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Article: 30 Best Printing Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Printing Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

Printing is the bridge between thought and reality.
Check out some of the best pottery logo design ideas we have curated to inspire your projects!
Created by Sava Stoic |

Print shop logo designs are an essential component of branding for businesses in the printing industry. These logos serve as visual representations of the company, conveying its identity, values, and services to potential customers. The background of print shop logo designs encompasses various elements, including historical influences, design principles, and industry trends.

Historically, print shops have played a significant role in society, dating back to the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century. The printing press revolutionized the dissemination of information and the production of books, pamphlets, and other printed materials. The legacy of this invention is often reflected in print shop logo designs, with many incorporating typographic elements or references to early printing techniques.

In terms of imagery, print shop logos often incorporate graphic elements related to printing, such as printing presses, ink droplets, paper rolls, or stylized versions of these elements. These visuals communicate the core services provided by print shops and help differentiate them from other types of businesses. Additionally, logos may feature abstract shapes or symbols that represent concepts like precision, reliability, or innovation.

Here are some of the best printing logo design ideas you can reference:


1. Prestigious Ink

Created by Mateusz Witczak |

The logo involves a picture of a crown which makes it prestigious. The word "prestigious" is written in an elegant font too. At the same time, the whole design shows that it is made luxurious with so many details of delicate decorations. Something's prestigious happening here.


2. Negative

Created by Mikhailovbrand |

When you try to do the clean sheet of your printing, this symbol is what you usually see on the paper that you use. This idea has made the designer develop such a logo for a printing house. Anyone who works a lot with printing stuff will automatically know what the logo tries to tell people.


3. Printhouse

Created by Daniel Rotter |

The idea of the design is simple. It combines the shape of a simple house and a half-folded paper. Created in a simple way using a minimal choice of color, the logo printing has given a sense of simplicity and humbleness.


4. Printasty

Created by Deividas Bielskis |

How could printing stuff be tasty? Well, it might be only a saying, but the logo has described it successfully. See, it has put a pink popsicle illusion as the symbol. The folded part of the paper will make the "picture" of ice cream more tempting as it is like the melting part. So yummy, isn't it?


5. FarmHouse Apparel

Created by Brandt Farmer |

The brand name doesn't seem related to the printing business. But when you go thoroughly through the logo, you will find that the company deals with ink and squeegees, which are the main part of printing stuff.


6. Bucky

Created by Ryan Lynn |

A walking bucket with a fist is used as the symbol of the logo here. It's not so clear what. it means, but the bucket looks angry. Perhaps it's because there are too many rustled papers thrown away into it for printing mistakes. Therefore, it walks heading to the right printing company to do the right thing.


7. FHA

Created by Brandt Farmer |

Farm House Apparel has done custom printing since 2014. Located in Bethlehem, the work is done manually. The logo tells everything about the business. All information you need is available there already.


8. Get A Grip

Created by Jake Warrilow |

Get A Grip Print Studio is a print studio located in Birmingham which serves organic and sustainable products. All those things are easily got when you look at the logo of this company. Though a bit crowded as a logo, it has the whole information so that people will not have any more questions about what is being promoted.


9. Aropenso

Created by winmids |

The abstract logo utilizes the initial Aropenso, which is the letter A. The shape of the logo is based on the letter A shape. The color chosen, blue and yellow, has shown that this company is ready to serve you with any colors that you need.


10. Digital objects

Created by Valery Shi |

There are clear D and O in the logo. The letters are the initial of the company, which is used as the symbol of this logo. The two letters come in darker blue, with some details inside of the letters.


11. Thrint

Created by Matt Vancoillie |

The concept is simple. The designer only put some letters representing the initial or even the name of the brand. It uses simple and clear font so that people will recognize it easily. Only the designer plays with how to place those letters to make it more interesting and not just plain as it is. He then adds a little creativity to the two letters used in the logo. And the result is definitely extraordinary.


12. Grace &Peace Print Co

Created by Brethren Design Co |

The main point to be highlighted in this logo is not the symbol but its letter mark. The symbol is just representing what it said by the letter mark. Some logos take this form, where the words are stronger than the symbol.


13. Bullsheet

Created by Alen Pavlovic |

You have to be careful in pronouncing the word so that anyone hearing it won't get the wrong impression or idea. The logo, apparently, intentionally takes one of the popular swear words and makes it very close to the name of the brand. The picture used as the symbol is just the representation of the brand name itself.


14. FarmHouse Apparel

Created by Brandt Farmer |

Since printing is not all about paper, you should know that this logo tells you the same thing. The printing company serves you not for paper printing, but it works on some more sophisticated works of printing. You can see that on the logo, indeed. Since the logo doesn't apply a picture or a symbol, it works a lot on the font choice and how to make a good harmony in putting every letter in. The basic color is also chosen; it is because the logo wants to keep its simplicity and its classy style.


15. Stetson Finch

Created by Stetson Finch |

This creation needs nothing more than the great thought and imagination of the designer. How come a piece of paper turns into a light bulb? Well, you tell me when it's happening! This work is not only about business but also about hope. A hope that the printing company will be helping you lighten up your days just like a bulb does.


16. Alfa print studio

Created by Daria Mikita |

You will see a bear in this logo. Though a bear has nothing to do with the printing, you can see that the bear is formed from folded paper. While the paper is closely related to the printing, isn't it? Therefore, Alfa Print Studio puts the symbol in its brand logo.


17. Pulp Printing

Created by Stephen Biddle |

It is suggested that you try to understand the logo deeper so that you get the message after all. This logo has three elements to be combined. The first one is the initial of the brand name, then the hemisphere, and the eternity symbol. They all are combined into one shape, which finally becomes the logo of the brand.


18. Bulletproof Prints

Created by Alex Barrett |

The word "bulletproof" has a very strong meaning which shows great resistance. This idea inspired the designer to create such a logo to show how the printing company has great resistance to doing the work. The cartoon picture shown in the logo is how it symbolizes the right message to the people.


19. Odditees Screen Printing

Created by Taylor Friehl |

There's no significant picture involved in the logo. It's just a letter mark that tells us about the brand name, what it's doing, and when they start the business. The longer time it shows, the more people trust their quality.


20. Scream Printing

Created by Adam Dixon |

Back in the '90s, there was a very famous movie entitled "Scream". Of its popularity and great rating, the movie was produced in several series and then became one of the legendary movies. The logo, apparently, is inspired by this popular movie, putting the shadow of the Scream's villain into the symbol, hoping everyone recognizes it at once.


21. Wolf logo

Created by Mateusz Pałka |

Wolf is an animal that is commonly used in logos. It's because of its fierce characteristic that a lot of brands would take the character into their logo. By putting a wolf in the logo, they want to tell people that they have a work ethic like a wolf, fierce and harsh. While for the competitors, this is a message to tell them that this brand is ready to compete in the business.


22. Haunted Print Co

Created by Akuma.Studio |

A unique logo will raise people's curiosity or at least tickle their minds as they see the logo. This logo is also a unique one since it uses a picture of a ghost holding a printer and is ready to print. There's nothing related between a ghost and the printer, actually, but the work has been successfully making people light their eyebrows.


23. Dying Breed

Created by Rick Calzi |

You may find that the logo is not only unique but it also even queer. But then, again, an intriguing logo will result in people's curiosity so that they wonder what really happens. As the curiosity arises, they will start to find out about the brand. At that point, a logo has done its job perfectly.


24. The Domino Printing Co

Created by Paul Atwood |

The logo has also used an animal character as the main symbol. It takes the bull's head along with the horns as the symbol. The symbol is also containing some dots behind the bull's head, showing that those dots are the faraway stars at night. Then, this head is surrounded by information about the brand in detail. The name and what it has is completely written there.


25. Cargo Brand

Created by Cargo Brand |

It's quite a crowded logo with much information written in detail. Well, some people don't like to figure out things that require deep thought or imagination. Therefore, this logo has given the audience clarity and complete information needed. You can easily find the brand name here, what it can do for you, how long it has been in the business, and even it tells you the website address as well. Although you find it a bit crowded, the logo keeps the clarity concept very well.


26. Kings Langley Press

Created by Anastasia Kurilenko | Anastasia Kurilenko

The logo is shaped like a coin with an old picture in it. The pale color used enhances this old nuance in the creation. The press corporation takes the sailing ship across the ocean as the symbol of their attempt to spread the information all over the world, no matter how hard it is.


27. Farmhouse Apparel El Pantera

Created by Brandt Farmer |

This print and design shop uses the head of a tiger as the symbol for the logo. The tiger looks furious and ready to fight. A fierce animal which is used as the logo, commonly represents the spirit carried by the brand. This one works, in the same way, to tell people that the brand is ready for the market; they bring the spirit of the hungry tiger, which is ready to prey on.


28. Print Paper

Created by Jayanta Kumar Roy |

While this logo keeps its simplicity as the concept of the design, it also shows clarity at the same time. There's no unique picture, no combination of bright colors and decorations in detail. But, the whole design has told people what needs to be conveyed by the brand.


29. Native Screen Print Co

Created by Kendrick Kidd |

This logo also comes in simplicity of design. It works a lot in the letter mark, where all information needed is presented in the logo. However, there's a drop of ink inside to enhance the brand name and what it does. The font chosen is quite simple and clear so that people will easily read it and get the point at once.


30. Eyesight Printing

Created by Sava Stoic |

As the name suggested, you will find an aye here as the symbol. Not only barely an eye but it is also combined with a rolled paper showing what the brand is doing. Below the symbol, it is written the name of the brand as clear information about what is being promoted. The black-and-white theme is chosen merely for clarity, simplicity, and also elegance. However, without any bright colors shown in the logo, it doesn't mean that the printing company cannot do any printing in colors, and you should know that.


Frequently Ask Questions

What symbolisms can I use to represent print shop logo designs?

When designing a print shop logo, you can consider using symbolisms that represent the core aspects of printing. Some common symbolisms include a printing press, ink droplets, paper rolls, or stylized versions of these elements. These symbols convey the essence of the printing process, professionalism, and reliability. Additionally, incorporating typographic elements, such as letters or fonts, can highlight the importance of typography in print. Colors like cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) are symbolic of the printing industry.

Which colors are commonly used in print shop logo designs?

Print shop logo designs often utilize a variety of colors to create visually appealing and impactful branding. However, there are some commonly used colors in this context. One such color palette is based on the primary colors used in the printing process: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK). These colors represent the key ink colors used in four-color printing. Additionally, vibrant and bold colors are frequently employed to evoke creativity, energy, and dynamism. It is also common to see a combination of complementary colors or contrasting color schemes to make the logo visually striking and memorable.

Which target audience should I keep in mind when creating print shop logo designs?

When creating print shop logo designs, it is crucial to consider the target audience that your business aims to attract. The primary audience for print shops typically includes businesses, organizations, professionals, and individuals who require printing services for their promotional materials, marketing collateral, or personal needs. Therefore, your logo design should resonate with this audience and communicate professionalism, reliability, and creativity. Additionally, considering the specific industries or niches that your print shop caters to can further refine the design approach.

What are the successful examples of print shop logo designs?

There are numerous successful examples of print shop logo designs that have effectively captured the essence of the printing industry while creating a memorable brand identity. One notable example is the logo of FedEx, which features a hidden arrow within the negative space between the letters' E' and 'X,' symbolizing speed and efficiency in delivering printed materials. Another example is the logo of Staples, which utilizes a distinctive bent staple shape combined with bold typography to represent the company's commitment to providing office supplies and printing services.

Which design styles are often used to create print shop logo designs?

When creating print shop logo designs, various design styles can be utilized to convey the desired brand identity. One common style is minimalism, characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, and a focus on essential elements. This style emphasizes clarity and versatility. Another prevalent style is classic or vintage, which draws inspiration from the history of printing, incorporating ornate typography, decorative flourishes, and retro color palettes to evoke a sense of tradition and craftsmanship.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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