30 Best Architecture Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

A logo is more than a symbol as it is created as a foundation for a company.
Here are some of the most remarkable architecture logo design ideas you can find!
Created by Juan Gosso | https://www.behance.net/gallery/108995171/BP-ARQUITECTO-PERSONAL-BRANDING

When talking about designing a logo, one should know several primary considerations before sketching it out. Starting the process with no prior experience might turn into something very intimidating to do. It is especially true when the company or the project relates to creative work, such as an architecture firm. 

In this case, logo design is something that serves as more than just a reminder. It is a graphic design that represents the brand and market of the product. It covers everything from typography, color theory, aesthetics, artistic skill, etc. But when it comes to architecture logo projects, it needs specific touches that tell the key point of the business. 

You need to tell the brand persona. There are also colors, shapes, and letters that evoke specific emotions for the audience. For architecture businesses, the logo communicates in different approaches. You can accentuate the precision, the architecture design style, the material, items, or the nature of the business. 

There are many possible ways to make a good architecture logo. Here are some ideas as your inspiration. 


1. LAH

The architecture branding project is pretty simple yet straightforward. The name was made of the architect's name abbreviation. The use of a unique and sharp font for the logo helps accentuate the modern style of the business. 

Luis Andre Hernandez's design & construction architecture logo uses a good black and orange combination. The model also comes in white to help accentuate clear content, such as the floor plan design or 3D house plan pictures.  

Created by Pánico Estudio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/94077699/LAH


2. Eren Architect

Eren's sign goes with the more dynamic, innovative, and aesthetic approach. What makes it special is how the designer plays around with the emblems, font, and presentation. The color is striking, the logo is simple but also represents a strong and professional impression. 

The dark blue, yellowish gold and easy-to-read font make the architect's visual branding work with many essentials. You can see how the architectural logo adapts the background, thus emphasizing the wooden element.  

Created by Mono Penta Creative | https://www.behance.net/gallery/101918123/Eren-Architect


3. Homme Architects

The use of lines in this design is astonishing. The vertical and horizontal lines make a representation of the architect's line of work. At the same time, it also explains the name's initial in the form of the Chinese character. 

The good use of the line goes along with the brand's family. Each of the family designs adopts the same line art design with lines that represent the initial. The cartography even explains some of the urban high-rises buildings' looks.  

Created by DxD Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/96034457/Homme-Architects-Visual-Identity


4. Archburo

When you are working with a modern and minimalistic company, the Archburo sign design is a perfect example for you. To capture the modern aesthetic, the designer uses logotype as its default. There is a lack of graphics, but it plays around with color. 

The simplistic design itself makes it work for almost everything. You can tell how the monochrome scheme works for business cards, packaging, prints, and paper. It is a cool architecture logo that fits high-end or professional services.  

Created by Dima Nalivko | https://www.behance.net/gallery/111918363/ARCHBURO


5. And Architecture

The AND logo smartly uses unique-shaped windows. It plays around with window shapes to create aesthetic AND initial. It comprises a gable, triangle, and arch window. The model helps identify the fieldwork.

The simple design eventually represents the architect brand's personality which focuses on fine art, culture, science, history, and education. The architecture logo looks even more amazing with how versatile it is. It can adapt to varying colors or usages.  

Created by Brenton Craig | https://www.behance.net/gallery/87218965/And-Architecture-Brand-Identity


6. Artana Studio

Something simple is the best, said one of the commentators. In this case, the design works perfectly with the Artana Architect company. The company specializes in many architectural projects, which include construction, interior, exterior, and furniture design. 

What makes the logo fit is how the company focuses on modern geometry, simplicity, and minimalism. Given that idea, the emblem goes with simple shapes that represent the letter A and modest typeface. 

Created by Abdulsamad Umar | https://www.behance.net/gallery/102074331/Artana-Studio


7. Yamada Arquitetura

Jessica Yamada from Japan was a new graduate when she needed a personal brand. She wants to make a professional symbol that still connects with her origin, japan. Thus, Jaider Morais makes a good decision by creating an emblem that echoes her name and meaning. 

The architecture logo brand tells the shape of four mountains. It connects the brand personality with nature, respect, harmony, and peace. Thus, the minimalist line art and a simple name were made. 

Created by Jaider Morais | https://www.behance.net/gallery/121362193/Yamada-Arquitetura-Brand-Design


8. Hatem Uras Architecture

Hatem Uras' way to play with shapes, initial, and minimalist approach is the epitome of a professional job. The emblem resembles letters H, U, and N. They are in the shadow, hidden under the simple four rectangle shape. 

What makes it one of the best architectural logo examples is how it matches the brand identity. The humble design comes along with a monochrome scheme. Make it appear professional and match the modern architecture.  

Created by Görkem Yazar | https://www.behance.net/gallery/111115915/Hatem-Uras-Architecture-x-Branding


9. Basion

An architecture brand that goes with modern aesthetics mostly works with simple design. In this case, Basio works with the same concept. It was made of a simple logotype with a unique lettering model. 

The uses of the curve and sharp font help tell the nature of the architecture field, which comprises many flexibilities. The dynamic S letter design also makes a great brand identity, which helps the symbol stand out and versatile. 

Created by Nusae Design | https://www.behance.net/gallery/41430927/BASIO


10. Insite

Created from the word insight, the architecture firm tries to emphasize the deep understanding and accurate aspect of its personality. One thing that makes Ahmed ElSheikh's design stand out is how he accentuates the letter S, I, and T. 

The whole architecture logo itself is just the name. However, the three letters make a different impression with their shape and model. It is pretty humble, but the logo works around many other elements such as graphics or color.  

Created by Ahmed ELSheikh | https://www.behance.net/gallery/100556313/Insite


11. Clarisse Queiroz

The design of Clarisse Queiroz architecture perfectly captures the name initials and the fluidity aspect. The owner of the firm wants to emphasize the fluidity and sensibility aspect. Thus, the unique image of the Q letter was made. 

The image was created with some basic shapes that combine sharp and curved corners. It comprises Arc, line, and a number two. Altogether, the architecture account holds some meanings such as dynamic tension, cause and effect, plus balance. 

Created by Maria Milena | https://www.behance.net/gallery/111615023/Clarisse-Queiroz


12. Skaträ

When working around a modern and aesthetic-focused architecture company, you need to consider the Skatra design. Not only those aspects, but the company also works around and pays attention to the usage of wood (the brand's meaning). 

Skatra focused on creating designs for residential, public buildings, and spaces. The architecture logo design uses a very simple move, which is memorable and easy to recognize. It uses a unique font and creates an emblem formed by two letters A.  

Created by Comence Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/114038103/Skatrae


13. Arkiteka

Arkiteka makes it related to the field. The uses of unique line art made of sharp lines resemble a floor plan design. It adopts the method of telling what architecture is made of perfectly. But the exceptional random shape makes it even more special. 

It is unique in its way. Thus, create a very distinctive brand identity among other architecture markets. To complete the logo, Arkiteka uses a simple serif font, blue and white color that tells its professionality.  

Created by Zuzanna Sadlik | https://www.behance.net/gallery/95934077/arkiteka-logo-gadgets-


14. Guiver

Guiver has more than 40 years of experience as an architecture studio. As time goes, the company redesigned its branding to match the modern visual identity. Thus, the final result is a simple architecture logo with a humble logotype and vibrant color.

The whole design captures all the actual context of their work and appearance, which resemble the simplicity, modern, minimalist, yet playful. It works around vibrant hues, such as baby blue, navy blue, orange, and white. 

Created by Clàudia Bahima Studio | https://www.behance.net/gallery/88673475/Guiver


15. IGNA Arquitetura

Going with the basics of drawing and geometry, IGNA nailed the idea of using some simple shapes as its architecture logo. The IGNA sign was formed with a vertical line, circle, rectangle, and triangle. With some editing and modeling, it turned into a simplistic logotype design. 

The basic shapes work perfectly for the whole concept. It also creates a more synthesized principle of a building that underlines every architecture project. The earth tone logo color also helps in referring to the material.  

Created by Walter Mattos | https://www.behance.net/gallery/98538391/IGNA-Arquitetura


16. Oleson Identity

Oleson's architecture logo design is pretty much the depiction of modern, vibrant, and Scandinavian. What makes it unique is how the owner wanted to make a more versatile design that can expand to other industries. 

With that in mind, the designer makes a fun logotype with some simple font and diacritical marks. It has a simple horizontal line and also curved lines to make it unique. Both represent the smile and focus that is needed in an architecture job. 

Created by Abby Haddican | https://www.behance.net/gallery/88154079/Oleson-Identity


17. Grein Studios

Grein Studio logo design is unique but nails all its personality. The fingerprint-like model lines and patterns are proportionally related to the environment. It tells the pattern of wood, ground surfaces, and rock. It is a smart play in the design. 

The whole concept also works with its other architecture family brand—the basic model used for the architecture design. The leaves are models used for regenerative design. And the logo with a small A letter is for lifestyle design. 

Created by Suné Nadine | https://www.behance.net/gallery/97409441/Grein-Studios-Branding


18. Caetano de Barros

Simplistic and minimalistic make a lot of architecture logo design very versatile. In this case, the Caetano de Barros studio uses some simple lines that resemble its name and works as a unique identity. 

The use of a monochrome color scheme works for the simple and modern style. The model itself also serves as a pattern. What makes it work perfectly for architecture is its lines that connect to the architectural works.  

Created by Hugo Costa Vicente | https://www.behance.net/gallery/22108943/Caetano-de-Barros-Architect


19. Koncreto.

Erva design plays around with infinite mutation of form represented by solid lines. It was made after exploring the geometric architectural shapes and materials. In the end, the architecture logo for Koncreto looks amazing with its unique typeface. 

What makes the project work even better is the creation of geometric shapes as representation. It gives a real connection with the equipment and materials. At the same time, it also uses vibrant orange colors to create a difference. 

Created by Erva Design | https://www.behance.net/gallery/114122271/Koncreto-Branding


20. BP Arquitecto

The uses of three half circles make a clear picture of B and P. The architecture logo also has Arq word with a simple lettering design. It works as the minimalized model. But when placed side by side with the company name, the whole logo looks perfect. 

The humble and minimalist logo design is unique by itself. To the point, it works with many other company's brand elements. You can use it for letters, cards, or brochures. 

Created by Juan Gosso | https://www.behance.net/gallery/108995171/BP-ARQUITECTO-PERSONAL-BRANDING


21. Covalence Architectes

An architecture logo needs to resemble or tell the brand personality. In this case, the split C letter works the best for the Covalence company. How so? You can tell that the company focuses or specializes in heritage buildings. 

To make a clear connection, the logo design and the visual branding uses an earth tone scheme. The initial makes a clear cut in creating a high-end impression through its embossed texture and golden color. 

Created by Gabriel Barbosa | https://www.behance.net/gallery/81181733/Covalence-Architectes


22. Sum+ Archtects

Targeting the modern audience, the company plays around with some vibrant colors and designs. The SUM + logotype was made of another humble lettering design. However, it uses different alignment and sizes to make a variance. 

It helps tell the audience that the company is a studio that offers support and exercise for professionals. In other words, the studio has a range of innovations, models, variables, people, and talents. That is why the Sum+ architecture logo has varying models.  

Created by Mateus Yuzo | https://www.behance.net/gallery/94943171/Sum-Archtects


23. Yomko

Going with the studio expertise as the design idea, Yomko made a very clear design. The studio specialized in warehouse equipment with a focus on shelving projects. With that in mind, the design goes with a red parallelepiped visual trick graphic and company name. 

The simple logo design tries to tell the main shapes of the product, which is the empty shelves. One plus point went to its ability to work as animation and various meanings. 

Created by Nimax Brands | https://www.behance.net/gallery/72852295/YOMKO


24. Horizon

Horizon architecture logo design makes a great interpretation of its name. The company based in Georgia focuses on working with a collaborative approach. Thus, the design project is based on the customer's wishes. 

This kind of concept goes to the logo design, which is a unique H letter. It can stretch out, which emphasizes the customizable and customer preferences focus company. The architecture company also has clean and minimalistic lettering to go with.  

Created by BRID Agency | https://www.behance.net/gallery/98569025/Horizon-Branding


25. Epic Studio

Epic Studio logo was inspired by the handwritten technical lettering on older engineering plans. The wordmark reflects an excellent and professional engineering proficiency. Meanwhile, the circular logo represents coordination and multi-discipline. 

The circular logo design itself looks unique due to its resemblance to a maze of stairs. When placed together, it creates a harmonic and dynamic appearance. The architecture brand also uses earth tones that help emphasize materials and professionality. 

Created by Agata Sledzinska | https://www.behance.net/gallery/98633369/Epic-Studio


26. Mimar Architect

Mimar logotype looks unique with its sharp angular corners. It looks like a calculator font. However, it also represents the job. The uses of symmetric shapes, sharp edges, and corners make it work. 

Another plus goes to the small little dot on top of the I letter. To make it unique, the company uses vibrant orange colors to set the theme. It makes the whole architecture logo design easy to recognize and adaptable for many elements.

Created by Aziz Ametov | https://www.behance.net/gallery/120676937/mimar-architect


27. Fabiana Sannino

Landscape Architecture is the focus of the Fabiana Sannino brand. In this case, the architecture logo underlies the varying work of a landscape. The simple model combines the letter F with some different concepts in it. 

It is a great representation of how vast the world of landscaping is. At the same time, the uses of simple shapes make it unique in a way people will remember the logo. Each different shape also has a different color palette.  

Created by Bartolomeo Sannimo | https://www.behance.net/gallery/115963473/Landscape-Architect-Visual-Identity


28. Vitor Lameira

What can you expect from a professional architecture brand that goes with a range of services? The Vitor Lameira work for renovation projects, covering building, interior, exterior, to construction. There are no specific target groups. 

With that in mind, the design nails all of the personality. The exceptional shapes were made of V + L + and house graphics. Thus, creating a cool-looking geometric representation. Along with the company name, it makes a complete and perfect architecture logo.   

Created by João Matheus | https://www.behance.net/gallery/107940265/Vitor-Lameira-Arquitetura-Interiores


29. Guglielmo Pepe

To capture the unique workflow from young architect Gugliemo Pepe, the architecture logo was inspired by a 3D G letter. It perfectly tells the uses of the BIM method or 3D simulation for the construction project. However, the logo is not blatantly using the 3D model. 

The designer simplified the 3D G letter with lines and eliminated several parts. It still resembles G, which is the owner's initials. This decision helps the logo look more versatile and adaptable. 

Created by Paolo De Angelis | https://www.behance.net/gallery/108279465/Architect-brand-identity


30. Richard Murphy Architects

The reason why it mainly consists of the logotype is due to the client's love of clean lines and details. While there are many ways to make a logo using humble line art, the logotype helps accentuate professionalism and aesthetic purpose. 

The lack of details in the architecture logo looks standard, but the typographic design and color palette is on point. It represents the grid measurement, clean lettering, and vibrant touch in the modern minimalistic style.   

Created by Touch Agency | https://www.behance.net/gallery/58826749/Richard-Murphy-Architects


Final Words

The idea of creating a brand logo was never an easy job to do. In this creative and innovative field of work, people need to do a lot of research and consideration. The result was not a simple drawing with no meaning. 

An architecture logo needs to represent and connect with the brand. There are many ways to tell the brand and its personality. You can play with geometric shapes, lettering, graphic, color, etc.   

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