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Article: 30 Best Graphic Designer Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Graphic Designer Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Graphic design is the intersection of creativity and communication. Check out some of the best graphic designer logo design ideas to inspire your projects!

Created by Miguel Palacio |

Welcome, fellow creatives! When it comes to putting our artistic prowess into play, one area where we truly shine is in crafting dynamic, memorable logos. It's no secret that, as graphic designers, creating a standout logo often requires a fusion of inspiration, innovation, and a keen understanding of the brand's identity. But what if you're having one of those days where your creativity seems to be on a little vacation? Fear not! We're here to energize your artistic neurons with an avalanche of graphic designer logo design ideas.

In this endlessly expanding design cosmos, it's crucial to keep our skills sharpened and our imagination fueled. Whether you're a seasoned pro seeking fresh perspectives or a budding talent hungry for new techniques, these logo design ideas will serve as your creative catalyst. Get ready to explore the perfect harmony between typography, color palettes, and symbols that truly sing the song of a brand. So, let's roll up our digital sleeves and dive into the captivating world of graphic designer logo design ideas. Brace yourselves - an influx of inspiration is just around the corner!


1. Eduard Bodak

Created by Eduard Bodak |

This is a personal logo design with a very simple geometric sans-serif font for the main text. It uses lowercase letters that will ease people in reading the logo. The logo's background has a soft yellow color which makes the text look more outstanding. Use very dark (mostly black) green for the text to make it stand out. 


2. Julius Guevarra

Created by Julius Guevarra |

This unique Julis Guevarra is super simple, iconic, and also straightforward. The unique shape of the monogram logo is made of two uppercase letters, J and G. The font used to create this monogram logo is Circular Std. Julius Guevarra has three different colors, black, white, and vivid blue. The final look of the monogram logo is like a Pacman.


3. Forbeck

Created by Andre Forbeck |

The typographic logo of Forbeck looks simple and very modern. This logo has three different color shades. Those shades are monochromatic colors: black, gray, and white. The combination of those colors creates a texture and forms a gradient with several combinations. This way, the logo won't be repetitive in digital and real applications.


4. Nikka Santos

Created by Patricia Roxas Chua |

The Nikka Santos logo uses N and S as symbols. The main color of this Nikka Santos logo is black, and it is paired with bold and bright colors, typography, and shapes. Those colors make the Nikka Santos logo look more youthful and bolder. This logo also has some ornaments, like some solid star illustrations, for a fun look.


5. Zedhics

Created by Hamza |

Zedhics is a logo for a design studio that offers a creative and unique brand identity. The word Zedhics was taken from the Z (zed) of Hamzah and his from Graphics. This Zedhics logo is minimalist and timeless. The Z and S of the logo have the same look. It makes the logo more futuristic, modern, and bold at once. 


6. Oleg Coada

Created by Oleg Coada |

The designer of this Oleg Coada logo wants to use flat colors for the logo. That's how this logo ends up with vivid red for the background and light grayish orange for the text and symbol. The symbol is an eagle holding a pencil. It shows that the graphic design business is more professional than others.


7. Dots

Created by Alexander Dedov |

The Dots logo has a universal brandmark that allows its owner to use it anywhere. The owner can even use the brandmark in text. And then the wordmark has a Montserrat font's modified version that makes it look more special. The brandmark can use any different font, but the wordmark will always use the Montserrat font.


8. Maria Bocharova

Created by Maria Bocharova |

Maria is a mom of a son; that's why she uses a mom and a child symbol in her logo. The monogram on this logo contains Bo and M, which are the initials of Maria Bocharova. And the wordmark KARPPM is Maria's social media alias. The logo uses two primary colors: mostly desaturated dark blue and light grayish blue.


9. Lisa Jacobs

Created by Lisa Jacobs |

The monogram symbol on this monochromatic logo has the letter L and J, the initials of Lisa Jacobs. She is a graphic designer and illustrator who created her personal logo with a modern and timeless look. Monochromatic colors like black and white also make the monogram logo look super simple and outstanding but highly readable.


10. Polaris Studio®

Created by VASK®️ Studio |

The unique Polaris Studio has a logo that is functional, timeless, and powerful. It has a letter P monogram that is created from the pole stars. The logo's color palette is inspired by space; it has pure black and some touches of dark purple. Use dark purple, white, and black if you want to create a space-themed logo design.


11. DanStudio

Created by Milos Djuric |

Dan is a Serbian word that means day in English. That's why you see an illustration of the sun in this logo. The logo has subtle sun as well as sunbeam rays, but they have white colors that look stand out on the black background. The text uses Rutan font with black, bold, medium, and light styles.


12. Zenith

Created by Kristian Grljevic |

Zenith Studios logo has a modern sans-serif font with a monogram next to the text. The goal of its designer is to create a modern and readable logo design. Black makes the white text and monogram look more outstanding. White is going to make the text and symbol simple, clean, and timeless.


13. Myrstack Studio

Created by intorque |

Myrstack Studio is a business that focuses on all areas of digital functioning, blockchain, and creativity. The symbol you see on this logo is actually an illustration of an ant. The white ant is standing on the vivid blue frame. Any bold sans-serif font with uppercase letters can help you get text that looks similar to Myrstack Studio text.


14. Sydney Janda

Created by Sydney Janda |

This personal logo design is created with earth tones. It also has a minimalist font for the text and the monogram. If you need to make a super elegant logo design, consider using some brown tones like this SJ logo. You can use grayish orange, very dark orange with a brown tone, moderate dark orange, and so on.


15. Dennis Pasyuk

Created by Dennis Pasyuk |

This Dennis Pasyuk logo design has a monogram made of the letters d and p. The logo may look super simple and minimalist. However, its monochrome colors make the logo look much more incredible. The background has a very dark blue that's mostly black. And the white monogram symbol looks very clean and minimalist, a perfect pair for the dark background.


16. Blossom

Created by Jeroen van Eerden |

The Blossom logo combines simple lines to create an infinity line that symbolizes repeat. Those lines also create a flower that reflects growth. And finally, you can find a letter B monogram on the symbol. The Blossom logo has a black color for the background and a white color for the text and the flower symbol.


17. Abi Lee Designs

Created by Abigail Lee |

The logo of Abi Lee Designs uses two different fonts. The main text, Abi Lee, uses the Lust font and lowercase letters. While the complementary text, Designs, uses the Future font and uppercase letters. The logo uses four different colors: vivid red, light grayish red, and white.


18. Matt Vancoillie

Created by Matt Vancoillie |

The unique Matt Vancoillie logo may look familiar to you. It is because of the Helvetica Now Display Regular that is used for the text. Its white color makes the text highly readable, even though the text is placed on a background that has vivid pink, strong pink, very dark pink, and black colors.


19. HnqBrands

Created by Henrique Guedes |

This unique logo has a minimalist, modern, and strong look but is also timeless and neutral. The logo's symbol has a modular typographic construction that's completed with good weight and padding. This logo has solid colors, textures, images, and some other elements that make the logo look more outranking. The logo has two different fonts: a modern sans font and a modern serif font.


20. trio

Created by Saidur |

Make your graphic designer logo looks extra unique by using a pixelated font. This Trio logo has a unique pixelated font that is dominated by white. Only the title of the letter i have a bright blue color. The black color on the background is going to accentuate the white text and its bright blue title.


21. Caleb Brown

Created by Caleb Brown |

This unique finger gun logo design looks friendly, exciting, and fun at once. A finger gun logo design is funny and also a little cringe. Most people make this finger gun when saying something positive like 'Right away!' or 'I'm on it!'. This logo means the graphic designer is ready to do whatever you need to get the best logo design.


22. Tara Nisha

Created by Tara Nisha |

This box with a vertical line and diagonal line is actually a monogram of the letter T and letter N. The monogram is created by combining two letters with the Poppins font. This logo has a clean and minimal look because of the white and black logo. However, it also has a little rainbow that makes the logo look fun and exciting as well. 


23. Urvi Prabhu

Created by Urvi Prabhu |

This may be the most colorful logo you've ever seen. The Urvi Prabhu logo has a unique theme: the space. That's why this logo has the colors of the space. Some space colors you can spot on this logo include slightly desaturated blue, soft orange, soft red, black, light grayish blue, and gray.


24. Hei Lam Suen

Created by Hei Lam Suen |

A logo design with an origami concept looks super unique. The Hei Lam Suen logo is not only unique because of the origami concept but is also stunning because of the bold and dynamic look of the logo. This logo combines strong blue and vivid orange as the main colors. It also has light grayish orange as a complementary color.


25. Virtu Studio™

Created by Virtu Studio™ |

The Virtu Studio logo is futuristic, minimalist, and modern. This logo also has minimalist and geometric symbols that will accompany the visual brand language construction. Its fresh color palette makes the logo look more stunning and fresher. Virtu uses mint green, sea green, and some neutral colors that are going to balance the freshness and minimalist look.


26. Jagoda Kolodziej

Created by Jagoda Kolodziej |

The monogram of this logo design uses the initials of Jagoda Kolodziej (JK). This logo uses three different colors that represent the graphic designer. Those colors are black, beige, and bold blue. Beige and black are used to symbolize simplicity and minimalism. Since the monogram is bold, the text deserves a thin and more soothing font.


27. Edwin Tejada

Created by Edwin Tejada |

Edwin Tejada's logo has a concept that is based on abstraction. It is a moment where reality and perception change complex things to something essential. The logo uses two different fonts: the Roobert Regular and Roobert SemiBold. This logo's main colors are black and white, but it also has light gray and dark gray as accent colors.



Created by Bruno Ruscão |

Ruscão Brands has a minimalist look but powerful graphics. The unique font makes this brand different and much more special. This logo only has black and white as the main colors. But this designer also has some accent colors, such as vivid blue and vivid orange. Bold colors are bright and perfect to be used as accent colors.


29. BananazZ

Created by Oleg Kulik |

The idea of this Bananazz logo design is unique. It uses yellow and black for the logo. But the color proportion will affect the look of the logo. When yellow is used as the background, the logo looks fun and exciting. But if the background is black with yellow text, the logo will get an elegant look.


30. Pamo

Created by Miguel Palacio |

In 2022, Pamo got a new logo design. This new logo looks much simpler and more minimalist than the previous two logos. This one has a modern font with some curves that make the logo look more flexible. The light grayish orange for the background makes the black logo stands out and more readable.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent logo designs for graphic designers?

When it comes to creating logo designs for graphic designers, there are several symbols that can capture the essence of their craft. One powerful symbol is the pencil, which represents the foundation of design and the creative process. Another meaningful symbol is the color palette, highlighting the designer's ability to play with hues and bring life to their work. Additionally, incorporating a computer or a mouse cursor can symbolize the digital aspect of graphic design. Furthermore, the use of shapes like squares, circles, or triangles can represent the designer's mastery of composition.

Which colors are commonly used in logo designs for graphic designers?

When it comes to choosing colors for logo designs for graphic designers, there are a few popular choices that convey the right message. One commonly used color is blue, which represents trust, reliability, and professionalism. Another popular option is black, often associated with elegance and sophistication. Vibrant colors like red or orange can add a sense of energy and creativity to the design. Additionally, using a combination of contrasting colors can create visual interest and make the logo stand out.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating logo designs for graphic designers?

When creating logo designs for graphic designers, it's crucial to consider the target audience. In this case, the primary audience is other graphic designers. Understanding their preferences and needs is key. Graphic designers often appreciate clean, modern designs with a focus on typography and composition. Incorporating design elements that resonate with their profession, such as pencils, color palettes, or digital tools, can establish a strong connection. It's important to strike a balance between creativity and professionalism, as the logo should reflect the designer's expertise while appealing to their peers.

What are the successful examples of logo designs for graphic designers?

When it comes to successful logo designs for graphic designers, several examples stand out. One renowned logo is the Adobe Creative Cloud logo, which features a vibrant, multicolored palette symbolizing the diverse creative possibilities within the software suite. Another notable example is the Pentagram logo, showcasing simplicity with a bold black and white design, representing the firm's commitment to clean and timeless design principles. The Freelancer logo cleverly combines the letter "F" with a speech bubble, representing the platform's focus on connecting freelancers in the design industry.

Which design styles are often used to create logo designs for graphic designers?

When it comes to designing logos for graphic designers, there are several popular design styles to consider. One prevalent style is minimalism, which focuses on simplicity, clean lines, and negative space. Another style commonly used is the use of geometric shapes, which adds structure and a modern touch to the design. Vintage and retro styles are also popular, evoking a sense of nostalgia and timeless appeal. Additionally, typography-focused designs, where the choice of fonts becomes the centerpiece, are often employed. It's important to note that the design style should align with the designer's personal brand and target audience.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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