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Article: 10 Tips To Create A Good Fire Logo Design

10 Tips To Create A Good Fire Logo Design

Passion means always seeking what sets your mind, soul, and heart on fire.
Here are some tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic fire logo design!
Created by Vadim Carazan |

Among many ideas of symbols and elements in logos, the common and loved imagery is Fire. The blazing red flame and hot inferno tend to be part of a passionate design style. The popularity goes with its reasons, including versatility, recognizability, and diversity. Logo design with fire elements in it can appear in many stylish looks. 

Not only about how fire is used in emblems, but the ideation of the red flaming elements makes it a favorite among various industries. It goes as far as culinary, energy, sports league business, or industry. It goes with the fact that inferno is very versatile and has a wide range of definitions. It makes the fire logo design loved and preferred by others. 

Created by Andrii Kovalchuk |
While it does have a lot of perks as being a company or business identity, incorporating a very significant piece element forces designers to think further, the idea is that fire is a pretty strong element, which includes its unique styling, color, and meaning. When the creator does not pay attention to what it portrays, the work will lose its identity or subjectivity. 

At the same time, the idea and possibilities to create a logo design with flame elements are endless. There are many chances to make the fire emblem appear unique, fierce, simple, or significant. It includes creating a more memorable imagery design. To help you get the proper times to craft the logo, check out the following tips and ideas. 

Created by Michael Irwin |


1. The Meaning Of Fire Symbol 

Before going with a certain element or symbol, every logo design needs to have a proper meaning in it. So, you or the creator should learn about the real meaning of the symbol. In the case of Fire, the symbol is universally associated with the sense of passion, energy, hot, motivation, creativity, or drive. 

It makes a clear indication that Fire is the proper element or symbol to refer to strength, vigor, or enthusiasm. While the flame is the most effective imagery of those meanings, there are also points that every designer needs to consider. The first one is the significance of the brand, business, or industry of the logo. It is because a sign has its role as an identifier. 

Created by Ryan Ahmad Y |

In logo design, the work often encourages different styles of flames, fire, or similar-looking objects. While it comes with its typical flame shapes, the essence of the logo and its unique design make the elements more fluid and abstract. In other words, the meaning and its implementation will be averted or crafted based on its imagery. 

Talking about the symbolic meaning, it is also best to see it from a different perspective, region, or country. One place might see the flame as a positive element, but others might not. A good example is how feng shui associates the symbol with energy. The feng shui shows that it can destroy any form and also carries the function of purification. 

Put that idea in your process of making a fire logo design. Put a vital memo note that the fire or the form does not always have a very solid meaning. Sometimes it is best to think further and pay attention to how to fully implement the symbol and craft a dynamic emblem for the business. With that, people won't lose their identity or subjectivity.   

Created by Sopyan Giantoro |


2. The Common Industry Using Fire Or Flame Symbol 

Along with the meaning, it is best to understand that fire logos are pretty common in certain industries. It mostly relates and is associated with the meaning, considering how big the stereotype of flame is in public. Before you make or craft the work, try to see whether your brand or product signifies part of some of the said industries. 

The restaurant or culinary industry is one of the best examples of logos with fire design. The said industry frequently uses fire in its logo to reference warmth, heat, hot, spicy, and fresh food from the oven. However, some culinary industries use a flame on their logo design to defining the coming together of people. 

It is likely a very literal connection between the fire and food, which is why the logo design is pretty close to resembling each other. Some other common industries are retail and sports. Retail companies can use fire to create an eye-catching element in their identity. While it does not particularly signify the literal meaning, it can create a great addition to the design. 

Created by Stevan Rodic |

Sports businesses or industries will use fire logo design to form a flaming sense of spirit. It can turn into a form of text, balls, or mascots, or the designer simply uses the blaze color scheme for the logo. In general, the main key of its industry is to create a sense of passion and motivation. The best example of sport is San Francisco's Fire Frogs. 

Some other obvious industries that are bound to use the signature style and design are Energy and oil companies. The elements refer to natural energy and fuel. You can see it in many engine oils, motor oil companies, and oil, gas, or energy firms. Many other options can also include a firefighting company sign, which has a literal connection to flame shape, meaning, or function. 

Created by Kakha Kakhadzen |


3. Choosing The Right Elements And Look 

When talking about fire, most people will see it as a triangle shape with red, orange, and yellow colors. While the triangle is the most common and used logo design, the flame symbol has many other possible shapes, looks, or elements styles. In many ways, it is always best to consider the shape of the logo used for the brand. 

When talking about shapes, there are portions of psychology that should be considered in the making process. It refers to design shape psychology, which likely reads to the basic triangle, circle, and rectangle. Following the idea of shapes, the shape or the way designers need to incorporate the fire in the logo will differ. 

Created by Yoga Perdana |

The most common shape of the flame is the triangle. But when faced with different shapes, designers can add a flare to follow or blend with the shapes. Take an example of a design that forms a circle. The style of the fire logo design will create a unique sense of implication, which you can probably find in varying fantasy references. 

In certain works, creative designers out there incorporate the element to create certain imagery. The best among many is Eagle Fire by Wahyu Rizfi, which combines four flames to shape up a flying eagle. Some styles decide to make a more modern, simplistic look by using a circular shape to form the flame, creating an iconic emblem by Chatfire.  

Looking at how versatile the image of fire is, logo design creators can try and error several possible styles. Playing with design imagery, elements, shapes, and looks is what makes the company identity better. It is especially true since flame, flare, torch, or similar imagery are common visuals. So, being smart and innovative are the key to successful design. 

Created by Nolan Fleming |


4. Considering The Right Colors 

Fire, in general, already has its color scheme, red, yellow, and orange. With that in mind, the fundamental design ideas will likely join the suitable image it has already made. It must be a brand or scheme that is suitable with warm and bright hues, such as a culinary company, fast food restaurant, hyped sports center, or energy and fuel company. 

The typical color for fire logo design can also define a bearing standard for what you are going to make. But it also does not mean that you are unable to be creative with its palette. Take the example of the chick and cool blue flame. The cool or cold color can develop a new meaning while still highlighting the fire emblem. 

Sometimes, rather than fully absorbing the fundamental scheme, the design can also display a smart combination of colors. Blue and red might help signify different gender. Adding black or monochrome color helps the logo stay simple and highlights the fire. Designers can also adapt the trendier metallic color to emphasize technology or neon imagery. 

Created by Dusan Klepic |


5. Get More Inspiration 

Getting inspiration is probably one of the best tips for creating a fire logo design. The main reason is that there are tons of possible ideas and ways to incorporate flame in signs without losing its meaning. Most of the time, people use the most common or standard looks of flame. It looks like a triangle geometrical shape. 

But when you search for a logo on the internet, there are tons of ideas to try. There are endless styles, including monochrome color, hidden shapes, and imagery, the smart use of white space, simplistic fire, unique colors, shapes, or orientation. Sometimes, fire is incorporated as a minor element. But it also can nail the art as a major point of the logo. 

Created by Damian Orellana |


6. Using Torch Logos 

Working with fire and trying to incorporate it into the logo design does not always mean using the literal image. Inspiration can help you get ideas. But among many styles and ideations, the torch is one of the good examples of incorporating the visual on your insignia. Torches or portable vessels used to carry flame can help add a new meaning to the design. 

Sometimes it is presented as a modern torch, but there are also burning sticks that handle or carry a flaming end on top of it. Using a torch can help add another sense of the application of fire in your work. It can signify a sense of light, vintage or old-themed business, sport, or fuel. It is also a nice shape added to the logo, which pinpoints the focal point of the imagery. 

The use of a Torch also helps by adding a sort of break and defined imagery for the fire. Rather than simply adding a flame, the torch adds meaning. When compiled in the logo design, the imagery also eases creators to develop combinations. It can support typography for the brand's name located on top or underneath it. 

Created by Deividas Bielskis |


7. Using Campfire Symbol    

Similar to the torch, a campfire is also great imagery that helps signify the use of flame elements in it. Using this kind of image for symbols can also add another range of new meanings to the logo design. Aside from giving the sense of hot, warm, and culinary-related meaning, a campfire can lead to survival, outdoor, or camping product. 

It mostly relates to how the imagery has a strong correlation with camping and survival products. When implemented in the fire logo design, the creator has more options to add to the project. Some associated visuals for the illustration include logs, mountains, nature, tents, or nature-related objects.  

When using the campfire on the logo design also unlocked varying types of logo design styles to use. To associate with nature, many will use wood styling and detail. There is also a huge chance to flaunt the vintage and old-style design for the emblem. Some simple graphic marks with the minimum, but the high-impact design might also help highlight the fire element.  

Created by Jay Master |


8. Cool-Looking Fire 

Cool-looking fires tend to go beyond the standard-looking flame symbol. You can see it in many modern designs, where the logo tries to implement an edgy color scheme, unique shapes, interpretations, and elements. There are many inspirations and ideas you can find as examples. Firefox browser is one of the innovative and creative ones. 

The creator blends the unique imagery of fox, flames, and globe. The blend is not only combining the color scheme but also crafts a unique shape for the fire logo design. Some other great inspiration is from Brothers Fire and Backflow. The design is a fuse of water drop and fire. The flame is located inside the water drop, creating a unique focal point of the work. 

Being unique is one of the keys to successful logo design. With fire being the common addition, it is best to try adding or inventing something unique. Designers are free to make it works, including playing with the different art style, silhouette logo, or playing with color and fun shapes. Tons depict its brand personality with distinctive elements.  

Created by gaga_vastard |


9. Try Different Design Styles 

Trying a different design style can turn into a solution for the logo. Fire is pretty much common, and global imagery for hot, warm, or passionate imagery. To avoid being too far into common or stereotype imagery, creators can try unique implications. Take an example of blending a wave-like shape for the emblem while using fire color on it. 

There are also vintage styles, minimalist, monochrome, or playing with mascot, abstract, pictorial, or adding fire elements of logotypes. Adjusting and exploring those varying styles is something that every designer needs to consider. It is especially true since fire logo design is not only objected to one style. 

Created by Nebojsa Matkovic |


10. Playing with Space, Design, And Idea 

Sometimes, the fire element does not have to look as it is. Blending different styles, design elements, or ideas will craft a unique sense of the logo. A wildfire, for example, can be imagined as a lion with manes resembling a blazing flame. Many works perfectly use spaces in the badge to create the flame image. It means that everything does not have to be literal. A bit of personality makes the logo come alive. 

Created by Audrey Fisher |


Final Words

Logo design can come up with different types of symbols, imagery, or color. Fire is among the popular elements or images you can find as a company identity. It mostly reflects the sense of hot, fire, warmth, danger, or seriousness. That is why the use of fire emblems is the most common occurrence in the energy or culinary industry. 

In general, when making a fire logo design, you will need to pay attention to certain aspects. In this case, you are trying to use blaze as an imagery element. It means you have to make sure the decision of the symbol is fitting or significant to the brand. You will need to learn further about the product, the item, or the subject you signify. 

Created by Sava Stoic |

After that, your idea to incorporate the flame or fire image can look in varying possible ways. You don't have to use the literal image on the logo or design. It is possible to alter and make it unique, fun, and stylish at the same time. That is why some inspirations can help add some unique ideas to your mind. 

Other than that, the other considerations mostly relate to the implementation and design ideation. It includes working with the color, picking the shape, correlation, and style, or innovating various styles of space and ideas. With that in mind, you can craft a good fire logo design that is iconic and memorable. 

Creating a logo with a blazing image is a pretty common occurrence in particular industries. Aside from the frequency and catchy color, the flame is also the most significant element to recognize. That is why many industries or companies wanted to implement it. However, it is best to highlight that the imagery also has its meaning or implication. Thus, designers need to be careful when adding elements.   

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