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Article: 10 Tips to Create A Good Tailor Logo Design

10 Tips to Create A Good Tailor Logo Design

Created by omar hamo |

Having a function like a name in humans, the logo is one of the determinants of the identity of the brand. Therefore, if people want to learn to make it, there are some tips for making a company logo that everyone needs to know to make a good logo for any brand. Here are ten tips for creating a good tailor logo design.

In branding, A logo is one of the most important points for every business, including the tailor. It will represent the uniqueness of the tailors. Creating a logo is not simple as many people think. It is just not making the logo with an artistic design. Furthermore, making the logo also deals with the logo's philosophy.

A logo creator must consider the component of a logo by looking at its philosophy of it. When creating a logo, a creator should relate it with the uniqueness of the thing that is represented by the logo. Furthermore, in the context of the logo for the tailor, the creator must include the components such as dresses, clothes, sewing machines, yarn, and so on.

Created by Mike Knapek |

Choose the tailor's most important components that can differentiate the tailor from the others. For example, the creator will create the logo for the bride's designer or tailor, so she/he can include the picture of the wedding dress in the logo because it has its philosophy for the tailor. It is just a simple example of adding a picture to a tailor's logo.

Moreover, creating a good tailor logo also deals with the design and the color of it. If the color is good, the user of the tailor will be interested in it, and finally, they will use the tailor's service to sew the clothes. Here, design and color are two things that are very useful for advertising the tailoring service in the public market. Not only that, but many aspects help the creator to create a good logo.

If you want to create a tailored logo, follow these steps. It will make it easier for you to design a good logo with its philosophy in it. After understanding these tips, you can start to design and create the logo. Later, you will be the professional tailor logo creator.

Created by Liam Foster |


1. Let's Start From Sketch

The first tip from 10 tips to create a good tailor logo design is understanding the purpose of creating a logo. Before you start to create a tailored logo for your brand, firstly, determine why you need to create it. In other words, it can be said that you must have a reason to create a logo. When you have the reason, it will be easier for you to arrange the design and the components of your logo. So, state the objective of creating a logo first.

In addition, before making a logo design, you should first know the purpose of the logo. This is necessary so that you can think of a suitable design and the message of the logo is conveyed to the people who see it. The objective of the logo itself varies.

By knowing the purpose of a logo, you will be able to determine the shape or model that suits the purpose of the logo. If you have the objective, you can start to think about the logo. Make sure that the design contains the things about the tailor. The design should represent the logo's purpose. It is a little difficult if you are a beginner in creating a logo, but you can ask someone or the people that have the professionality in design. It will be easier than you create by yourself.

Created by Mike Knapek |


2. Research The Target Market

The next ten tips for creating a good tailor logo design is stating the target of the logo. In making a logo design, it is important to pay attention to the target you want to reach. This is so that the message on the logo is conveyed to the target. For example, if the logo is aimed at children, then the logo should be made in full color, which makes children interested in the logo. However, there may be a logo that has a target, namely the entire community, for example, the logo of the Facebook and Whatsapp applications.

It is insufficient to decide that "the target market is just women" if you offer women's clothing. No, you need more information about their age, where they live, what they do for a living, whether they enjoy shopping on the weekends, and how much money they have available to spend on clothing.

Once you have all the necessary data, you may create a client profile or target consumer, who you must keep in mind in all your actions, including the logo design procedure. As you proceed, this knowledge will assist you in making every choice. It specifically addresses your choices and the message you're attempting to communicate.

Created by Andrei Popa |


3. Make Sure It Portrays The Brand / Business

Once you know the goals and targets of the logo to be created, start creating a logo by looking for inspiration that you can get by observing the shape of the logo. Look for logo references as much as possible on the internet. Looking for logo references is not to copy but to get inspiration. This is the very important one of the ten tips to create a good tailor logo design.

Further, by looking at references to other people's logo designs and studying the history of their creation, you will have a comparison and get interesting ideas to create a logo that is different and unlike the others. It can help you to think creatively in designing the logo.

Created by SB Brands |

When designing a logo, the first thing you should think about is choosing the right design concept for your brand. Whether it's a classic, retro, minimalist, or modern design, next, mix and match colors and text that match the chosen concept.

This is so that you can have an idea of ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äčthe shapes, colors, and letters that are easily recognizable and attached to the hearts of the people. However, that doesn't mean you can copy the logo. After you get inspired, start creating a logo that fits the concept, goals, and targets that have been determined.¬†

Created by Aykhan Safarli |


4. Be Unique, Simple, and Flexible

Next, the uniqueness of the logo belongs to 10 tips to create a good tailor logo design. The logo does not have to feature a brand name and slogan but just an image. Like the Twitter logo in the shape of a bird or the Apple logo in the shape of an apple bitten on the right side. So, you do not have to make a complicated logo if your brand can be represented in a logo with a simple design because simple is usually easier to remember and remember. At the same time, the design is complicated, not necessarily attractive and cool.

A logo must have its own characteristics that distinguish it from other logos. Therefore, in making the design, it must pay attention to the unique elements of the logo. For the tailor, choose the unique elements of your brand that represent the profession of a tailor.

However, a unique logo does not mean a logo that has a complicated design. A simple logo is generally better known and remembered by the public. In addition, the flexibility of the logo must also be considered so that the logo remains attractive even though it is displayed in any media, such as banners, billboards, or public transportation.

Created by Cameron Maher |


5. Look At A Bigger Picture and Evaluate It

Sometimes, you have to see how far the development of the logo design is. This is so that you know whether there is progress in making the logo. Hence, If there is no development in the design, evaluate the things that are considered lacking, for example, the shape of the logo or the color of the logo used.

After successfully designing, evaluate the logo you created in depth. Ask other people for input on the designs you have created. There are several criteria for a good logo, including being unique, easy to remember, recognizable, and reflecting the company's vision and mission. If your design meets these criteria, it means that the logo design that you created can already be a representation of the company.

Created by Albert Klimovych |


6. Create a Memorable Logo

The logo that you make must be in accordance with the purpose of the brand or product. Therefore, you have to start practicing color studies so that you can adjust what colors will match the brand you are going to create a logo for. For example, in designing a logo for a women's clothing brand, the colors used tend to be softer and more feminine, with a choice of fonts that have subtle and not firm shapes.

A successful logo is easily recognizable and unique to a brand. Although the process of making it sounds difficult, it is not. With common symbols or pictures, you can add an interesting little touch to make it look different and unique.

Also, how do you make the logo easily recognizable? The trick is to mix colors and create a logo that is similar to the brand name, as Designs Hack says. Just like Apple. They created a logo design out of apples and gave it a black and white color. Does it match their brand name product?

Created by Manish Mittal |


7. Pick A Good Representative Colour

The next tip from 10 tips to create a good tailor logo design that you need to follow when creating a company logo is to always adjust the color match. Color has its own meaning and can be effectively used in logos to communicate the values ‚Äč‚Äčand ideas of a brand.

Therefore, designers need to use color palettes that complement each other, according to Venngage. The right color combinations can also make a logo look more lively and realistic, making it relevant in the minds of customers.

Here are a few concepts that are common in the textile sector:

  • Blue ‚Äď Has a calming meaning and is naturally connected with menswear
  • Black, gold, or silver ‚Äď Ideal for premium businesses as they represent polished style and refinement
  • Pink, which encourages femininity and is typically linked with women's clothes
  • Yellow, which is cheery and bright
  • Red, which is strong and energizing, is appropriate for market leaders like Levi's or Diesel
    Created by Reshma Mallecha |

    Related to the colors, you should always consider the interests and expectations of your target consumers. For example, you wouldn't be designing a serious high-end logo in classic colors like black or navy blue if you were trying to market clothes that are accessible to parents of kids. Instead, you might opt ‚Äč‚Äčfor a logo that is fun and bright.

    However, Charles Laurie's traditional tailor boutique has a logo that uses a yellow serif font, signature monogram, and classic tones like navy, gold, and white. This instantly communicates the look and feel of their product offering. This establishes them as a luxury brand and shows that its target audience consists of middle-aged professionals.

    Created by Laura Sauchelli |


    8. Try Custom Fonts

    Even though it seems trivial, fonts play an important role in the logo that you will design. Each font has its own character and impression. For example, a classic-style font will create a formal and luxurious impression. Squiggly fonts will look more playful and informal. Choose a font that matches the image and impression you want to display, and it must also match the character of the brand and company entity.

    There are lots of logos that are just text. This is actually quite reasonable because typography is indeed a trend among designers. However, in order to have a more personal and unique impression, designers need to use fonts that they have customized independently.

    In fact, it's not wrong to use stock fonts that are generally available in logo designing software. However, creative fonts that can match the brand's vision and mission will look much more authentic. Take the Coca-Cola company, for example. They used a custom font and managed to top the list of favorite sodas. Why? One reason for this is their creative logo which is easy to remember.

    Created by Christopher Dirdjohadi |


    9. Create Your Own Tailor-Related Elements

    Generally, the mascot logotype has colorful elements that seem playful. This type of logo is a good way to create the character/brand of your business. A mascot will be considered a spokesperson or ambassador for your brand and company. Very suitable for companies that want a separate atmosphere for families, especially for children. Thus, you should follow this tip to create a good tailor logo design.

    In terms of actual design elements, this usually consists of a font that shows your brand name, an icon, and maybe some kind of tagline. Being a tailor, it is a popular idea to use an icon that fits the fashion industry. Some examples include a dress, shirt, trousers, shoes, hangers, outerwear, an accessory, male or female silhouette, and other wardrobe items.

    Created by Nadir Balcikli |


    10. Consider the Brand Values

    The shape of the logo can be made in the form of a series of images or letters, or a combination of both. Logo creation also pays attention to color. Some are one color, and some are multiple colors. Preferably, these shapes and colors have their own philosophy that can express the value of a brand. Hence, the philosophy in the logo gives a deep meaning so that it is more memorable because it turns out that the logo is made full of meaning.

    Basically, you need to carefully analyze the emotions and associations you wish to encourage while designing your logo concept. Your logo should be one of your top concerns when developing your brand. Customers see this right away. Therefore it has the power to either quickly draw them to your brand or turn them away. Play around with ideas that reflect your basic principles when developing the visual brand of your apparel store.

    Try to create a timeless logo, so you don't have to redesign the logo. Because once you redesign a logo, you indirectly reset other people's memories of the company's brand and entity. This is very ineffective and will waste your time and ideas.

    Created by Friends Studio |


    Final Words

    Those are ten tips to create a good tailor logo design that designers need to know. Although it is not easy to execute, it is guaranteed that all the tricks and examples above can make your company's brand logo attractive and can attract customer interest. So, are you now ready to become a professional logo designer for a tailor, or do you still want to learn the basics of the design world?

    Additionally, Designing a logo is not an easy thing. There are many things you need to prepare when designing a logo, either before or when designing, because the logo will reflect the visual branding of the company that uses it. So, if you want to design your logo for the tailoring company, you should learn more about the tailor, fashion, and boutique. When you understand more about it, it will be easier to create the logo.

    Also, with the rapid movement of the economy towards digital, the competition among tailor business people is getting more intense. Thus, to follow the flow of business changes online to compete in the digital era, innovation and periodic updates are also needed so that the business does not sink.

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