęra Olive Oil

Created by Andriana Katsiki |

The font of your logo conveys your brand's personality. The olive logo design features text in lowercase. As a result, it appears more casual, approachable, and friendly. The logo leaves a positive impression on the audience. Moreover, the typeface is easy to read and well-spaced. Small details like these show that the brand cares about customers and how they perceive the brand.



Created by Thomas Kiourtsis |

You can stylize the letters as much as you want when designing a logo. For example, instead of writing the letter "Y" and "N" in normal length, the logo has the two much longer. Not only this makes the logo more artistic and stylish, but it also adds interesting visual cues that draw the audience's attention. The golden color makes it even better.


22. Fichi Foods

Created by Havva Yahya |

The imagery of an olive fruit doesn't need to be obvious. A subtle one can do wonders, too. The text almost has no sharp edges. There are plenty of curves, which make the brand seems more approachable and friendly. The use of whitespace is nothing short of incredible. It makes the logo clean and sleek. In addition, the contrast is soft but noticeable.


23. Olive House Kulim

Created by husna creativeworks |

The use of silhouette adds a layer of mystery to the olive logo design. The typeface appears professional, showing the brand's commitment to its customers. Including a brand's slogan communicates its value. Just by looking, the audience can get to know more about the brand. All of the text is not only fitting the brand, but it is also easy to read.


24. OLIVE7 Olive Oil

Created by Katrina Sutton |

Colors are undoubtedly important for a logo. That said, you should focus more on the concept and shapes. An effective logo is good regardless of its color. Notice the number "7". It comes in a variety of colors, but all the logo variations look good. That's how you should design your logo. Focus on the concept and shapes first, then the colors.


25. Gusto Ephesus

Created by Koray Bacanakgil |

The olive logo design is a complete package. Its color gives a fresh vibe. The graphic draws the audience's attention. All the text parts are written in appropriate fonts. All of them are easy to read. With just a glance, you can learn a lot about Gusto. Furthermore, despite the details, the logo doesn't look overcrowded. It is all thanks to the whitespace.


26. Symphony of taste

Created by Ivan |

The emblem is an excellent choice if you want a more traditional look. An emblem includes details like the establishment date. This is good for a brand with a history as it can communicate how long it has been in the business. Notice the olive fruit on the fork. It reminds you of a restaurant, a fitting logo for Symphony of Taste.


27. BUONO!

Created by Aliz Borsa |

An olive logo design doesn't mean you are only allowed to use olive imagery. You can combine other shapes or forms, too. Buono! has a bird, for example. Both the bird and olive branches are drawn in an outline. The contrast enables the logo to stand out and be noticeable. In addition, the whitespace gives form to the design and accentuates the minute details.


28. Oro Verde

Created by Dimitrije Mikovic |

The olive logo exhibits a hierarchy. At the top, there is a graphic of an olive tree and a drop of oil. In the middle, the name of the brand is written in bold and large size. It is the most important part and, thus, must be the most noticeable. Lastly, the two lines of text briefly explain the products Oro Verde sells.


29. Vertentes

Created by John & Hackmann Co |

The olive logo design looks so luxurious. The typeface is a variation of a serif font, with quirky stylizations here and there. The most noticeable part is the color. The golden yellow fits the luxurious brand. The black background provides a contrast, allowing the text to stand out and shine. The text is wrapped inside a rectangle, a finishing touch that completes the design.


30. Olivaio

Created by Commence Studio |

A vintage logo design has its charm. It gives an impression that the brand is loyal to tradition, creating not only brand awareness but also brand loyalty. What's more, the logo contains plenty of details regarding the brand. It becomes much easier for the audience to get to know about the brand. The logo helps them decide if the product is right for them.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are the cultural or symbolic meanings of the olive logo designs?

The olive logo design holds a variety of cultural and symbolic meanings. The olive tree has been a symbol of peace, wisdom, and victory for thousands of years, making it a powerful and timeless icon. In many cultures, the olive branch is a symbol of peace, and the oil from the tree is associated with abundance and prosperity. The tree's longevity and resilience also make it a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. As such, the olive logo design can be used to represent a company's commitment to peace, diplomacy, cooperation, expertise, and growth. Its cultural and symbolic significance makes it a popular choice for many companies and organizations.

What types of industries are suitable for using olive logo designs?

The olive logo design is a versatile choice that can be used in a wide range of industries. It is particularly suitable for industries that value peace, wisdom, and prosperity. For example, companies in the food and beverage industry, particularly those that specialize in Mediterranean cuisine or use olive oil as an ingredient, can benefit from using an olive logo design. The olive logo design can also be used in industries that focus on health and wellness, such as skincare and beauty products that use olive oil as a key ingredient. Additionally, organizations that promote peace, diplomacy, and cooperation, such as non-profit organizations and government agencies, can also benefit from using an olive logo design.

Which colors are commonly used in olive logo designs?

The colors commonly used in olive logo designs are earthy tones that reflect the natural color palette of the olive tree. The most common color used is olive green, which is a muted shade of green that resembles the color of olive leaves. This color conveys a sense of nature, growth, and harmony. Other colors that are commonly used in olive logo designs include brown and gold, which are associated with warmth, stability, and prosperity. Blue can also be used to complement olive green, as it represents peace and tranquility. Overall, the color scheme for olive logo designs should be simple and elegant, reflecting the timeless and versatile nature of the olive tree.

What other graphic elements can I combine with olive logo designs?

There are several graphic elements that can be combined with an olive logo design to create a distinctive and visually appealing brand identity. One option is to incorporate an image of an olive branch or olive tree into the logo design, which can add depth and texture to the overall design. Another option is to include typography that complements the organic and natural feel of the olive logo design. This can be achieved by using a handwritten or script font or by incorporating a subtle texture or pattern into the lettering. Additionally, simple geometric shapes or abstract patterns can be used to add visual interest and balance to the logo design while still keeping the focus on the olive logo element.

Which famous brands or companies are using the olive logo designs?

Several famous brands and companies have adopted olive logo designs as part of their brand identity. One of the most well-known examples is the international hotel chain InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), which uses an olive branch as part of its logo to represent its commitment to hospitality and peace. Another example is the skincare brand Kiehl's, which uses an olive branch as part of its logo to represent the natural and organic ingredients used in its products. Additionally, the Italian luxury fashion brand, Salvatore Ferragamo, features an olive tree in its logo design as a nod to the brand's Mediterranean roots and commitment to quality and craftsmanship.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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